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必修4 Module 2 Traffic Jam



1.—Have you moved into________new office?

—No,the building is under________construction.

A.a;the B.the;/

C./;the D./;/

2.The Chinese Government is still looking for all possible________to the problem of unemployment.

A.replies B.ways

C.answers D.solutions

3.I wonder if it would be________to visit you next Monday.I have got something to consult with you.

A.convenient B.comfortable

C.vacant D.handy

4.—I want a room for 20 people to have a birthday party.

—Unluckily there is no one________.

A.qualified B.available

C.standard D.permanent

5.Tom should not be sent to carry out the task—________,he hasn’t had enough experience.

A.for a start B.by the way

C.on the other hand D.sooner or later

6.We don’t permit ________ in the classroom;that is to say,students aren’t permitted ________ in the classroom.

A.to smoke;to smoke B.smoking;smoking

C.smoking;to smoke D.to smoke;smoking

7.—I’m stuck with this problem.

—________John to help you.

A.To ask B.Asking

C.Ask D.Asked

8.—Why did the mechanical dog stop barking?

—The battery must have________.

A.carried out B.given up

C.used up D.run out

9.________in the heavy snow,we could do nothing but wait for the rescue team.

A.To be stuck B.Stuck

C.Having stuck D.To stick

10.Don’t phone me between 2∶00 and 4∶30 this afternoon,during which time we________a meeting.

A.have been having B.have had

C.will be having D.will have had

11.A lot of products are on sale in that shop.You can buy two and pay for just one—the other is free of________.

A.charge B.fare

C.receipt D.price

12.There was so much trouble in contacting her that________we decided to give up.

A.purposefully B.generously

C.unfortunately D.eventually

13.—We need to keep working and find a solution as soon as possible________the problem.

—I couldn’t agree with you more.

A.to B.in

C.on D.with

14.I think his suggestion that you should read the book if you have time is well worth ________.

A.considered B.considering

C.to consider D.being considered

15.There is far more entertainment________by a good book than by a month of TV programs.

A.provided B.providing

C.to be provided D.being provided



Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound

together.However,I was not thinking about the golden chain when I had to help people who__1__their way and parked in front of my house.

I was growing tired of helping so many people.Almost every__2__I was awaken during a sound night’s sleep and had to__3__someone out.Many times I was__4__by some penniless motorists who did not even thank me for the helps that they received and some even complained that I could have done__5__.

One day,a young man with a week-old beard climbed out of

a__6__automobile.He had no money and no food.He asked if I could give him some__7__,offer him gasoline and a meal.I told him that if he wanted to work for me,he could cut the grass,but__8__the work wasn’t nece ssary.

Though sweaty and hungry,he worked hard.After working all day,he sat__9__to cool himself.I thanked him for his work and gave him the money he__10__.I then offered him some__11__money for a task particularly well done,but he shook his head,__12__.

I never saw him again.He probably thought I helped him out that day,but that is not__13__it was.I didn’t help him.He helped me to__14__people again to repay their trust in me.He helped me to once again want to do something for those who are__15__.I wish I could thank him for__16__ some of my belief in the basic__17__of others and for giving me back a little of the__18__I had lost.Because of him,I once again felt myself part of a golden chain of kindness that__19__us to others.

I may have fed his body that day,but he fed my__20__.

1.A.fought B.found

C.made D.lost

2.A.morning B.afternoon

C.night D.evening

3.A.bring B.help

C.carry D.drive

4.A.taken for granted B.put up with

C.turned down D.taken up with

5.A.less B.more

C.worse D.enough

6.A.fashionable B.famous

C.flashy D.shabby

7.A.money B.food

C.help D.work

8.A.actually B.specially C.particularly D.generally 9.A.in the sun B.in the shade C.in the field D.in the car 10.A.asked B.begged C.needed D.charged 11.A.old B.extra C.small D.good 12.A.accepted B.received C.refused D.denied 13.A.the situation B.the thing C.the issue D.the way 14.A.believe in B.watch over C.look after D.care about 15.A.in trouble B.in danger C.in tears D.in fear 16.A.forgetting B.losing C.restoring D.finding

17.A.goodness B.happiness

C.pleasure D.nature

18.A.weakness B.strength

C.optimism D.pessimism

19.A.adapts B.adjusts

C.devotes D.connects

20.A.heart B.soul




British scientists are breeding (育种) a new generation of rice plants that will be able to grow in soil containing salt water.Their work may enable abandoned farms to become productive farms once more.

Tim Flowers and Tony Yeo,from Sussex University’s School of Biological Sciences,have spent several years researching how crops,such as rice,could be made to grow in water that has become salty.The pairs have recently begun a three-year programme,funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council,to establish which genes enable some plants to survive salty conditions.The aim is to breed this capability into crops,starting with rice.

It is estimated that each year more than 10 million hectares of agricultural land are lost because salt gets into the soil and stop plants’ growth.The problem is caused by several factors.In the tropics,

man-groves that create swamps (沼泽) and traditionally formed barriers to sea water have been cut down.In the Mediterranean,a series of droughts have caused the water table to drop,allowing sea water to flow slowly in.In Latin America,irrigation often causes problems when water is evaporated (蒸发) by the heat,leaving salt deposits behind.

Too much salt then enters the plants and prevents them functioning normally.Heavy concentrations of minerals in the plants stop them drawing up the water they need to survive.

To overcome these problems,Flowers and Yeo decided to breed rice plants that take in very little salt and store what they do absorb in cells that do not affect the plants’ growth.They have started to breed these characteristics into a new rice crop,but it will take about eight harvests before the resulting seeds are ready to be considered for commercial use.

Once the characteristics for surviving salty soil are known,Flowers and Yeo will try to breed the genes into all manners of crops and plants.Land that has been abandoned to nature will then be able to bloom again,providing much needed food for the poorer countries of the world.

1.Which of the following statements about Flowers and Yeo is true?

A.They are husband and wife.

B.They are students at Sussex University.

C.They are farmers from the Mediterranean.

D.They are colleagues at an institution.

2.Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a cause of the problem discussed in the passage?

A.Natural barriers to sea water have been destroyed.

B.Sea level has been continuously rising.

C.The water table has gone down after droughts.

D.Evaporation of water leaves salt behind.

3.The word “affect” in Paragraph 5 could be best replaced


A.benefit B.balance

C.influence D.protect

4.The attitude of the author towards the research project is________.

A.positive B.negative

C.suspicious D.indifferent




1.解析:第一空表特指用定冠词the;第二空under construction为固定短语,意为“在建设中”。

答案: B


答案: D


答案: A

4.解析:考查形容词词义辨析。available可利用的/可提供的,常跟在被修饰词的后面。其他三项standard标准的,permanent永久的,qualified 合格的,它们作定语多放在被修饰词之前,且与题意不符。

答案: B

5.解析:for a start首先;第一,用于强调所叙述的一系列事实、观点中的第一条。by the way顺便说;on the other hand另一方面;sooner or later 迟早。句意为:汤姆不应该被派去执行这项任务,首先他没有足够的经验。

答案: A

6.解析:permit意为“允许;许可”时常用于permit sb.to do sth.和permit doing sth.结构。

答案: C


答案: C

8.解析:考查短语辨析。句意为:“机器狗为什么不叫了?”“一定是电池用光了。”run out用完,耗尽,物作主语常用于主动语态,符合题意。carry out执行;give up放弃;use up用完,耗尽,物作主语时常用于被动语态。

答案: D

9.解析:考查非谓语动词。be stuck in被困在……,此处是动词-ed


答案: B

10.解析:考查时态。根据时间状语between 2∶00 and 4∶30 this afternoon可知表示将来一段时间内正在发生的动作,故用将来进行时。

答案: C

11.解析:考查名词辨析。句意为:那家商店的好多东西都在打折。你买两件只需要付一件的钱——另一件是免费的。charge费用,价钱;free of charge 免费,符合题意。fare车费;receipt收据;price价格,均不符合题意。

答案: A


答案: D


答案: A

14.解析:考查be worth doing。be worth doing意为“值得……的”,后常跟动词-ing形式,主动形式表示被动意义。句意为:我认为他提出的你有时间读一读这本书的建议是非常值得考虑的。

答案: B


答案: A


[语篇解读] 本文是一篇夹叙夹议的文章。作者通过自己的亲身经历说明一个道理:善良是心的花园,善良是社会和谐的金链。

1.解析:fight one’s way奋斗前进;find one’s way找到路径;make one’s way前进,成功;lose one’s way迷路。根据语境可知此处指帮助迷路的人,故D项正确。

答案: D

2.解析:根据下文I was awaken during a sound night’s sleep知C 项正确。

答案: C

3.解析:bring out出版;help out帮助……克服困难;carry out实现;drive out驱赶,开车外出。根据语境可知半夜被求助的人唤醒,故B项正确。

答案: B

4.解析:take for granted认为理所当然;put up with容忍;turn down 关小,拒绝。联系语境可知,好多次那些身无分文的司机认为他们得到帮助是理所当然的。

答案: A


答案: B

6.解析:联系下文He had no money and no food可知D项正确。

答案: D

7.解析:联系下文I told him that if he wanted to work可知D项正确。

答案: D


答案: A

9.解析:联系下文...to cool himself可推知他是坐在阴凉处乘凉,in the shade在阴凉处。

答案: B

10.解析:联系语境可知,我感谢了他并给了他所需要的钱,故needed 符合题意。

答案: C

11.解析:根据语境可知,由于他工作干得很好,所以我给了他额外的钱。extra money额外的钱。

答案: B

12.解析:根据but he shook his head可知他拒绝了我。

答案: C

13.解析:联系下文可知,他也许认为那天我帮助了他,但事实并不是那样的,是他帮助了我。the way从……样子看来。

答案: D

14.解析:believe in信任;watch over看守,监视;look after照顾;care about担心,关心。根据语境可知,他帮我又一次去相信别人。

答案: A

15.解析:in trouble在困难中;in danger在危险中;in tears流着泪;in fear害怕。联系语境可知A项正确。

答案: A


答案: C


答案: A


答案: C

19.解析:adapt to适应;devote to把……奉献给;connect to相连;adjust to调节以适应。根据语境可知,我再一次感受到了把我们与他人连接在一起的那个善良的金链。

答案: D


答案: B


[语篇解读] 粮食问题是全球普遍关心的问题,提高粮食产量意义重大。Tim Flowers和Tony Yeo正致力于此。

1.解析:根据第二段“Tim Flowers and Tony Yeo,from Sussex University’s Schoo l of Biological Sciences,have spent several years researching how crops,such as rice,could be made to grow in water that has become salty.”可知Flowers和Yeo都是来自生物科学研究院的研究工作者,故答案选D。

答案: D

2.解析:利用所给选项中的核心词(A.natural barriers;B.sea level;

C.water table,droughts;


答案: B

3.解析:分析affect根据语境可推出它的意思是“影响”,和influence 同义,故选C。

答案: C

4.解析:根据本文最后一句“Land that has been abandoned to nature will then be able to bloom again,providing much needed food in the poorer countries of the world.(一度荒芜的土地能再次繁盛,能为世界上贫困国家提供她们非常需要的食物)”,可知本文是对“在含有盐水的土地中种植植物”这


答案: A

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