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1、他们被背包压得弯下了腰,在山坡上的松树林里一步步向上爬,全身淌着汗。Bending under the weight of the packs, sweating, they climbed steadily in the pine forest that covered the mountainside.

2、我们在无聊的时候,往往把注意力集中在时间的流逝上,这样会使大脑活动产生错觉,总觉得时钟似乎走得更慢。Concentrating on time passing, as we do when bored, will trigger brain activity which will make it seem as though the clock is ticking more slowly.

3、法国第二季度的失业率飙升,并且该国财长称,即使全球经济复苏加快,就业局面仍将继续恶化。这是自2006年初以来最糟糕的季度失业率。Unemployment shot up in France during the second quarter, and the country’s top finance official said the situation will continue to aggravate even if a global economic recovery gathers pace. It was the worst quarterly unemployment in France since early 2006.

4、社会实践是不断发展的,我们的思想认识也应不断前进,应勇于根据实践的要求进行创新。As social practice continues to develop, we should keep renewing our ideas and make innovations courageously in light of practical needs.

5、自行车被看成是比公共汽车更实惠的交通工具,因为公共汽车票价在最近几年内涨了三倍。Bicycles are regarded as an economical alternative to buses whose fares have increased 3 times in the past few years.

6、美国政府呼吁全国人民节约用水,因为水资源的匮乏已经成为了全球生态问题、经济问题以及政治问题的根源之一。The U.S. government has called on people to save water because the scarcity of water has become a source of global tension ecologically, economically and politically.

7、一个企业只有引进高新技术装备,提升产品质量,开拓国际市场,才能成为当今行业内当之无愧的引领者。In order to be a recognized leader in the industry, it’s essential for a company to improve production quality and tap the overseas market through the help of state of the art technologies and equipment.

8、如果你打算到英国过圣诞节,最好再考虑一下。因为英国恶劣的天气,对当地交通设施造成巨大破坏,数千名游客被困在英国。If you are thinking about coming to Britain for Christmas, it might be a good idea to think again. That’s because thousands of Christmas travelers have been stranded in the UK as adverse weather conditions caused massive disruption to the transport infrastructure.


1、外国人在中国必须遵守中国法律,不得有任何危害中国国际安全。损害社会公共利益、破坏社会公共秩序的行为。Aliens in China shall abide by Chinese law and no behaviors will endanger the national security of China , harm its public interests or disturb its public order.

2、爱情不在于互相含情脉脉的凝视,而在于携手朝着一个共同的目标努力。Love doesn’t lie in gazing at each other but in looking forward together in the same direction.

3、学习任何一门外语,首先得学习一个全新的语音和语法系统,这就意味着我们必须习得一整套陌生的语言习惯。When learning any foreign language, one has to learn, first and foremost, its new phonological and grammar systems, which means acquiring a totally unfamiliar set of language learning habits.

4、理财专家建议,对于30岁之前的女性来说,这个阶段的收入一般在一生中是最低的。Financial experts suggest that to the women under 30, the income of this phase in general is the lowest.

5、中国将加强与美国及国际社会之间的对话和合作,以严厉打击各种形式的恐怖主义活动。China will increase dialogue and co operation with the United States and the international community to crack down on all forms of terrorist activities.

6、现在是你很据所列事物制定一个缜密计划的时候了,因此你应当强调最为重要的和最为急迫的事情,并使之具有特别的优先权。Now it is time to make a well organized schedule from the list, so you need to put first and urgent things first and set the high priorities.

7、根据你的要求,现寄上词典的样章,同时欢迎提出宝贵的修改意见。In accordance with your request I am sending sample pages of the dictionary and meanwhile, your valuable suggestions on amendment are welcomed.

8、此为,广告商还特意满足人们对健康和声誉的渴望,满足人们追求时尚、自尊、让别人羡慕和嫉妒的心理。In addition, advertisers appeal to the desire for health and prestige, to the desire to be in style, to pride, and to envy and jealousy.


1、儒家思想源远流长,他对中国的政治、思想、科技、文化、艺术均有深远的影响,他是中国传统文化的重要组成部分。Confucianism has a long history and a profound impact on China ’s politics, ideology, science, culture, art; it is an importa nt part of traditional Chinese culture.

2、事实上,对该商品的生产,我们以前所做的以及今后要做的都要符合世贸组织的标准。In fact, what we have done with the products over the past for years and will do in the future coincide with the requirement of WTO.

3、在日益全球化的世界中,宗教和文化多样性要用来推动社会正义、宽容和理解以及国际和平与安全,而不是作为进行新的意识形态和政治对抗的理由。Religious and cultural diversity in a globalizing world needs to be used as the promotion of social justice, tolerance and understanding, as well as international peace and security, and not as a rationale for a new ideological and political confrontation.

4、婚姻的最初阶段所牵涉到的不仅仅是适应另一个人的存在及其习性。The initial period of marriage involves more than accommodating to the presence and habits of another person

5、无论你是否使用过该软件,你都可能已经熟悉了它的某些功能,但是最新版本在该软件的发展过程中堪称重要的里程碑。Whether you’ve used the software before or not, you may already be familiar with some of its features, but the new version represents a major milestone in the progression of its development


此它们仍然占用磁盘空间。By default, when you delete files on most Windows systems the files are not really deleted, they are instead moved into the Recycle Bin, so they still take up disk space

7、这种止痛片的药效在几个钟头之内就会自然消失,但是它的好处是副作用小。The effect of the pain killer will naturally wear off within a few hours, but its advantage is that it has few side effects.

8、生态文明是全球可持续发展的唯一途径,是保护地球生态系统的最佳方式,是人类发展的必然选择。Ecological civilization is the only way to global sustainable development, the best approach to saving the earth’s ecosystem, and the inevitable choice of human development.


1、然而思想落后与实际的事是常有的,这是因为人的认知受了许多社会条件限制的缘故。It often happens, however, that thinking lags behind reality; this is because ma n’s cognition is limited by numerous social conditions.

2、肯定有什么重大事情发生了,重大到采取拘留西门森工厂工作人员的方法来防治泄密。Something big was in the offing, so big that the workers at the Simonson plant had been virtually placed under arrest to prevent any information from leaking out.

3、只有领会哲学思维方式的本质,才能提出创新的哲学理念,而哲学创新的关键在于人的思维方式的改变。Only by understanding the nature of thinking mode, can man bring forth new ideas in philosophy, and the crux of philosophical innovation lies in the change of man’s thinking mode.

4、从哪个时候开始,他一直不断奋斗,企图超越自己贫穷低下的社会地位而挤进上流社会。From then on, he struggled in his attempts to overcome his humble origins and insinuate himself into upper class society.

5、我以前只不过是一个超级市场的雇员,那时谁也不把我放在眼里。现在和那时相比,那真是天差地别。It’s a far cry from the days when I was just a clerk in a supermarket and nobody paid me any attention.

6、微处理器的发明给微型计算机,即个人电脑的问世,奠定了基础—这种电脑的价格是普通百姓所能承受的。The invention of microprocessors set the stage for the arrival of the microcomputer, or personal computer—an affordable machine for the masses.

7、所以世上没有绝对的敌人,我们面对的敌人仅仅是相对意义上的,因时而易。So the re’s no such thing as an enemy in absolute terms. The enemies we fight are only in relative terms, constantly changing with the times.

8、无论是从历史上,还是从国际法的角度来看,台湾无可争议地都是中国的神圣领土。实现祖国统一是全体中国人民的神圣使命。Taiwan , viewed from the historical facts and the international law, is beyond dispute one part of Chinese sacred territory and it is an inviolable mission of the entire Chinese people to reunify the motherland.


1、人民的钱,必须花在解决其当务之急上,而不是让承包商中饱私囊,或者是维持一些没用的项目。People’s money must be spent to advance their priorities, no t to line pockets of contractors or to maintain projects that don’t work.

2、瑞士联合银行集团新发布的价格与薪金报告显示,苏黎世居民每小时净赚22.6美元,荣登城市薪金榜首。Zurich residents, more than anyone in the world, earn $22. 60 per hour in average net pay, according to the Prices and Earnings report recently released by UBS.

3、她虽然在血统上不是英国人,但由于她嫁了英国人,就成为英国公民了。Though she isn’t British by birth, she’s British citizen by virtue of her marriage to an Englishman.

4、尽管他的伤口还在大量出血,这位英勇的战士成功地将困在公交车上的母子救了出来,而此刻车马上就要爆炸了。Despite the blood gushing out from the wound, the heroic soldier succeeded in getting the mother and the son out of the bus which might explode at that moment.

5、他坐在他们前面,一动也不动,穿着一身不合身的便服,风尘满面的脸掩盖了他的真实年龄。He sat in front of them, dressed in a plain, ill fitting suit, never moving, his dusty face veiling his age.

6、尽管大多数酒吧和餐馆都有地址,但贝鲁特曲折的小路像一个迷宫,很多都没有路标。While most bars and restaurants have addresses, Beirut is a maze of twisting side streets, many of them unmarked.

7、那辆马车后面跟着一大群各色各样的人物—流浪儿、乞丐、一路翻着筋斗的小丑以及叫卖的小贩。Behind the carriage came a motley string of figures—street Arabs, beggars, clowns turning somersaults and street vendors hawking their wares.

8、在我背后我总听到时间的战车插翅飞奔,逼近了;而在那前方,在我们面前,却展现了一片永恒沙漠。But at my back

I always hear time’s winged chariot hurrying near; and yonder, all before us lie deserts of vast eternity.


1、在新北京,有许许多多精彩纷呈的事情在恭候您,这是一座充满活力的现代都市,3000年的历史文化与都市的繁荣相互交织。There are a lot more wonderful and exciting things waiting for you in New Beijing, a dynamic modern metropolis with 3,000 years of cultural and historical treasures woven into the urban prosperity.

2、他可真是个地道的足球迷,每次提到他喜欢的球队总是说个没完没了。He is such an enthusiastic football fan that he tends to hold forth on his favorite team whenever it is mentioned.

3、教育体制必须为年轻一代提供必要的知识、态度和价值观,以确保他们赶得上新时代。在这个新生代里,或许只有机会,没有工作。The educational system has to be able to outfit the young generation with necessary knowledge, attitudes and values that would ensure they are in time for the new age in which there might be no jobs but only opportunities.

4、焦急的母亲到处寻找失踪的儿子,结果却发现他在自己卧室的玩具堆里睡的正香。The anxious mother searched high and low for her missing son, only to find him sleeping sound in the mess of toys in his own bedroom.

5、为了寻求更有效的诊疗方法,该医院将积极与当地一家研究所合作,寻找与这种慢性病相关的基因标志。In order to find better detection and treatment, the hospital will actively cooperate with a local research institute to look for genetic markers that correlate with this chronic disease.

6、一个企业的会计系统包括一个经济实体记录、汇总其财务活动所用的方法、程序和手段。The accounting system of an enterprise consists of the methods, procedures, and devices used by an economic entity to keep track of its financial activities and to summarize these activities.

7、大学毕业时,辛迪决定回到过去抚养她的孤儿院工作,因为对那些过去曾经帮助过她的人,她心中充满了感激与温暖,她想像他们一样,帮助那些失去父母的孩子。When she graduated from college, Cindy decided to go back to work in the orphanage where she had been brought up, because her heart was overstuffed with gratitude and warmth for those who had generously helped her in her growth and she wanted to be like them also to give help to the kids who had lost their parents.

8、美国国家航空航天局打算斥巨资研究将宇航员送至火星并定居下来的计划的可行性。NASA planned to splurge on the feasibility of the project of sending astronauts to Mars and having them settle down on it.

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