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人教版八年级英语下unit6-unit10 作文范文

八年级人教版英语下unit6 –unit 10 作文范文

Unit 6


你一定读过许多优秀的小说,请你以“My favorite Novel”为题写一篇80词左右的英文短文。





My favorite play is The Necklace. Have you ever read it? The story happened in Paris. One day, Mathilda was going to a ball with husband. But she was worried because she had no new dress or jewelry to wear. So she borrowed a necklace from her friend. On their way home, she found the necklace was not around her neck. It was lost! So she had to work day and night to pay a lot of money for the necklace. But in fact, the necklace is not a real diamond necklace.






After reading the story of Cinderella, I feel so moved. I like Cinderella best because I think she was beautiful and hard-working. Though her stepsisters were not kind to her, she never gave up her dream, and still looked forward to a good future. The story has touched my heart. I think I should be optimistic just like her. I will try my best to achieve my dream whatever difficulties I meet in my life. As long as I keep trying, I will also have a bright future.







Nowadays many sea animals are in great danger or even going to die out. One of the reasons is serious pollution. Also, people kill too many of them for food. It is necessary to take actions to protect them. First, we can tell people about the importance of protecting the sea and the animals in it. Also, we should stop polluting the sea and try our best to make it clean. Let’s work together to save the sea animals.








Jay is my favorite singer, he has been famous since 2001.For young people this kind of music is very special. He became famous for his first CD --Jay. He has enjoyed success in music, television and film. What's more, he is one of the most popular singers in China.

qinghuaci is a very successfully song , I listen to it when I am stressed out. It makes me feel relaxed and reminds me that life is so cool.

人教版八年级英语下unit6-unit10 作文范文

Spider-Man is a popular science fiction movie in America. Spider-Man is a superhero first created by Marvel Comics.

In the movies, Peter Parker, A middle school student, gets a kind of super ability. After that, he begins to fight against crimes and protect the common people.

I think Spider-Man is a great movie, I love a line in it –With great power comes great responsibility. This line shows that every in the world should take good care of his family and his country.








Have you ever been to Beijing? I have been there twice. I think it is a wonderful place to take a holiday.

I fell in love with it for my first visit. There are many great places, such as Bird’s Nest, Place museum and the Great Wall. I’m sure you will learn a lot about the

history of China. If you travel there, don’t miss the famous food-Beijing Duck, I’m sure you will never forget the taste. Visiting Beijing is really enjoyable.


做好了准备就准备去旅游吧!假设你在寒假期间去了海南,请以A wonderful trip 为题,谈谈你的这次旅游经历。要求内容完整,语言流畅,可适当发挥。80字左右,开头已给出,不计入总数。

A wonderful trip

Have you ever been to Hainan? It’s a great place to have a trip. I went there this winter vacation. I took the train there with my parents. While I was sitting on the train, I kept looking out of the window and watched the beautiful scenes outside. Then we arrived at our hotel near the sea. In the daytime, we went swimming or lay on the beach in the sun. At night we sat by the sea, looking at the stars in the clear sky. We also ate a lot of seafood there. It was a wonderful trip. I will never forget it.


假如你是David ,你的外国网友Sarah 给你来信,信中提到她想来中国旅游,但是却不知道去哪个地方好。请你给她推荐一个风景区。


1)T he place to go.

2)H ow to get there?

3)W hat to see and to do?

4)W hat to take?


Dear Sarah,

It is very exciting to hear from you. I’m so glad that you are planning to visit China. Now let me introduce one of the most popular places in China. Hainan is a great place to take a holiday. You can go there by air. You will see the nice beach. You can swim in the sea and play volleyball with the tourists. I believe the amazing view here will be unforgettable for you. In the evening, you can try the delicious seafood in the restaurant.

I hope you can enjoy yourself.


David Unit10







My favorite thing from childhood is a soft bear. I’ve had it for 9 years. My father gave it to me when I was five.

I like it so much because I played with it every day until I went to school. It’s special to me because my father bought me as my fifth birthday gift, I think it’s meaningful.

The soft bear has given me many memories. I remember that I slept next to it almost every night till I was seven.


My favorite thing in my childhood was a toy car. I got it on my birthday. My uncle gave it to me as my birthday gift. It was special because it could make some sounds. I love it. When I played with it out, often took it with me. I even held it when to sleep .Now I still like it very much Because It brings back sweet memories of my childhood.