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Part II key to exercises

Section A

Pre-reading activities


1B 2D 3C 4A 5E


1 In fact all the pieces of advice mentioned in the interview are very useful. But if I have t choose one as the most useful, I’d choose “keep a balance”. When we were in high school, we spent almost all our time studying. There lacked a balance between social life and academic life in high school. It’s important to keep a balance between life and work because it will give us a sound mind in a sound body. Now we have much more free time, so we can join student organizations or go to different activities.

2 Before I left for college my parents did have a talk with me. They told me how important college experience would be in my life. They told me about the opportunities that college education would open up to me. They told me to try to develop more interests and join some student clubs. The most impressive advice they gave me was that I should not only read books about my major; instead, they advised me to read as widely as possible. All these are very valuable pieces of advice.


Sarah: Hi I’m Sarah. I’m a student advisor at a university. I know the first year of college is always difficult. You have to adapt to a new environment, and learn to do everything on your own. To help make your transition just a little easier, I’m going to interview some senior students on campus let’s see what advice they can give you.

Sarah: Hi Jennifer. What do you think is important to a freshman?

Jennifer: I think it is very important to go to class regularly. It sounds easy, but oversleeping and missing that 8 o’clock morning class is very common. Try to go to class on time and regularly. You will learn the material in class, get to know the professors, and make friends with your classmates. You will also get important information from the professors about tests and exams.

Sarah: Mark, do you agree with Jennifer?

Mark: Absolutely. My advice is: Find a good place to study. It may be your dorm room or a corner of the library or a quiet classroom, but find a place that works best for you to get your work done. If you have trouble concentrating in your dorm, you need to find another place.

Sarah: Nancy, what is our advice for freshmen?

Nancy: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” My advice is to get involved on campus. A big problem for a lot of new students is that they miss home and they don't have a sense of belonging. The solution is to join a student organization, or a club, or a sports team. You will make new friends, learn new skills, and feel more connected to your school.

Sarah: Excellent advice, Nancy. Simon, it seems you have something to say.

Simon: Yes, I do. Well, I want to say you should keep a balance. College life is a mixture of social life and academic life. Don’t join too many student organizations or go to too many activities. Otherwise, you won’t have enough time to study. Of course, you should not become a book worm. The key is to keep a balance between fun and study.

Sarah: They all give very useful tips. But let me add a few more. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions; take advantage of the learning resources on campus; stay healthy and eat right.

I hope you will get the most out of your college experience.

Reading comprehension

Understanding the text


1. The parents reminded their children to work hard and achieve the best they could.

2. The president calls on the students to make the most of the great resources on campus: to explore new subjects, to meet fascinating people, and to pursue new passions.

3. By saying “sample them widely”, the president mean students should try may different courses and try something new to see what it is like.

4. If we don’t challenge ourselves, we will not become broadly educated people, and we may not find the passion that will help us shape our future.

5. We can learn from the example of Vera Wang that we should challenge ourselves and by challenging ourselves, we are more likely to find an interest we don’t know we have, and this interest may help us build a prosperous future.

6. W should not worry, and we should learn to face this new part of our life with enthusiasm. College experiences, pleasant or unpleasant, will provide us with valuable lessons which will enrich our life.

7. The expression Now it is your turn” means that now it is time for you to acquire knowledge and to pass it on.

8. The president’s welcoming speech is really impressive. He mentions many important things about college life , the resources available on campus, as well as the opportunities we have and the responsibilities we should take. The speech is very inspiring.

Critical thinking

1. A university education will play a very important role in my life, and it will benefit me in a

number of ways. In the university I can acquire specialized knowledge about my major, and develop critical thinking and research skills. I will have the opportunities to meet and share ideas with people of different minds. I can gain a broader view of the world by meeting people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. And I will start my life journey of self-discovery, self-improvement, and self-fulfillment.

2.Yes, absolutely. With a university education, a person will have more freedom and therefore

more choices. This education experience provides unlimited potential. Moreover, a university education provides the means for one to succeed. Not only will a person obtain knowledge and skills essential for his career development, but he will also develop an independent mind and be able to make right decisions on his own.

3.I admire those who dropped out of university and yet have made fame for themselves by

achieving big goals. Some people use those successful college dropouts as counterexamples to show their belief that a person can succeed even without a university education. Chances are that most people do not have the same mind, talent, determination, or opportunities as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg did; therefore, they might not be able to achieve success without having a university education. In fact, a university education will equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills which will help them to succeed.

4.Nowadays education is getting more and more expensive, especially college education. And

there are people who choose to give up education because of the high cost. But without education, one would not be able to acquire knowledge that an education will offer. In other words, they would be “ignorant”. The result would be that ignorant people will suffer even more or pay even more for being so. It is true that education is expensive, but if you try “ignorance”, the cost would be even higher

5.To sample widely and challenge my self, I am going to venture out of my comfort zone and do

what I have not had the courage to do. For instance, I will make friends with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. I will take a swimming class and learn how to swim. I wil attend unconventional lectures, join student clubs, and try all kinds of food. Most of all, I will do whatever it takes to make the most of the four years and try to become a well-rounded graduate.

Language focus

Words in use


1 confidence

2 explore

3 emerged

4 assume

5 pose

6 comprehensive

7 resources 8 yield 9 inherited 10 transmit

Word building


Words learned new words formed


cover uncover easy uneasy load unload


apply applicant resist resistant account accountant -ify

simple amplify note notify quality qualify class classify













banked cloze


1 D

2 H 3A 4B 5M 6 F 7O 8 I 9 G 10 J

Expressions in use


1.got by

2.make the most of

3.in advance

4.over time

5.reap the benefits of

6.all at once

7.remind… of

8.stand a chance of

9.open the door to

10.take pleasure in



创始人,被尊称为古代的"圣人"(sage)。他的言论和生平活动记录在《论语》(The Analects)一书中。《论语》是中国古代文化的经典著作,对后来历代的思想家、文学家、政治家产生了很大影响。不研究《论语》,就不能真正把握中国几千年的传统文化。孔子的很多思想,尤其是其教育思想,对中国社会产生了深远的影响。在21世纪的今天,孔子的学说不仅受到中国人的重视,而且也越来越受到整个国际社会的重视。

12.Confucius was a great thinker and educator in Chinese history. He was

the founder of Confucianism and was respectfully referred to as an ancient "sage". His words and life story were recorded in The Analects.

An enduring classic of ancient Chinese culture, The Analects has had

a great influence on the thinkers, writers, and statesmen that came

after Confucius. Without studying this book, one could hardly truly understand the thousands-of-years' traditional Chinese culture. Much of Confucius' thought, especially his thought on education, has had

a profound influence on Chinese society. In the 21st century, Confucian

thought not only retains the attention of the Chinese, but it also wins an increasing attention from the international community.

section B

reading skills


1. A

2. A

3. C

4.B, C, E

Reading comprehension

Understanding the text


1 The father is happy that his child is going to college and will have new exciting experiences. Meantime, the father feels sad to see the child leave.

2. Because it is in college that the child will find out what learning is about.

3. The statement “Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school” was made by Einstein. It means that the details you have learned or the facts you have remembered are not important. What is really important is the fact that you have learned how to learn and that you have developed a way of thinking and a sense of responsibility.

4. the father thinks his child should take courses that will stimulate his interest and improve his intellectual capacity.

5. what Steve Jobs meant was that in college, your passion will guide you to learn a lot of new and seemingly unconnected things; but later, those unconnected things will become connected

and help you build your life and career.

6. the father warns his child not to be upset by low grades. They are only letters and are not important.

7. Genuine and sincere people can become our friends.

8. The father is eager to see what his child will develop into, and what achievements his child will make in the future.

Critical thinking


1.I felt somewhat sad when the time came for me to leave my parents for college because I

had to leave them for the first time in my life. I missed all the comforts they provide for me at home. But in the meanwhile, I felt excited about my new experience of living on campus. For me, living on my own was an indication of independence and responsibilities. I was looking forward to this new and exciting leg of my life journey.

2.My parents expect me to try my best in all aspects. They said to me when I left home for

college, “Doing your best does not just mean you have to get straight A’s. it means you should work as hard as you can, develop and flourish socially, and enjoy life fully.” They have very high expectations of me because they believe in me. They know that I have the motivation and ability to achieve the goals I have set.

3..I like to be friends with people who have similar hobbies to mine. If we have similar hobbies,

we will have a lot to talk about with each other. I also like to make friends with outgoing people because I am very shy.

. I only make friends with people who are honest, polite and sincere. I don’t care whether we share similar hobbies or interests or not. As long as he/she is a nice person, I’ll be happy to be friends with him/her.

4.Actually, I think almost all courses can stimulate our intellectual capacity. To some people,

courses that require them to solve problems, such as math, physics, and enginerring, can enhance their intellectual capacity. But to other people their intellectual capacity can be developed more by courses like music, philosophy, or literature, because they have to use their brainpower to think and seek answers since there are no right or wrong answers to many questions in these fields. Personally, I think learning something new will definitely stimulate my intellectual capacity, so I’m going to take some courses both in arts and science.

5.When I was a kid, my parents had to word away from home, so I had to stay with my relatives

for four years without my parents being around. As a result, I have learned to be very adaptable. Now, I an study and live in different environments. Being able to adapt is thus one of my dots.

Language focus












expressions in use










sentence structure


1.Some people have pets and regard them as friends while other people dislike pets and think

they may cause diseases.\

2.Jerry is very bold and likes taking risks while his brother is extremely careful and thinks things

through before doing anything.

3.Beijing is a busy city with a large population while my hometown is very quiet with a small



1.It is Sam that/who thinks that the greatest achievement of last century was the landing of

mankind on the moon.

2.It was during my undergraduate studies that I found out what my passion was.

3.It is the curiosity and creativity of children that causes many educators to believe that

teaching should stimulate children’s interest in learning.












Part II key to exercises

Section A

Pre-reading activities


1. I am very close to my parents. In fact, we are like friends. I never keep a secret from them. When I have problems, I ask them for their advice. They give me directions about life. I like this relationship with my parents, and I think this is what parent-child relationship should be like.

2. if I were not very close to my parents, I would do the following to improve our relationship:

. find out where the problem is and talk to my parents about it;

. do something that makes them happy;

. call them often when I am away from home;

. keep them informed of what I am doing;

. be open and willing to communicate.

Reading comprehension

Understanding the text


1.The daughter bought a large and expensive vehicle probably because her mother advised her

to buy a practical and gas-efficient car. The daughter did this on purpose because at this age, she was being rebellious.

2.The mother wants to show that although her daughter tries to show she is an adult, actually

she is not.

3.The mother is hap that their daughter is dependent now, but on the other hand, she feels

doubtful whether her daughter could take good care of herself.

4.The mother wants to show that her daughter is not ready t e an adult yet.

5.The mother puts her daughter’s books onto a single shelf to deal with later.

6.The mother finds an envelope with items such as old family photographs, letters, greeting

cards, and love notes they gave their daughter and sees the words “DO NOT THROW AWAY”

marked on the envelope. Her attitude then changes.

7.At first the mother decides to throw some of the items away and donate the rest to charity.

After she sees the brown envelope, she changes her mind and puts the back in place.

8.Because the mother knows that the sweet childhood memories will bring her daughter back.

Critical thinking


1.If I were the daughter, I would be very much touched when I read the article. I would call my

mom to say sorry for acting rebelliously and would tell her how much I love her. Probably I would return home as soon as I can.

2.I don’t think it is wise to refuse parents’advice or even do the opposite without a good

reason. Your parents care about you more than anybody else and always want to share their experience with you. If you follow their advice, you can at least learn from their experience and avoid making some silly mistakes if you don’t take their advice, you may still get experience-but in a hard way. Besides, your parents may directly point out our weaknesses that your peers wouldn’t. so, listening to your parents’ advice can make you smarter and help you grow mature.

3.Good communication will, in my view, help build a good relationship the following are my

ways to strengthen communication with my parents:

. visit them whenever possible;

. invite them to see what I am doing at college;

. teach them to use new communication tools, such as WeChat and Skype, so that they can communicate with me wherever I am;

. try to look at things from their perspectives; and

. share with them my feelings, problems or ambitions.

4.Although there is no standard pattern for a good parent-child relationship , some common

factors can contribute to a more successful relationship:

. respect each other;

. support and encourage each other;

. understand each other;

. have fun together; and

. be friends.

5.Yes, many parents are expecting to much of their children. First, most families have only one

child and parents want to make a perfect child out of them. Second, competition is intense in school and at work today. So parents want their children to learn as much as possible so as to gain advantages over others in competition. It’s not uncommon that some parents force their children to achieve what is even hard for adults. But they ignore the fact that winning is not the only important thing and that children should have their own enjoyment and preferences.

6.No, I don’t think parents today are expecting too much of their children. Competition is

becoming increasingly intense in school and at the workplace. So it is natural for parents to help their children to make full use of their talent and become as competitive as possible.

They know better about how far their children can go. Besides, more and more parents, including my parents, think it is more important for their children to be healthy and happy. Of course, while they expect that their children study hard and achieve success, they should at the same time see to it that their children are not overworking themselves.

Language focus

Words in use












word building


Words learned new words formed -er

employ employer computer compute interpreter interpret


atom atomic

artist artistic

economy economic

history historic electronic electron


envy envious

continue continuous famous fame

various vary














baked cloze


1G 2K 3L 4O 5A 6D 7E 8F 9B 10J

Expressions in use


1.made it

2.after all

3.strip off

4.with open arms

5.throw away

6.straighten up

7.keep back

8.free of/from

structured writing


Parents may get disappointed when you fail to meet their expectations. They may strongly object to your lifestyle and complain that you are wasting time on unimportant things. To solve this problem, you may try to make them understand that you are a responsible person. First tell them that you have inherited many of their merits. Then remind them that you have your own thoughts and life goals as an individual. You can also explain how your lifestyle will help you in a positive way. You may not be able to change your parents’opinion overnight, but if you keep trying, it well eventually work.





According to the Chinese lunar calendar, August 15 of every year is a traditional Chinese festival-the Mid-Autumn Festival. This day is the middle of autumn, so it is called Mid-Autumn. One of the important Mid-Autumn Festival activities is to enjoy the moon. On that night, people get together to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, looking up at the bright moon and eating moon cakes. The festival is also a time for family reunion. People living far away from home will express their feelings of missing their hometowns and families at this festival. There are many customs to celebrate the festival, all expression people’s love and hope for a happy life. Since 2008, the Mid-Autumn Festival has become an official national holiday in China.

Section B

Reading skills


“All right,”/he says, /and carries the smelly package./As we walk back, /he tells me/about migrations of eels/to the Sargasso Sea:/how/eels come down Dalmatian rivers/and swim across the Mediterranean / and then the whole Atlantic, /until / they reach the warm Sargasso Sea. / Here / they lay their eggs, / and then the baby eels swim back / to the native river / of their parents.

Reading comprehension

Understanding the text


1D 2B 3C 4C 5C 6D 7D 8A

Critical thinking


1.To me a good parent is quite challenging and demanding. A good parent should:

. attend to children’s physical and spiritual needs;

. be supportive in times of difficulties;

. share life experiences without preaching;

. share hobbies and doing sports with their children; and

. respect their children’s privacy.

2.My parents took god care of my sister and me. They regarded it their duty to make sure that

we had good food, decent clothes, and a nice place to live in. but they also required us to do whatever they told us to do. And we were supposed to keep no secrets from them. If I supposed to keep no secrets from them. If I were a parent, I would try my best to supply the best for my child(ren)’s daily needs, just as what my parents did to me. But I would also do something different: I would respect my child(ren)’s privacy; I would not give orders. Instead,

I would try to become their friends and encourage them to do what they like.

3.Yes, after reading the two stories in this unit, I have come to a better understanding of my

parents’love for me. Though my father and other show their love in different ways, everything they do for me is meant to do me good, even when they are being tough with me. Most times I tend to take their love for granted. I rarely spend time thinking about their love for me, let alone expressing thanks for their love. A better understanding of my parents’love will prompt me to think about that I can do to them, and how I can repay them for their

selfless love.

4.Conflicts between parents and children may be sometimes inevitable. However, there are

something we can do to reconcile and solve the disagreement:

. calm down – anger only makes things worse;

. analyze the reason for the conflicts;

. try to be in our parents’ shoes and see thinks from their angle;

. explain what is on our mind and try to have their support; and

. make compromises whenever we can.

5.Nowadays many young people are too busy to spend time with their parents. This has been a

social problem of public concern. It is true that young people today are facing great pressure from work. They have so many things to do that they often have to work extra hours. But this is no excuse for neglecting their parents. Busy as they are they should try to set aside time to be with their parents, especially on the weekend. The aging parents may feel deserted and lonely, being left at the “empty nest”. In fact, this social problem has prompted the government to take action and make it part of the law that children should regularly visit their parents and attend to their parents’ needs. So as young people, we should realize the problem and try to send as much time as possible with our parents.

Language focus

Word in use












expressions in use





4.in / of





sentence structure


1.All of Justin’s pain disappeared. So did the ache in his legs.

2.His father doesn't’ have great hope for him now. Nor does his mother.

http://www.sodocs.net/doc/193212f87cd184254a35351e.htmlN then reported the story and so did other television news programs and major



1.Not that I don’t like your apple pie, but (that) my doctor tells me not to have any.

2.Not that she is unwilling to help you, but (that) she is tied up with extra work these days.

3.Not that some coffee beans or tea bags are more flavorful than others, but (that) people love

















Part II key to exercises

Section A

Pre-reading activities

1.Traditional classroom:

. Advantages: more direct communication between the teacher and students; a better learning atmosphere.

. Disadvantages: little interaction either among students or between students and the teacher; the teacher tending to dominate the class; writing on blackboard reducing efficiency.

Multimedia learning:

. Advantages: more vivid teaching materials;

. disadvantages: too many distractions with too many pictures and videos in multimedia classrooms.

Studying online:

. advantages: being able to choose when and what you want to learn; easy access to the wide range of online information.

. disadvantages: making it easier for students to copy answers from the Internet; lack of face-to-face communication between the teacher and students; the possibility for students to develop Internet addiction.

2. . I prefer the multimedia way of learning. A multimedia classroom is vivid with teaching materials presented in different ways: slides, pictures, and even movies. Compared with a traditional classroom, a multimedia classroom is more interesting.

. To be frank, I prefer to study online. In this way I can manage my own time. I can have my own priorities and do things at my own pace. It is simply what I want.

3. . Yes. The Internet is indispensable in teaching and learning nowadays. It is hard to imagine what it would be like without the Internet. We would have no easy or quick way to learn about the latest development of teaching and learning. We would miss the many interesting online courses; we couldn’t communicate effectively with teachers after class. We just can’t afford to lose the Internet.

. No. teaching and learning had been carried out long before the Internet came into being. And people did just as well without the Internet or the computer. It is true that the Internet makes teaching and learning more convenient and more efficient, but it is by no means indispensable. I’m sure we can still teach or learn without the Internet.

Reading comprehension

Understanding the text


1. A fleet of laptops, smartphones and Internet connectivity 24 hours a day.

2. wireless Internet access anywhere and anytime on campus.

3. because smartphones could draw students’ attention and encourage sophisticated thinking.

4. because too much time online can mean too little time I real-life studying or exercising or visiting with friends. If we spend too much time online, we will be cut off from the real world.

5. they used the money to wire dorms with high-speed connections and equip their campuses with Wi-Fi networks.

6. Because the university was afraid that it’s technology was not as advanced as that of other universities, it gave away free Apple iPads to compensate for its inferiority in this aspect.

7. If a university can’t keep up with the rest f the world, or if it can’t provide high-bandwidth information as expected, it will be at a competitive disadvantage.

8. it is mainly because they want to provide students with the most advanced free system.

Critical thinking


1 .Yes, I think so. Internet access is a must on campus. We students need the Internet to do research for our study, to obtain information to broaden our knowledge of the world, to communicate with family and friends, and to enrich our lives in our spare time.

. No, I don’t think so. There are many potential disadvantages if Internet access is so easily accessible on campus. Some students may waste too much time I playing online games or chatting online, be tempted to visit “unhealthy” websites, or even become Internet-addicted and neglect their study.

2 .It sounds like an awful idea to me. Obtaining knowledge is only part of learning. Learning not only gives us a wealth of knowledge, it also provides us with great vision, strong principles, social abilities, good manners, interpersonal skills and many more valuable attributes. This obviously cannot be realized by learning at home only with the computer.

.I think it is a good idea that students can study at home via the Internet in the future. Learning would become more flexible and accessible. This way, college education could become available to many more people, old or young, near or far, healthy or handicapped.

3 . The Internet and smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily life because they don’t cost much and they make communication much more convenient. We can talk to people, or leave them messages almost anywhere and anytime. And very often we will get responses in no time.

. With the Internet and smartphones becoming more and more popular, we are forgetting how to write with a pen or how to talk with people face to face. The more we use the Internet and smartphones, the less we meet our friends in real life. Even when friends meet face to face, instead of talking with each other, they all look at their smartphones, checking email or posting something on WeChat.

4 .Life would be unimaginable without the Internet or smartphones. I depend on them to do everything, from study to communication, from shopping to entertaining. Without the Internet, the backing systems, the communications systems, in fact all key aspects closely related to peoples’ life will collapse. Life without the Internet would be terrible and simply unimaginable. .Actually, I wouldn’t mind having a life without the Internet or smartphones. Without them, I would meet my family and friends face to face and spend more quality time together. I might take up some interesting hobbies or try something new. So, without them life might become even more colorful.

Language focus

Words in use












word building


Words learned new words formed

-ry scenery

scene machinery


detective detect

compare comparative

explode explosive

represent representative


Modern modernize

Character characterize

Special specialize

Computer computerize

Summary summarize














banked cloze


1J 2H 3L 4N 5F 6I 7E 8A 9C 10O

Expressions in use


1.fired off

2.keep up with

3.set up

4.account for

5.stand out

6.add to

7.take the lead

8.at a disadvantage

9.in large part

10.visit with

structured writing


It is not uncommon to see teenagers smoking today. Some of them smoke because of peer pressure. When they see some of their friends smoking, they feel the pressure to try it out in order to “fit in”with the crowd. Some other teenagers smoke because they want to imitate adults or appear to be mature. Teenagers like to imitate their favorite stars and adults around them. So, parents who smoke may set a bad example for their children. In conclusion, the causes of teenager smoking can be attributed to peer pressure and their intention to look like adults.





China’s space industry was launched in 1956. Over the past decades, China’s space industry has created one miracle after another. In 1970 China launched its first man-made earth satellite, ranking China the fifth country in the world to independently develop and launch man-made earth satellites. In 1992 China began to carry out the manned spaceflight program. In 2003 China launched Shenzhou-5, a manned spaceship. The successful launch made China the third country to launch manned spaceships. In 2007 Chang’e-1,, the first lunar-orbiting man-made satellite, was sent to space. In 2013 Shenzhou-10, the fifth manned spaceship was launched successfully, laying the foundation for building the Chinese Space Station.

Section B

Reading skills


1O 2O 3O 4F 5F 6F 7O 8O

Reading comprehension


1A 2C 3B 4C 5A 6D 7D 8C

Critical thinking


1 Teenagers and college students are more likely to become Internet addicts. Many teenagers lack self-discipline. Though their parents may watch them closely at home and only allow them very limited time to get online, once being away from home, these kids are likely to indulge themselves in the Internet. The same is true for college students. College students often use the Internet to help with their study, and they lack supervision from their parents if they live on campus. If they do not watch their time online and what they do with the internet, they may also become addicted to the Internet.

2 .Yes, I think so. A weak personality usually can’t resist temptation. Jack, my former classmate, definitely falls into this category. He knew for sure that online games would take up too much of his study time. However, he just couldn’t stop thinking about the games and completely indulged himself in this virtual world.

. No, I don’t think so. A person with a strong personality may also become an addict. One of my friends had a very strong personality. He was independent and decisive, and he was always the leader among his friends. But somehow he became an Internet addict. So I think addiction to the Internet has nothing to do with ones personality.

3 If I have friends who unfortunately become Internet-addicted, I will help them: 1)set time limits.

I will suggest that they should allow themselves a limited amount of time to spend online each day; 2)keep themselves busy. I will help them find activities to keep their mind of the Internet, e.g. meeting friends, taking up new hobbies, doing sports.

4 . “No Computer Day” is a good idea. If you shut down your computer for a day, you’ll possibly find a book to read, go out with friends, talk with your family, visit a museum, play basketball, or go to a concert. A day without the computer is a reminder that there are more rewarding things to do.

. I don’t think it is a good idea. For people who depend on their computers for their work or study, they could do little or almost nothing without computers. Moreover, the business world may become out of order without computers, even for only one day.

Language focus

Words in use