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雅思口语原创最新试题及答案 Part1


P art 1 Solution


☆ What do you usually do during holidays? And what you don't do during holidays?

Usually I will go out to visit some fun spots with my parents, or hang out with my friends, or play sports. Whatever I do, I try to relax myself.

Do you think holidays are important to our lives?

(Absolutely!Holidays are like … when we can get away from our daily grind and have some “time out”,you know… when we check out fun spots, hang out with friends and play sports without having to constantly worry about getting our work done. They are just so cool…)

☆What‘re your favorite leisure activities?

Well, my leisure activity is reading electronic newspapers via internet. Through reading the news, I can get access to up-to- date information about my hometown. It has become an indispensable part of my daily life. Reading the electronic newspaper is also a good way to relax from work.

☆ What did you do on last weekend?

Last weekend, I went to UTS library to prepare for IELTS test with my friends. It was effective to practice spoken English with a partner so that he can pick up my grammar mistakes or pronunciation problem. We also had a big dinner in the evening in China town.

Do you like going to a party?

Basically, I am not a party animal. I prefer to stay at home rather than go out for socializing. I know somehow partying provides people with a good platform to socialize with those from different social and cultural background. But if the party is an important one, for example, my best friend birthday party or annual parties from work, I am happy to attend.

☆Do you like family parties or parties thrown by friends?

Well, I do like friend parties more than family parties. You know, there is a obvious generation gap between parents and children. Although we both care

about other very much, sometimes I can only share my happiness and sorrows with my friends. That is because we have similar experience, and share similar interest. In friend parties, I can enjoy more freedom. I can talk what I want to and I do not have to be overcautious about what I behave.

(Absolutely!Holidays are like … when we can get away from our daily grind and have some “time out”,you know… when we check out fun spots, hang out with friends and play sports without having to constantly worry about getting our work done. They are just so cool…)

☆What‘re your favorite leisure activities?

Well, my leisure activity is reading electronic newspapers via internet. Through reading the news, I can get access to up-to- date information about my hometown. It has become an indispensable part of my daily life. Reading the electronic newspaper is also a good way to relax from work.

☆ What did you do on last weekend?

Last weekend, I went to UTS library to prepare for IELTS test with my friends. It was effective to practice spoken English with a partner so that he can pick up my grammar mistakes or pronunciation problem. We also had a big dinner in the evening in China town.

Do you like going to a party?

Basically, I am not a party animal. I prefer to stay at home rather than go out for socializing. I know somehow partying provides people with a good platform to socialize with those from different social and cultural background. But if the party is an important one, for example, my best friend birthday party or annual parties from work, I am happy to attend.

☆Do you like family parties or parties thrown by friends?

Well, I do like friend parties more than family parties. You know, there is a obvious generation gap between parents and children. Although we both care about other very much, sometimes I can only share my happiness and sorrows with my friends. That is because we have similar experience, and share similar interest. In friend parties, I can enjoy more freedom. I can talk what I want to and I do not have to be overcautious about what I behave.

关于旅游☆Do you like traveling?

Yes I do. Travelling is always a nice thing for me. Travelling can enable me to release stress from study and work and temporarily get rid of some annoying

daily routine. Every time I finished my journey, I was full of spirit and energy. Also, travelling is a good way to widen my mind and know more about other culture.

Where did you travel to in your latest trip?

My latest trip was to Beijing. I was quite fascinated about the places of historical interest in Beijing, like the Forbidden City, the summer palace and the Great Wall. Also the food in Beijing was quite tasty. Especially the roasted duck, it always makes my mouth watering.

How long was the longest trip you took?

My longest trip was to Beijing in last year. I stayed in Beijing for two weeks. Beijing is a special city. There are a lot of places of historical interests, such as the forbidden city, the summer palace, the great wall and so on.

What‘re the advantages of traveling by air?

☆ Do you think air travel is important to us?

(It sure is. It‘s convenient,comfortable and … fun. Some people are concerned about its safety but according to statistics air travel is actually safer than car rides.)

Which country do you plan to go to?

Well, I am quite looking forward to travelling the USA. You know, there are many amazing traveling spot in America, such as Disney theme park in los Angeles, luxurious [l?ɡ‘zju?ri?s] hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, and the famous Wall street in New York. As long as I find a stable job here, I will go to the US.


Travelling not only teaches you about other cultures, but it also teaches you more about yourself and your own culture. After all, only from the outside can you look back in.

Travelling has a lasting impact on world view, self confidence and maturity. This experience will be life-transforming.

You can immerse yourself in the local culture.


What sports do you play at school? / What do you do to improve your fitness?

I used to play football, badminton, table tennis when I was in high school in China. When I came here, I love swimming. The sports centre in the University of Sydney is quite good. It has an Olympic-standard swimming pool. I usually go swimming with my friends when class is over.

What‘re your favorite sports?

My favourite sport is badminton. It is a great sport for all-round fitness. Playing badminton not only gives a huge number of health benefits but also keeps me feeling well, strong and motivated. It can help in coping with anxiety and stress and offers a release from the pressures of everyday life.

☆ What sports did you play when you were a child?

I used to play football, badminton and table tennis when I was a child.

What were the differences between sports played by boys and sports played by girls?

Boys tend to more active than girls. They like playing extreme sports because those sports help them to build up their muscle.

Girls prefer to play more gentle sports like Yoga and aerobics dancing.

Are there any sports facilities on your campus?

(There are tons of them. Like stadiums, gyms, soccer fields, tennis courts and swimming pools.)

What kinds of facilities are there in your community?

(We‘ve got a wide variety of facilities, like parking lots ,you know,places where you park your car, gyms, clinics, gardens,kids’ playgrounds,convenience stores…)


Badminton is a totally inclusive sport and is open to all ages and all levels of ability.

Badminton is a very social sport and club nights and matches alike always include the opportunities to meet new people and catch up with old friends.

Badminton help people improve hand eyes coordination. It is a skillful and intelligent game.

Tactics and mental stamina ([‘st?min?] 持久力) will be developed during the games.

关于文娱☆ Do you often visit museums?

To be honest, I am not that interested in visiting museum. But if I visit other countries, museum is always the best place to learn its culture and history. In this point of view, I will love to visit museum

☆ Do you think museums are important to our lives?(Day 7)

Yes for sure. Museums are one of the best places for people, especially for students, to learn history and culture of the country. They help young people to establish a sense of social belonging and national pride. They are also served as a place to preserve some cultural relics.

Where do young people meet new people these days?

Night clubs and bars may be ideal places for those young people who enjoy night life to meet new people. For those who study hard, school library is a suitable place to make friends, especially during group meetings. Also, fitness room is another place that enables those who love sport to meet new friends.

☆ Do you like shopping?

Yes, I do. Going shopping is my favourite. It is a good way to relax and make myself keep pace with the latest fashion. Also, I really enjoy a sense of satisfaction when I buy something that fit me most, such as shirts and trousers. But I admit sometimes I may buy something that I don‘t actually need.

☆ Do you prefer big stores or small ones?

Usually I prefer big stores because they provide a greater variety of goods so that I can have more choices and compare prices and qualities of different brand names. Also, big stores are served as a one-stop shop, which allows me to buy nearly all the daily necessities.

☆ Is there anything that you dislike about shopping?

Well, usually going shopping may waste a lot of time. You know, sometimes I may go through all the shopping centre but still cannot find something that

I need. Also,I may easily buy something that I don‘t need. It is kinds of

a waste of money.


What‘s your favorite time of a day?

( Well,I feel great in the morning coz after a good night‘s sleep I feel refreshed and invigorated and definitely do things better.)

Do you like dancing?

No,I don‘t like danc ing at all. To my mind, dancing is quite boring. It is not a cup of my tea. But I admit that dance is a good way to release stress and socialize.

Have you learned how to dance?

I haven‘t received a formal training for dance so far. The last time I danced, I guest, was in kindergarten.

Why do so many young people like dancing today?

Dancing is a social activity. It provides many opportunities for people to meet new friend. You know, it is a way platform to strengthen the social ties and boot self-esteem and positive outlook. Also, it helps people reduce stress and tension. Regular dancing gives an overall sense of well-being.

How many languages can you speak?

I can speak mandarin, Cantonese and English fluently. And I am going to learn some Japanese.

What do you collect?(Day 7)

Usually I like to collect stamps and corns. Take stamps as a example, I am so crazy about the stamps issued before 1980s because they help me gain deeper insight into the China that I don‘t know.

☆What‘s your favorit e color? Are there any special meanings to colors?

My favorite color is yellow. To my mind, yellow represents sunshine,something bright and positive. Whenever I see the colour yellow, I feel energetic and enthusiastic.

Do you like visiting art galleries?

Not really. Somehow some works of art are too abstract and too difficult for me to understand. If I do not really appreciate the creativity behind the

art or I am not capable of getting the meaning behind the art across, I think visiting art galleries will become meaningless.

How do people in your country celebrate birthday?

Usually, people host a birthday party. For elderly people, they tend to have a big dinner at home with their relatives. For young people, they may prefer to go out for entertainment. For example, they may go to karaoke or have a barbeque or go travelling.

Do you like painting and drawing?

Yes I did. When I was a child, I was crazy about painting. I once dreamed of becoming a painter one day. However, as I grow up, I gradually lose interest in painting because I am busy studying and do not have time for painting.

Do you think painting skills are important to kids?

Not really. I admit that those skills are helpful for them to draw. However,I think that ideas and thoughts (the way a child thinks) are more important than the skills itself. I would rather see a kid painting something unique and creative even if it's in bad quality than a kid perfectly replicating objects he sees through painting.

Do you prefer to type things or to write things on paper?

(Well, most of the time I just type things,that‘s for sure. Coz it’s much faster and I can save what I type and edit it later on. And most importantly,I can just cut and paste everything…)

What kinds of gifts do you give your friends?

It depends on what kinds of friends it is and how close we keep with each other. If that is my best friend, I definitely pay more attention to the gift I give. I might buy something precious, such as shirts, perfume and stuff like that. If that guy is only a bud friend, I might just give him a birthday or a bottle of wine.

Do you wear a watch? What can your watch do for you?(Well,it helps me keep track of time./ Punctuality is a quality most people appreciate. My wrist watch really help s me be punctual…)(Whenever I need to know what time it is,I just check my laptop or mobile phone… and I tend to believe I‘m not alone in doing this. It seems like not so many people wear a watch today…)


☆What‘s your favorite type of clothing?

Now I am quite fascinated about the formal business suits. Dressing business suit can make me look mature and reliable. You know, especially when I am going to find a job and have an interview, good business suit can not only impress others but also build up my confidence.

Will you still wear this kind of clothing when you get older?

I don‘t think. When I am getting older, I want to live an easy life. You know, less is more. I would like to wear casual clothes. I will not pay great attention to clothing. No matter what I dress, as long as it makes me feel comfortable, that is fine.

Do you think fashions are important?

Yes I think so. Fashions can provide people a sense of social identity and help them express their own personality. Some people, especially teenagers,are extremely conscious about their overall image. Keeping up with fashion enables them to become attractive in front of their peers.


Fashion is not that important to me. I try not to be a slave to corporate logos

I think it is more important to wear clothes that you are comfortable in.

I fully understand what I like and I always dress the way I like.

If I see something that is in fashion and I like, I am glad to have a try. However, even if something is in fashion but does not fit my style, I will definitely reject it.

I do sometimes like to put an effort into how I look and into my appearance.

I think that fashion sometimes helps express who I am and it can differentiate me from others

But I don‘t like those pe ople judge others on fashions and appearances. Because sometimes appearance may tell a lie.

学习教育类☆ Did you like reading books when you were little?

It depends on what book it was. For example, if books contained many colourful pictures and funny word, like cartoon book, I was quite interested in them, because they were easy for me to understand what they were talking

about. However, it was a trying experience for me if I read books with some deep concept or abstract theme.

What were your favorite kinds of books?

Usually,my favourite kinds of books were children‘s cartoon books. I especially liked the books that taught me something true in life by a funny story. By reading those books, I can not only have fun but also actually gain some knowledge.

What kind of books do you like these days?

Well, nowadays,I prefer to read biography [bai‘?ɡr?fi]. After I graduate, I am not a student any more. I have to find a job. I have to start my career life. I want to become a successful business man in the future. So I think biography can tell me some recipes of success behind those successful men and provide me some useful guidance in life. It is worth learning.

What‘s your favorite subject at school? Can you tell me something about it?

my favourite subject is accounting. It is a subject that tells people how to classify different transaction and record them in the most efficient way. It can be served as a financial tool for people to evaluate investments. Maybe some people may think accounting is boring. In fact,it isn‘t. you know, no matter what people do, they cannot avoid thinking about something in relation to accounting, like balancing benefits and costs, concerning about the tax issue.

☆ Do you think people who major in your field can find a job easily when they graduate?

Yes I think so. As a matter of fact, regardless of different economic environment and different business structure, managers always need a qualified accountant to help them make financial statement, such as balance sheet, cash flow statement and profit and loss statement. Also, the managers require an accountant to cope with the tax issue and the auditing issue. Therefore, I think as long as you are qualified, you can easily find a job.

Do you prefer to study alone or to study with other students? / Do you prefer team work or working alone?

(Team work is more efficient and can really be more effective as well. But when I work alone it seems like I tend to be more focused. So I guess it just depends on what kind of work it is and what kind of people I work with :D)

It depends. If I have a big assignment, I prefer to study with other students. Under that circumstance, team work is usually more effective and efficient because we can share our own opinion and summarise some useful points. But if I am going to have a final exam, I prefer to study alone. I can become more focused and follow my review plan with any distraction

What kinds of tools or instruments you use at school?

(things like PCs, test tubes, projectors and dig ital recorders…)

commonly, we use computers, projectors, overhead, digital recorders,printing machine, copy machine and something like that.

How should children improve their handwriting?(They can imitate nice examples of handwriting before developing their own style. And of course they should practice more and try not to type everything……)


What‘s your favorite dish?

Well, my favorite dish is stir fry king prawn with onions. It is not difficult to cook. Also, it is quite nutritious because it combines meat and vegetable. If you add some XO sauce, it will be tastier.

Who is the best cook among the people around you?

Of course, my mother, she is an expert in cooking. No matter what dishes she cooks, they are always delicious. That is not only because she has been cooking for at least twenty years, but also because she cooks with her whole-heart. You know, cooking is an art as well as a matter of practice. That is why I think my mother is the best cook among the people around me.

Who cooks in your family? Who does the cooking in your family?

Well, usually my mother does most of the cooking in my family. Sometimes my father takes the role when she is ill or away. When I came here, I learn cooking by myself and gradually become confident and experienced in cooking.

I look forward to cooking for them when I am back home.

Do you cook?

Yes, I do. Since I came here, I have been on my alone (all by myself)。

I don‘t have anyone to cook for me. Also,my budget is quite limited. I couldn’t afford to eat outside every meal. I have no choice but to learn to cook by myself.

Is it necessary for everyone to learn to cook? Why?

Yes for sure. Cooking is an essential skill for everyone. Yes, of course people can eat out all the time, but if they are able to cook, they can not only save money but also eat more healthily and enjoy a fun of cooking.

☆What‘s your favorite food? What're your favorite kinds of fruit and vegetables?

(stuff like oranges and tomatoes,coz they're pretty juicy and ……th ey look cute,…… mouthwatering!)

My favourite food is tomato. It is quite juicy and nutritious because it contains a lot of vitamin C and fibrin. Also, it is a healthy food. It helps people to digest. It is also said that eating tomato can help prevent heart disease and cancer.

Do you prefer to have meals at home or eat out?

Well it depends. Usually I prefer to have meals at home because I can save money and eat more healthily. But if I am tired of cooking or tired from work or study, I will eat out.

How often do you eat out?

It depends. Usually I cook by myself because I can eat healthily and save money. But if I am busy studying especially during exam period, I prefer to eat out for every meal. It can save time.

Do you like home-cooked food?

Yes, I like it very much. When we cook at home, only the best and freshest ingredients are used. That means we can eat healthily. Also, we can personalize our own meal. I like eating something sweet, while my father enjoys eating something salty. Therefore, when cooking, we can easily adjust flavoring and make every one eat with satisfaction.

Do you think all family members should learn how to cook?



My mother is very capable in the kitchen and understands how to cook hundreds of traditional dishes.

She taught me how to mix various ingredients in different proportions and produce different flavours

I wouldn‘t say I am especially competent in cooking

I cook for myself frequently in order to save money

Cooking can give me a sense of satisfaction

Cooking is a terrific way to regulate my eating habits and get creative in ordinary life.


The staple food for most Chinese is rice. It can match any dish and it can be easily flavored with various ingredients. But in northern part of china,people may consume more wheat-based foods like noodles and steamed buns.


Junk food is perceived to have little or no nutritional value. They are high in fats

It has some ingredients considered unhealthy when people eat regularly. If eating often, it will lead to obesity and heart disease.

Common junk foods include snack foods (chips, crisps), candy, and fried fast food.


What‘s your favorite kind of weather?

My favourite kind of weather is a sunny day with gentle breeze. Whenever I see sunny weather, it always helps me have positive thoughts and make me full of spirit and energy. To my mind, sunny day is always a nice time to go out for recreation, like travelling, shopping, and partying.

Do you like places with four seasons or has the same weather all year round?

Well, I love places with four distinct seasons because different seasons give me different feelings. For example, when spring comes, it becomes warm and windy. Flowers are in bloom and birds starts to sing a song. It always keeps me hopeful and energetic. For summer, it is hot and sunny, which make me full of enthusiasm.



The winter in my hometown is pretty mild so that my hometown is pretty warm all year around.


But I can‘t stand muggy wealth

It is not the heat, it is the humidlity.

Overcast weather (阴天) gives me a bad mood

Also I feel upset when it pours [p?:] (下大雨)

Sunny day always keeps me hopeful while gloomy day make me feel upset.



What‘s your favorite magazine? Is it an English magazine?

Well, my favourtie magazine is Economist. It is one of the most famous English Business magazines in the world. It focuses on international news,politics, business and finance. Every time I read it, I can gain deeper insight into current affairs. Also, reading this magazine is a good way to learn English,especially for writing.


☆What‘re your favorite kinds of music?

To be honest, I am not a big fan of music. Usually I like pop music because what pop music express is very close to my daily life and it is quite for me to understand. It also helps me to release some pent-up feeling. I think that is a good way to relax.

Do you think children should learn how to play musical instruments

Well, generally speaking, leaning how to play musical instruments can cultivate children‘s talent in music. It is said that exposure to music man benefit the development of children’s brain and strengthen their IQ. Also,

playing musical instrument is fun,enriches children‘s life and even gives them a sense of achievement.

But I know that interest is the best teacher for people to learn something. Without interest, no matter how easy the skill is, children could not learn it well.

Why do we play music on festivals?

Music can enhance the festive atmosphere on festivals. Suitable music will add some entertaining and harmonious element to festivals, as well as provide people a wonderful background to enjoy themselves.

In my opinion, music is one kind of emotional art that help people express their feeling and forget those sorrows. When festivals come, music can add some entertaining and harmonious element to parties. It gives people a chance to enjoy themselves within wonderful melody.


☆What‘re your favorite kinds of films?

Action movies especially Jackie Chan‘s movies are always my favourite. Those movies contain some attractive component: like acrobatic fighting style,comic timing and innovative stunts. Every time I watch his movies, I not only get fun from his excellent performance, but also learn something about love,family, responsibility. It is quite educational.

☆Do you prefer to watch movies at home or in a cinema? Why?

well, I prefer to watch movies at home instead of in a cinema. The reasons are quite straightforward. At home I can watch movies over eating or drink whatever I like. Also, I can pause if I want to go to bathroom or take a phone call. Of course I can rewind if I miss something. I can replay if I want to watch it


How many hours do you spend on watching TV every day?

I hardly watch TV at home because I want to get access to information, I prefer to surf internet and directly find the information that I am interested in. But sometimes, I may watch TV. For example, during the football world cup period last year, I watched TV more often. It was quite enjoyable for me to watch my favourite football team via high definition television.

Do you like watching TV?

Not really. To my mind, it is a waste of time watching TV. If I want to get access to information that I am interested in, I prefer to surf the internet. Also, on weekdays I am busy studying or working. I am too tired to turn on the TV. Instead, I would rather review the lectures notes and then go to sleep.

What‘re your favorite shows?

My favourite show is talk show with successful figures. Through that talk show, I can learn from their life experience and know the stories behind their success, such as the hardships, tears and the happy moments. Although different people may have different road to succeed, knowing their recipe of success can give me some life guidances.


What do you do on the Internet?

Usually I surf the internet to read some electronic newspapers and get some news. Also, I am crazy about the facebook. Previously I made friends with many people and form a habit of checking my facebook account every day. If one day I don‘t check it, I will feel my life is incomplete on that day. In addition,I use skype, a electronic communication software, to keep in touch with my parents. I always let them know what happens to me and around me here.


Why are mobile phones important to our lives?

Yes, definitely. I think most people like me are used to

Do you prefer to use emails or letters?

Who do you send emails to?

Do you think telephones are important to our lives?

How do you communicate with friends? How do young people communicate with elderly people?


☆ What will your hometown be like in the future?

I expect that my hometown would become more modern and prosperous. With the development of urbanization and industrialization, my hometown will become an important business center as well as manufacturing centre in southern China,with more skyscrapers, more shopping centres, more convenient transport system.

What're your favorite flowers? Do you think flowers are important to Chinese? Do Chinese give friends flowers on festivals?

Do you prefer to have flowers or vegetables in gardens or at home?

Are traffic jams bad in your city?

Yes they are. In my hometown, the traffic is always tied up, especially during the rush hours. If I am in a hurry, I will take a train. You know, getting stuck in traffic always makes people irritable and anxious.

☆ Is your city good for young people? Is it good for elderly people?

☆ Is swimming popular in China? Why? Do you have swimming classes at school?(p178)

Do you think gardens and parks are important to a city?

交通类What type of transportation do you usually take?

How was your child routine different from your daily routine now?

☆Do you like advertisements?(Day 8: D:favorite ad)☆Why do we need ads?☆What are the differences between ads in different countries?

Do you often go out with your friends or just invite them over to your place?What do you do together?

Do you have a driver‘s license?

( Yup,I got one quite a whole ago coz these days a driver‘s license is really essential for getting a job. / Nope, coz the traffic in my city is so heavy and messy. I’m afraid of driving.)

Do you think biking is safe?

( Basically, it is because most Chinese are pretty skilled bikers, you know. But… these days there‘re more cars in cities so yes sometimes biking can be risky,especially at night……)

雅思口语常考主题总结part—2 (1)

part 2 solution


Describe a child you know

What is he/she like

What about his/her personality

And how do you know him/her


Speaking of a child I know,the first one that comes into my mind is my nephew—Jason.

He is 5 years old and still in kindergarten. He‘s the only child in his family. So inevitably,he’s a bit spoiled. He is quite chubby cuz .he likes eating French fries and snacks and drinking cokes. But he is still a lovely kid.Sometimes he seems to be a bit shy and reluctant to talk in front of strangers. But actually once he gets familiar with you, he becomes quite talkative.

He is also quite imaginative and inventive. He is crazy about aircraft and spaceship and things like that. He dreams of designing and making a space shuttle in the future so that he can take the whole family to travel in the space. The whole family is proud of his creative idea and appreciates his imagination. I love talking to him cuz every time I talk to him,it reminds me of my childhood and makes me feel young.

Describe an adventurous person who you know.

who the person is how you know this person what this person does that is adventurous and explain why you think this person likes to take risks.*(or,explain how you feel about the risks this person takes.)*

Speaking of an adventurous person,the first one comes into my mind is my friend XXX. We have been friends with each other since 2009. Atthat time we often met each other at the same lecture room because we both chose the same course.She looks like a gentle girl,but actually she seems even more adventurous than any other boy. That is because she is always passionate about the extreme activities,such as bungee jumping,rock climbing,and kite surfing and so on.

What she likes most is to climb up natural rock formations or mountains,which to my mind is really dangerous. She told me that every time she goes out for climbing,she will be equipped with anchors ropesand other protection equipment for the sake of safety. She always said

that rock climbing is quite risky because climbers may easily get injured or even lose their lives. However,this is also the reason why such an activity is so attractive. In terms of the reason why people like to take risks,to my mind,many people are tired of routine life and want to get away. Some challenging sports like rock climbing or mountain climbing provide people a chance to challenge themselves and surpass their limit. The sense of achievement after reaching the top of the mountain gives them a pleasant sensation .Also,mountain climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport so that doing such sport enables people to keep healthy and strong. In fact,it not only tests a climbe r?s strength and endurance ,but also requires a balance along their mental control.

Describe the oldest person you know

Speaking of the oldest person,the first one that comes into my mind is my uncle Michael. Michael is 75 years old. He was a HongKong citizen and then he decided to immigrate to Australia 10 years ago. Michael is an important person in my life because it was him who advised my bfather to let me go overseas for further study. He always says it is essential for a person to broaden his/her mind and experience different culture in order to succeed. Studying overseas is one of the best ways in terms of widening one?s horizon.

Since I came here,Michael has kept telling me that I should be independent instead of relying on my parents? financial and psychological support. He always emphasizes that a person,especially a man,should hold responsibility for himself. He told me that he earned money by himself when he was in high school. And since then he has become the breadwinner of his family. For example,he paid the university fees for his younger sister. He bought a house for his parents. From my perspective,this is an amazing achievement.

Also,Michael is one of the most confident people I?ve ever met. No matter what difficulties he comes across,he strongly believes he is able to tackle them. He never gives up and always works his best. Now I am on my own in Australia,I set him as my idol and try my best to achieve my dream here.

Describe a family member you admire

Who he/she is

How much you spend with him/her every day

And what you learnt from him/her

Speaking of a family member I admire,the first one that comes into my mind is my father. He is 50 years old. He works for the Chinese government as a judge.He is always busy doing his work on the weekdays.s a man with a grim determination. 7 years ago,he was diagnosed nasopharyngeal cancer. He was in the stage prior to terminal stage. The doctor said his life expectancy varied from 3 months to 3 years,depending on his strength of will. It was a really really really… bad news for my family cuz my father was the only bread winner. Both my mum

and I were extremely depressed. However,my father still maintained a positive attitude toward life. It was him who consoled my mother and me. He promised us that he would survive and create a miracle of life.

He went through all sorts of treatment;I could imagine how hard they were. Now he is still living,and the disease is under control. My father is a hero in my heart,for his

never-lose-hope spirit.

Describe a well-known TV or radio presenter

what kind of program he or she presents

what he or she does in this program

and explain why he or she is so well-known.

Speaking of a well-known TV presenter,the first one that comes into my mind is YangLan. She is one of the most famous TV talk show presenters. The talk show Yang Lan One on One she hosted has been really famous to most Chinese. As a signature TV talk show,Yang Lan One on One focuses on getting to know leading figures from the fields of international politics,business,society and culture. In her show,she profiles the guests? l ife stories,career experiences,and personal insights. Because of her special personal style and unique viewpoint,she has successfully interviewed with over four hundred celebrities around the world,such as Bill Clinton,Jackie Chan and so on.In terms of the reason why she is so famous,I would say other than her excellent performance in the talk show,she has also made many contributions to society. For example,she supports numerous charities. She really wants to help students from rural area or from poor family to receive education without having to dropout from schools. In fact,she is just a TV host and she has no obligation to do such things. But she actually does and has a heart for others who are in need. She really sets a good example to us.She is also a celebrity who always gives teenagers useful advice and proper guidance. I still remember what she said;people should be independent and knowledgeable. Don?t always rely on others‘ help. As long as he or she sets a target and puts effort in,they will fulfil their potential.

Describe a teacher who has taught you in your childhood and you want to meet him again

Who he/she was

how much you contact,

how he or she affect you,

And explain why you want to meet him/her again

Speaking of a teacher who has taught me in my childhood,the first one that comes into my mind is Michael Li. Michael Li was my mathematics teacher when I was in primary school. At

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