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We were informed that the Minister of Finance was to give us an audience / receive us the next day.


I thought it odd that he didn’t seem to remember his own birthday.


Next Tuesday is the deadline for handing in the term papers, but most students have hardly made a dent in the work so far.


It pained the headmaster to find the number of students shrinking.


Cash is commonly used in paying bills in that country, but checks are becoming more popular and will, in a short while, replace cash as a way for people to settle their accounts.


The company claims that it is not responsible for the pollution in the river.



Bill is a mature young man who is no longer dependent on his parents for decisions.


There are abundant supplies of meat in this region, but fresh fruit and vegetables are scarce.


Drawing on the wisdom of the workers, the engineers invented a new production method that led to increased productivity.


He spent a lot of time preparing for his disappointed to learn that he got only a B.


We have ample time for leisurely lunch.


The local government had to draw on its grain reserves and take other emergency measures so as to pull through the food crisis.



In the preface to one of his plays, Bernard Shaw advances the idea that people are more superstitious today than they were in the Middle Ages.

2. 丈夫死后,她只好独自挑起扶养五个孩子的经济重担。

After her husband died, she had to bear the severe financial burden of raising five children by herself.


One of the best ways to prove or refute a point is to cite examples from your own experience.


Hunt’s statement that Betty always exaggerates his faults may well lead to a quarrel.


I trusted her so much that I would have swallowed any story she told me.

6.一家人聚拢来讨论经济问题时,父亲一开头就说,每月存点钱是绝对必要的,遇到紧急情况,我们可以依靠积蓄。When the family gathered to discuss matters of finance, Father started off by saying that it was absolutely necessary to set aside some money each month, for in an emergency we could fall back on our savings.



Sometimes bad luck seems to follow you everywhere. Take, for instance, what happened to me not long ago. One day I drove to a nearby city on business. At a junction I pulled the car to a halt as the red light was on; however, a black Buick suddenly collided into my car from behind. I was slightly injured. Wild with anger I cursed and got out only to find that the woman driver of the other car appeared to have been knocked unconscious and her young child, who was sitting in the rear of the car, was hurt, too. I had to fumble in my pockets for my mobile phone and call the police. In a few minutes a police car came and rushed the lady and her child to hospital. I was, however, asked to stay where I was. In fact, I didn’t leave the scene until two hours later although I was not to blame at all. By the time I got home all my energy seemed to have deserted me. As to the business trip, I had to cancel it. As a result, my work suffered enormously. Up to now, I still can’t make sense of the accident.


1.我确信这项所谓(so-called) 明智的决定,与期望相反,会带来极其严重的后果。

I am convinced that, contrary to expectations, the so-called informed decision will bring very grave consequences.


It’s true he once deceived you, but he has admitted he has done wrong and apologized. So you shouldn’t always treat him with suspicion.


He had taken a stand on the issue before it was openly debated.

4.在调查过程中,他们发现了种种形式的政治腐败,并揭露了许多贪官污吏(corrupt officials) 。

In the course of their investigation, they discovered various forms of political corruption and exposed a number of corrupt officials.


Mary’s dilemma was whether to betray her colleagues by telling her boss the truth or to betray his trust by keeping him in the dark about it.


Now, in the first place, what has make you think (led you to think) this program will promote reforms, and in the second, how do you know these reforms will benefit the whole county?



The vice minister of health has emphasized time and again how important it is to integrate traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine.


In hot weather it is rather difficult to preserve food and keep it fresh and safe to eat. Naturally, many people prefer not to eat in restaurants during the summer months.


It will do us good to underline the points that the author emphasizes in his book.


After days of inquiry the police finally tied up the murder with the case of the recent escape from prison.


I want to persuade them to adopt our plan, because, in the first place, it calls for less funds and, in the second place, it will not cause environmental pollution.

6.父亲用绳子把芹菜(celery) 扎在一起,放在河里浸了浸,然后拿到菜场去卖。

Father bound the celery together with a rope and dipped it in the stream for a while before he took it to the market for sale.



The court’s judgment aroused anger among Mr. Smith’s friends, who believed that he was innocent.

2.当我们经过那家价格昂贵的餐馆时,父亲催我们快走,他说在这样高档的(fancy) 地方用餐是大大超过我们的经济能力的。

As we passed the expensive restaurant, father hurried us along saying that it was well beyond our means to have dinner at such a fancy place.

3.老师在评价一篇文章并给它打分grade vt.) ,可能是根据总的印象而不是根据仔细的分析(analysis)。

A teacher may evaluate and grade an essay on the basis of his general impression rather than on a detailed analysis.

4.小狗(puppy) 将我的一张画搞坏了,我真想对它发火,可它那十分可爱(cute) 的样子使我不禁笑着把它从地上抱了起来。(be inclined to, ruin)

I was inclined to get angry at the puppy for ruining my painting but he was so cute that I could not help but laugh and pick him up.

5.爱德华(Edward) 常常喜爱在那间可以眺望大海的房间里朗诵诗歌。

Edward was in the habit of reciting poems in the room overlooking the sea.

6.安东尼(Anthony) 彻夜未眠,因为他对于是否得插手此事举棋不定。

Anthony stayed up all night because he just could not make up his mind whether or not to take a hand in the matter. Unit8


Someday people need not get away from the city to find peace and quiet. When we withdraw into underground dwellings, the surface ground now occupied by cites can be turned over to park and to wilderness for recreation.

2.请你注意并非所有的学生都愿意出席毕业典礼(graduation ceremony) ,所以学校才要求凡是想禽毕业证书(diploma) 的毕业生(graduating students) 都得出席。

Not all of the students, mind you, are willing to attend the ceremony if they want to receive a diploma.

3.对于妇女在社会中的地位问题,我们的许多看法来自封建时代(feudal times) ,与今天的社会是格格不入的(not relevant) 。

Many of the ideas we have about the role of women in society are derived from feudal times and are not relevant in today’s society.


People today are more mobile than ever before; perhaps this is why mobile phones have become so common.

5.几乎每个孩子都曾梦想去太空旅游,体会一下在失重(gravity-free) 环境下生活是什么样子。(virtually)

Virtually every child has dreamed of traveling in space and experiencing what it would be like to live in a gravity-free environment.

6.我们学校鼓励学生独立思考(do independent thinking) ,不要受老师观点的束缚。(restrict)

Students of our school are encouraged to do independent thinking and not to be restricted by the teacher’s points of view.



When my parents took me to America several years ago, everything there felt very alien to me. Soon after I attended an American high school, I felt desperately lonely because my lack of competence in English formed a barrier separating my new schoolmates and myself. When my parents found out why I was in such low spirits, they encouraged me to improve myself in English and enrich my vocabulary by reading extensively. From then on I spent many hours reading English books and magazines, I was always intrigued by good mysteries, but what fascinated me most was stories of outstanding scientists. I remember I was greatly impressed by Albert Einstein whose ideas profoundly changed mankind’s basic concepts of space, time, matter and energy. And I found it amazing that Aristotle had written about 400 books on a variety of subjects. Stephen Hawking is physically disabled and unable to speak; nevertheless, he has made a notable contribution to science. What a miracle! Brilliant deeds of the great scientists led / prompted me to make up my mind to dedicate my life to the pursuit of science.


1.关键证人的制度有可能削弱对被告的指控力度(weaken the case against) 。

The absence of the crucial witness was likely to weaken the case against the defendant.


To prepare us for the debate, the coach wanted us to be always aware of arguments that are quite the reverse of ours.


Above all you are expected to demonstrate a potential to motivate and lead the team.


A doctor often prides himself on the ability to cure his patient of a rare disease.


If books are not returned to the library on time or not renewed before they are due, a fine must be paid in accordance with the regulations.


On the whole, few people do not complain about their jobs. On the other hand, they would be very unhappy if they got no chance to work.

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