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高二英语作文八十单词1 When we have something annoy us, we will naturally to find someone to talk about it, the first choice is friend. We will not talk about it in

front of our parents, because we don't want them to worry about us. Friend is so important in our life, we have many friends, we will share our happiness and sorrow with them, we hang out together, in a word, friends are part of our life. What will happened if someone have no friend? We hear from the news that the crime people are isolated by others, most of them have no friends, their view point about the world is distorted. Without friends, people have no where to relieve their emotion, the long time's depression of the emotion distract people from the normal life. So friends are very important, we

can't live without friends.





We live in a world full of petition. And the examination is one of the tools to exam whether we meet the standard or not. If we want to enter the key university, we have to get high marks on the College Entrance Exam;if we want to have a good job, we will go through a series of interviews and tests;If we want to drive a car, we have to pass the driving test. Some people plain that there are too many exams in our lives, and these exams cannot truly or fully reflect a person’s ability. Unfortunately, our fate and future are depending on these exams. We cannot avoid them. 我们生活在一个充满竞争的世界。而考试,是检测我们是否符合要求的工具之一。如果我们要进入重点大学,我们就得在高考中获得高分;如果我们想要找份好工作,就得通过一系列的面试和考试;如果我们想开车,就得通过驾照考试。一些人抱怨生活中有太多的考试,而这些考

试并不能真正全面的反映一个人的能力。可不幸的是,我们的命运和未来都取决于这些考试。我们不能摆脱考试。It’s true that the examinations can only test what we remember instead of what we know. A student with a good memory may find it very easy to get high marks before the examinations. All he needs to do is to remember the knowledge from the textbooks. In this situation, it’s quite unfair to evaluate the students only through exams. What’s more, some unexpected accidents may happen to the students such as a high fever or a sudden headache; this will affect the final marks. Since no one can performs stable all the time. 考试能检测到的只是我们所记得的,而不是我们真正了解的知识。一个拥有好记性的学生会发现在考试之前拿高分是很容易的事情。他所要做的就是把课本上的内容记住。在这种情况下,仅仅通过考试去评估一个学生是不公平的。更何况,一些意想不到的事情可能会发生,例如考生可能会发高烧或者是突然的头痛。这样会影响到考试的结果。毕竟没有人会一直保持稳定状态。 Sometimes, luck plays a vital role in the examinations. The student may guess an answer right although he doesn’t work hard on the course. If the student has a good handwriting, he may get higher marks than others. There are many subjective factors that may

affect the oute of the exams. 有时候,运气也在考试中扮演重要角色。没认真学习的学生也有可能猜对答案。如果考生写得一手好字,那他的分数也有可能会比其他的同学高。很多主观的因素也会影响最终的分数。In a word, it’s not enough to use exams to evaluate the students. If the schools want to assess the students, they shouldd use different ways. Only in this way, the result may be fair. 一句话:只用考试来检测学生远远不够。如果学校要评估学生,那就应该用不同的方式。只有这样,结果才公正。


It seems like a silly question, anyone in sane would give a hand to the elderly who fell. But in China, this question is being tricky. Many news report that there are some old people not just fell, they do it on purpose. Usually, they walk on a crowdy street, and pretend to faint or just lay down on the ground, intend to accuse the one who es to help as a perpetrator and blackmail

him/her for the treatment fee. Many people have fell for that and had to pay as there is no witness to prove their innocence. As for these negative news, people is afraid to help those old people in need, that makes some of them who are in real trouble could not get help in time. I

once asked one of my friends: “Why the old people turn bad? If you see one in the street, would you help?” He said: “It is not the old people turn bad, it is the bad people turn old. I will video him/her to make a statement first, then decid e if I would help.”



As the economic level keeps increasing, many people would like to travel abroad. But there is a survey shows that China is one of the five worst tourist nations which include In dia, France, Russia and England. It didn’t surprise me because there is always news about how

Chinese tourists impressed the local people by their bad behavior. They were known as talking loud in the public, being unfriendly to the environment, tipping stingily, and the worst, marking on the historical sites. Every time I heard about these thing I felt so sorry for my country. China is meant to be a country with an ancient civilization and courtesy people. We are nice to foreigners here and being a good host. I hope every tourist who goes abroad should understand that he/she is on behalf of our country. We have the responsibility to defend the dignity of our country. We should show the world the best of China.



The Importance of Enough Sleep

Enough sleep is very important. It affects we are happy or not. We can easily find if we sleep enough in the night, we usually have a good mood next day. But, if we do not have enough sleep, sometimes we will feel depressed without a reason. What’s more, slee p also affects our study or work. Try to imagine that a sleepy person how can he listen to the teacher in class or work in their position. It must be a hard job or in low efficiency. Thus, if a person sleep enough, he can do better in their life. In addition, do you find that a person with good sleep usual do not have acne, because enough sleep balance their internal secretion and detox. Knowing the importance of enough sleep, do you still stingy about sleep? Do you still dare to sleep late?


The environment of the city is getting worse and worse today. There are wastes, air pollution and so on. What can we do to save our city? About the wastes, we should sort the wastes, to see if they can be recycle used; use the reusable shopping bag instead of the

plastic bags. About the air pollution, we should go to school on foot or by bike; we should also ask our family not to use car as much as possible, take the subway or bus instead. I hope everyone can see the environment problem and do the best to save our city.