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76. Tina is my cousin. She is tall and she has long _______ (直的) hair.

77. Mr Smith is sitting ______(在其中) a group of children, telling the story.

78. Nobody was _______(缺席) from school though it rained heavily yesterday.

79. His uncle is going to ______(参加) a business meeting in Beijing next week.

80. It’s important for young people to make a right ______(决定) for their future.

76. straight 77. among 78. absent 79. attend 80. decision

(2017·江苏常州) B)根据句意及汉语提示,写出各单词的正确形式,每空填一词。

45. We must be ▲ (勇敢的)enough to face difficulties in our life.

46. Some wild animals are in ▲ (危险)as the earth is getting warmer and warmer.

47. Mary goes to work every day ▲ (除…之外)Sundays.

48.The general manager always thinks twice before ▲ (回复)to the customers.






(2017?江苏镇江)41. The dentist suggests that the girl should brush her _ (牙齿) before going to bed.

(2017?江苏镇江)42. The boy threw the ball to the dog and it _ (捉住,搂住) the ball successfully.

(2017?江苏镇江)43. When Mr. Jiang got up in the morning, his suit was ironed _ (平整地) by the robot.

(2017?江苏镇江)44. In the first half of this year, there are _ (四十) twins among all the newborn babies in that hospital.

(2017?江苏镇江)45. —Where’s the city museum?

—It’s (在……对面) the front gate of the Grand Hotel.

41. teeth 【解析】“刷牙”用brush one’s teeth表达,tooth用复数形式。

42. caught【解析】前文threw提示用catch的过去式形式threw。

43. smoothly【解析】修饰动词用副词smoothly表示“平整地”。

44. forty【解析】基数词forty表示“四十”。

45. opposite 【解析】用介词opposite表示“在……对面”。

B. 根据中文提示完成单词,使句子完整、通顺。

(2017·新疆建设兵团)71. We’ve got a lot of new ___________ (杂志) in our school library. (2017·新疆建设兵团)72. The glasses can keep the worker’s eyes __________ (安全的). (2017·新疆建设兵团)73. The houses are so expensive that he can’t ___________ (承担得起) to buy one.

(2017·新疆建设兵团)74. My parents are always ____________ (严格的) with me. (2017·新疆建设兵团)75. Each different part of China has its own special forms of traditional __________ (艺术).

71. magazines 【解析】句意:我们学校图书馆有很多新杂志。空格前的a lot of说明“杂志”


72. safe 【解析】句意:眼镜可以使工人的眼睛安全。“keep sb./sh.+adj.”表示“使某人或某物保持……的状态”。故填形容词safe。

73. a fford 【解析】句意:房价如此的贵以至于他难以承担。afford to do意为“曾担得起做……”。情态动词后跟动词原形。故填afford。

74. strict 【解析】句意:我的父母对我总是很严格。be strict with sb.意为“对某人严格”。故填strict。

75. art 【解析】句意:中国每个不同的地方都有其各自特别的传统艺术。根据汉语意思可知此处填名词,故填art。


71. Kevin’s birthday is coming. His parents are planning to make ____ for him.(一顿大餐)

72. Many children use Internet to get useful information and to relax in their _____. (空闲时间)

73. Sally is my best friend. We often help _____with schoolwork. (相互)

74. Life isn’t about____ the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in rain.(等候)

75. The _____ is a bridge of cultures between China and many other countries.(丝绸之路)

71. a big meal 72. free time 73. each other 74. waiting for 75. silk road (2017·江苏无锡)(A)根据句意和汉语注释,在答题卡对应题号的横线上,写出单词的正确形式。

38. Quite a lot of teenagers have no idea how to __________ (处理)with stress.

39. Sometimes to take the __________ (领先地位) is easy, but to keep it is hard.

40. So far, the __________ (仅有的) witness is a computer engineer, who worked late that night.

41. Stay with us. The concert will be covered __________ (直播) in five minutes. Don’t go away.

A) 38. deal 39. lead 40. only 41. live



56. A good friend is always a good ______(听者).

57.Alan becomes very_______(强壮的) after exercising for two years.

58. You should choose ______(明智地) how you spend your spare time.

59. Tony likes drawing so much that he wants to join the art _______(俱乐部).

56. listener 【解析】句意:好朋友总是好的倾听者。listener用作名词,意为“听众;倾听者”,根据空前的冠词a可知此处用单数。

57. strong 【解析】句意:在坚持锻炼身体两年之后,Alan(的身体)变得非常强壮。系动词become后接形容词做表语,strong为形容词,意为“强壮的”。

58. wisely【解析】考查副词的用法。根据空前实义动词choose可知,空格处用副词修饰choose。wisely副词,意为“明智地”。句意:你应该明智地选择你怎样度过你的业余时间。

59. club 【解析】考查名词的用法。句意:托尼如此喜欢画画,以至于他想要加艺术俱乐部。club用作名词,意为“俱乐部”。

B) 根据句意和汉语注释或首字母写出单词的正确形式,使句子完整与正确。(每空一词)(2017·新疆乌鲁木齐) 76. Square dancing is becoming popular because taking plenty of e ______ is good for people’s health.

(2017·新疆乌鲁木齐) 77. China ______ (许诺) to stick to Paris Agreement on climate change.

(2017·新疆乌鲁木齐)78. Keep on walking, because you are in the r ______ direction.

(2017·新疆乌鲁木齐) 79. The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation which was held in Beijing on May 15th had a very deep ______(影响) on almost all the countries.

(2017·新疆乌鲁木齐) 80. Nowadays people like to eat out on Spring Festival, ______(特别地) young people.

76. exercise 77. promised/ promises 78. right 79. influence 80. especially

(2017·甘肃天水) 24. Because of his _____________ (粗心), he didn’t pass the exam. (2017·甘肃天水) 25. You should choose two _____________ (女教师) to take part in the speech.

24. carelessness 【解析】句意:由于他的粗心,他没通过考试。空格前his为形容词性物主代词,又结合汉语提示“粗心”可推出此处需填一个名词,故填carelessness。

25. women teachers 【解析】句意:你们应该选择两位女教师参加演讲。空格前有基数词two 限定,说明空格处“女教师”应填复数。由man,woman与另一个名词合在一起构成的复合名词,在变复数时,man,woman连同后面的名词要一起变为复数。故woman和teacher都要变复数,故填women teachers。


(2017·四川乐山) 71.He used to be a manager who ran a hotel. But now he worked as a ________(作家).

(2017·四川乐山) 72.I didn’t hear the phone because it was too ______(吵闹的) in the supermarket.

(2017·四川乐山) 73. I don’t want to ______(浪费)my time talking with her. It’s like playing the lute to a cow.

71.writer 72. noisy 73.waste

(2017?四川南充) 66. Tu Youyou has won the Nobel Prize. We are very __________(自豪的) of her.

(2017?四川南充) 67. I read English aloud every morning to improve my __________(发音). (2017?四川南充) 68. September is the ___________ (第九) month of a year.

(2017?四川南充) 69. We shouldn’t take these game shows too __________(严肃地) while watching them.

(2017?四川南充) 70. Tom and Peter are good friends. They can talk about and _________ (分享) everything.

66. proud 67. pronunciation 68. ninth/9th69. seriously 70. share

A. (2017·江苏连云港) 根据句意和汉语提示,在空白处填入一个适当的单词。

(2017·江苏连云港) 46. Some classical pieces at the concert are traditional and have a lasting

__________ (价值).

(2017·江苏连云港) 47. Our government has done a lot to protect the environment. Lots of __________ (被污染的) rivers are much cleaner now.

(2017·江苏连云港) 48. If we keep using our natural resources __________ (满不在乎地) , they will run out sooner or later.

(2017·江苏连云港) 49. —What do you think of the Art Festival in your school?

—Colourful! All the students enjoy __________ (他们自己) and show their different talents. (2017·江苏连云港) 50. —Why are the students talking about __________ (募集) money for the people in Sri Lanka?

—Because a heavy storm hit it at the end of May and thousands of people lost their homes. 46.value 47.polluted 48.carelessly 49.themselves 50.raising/collecting


(2017·江苏南京)41.—What do I need to make a thank-you card?

—You need some ▲(纸), glue and a pair of scissors.

(2017·江苏南京)42. These kinds of plants ▲(生长) in the northern part of our country.

(2017·江苏南京)43. So far, our football team has won every match this year. That makes us feel ▲(自豪的).

(2017·江苏南京)44. Liu Hua is the chief ▲(工程师) of the high-speed railway connecting Moonlight Town to Nanjing.

(2017·江苏南京)45. More than six ▲(百) teams took part in 2017 Nanjing primary and secondary school robot competition in May.

41. paper 42. grow 43. proud 44. engineer 45. hundred



(2017?江苏苏州) 38. ▲(最后), I would like to thank you all for coming here today. (2017?江苏苏州) 39. In Switzerland, some of the old clothes are ▲(卖) in charity shops. (2017?江苏苏州) 40. Life is like a race. I’m ready to take on new ▲(挑战) any time. (2017?江苏苏州) 41. Everyone, you need to have a dream. The future of China ▲(依靠) on you!

(2017?江苏苏州) 42. My grandma always tells me ▲(没有什么) is more important than health.

(2017?江苏苏州) 43. It took him much longer — hundreds of ▲(额外的) hours — to improve his skills.

(2017?江苏苏州) 44. Juice is to drink as pork is to ▲.

(2017?江苏苏州) 45. — Can I have some more sweets?

— OK, but eating too much sugar can ▲to tooth problems.

(2017?江苏苏州) 46. — Why are you all wet?

—It’s ▲heavily. I forgot to take my umbrella!

(2017?江苏苏州) 47. — Do you still take the bus to school?

— No. Now I can come to school by underground ▲of by bus.

【答案】38. Finally 39. sold 40. challenges 41. depends 42. nothing

43. extra 44. meat 45. lead 46. raining 47. instead


38. Finally【解析】句意为:最后,我想感谢你们今天的到来。finally意为“最后”,注意首字母要大写。

39. sold 【解析】句意为:在瑞士,一些旧衣服在慈善商店销售。本句为一般现在时的被动语态,所以需要填sell的过去分词told。

40. challenges【解析】句意为:生活就像一场比赛。我随时应对新的挑战。challenge意为“挑战”,此处用名词复数形式。

41. depends 【解析】句意为:每个人,你们需要一个梦想。中国的未来依靠你们。depend on意为“依靠,依赖”。the future of China做主语,谓语动词应用单数。

42. nothing【解析】句意为:我的奶奶总是告诉我,没有什么比健康更重要。nothing意为“没有什么”。

43. extra 【解析】句意为:句意:为了提高技巧他需要花更久——成百上千额外的小时。extra 意为“额外的”。

44. meat 【解析】句意为:句意:果汁是饮料,而猪肉是肉。由本句中juice 属于饮料,可推知pork 属于肉。故填meat。

45. lead 【解析】句意:——我可以吃更多的甜食吗?——可以,但是吃太多的甜食会导致你牙出问题。lead to意为“导致”。情态动词后接动词原形。故答案是lead。

46. raining 【解析】句意:——为什么你全身湿透了?——________很大。我忘记带伞了。由语境可知雨下的很大,所以全身湿透了。本句的谓语动词是is,可知句子应用现在进行时。故填raining。

47. instead【解析】句意:——你仍然乘公共汽车上班吗?——不。现在我到校乘地铁而不乘公共汽车。instead of意为“代替,而不是”。故填instead。



.....)。(5分)(2017·江苏泰州) 61. There have been many ________ (模型) of China’s new plane C919 since it flew into the sky for the first time on May 5 this year.

(2017·江苏泰州) 62. Taizhou is an old city with a long history of more than two ________ (千) years.

(2017·江苏泰州) 63. David showed great ________ (勇气) during his fight against illness last year.

(2017·江苏泰州) 64. My mother goes shopping every week—there is a shopping mall just ________ (在……对面) our house.

(2017·江苏泰州) 65. We all feel ________ (骄傲的) that China put its first homemade aircraft carrier (国产航空母舰) in water on April 26, 2017.

A. 61.models 62.thousand 63.courage 64.opposite 65.proud




41. There is a ▲(刀) and some pens on Wang Jun’s desk.

42. Drivers should drive more slowly on ▲(有雨的) days.

43. Audrey Hepburn is a ▲(天生的) actress. She is world famous.

44. Most people in China cou ldn’t ▲(买得起) cars twenty years ago.

45. With the opening of the two-child policy, the ▲(人口) of China will become larger.

46. Armstrong and Aldrin collected Moon rocks to take back to the Earth for ▲(进一步的) research.

47. Mary doesn’t like sing ing. She likes dancing i ▲.

48. Please pass my glasses to me. I can’t see the blackboard c▲.

49. Bob is an ▲(never tell lies) boy, and we all trust him.

50. I will send you a text message when I ▲(arrive at) the hotel.

41. knife 用knife表示“刀;小刀”

42. rainy形容词rainy表示“有雨的”,修饰days。

43. born “天生的”用born表达。

44. afford 动词afford表示“买得起;负担得起”。

45. population 用名词population表示“人口。”

46. further用far的比较级further表示抽象意义上的“进一步。”

47. instead 通过前文“不喜欢唱歌”可知下文用instead表示“相反,她喜欢跳舞。”

48. clearly 副词clearly修饰动词see表示“看清。”

49. honest 括号里面的提示“从不说谎”提示用形容词honest表示“诚实的。”

50. reach 动词短语arrive at的同义词是reach。


A. (2017?盐城)根据句意和汉语提示写出单词,完成句子。

(2017?江苏盐城) 61. Dr Ma was __________ to work for ORBIS and help people see again. (自豪的)

(2017?江苏盐城) 62. It’s wro ng of us to believe or ________ some untrue news on the Internet. (扩散)

(2017?江苏盐城) 63. Yao Ming scored 41 points in a game ____________ the Atlanta Hawks in 2004. (对抗)

(2017?江苏盐城) 64. China has ended its one-child policy and let families have two children _________. (代替)

(2017?江苏盐城) 65. Lily often helps her classmates and teachers and she often gets __________ from them. (表扬)

61. proud 62. spread 63. against 64. instead 65. praise

(2017·江苏扬州) 51. We can see different kinds of birds on this ▲. (岛屿)

(2017·江苏扬州) 52. If you don’t have a dream, you’ve been old, even at ▲. (二十) (2017·江苏扬州) 53. The temperature ▲ a lot last night. (下降)

(2017·江苏扬州) 54. Tom, look at the sign! We’re not ▲to park our car here. (允许) (2017·江苏扬州) 55. When you think of Venice, does it bring any other ▲city to your mind? (欧洲的)

51. island 52. twenty 53. dropped 54. allowed 55. European


76. ____________ (十月) is a great month. We have some interesting and fun things for you.

77. My chemistry teacher isn’t tall or short. He’s of medium __________ (身高).

78. If the temperature drops ____________ (低于) zero degree, water will turn into ice.

79. The Chinese national badminton team __________ (打败) the Japanese team 3-2 in Australia

on May 27.

80. The Belt and Road will be a ___________ (机会) to help some countries to develop, so more

and more countries want to catch it.

76. October77. height 78. below 79. beat 80. chance



(2017·山东聊城) 66. That means we have a better_______(机会) of winning.

(2017·山东聊城) 67. 1 can_______(几乎不)believe we're in the city centre.

(2017·山东聊城) 68. Goldilocks_______(注意到) a little house, so she hurried towards it. (2017·山东聊城) 69. Alice_______(跟随) the white rabbit and fell down a hole in the ground (2017·山东聊城) 70. Some paper books were huge ones with thousands of______(页).

答案:66. chance 67. hardly 68. noticed 69. followed 70. pages

B. 根据句意和所给汉语,完成句子,每空一词。(5分)

(2017·山东青岛) 1. Her ways of solving problems are different from _________________ (我的).

(2017·山东青岛) 2. The hotel is _____________________ (在……的后面) the police station. (2017·山东青岛) )3. People in some countries eat many ____________________ (土豆) as their main food.

(2017·山东青岛) 4. The exam is very important to us, so we must take it ___________________ (严肃地).

(2017·山东青岛) 5. After doing sports for a long time, Tina is ____________________ (瘦的) than before.

B. 1. mine 2. behind 3. potatoes 4. seriously 5. thinner

(2017?山东枣庄) 第四节单词拼写(共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分)


(2017?山东枣庄) 61. Where are __________ (狮子) from?

(2017?山东枣庄) 62. I have no problem _________(爬) the mountain, which is not too high. (2017?山东枣庄) 63. Of the two boys, who do you think is more __________(仔细). (2017?山东枣庄) 64. I just hid behind my father and never _______ (说) anything.

(2017?山东枣庄) 65. My life has _______ (改变) a lot in the last few years.

61. lions 62. climbing 63. careful 64. said 65. changed

(2017·山东烟台)A. 根据句意和所给的中文提示,写出句子中的单词。

66. My cousin Lily has long ______ (直的) hair.

67. How many ______ (月份) are there in a year?

68. He turned and walked in the opposite ______ (方向).

69. Can you _______ (想象) what the future will be like?

70. When you visit a foreign country, it is necessary to know how to ask for help _______ (礼貌地).

A.66.straight 67. months 68.way 69.imagine 70. politely


(2017. 四川遂宁)A)根据句意和提示,在句子右边的横线上写出空白处所缺单词的正确


(2017. 四川遂宁)76. We are full of energy and _________ (渴望的) for knowledge.

(2017.四川遂宁)77. Many _________ (visit) came to the hometown of the great man during the vacation.

(2017.四川遂宁)78. All the students are ________ (划分) into four teams.

(2017. 四川遂宁)79. Can you __________ (想象) what you will be like in ten years?

(2017. 四川遂宁)80. Thanks a lot. Your _________ (友谊) is important to me.

76. thirsty/eager 【解析】句意:我们充满能量,渴望知识。渴望做某事,be thirsty/eager for sth。

77. visitors 【解析】句意:许多参观者在假期来到这个伟人的家乡。空格前限定词Many(许多)且根据汉语提示,可知此处填名词,故填visitors。

78. divided 【解析】句意:所有学生被分成四个队。分成divide into,这里是被动语态,动词为divided。

79. imagine 【解析】句意:你能想象出10年以后你将会是什么样吗?情态动词后用动词原形,又根据汉语提示可知填imagine。

80. friendship 【解析】句意:多谢了。你的友谊对我很重要。空格前限定词是Your,空格后是系动词is,可推出空格处填一名词,故填friendship。



46.(2017.四川甘孜)Where’s ___________(我们的)baseball bat?

47. (2017.四川甘孜)I ride my bike to the ___________地铁)station.

48.(2017.四川甘孜)He stopped the car without ___________(思考)twice.

49. (2017.四川甘孜)Tom used to be so ___________(害羞)and quiet.

50.(2017.四川甘孜)That’s a funny time for ___________(早餐)!

46. our 47. subway 48. thinking 49. shy 50. breakfast


58. You should pay attention ______ your pronunciation.

59. I think you should ______ (说) “sorry” to him.

60. To his ______ (惊讶), all the passengers agreed to go to the hospital with him.

61. I felt off my bike and hurt ______ (oneself) yesterday.

62. They haven’t accepted the invitation ______ (还,仍然).

58. to 59. say 60. surprise 61. myself 62. yet

V.根据所给中文提示,填写单词的正确形式。(5小题,每小题2分,共10分)(2017·贵州黔西南)56. Our National Day falls in ________(十月), the tenth month of a year. (2017·贵州黔西南)57. Tom always pays _________(注意) to his teacher in class, so he is making progress.

(2017·贵州黔西南)58. My father always ____________(鼓励) me to try different things. (2017·贵州黔西南)59. It is rude to talk loudly on the phone in ________ (公共的) places. (2017·贵州黔西南)60. There are a lot of after-class ___________(活动) in our school.


56. October 57. attention 58. encourages 59. public 60. activities


81. The smart__________(机器人)can do many things for people. It’s very helpful.

82. It’s__________(不可能的)for them to finish the work in such a short time.

83. We haven't decided__________(是否) or not to go to the cinema

84.Maybe it’s a good _______(选择)to live in the countryside nowadays.

85.Children should be_______(教育)to respect and help other people.

81. robot 82.impossible 83.whether 84.choice https://www.sodocs.net/doc/0710463874.html,cated


根据括号内所给的中文提示,正确拼写单词,并将答案填写在答题卡对应的横线上。(2017?广西北部湾经济区) 76. Green___________(茶)is a popular drink in China. (2017?广西北部湾经济区) 77.She is a pretty and___________ (可爱的)girl. We all like her. (2017?广西北部湾经济区) 78.The shirt is too small for me. Could you show me_________ (另一)one?

(2017?广西北部湾经济区) 79.It’s necessary for us to___________ (等待)in line in public. (2017?广西北部湾经济区) 80. The plane flew at a ___________ (高度)of three thousand meters.

76. tea 77. lovely/cute 78. another 79. wait 80. height

(2017·贵州铜仁) (A) 根据括号里所给的汉语完成句子,答案书写在答题卡卷Ⅱ各小题规定的位置。

81. Students often take a ________ (公共汽车) to school.

82. Walking after dinner is a good ________ (习惯).

83. Better environment and life is our _______ (梦想).

84. The movie is so ________ (无聊的) that I want to sleep.

85. Good friends should _______ (分享) happiness and sadness with each other.

81. bus 82. habit 83. dream(s) 84. boring 85. share



66. One Belt One Road is ______ (广泛) accepted in the world.

67. I’m sure if you ask her for help, Alice won’t ________(拒绝).

68. A new shopping centre will be built ______(对面) the city hall.

69. Teenagers should be encouraged to make _______(决定) by themselves.

70. Chinese government ______(提供) tents and medicines for Sri Lanka the week before last. 66. widely【解析】考查副词。题干意为:一带一路的理念在世界上被广泛地认可。修饰动词accept(接受)要用副词widely,意为“广泛地”。

67. refuse【解析】考查动词的用法。题干意为:我确信如果你向爱丽丝求助的话,她不会拒绝你的。won’t相当于will not,后跟动词原形refuse,表示“将不会拒绝”。

68. opposite【解析】考查介词。题干意为:在城市会馆的对面将建一座新的购物中心。根据句意故用介词opposite,表示“在……的对面”。

69. decisions【解析】考查名词的用法。题干意为:应该鼓励青少年自己做决定。固定短语:make a decision/decisions意为“做决定”。由句中的主语teenagers以及by themselves可知用名词decision的复数形式decisions。

70. provided【解析】考查动词的用法。题干意为:上上周中国政府向斯里兰卡提供帐篷和医药。固定用法:provide sth. for sb. = offer sth. to sb. 意为“向某人提供某物”,由后面的for 以及句意可知用provide,结合句中表示过去的时间状语the week before last,可知用provide 的过去式provided。




71. Playing______ (电脑)games too often is bad for our eyes.

72. The______ (第三)step of making fruit salad is to add some honey.

73. The boy is_____ (勇敢的)enough to save the little girl from the river.

74. He often_____ (旅行)to beautiful places in the world.

75. This article tells us how to ______ (避免)getting hurt while climbing.

https://www.sodocs.net/doc/0710463874.html,puters 72.third 73.brave 74.travels 75.avoid


1. Sometimes we feel ______(孤独的) even though there are lots of people around.

2. National Day is coming. I’m looking forwar d to ______(参观) Tian’anmen Square.

3. When he was looking into a hole, a big cat appeared ______(突然地).

4. My watch is lost. I have to find it, or Mum will ______(惩罚) me.

5. There are too many ______(乘客) on the bus. It’s so crowded.

1. lonely

2. visiting

3. suddenly

4. publish

5. passengers


专题2 词汇拼写 根据括号内的汉语完成句子,答案书写在答题卡卷Ⅱ各小题规定位置。 81. (2018·贵州铜仁) What a _____( 遗憾), he lost the game again. 82. (2018·贵州铜仁) His father is very ____(严格的)with him. 83. (2018·贵州铜仁) The shoes are ______( 我的). My sister bought them for me yesterday. 84. (2018·贵州铜仁) I visit my grandmother_____( 两次) a month. 85. (2018·贵州铜仁) Please ______(归还) the books to the library on time. 81. pity 82. strict 83. mine 84. twice 85. return A) (2018山东莱芜)根据句意及汉语提示,写出各单词的正确形式,每空一词。 56. Hold on to your ______ (梦想), one day it may come true. 57. Tea plants are ______ (广泛地) grown in the south of China now. 58. It is ______ (有礼貌的) to knock at the door before entering a room. 59. The government of Laiwu provides a bag of _____ (牛奶) for each pupil every day. 56. dream。句意:坚持你的梦想,总有一天会实现的。 57. widely。句意:茶树目前在中国南方被广泛种植。本题修饰动词grown,故用副词形式。 58. polite。句意:进门之前敲门是礼貌的。 59. milk。句意:莱芜政府每天为每位学生提供一袋牛奶。 76. (2018·广西柳州)The post office is ____________(在……的对面) the station. 76.across【解析】考查介词,根据汉语提示“在……对面”填写across。 77.(2018·广西柳州)Tony usually practices playing ____________(音乐的) instruments after class. 77.musical【解析】考查形容词,根据汉语提示,形容词修饰名词instrument,故填musical。 78.(2018·广西柳州)It’s our duty to protect the ______________(环境). 78.environment【解析】考查名词。 79. (2018·广西柳州)Liu Yang is the first Chinese woman ____________(_宇航员) to enter the space. 79.astronaut【解析】考查名词。 80. (2018·广西柳州)You should _____________(_道歉) to her for your mistake. 80.apologize【解析】考查动词。 A) 根据句意和汉语注释或首字母写出单词的正确形式 , 使句子完整与正确。(每空一词) 76.(2018 ? 新疆乌鲁木齐)Yongshu Island is the farthest island off the (海岸) of the southern part of China. 76. coast 永暑岛是远离中国南部海岸的岛屿。coast名词,意为“海岸”。 78.(2018 ? 新疆乌鲁木齐)Every Chinese takes pride in our scientific (技术), such as high-speed railway. 78. technology 句意:每一个中国人都为我们的科学技术感到自豪,例如高铁。technology 名词,意为“技术”。 79.(2018 ? 新疆乌鲁木齐)During the SCO Summit Meeting on June 10, 2018 in Qingdao, eight member countries were discussing about six ( 特殊的) projects.


根据汉语意思完成句子。 1.让我们吃冰激凌吧! Let's have_________ . 2.他喜欢沙拉吗? _________ he_________ salad? 3.他不喜欢米饭。 He_________ _________ rice. 4.早饭我喜欢吃汉堡包。 I like hamburgers_________ _________ . 5. 那位运动明星吃很多健康食品。 That sports star eats_______ _______ healthy food 6.这件白色T恤衫85元。 This________ ________ is eighty-five yuan. 7.这双黑鞋卖60元。 The pair of________ ________ ________ 60 yuan. 8.看看我们的服装店。 Have a________ ________ our clothes store. 9.那条红色裤子正在减价销售,仅仅20元。 The red pants are________ ________ for only 20 yuan. 10.我们以极好的价格卖我们的衣服。 We_______ our clothes_______ very good_______ 11.你妈妈的生日是什么时候? _______ _______ your mother's birthday? 12.他弟弟的生日是10月20日。 His_______ _______ is on October 20th. 13.那个男孩15岁了。 That boy is 15_______ _______ . 14.三月份我们有篮球比赛。 We have_______ _______ in March. 15.学校郊游是在4月12日。 School trip is on_______ _______ 16.他最喜欢的运动是打篮球。 ______ ______ ______ is playing basketball. 17.今天是11月20日,星期四。 It’s________ ,________ 20. 18.我喜欢数学,因为它虽然难,但很有趣。 I like math because it's______ ______ _____ . 19.赵老师总是和我们一起玩游戏。 Mr Zhao always______ ______ ______ us. 20.周五我非常忙。 I'm very busy________ ________ . 21.对于甜食,他喜欢冰激凌. He _________ ice cream _________ ____________.


作业3参考答案 一、举例解释下列名词(共10分,每小题2分) 1.词类:按词在造句中的不同作用而分出来的类一般称作词类。 2.短语:短语就是词和词按照一定的方式组合起来的语言单位。 3.句类:句子从语气角度来分类就是句类。 4.句子的焦点:焦点是陈述句中新信息的重点。一般的句子,焦点在后。 5.复句:由两个或两个以上意义紧密联系,结构相互独立的单句形式即分句组成的句子称为复句。 二、填空题(共20分,每空1分) 1.语言系统中,最大的语法单位是(句子),最小的语法单位是(语素)。 2.现代汉语划分词类的标准是(功能标准),据此可以把词类划分为(两)小类。 3.现代汉语中的介词都是从(动词)虚化而来的,主要用在别的词语前面构成(介宾短语)。 4.有些词类还包括一些附类,例如“大型、微型、主要”等是形容词中的(非谓形容词),“以上、之上、以后”是名词中的(方位词)。 5.有些词是兼类词,例如“文明”从语法功能看兼属(名词)和(形容词)。 6.短语可以从结构和功能角度划分类别,例如“海洋广阔”是(主谓短语)和(形容词短语)。 7.句子“什么书他都喜欢看”从句型看是(主谓谓语)句,从句类看是(陈述)句。 8.从所带宾语的性质看,动词可以分为(谓宾动词)和(体宾动词)两类。 9.复句的八种基本类别,根据特点可以划分为(联合复句)和(偏正复句)两大类。 10.句子传递信息,一般是(旧信息)在前面,(新信息)在后面。 三、判断正误,简要说明理由(共20分,每小题2分) 1.划分现代汉语词类,词的形态是一条比较重要的标准。 错误。在西方语言中,可以根据形态划分词类,但汉语中缺乏形态,不可能根据形态划分词类。 2.副词的意义和名词、动词比较,不那么实在,所以划归虚词。 错误。副词是一个比较特殊的词类。在意义方面虽然不如其他实词那样具体实在,但是副词可以充当句子成分,所以把副词划归虚词是不妥当的。 3.句子不一定都能还原为词组。 正确。句子和词组是两个不同层面的单位,比如句子结构有语用上的变化,就无法换为词组,如“怒吼吧,黄河!”,不能就说这个词组主语在后,谓语在前,这不符合汉语词组的结构特点,这是句子层面才能出现的结构。 4.“花”在“一朵花”中是名词,在“花了不少钱”中是动词,所以是兼类词。 错误。一个词在不同语境下经常具备两类或两类以上词类的特点、功能而意义上又密切相关,这样的词才是兼类词。“花”在“一朵花”中是名词,在“花了不少钱”中是动词,“花”属于同形词,同形同音词指意义毫无联系,是两个以上的一组词。 5.“把”在现代汉语中只有介词功能,不能独立作谓语动词使用。 错误。“把”还是个动词,可以作谓语,例“这个关我来把”。 6.特指问和是非问的区别是,前者常常在句尾使用语气词"吗",后者使用"呢"。错误。特指问使用的语气词是"呢",是非问使用的语气词是"吗"。 7.状中短语充当谓语,这个句子一定是动词性谓语句。 错误。谓语通常由谓词性词语充当,主要有动词、形容词、述宾短语、述补短语、状中短语、谓词性联合短语、兼语短语、连谓短语、主谓短语等,状中短语的谓语还可能是形容词。 8.根据宾语的语义性质,句子“我看见一座座高山”的宾语是受事宾语。 正确。及物动词带的宾语是受事宾语,表示动作行为的对象或结果。“看见”是及物动词。 9.多重复句是指由三个以上的分句构成的句子。


《现代汉语专题形成性考核册》 作业1 参考答案 一、解释下列名词(共10分,每词2分) 1.普通话:普通话,即“现代标准汉语”,是现代汉民族共同语,是全国各民族通用的语言。普通话以北京语音为标准音,以北方话为基础方言,以典范的现代白话文著作为语法规范。 2.方言:方言是语言的变体 3.声调:声调指整个音节的高低升降的变化。 4.音节:音节是听觉上最容易分辨的音段,是读音的基本单位,任何单词的读音,都是分解为一个个音节朗读。 5.复韵母:韵母有单韵母和复韵母之分。只包含一个元音的,叫单韵母;包含几个元音或者由元音、辅音组合而成的,叫复韵母。 二、填空(共20分,每空1分) 1.(中华人民共和国国家通用语言文字法)是在2000年10月31日由第九届全国人大常委会第十八次会议通过,并于(2001年1月1日)起实施。 2.根据《国家通用语言文字法》规定,通用语言是指(普通话和规范汉字)。 3.《国家通用语言文字法》第十六条对于(方言)的使用情况作了明确规定。 4.三大语文运动是指我国20世纪初的(切音字运动)、(国语运动)、(白话文运动)。 5.用汉语拼音给“海员、海岸、海啸、海峡、海轮、海鸥、海鲜”这些词注音,其中(海岸)和(海鸥)要使用隔音符号。 6.汉语拼音方案是以拉丁字母为基础构成的,其中字母(v)记录普通话语音不使用,字母(y)和(w)就其对音节的分界而言,主要用作隔音符号。 7.汉语的音节可以分为(声母)、(韵母)、(声调)三个部分。 8.汉语拼音方案声调表示方法采用的是(符号)标调法。 9.在注音时可以省略韵腹的韵母是(iou)、(uei)、(uen)。 10.普通话的基础方言是(北方方言)。 三、判断正误并简要说明理由(共20 分,每小题2 分) 1、文学作品对民族共同语的推广具有很大的影响。 正确。比如北方话,在全国的重大影响与我国古代文学名著在全国的传播有比较密切的关系,这些文学名著的传播在客观上起到了推广北方话的作用。 2.汉语拼音方案规定i行、u行、ü行的韵母前面没有声母时,要使用y、w,其目的是要把26个拉丁字母都使用上,避免浪费字母。 不对。使用y、w的主要目的是分隔音节界线,避免音节混淆。 3.iou、uei、uen三个韵母,在使用中有时候省略韵腹,有时候省略韵头。 不对。这三个韵母在使用中与辅音声母结合时省略韵腹,自成音节时韵头元音要换成y或w,没有省略韵头的情况。 4.在给汉字注音时,字母i只有充当韵腹时,上面的一点才能省略。 不对。注音时,无论i是不是韵腹,只要上面有声调符号,i上面的一点就要省略。例如zhuī,字母i并没有充当韵腹,因为有声调符号,所以省略了一点。分析说明:有些同学根据声调标在韵腹上面的规定,认为本题说法正确,其实不对,i充当韵腹,如果是轻声不标调,上面的一点也不能省略。 5.韵母ü的原形在拼音时永远不会出现,因为注音时上面两点按拼写规则要省略。 不对。ü行韵母与声母n、l相拼时,上面的两点不能省略。 6.普通话要以典范的白话文著作作为语法规范。 不对,普通话以典范的现代白话文著作为典范。 7.韵母iang 的韵腹在中间,所以这是中响复韵母。

八年级下 首字母填空与根据汉语意思填空专项训练 同步导学案

Period 1 Unit 1- Unit 5 首字母填空与根据汉语意思填空专项训练 一、学习目标: Review the key words in the text book as well as the usage of these words. 二、重点难点: Remember these words and master the usage of these words. 三、导学过程: ●根据句意及首字母或汉语提示完成单词(10分) 1. I think you have a f. Let me take your temperature. 2. I usually walk to school on f, but sometimes I ride my bike. 3. My father is very tired now, and he wants to r for an hour. 4. If you get into(苦恼), we’ll help you out. Don’t worry. 5. To my(惊奇), the traffic is so heavy at this time in the street. ●根据句意及首字母或汉语提示完成单词(10分) 1. The word “passenger” m a person who is travelling in a vehicle such as a bus, a boat or a plane. 2. Linda Green works in a hospital. She is a n. 3. Parents should allow their children to make their own(决定). 4. I hope you can be in(限制; 管理)of your own future. 5. We must have the(勇气, 意志)to face difficulties. ●根据句意及首字母或汉语提示完成单词(10分) 1. They are planning to r some money for charity. 2. —What does the s mean? —It means “No Swimming”. 3. He spends(几个)hours every week helping others. 4. L et’s go to the football game and(欢呼)for our school team. 5. Miss Green(自愿做)to teach kids to learn English in her free time. ●根据句意及首字母或汉语提示完成单词(10分) 1. Being b, she can’t see anything. 2. Let’s o the windows to let the fresh air in. 3. The box is full of books. It’s too heavy for me to c. 4. Our life has(变化)a lot in the past ten years. 5. You can’t(想象)how clever the boy is. ●词汇运用(20分)


七年级英语上册-根据汉语意思完成句子日期: (每空一词) 1. 他的父母来自亚洲。His parents _______ _______ Asia. 2. 你有电脑还是电视?______ you _______ a computer _____ a television? 3. 桌子底下没有足球。_______ ______ a football _______ the table. 4. 你会做家谱吗?_______ you _______ a family tree? 5. 汤姆有几个外国朋友? _______ _______ foreign friends ______ Tom got? 6. –你有叔叔吗?--不,没有。--______ you ______ _______ uncle? –No, _____ _____. 7. 史密斯一家打算去巴黎度假。_______ _______ _______ is going to Paris for holidays. 8. 王老师的办公室里没有电脑。There ______ _______ computers in Miss Wang’s office. 9. 学校的中间是一个大操场。______ ______ ______ _____ the school is a big playground. 10. –他们没有胡萝卜。他们有些肉。 They ______ ______ ______ carrots. They have got _____ ______. 11. –你最喜欢的食物是什么?--面条和汉堡包。 --_______ your _______ food? --They are _______ and _______. 12. 牛肉和土豆是健康的食品。________ and _______ are ______ food. 13. 大多数小孩喜欢冰激凌。Most _______ love ________ ________. 14. –糖果是健康食品吗?--不是。--_______candy ______ food? --_____, ______ ______. 15. 我们每天都应吃一些蔬菜和水果。We should eat some ______ and ______ every day. 16. –你午餐吃什么?--鱼肉和米饭。 --What _____ you ______ ______ lunch? –Fish and rice. 17. 我没有时间回家吃早饭。I have ___ time ___ ___ home for breakfast. 18. 冰箱里有多少牛肉和鸡肉? _____ ______ chicken and beef _____ ______ in the fridge? 19. 我喜欢地理并且我很擅长它。I love geography and I _____ _____ _____ it. 20. –你们的科学课在什么时候?--在下午五点钟。 --______ is your _____ lesson? –It’s at five o’clock _____ _____ ___. 21. 你愿意来参加我的生日聚会么?_____ you _____ ______ come to my birthday party? 22. 在周末你通常做什么?What ______ you ______ _______ at the weekend? 23. 妈妈总是给我买一个特殊的礼物。Mum ______ _______ a special present ______me. 24. 他们玩得很愉快。They are ________ ________ ________ __________. 25. 他白天睡觉,晚上工作。He sleeps in the daytime and _____ ______ ______.


作业2参考答案 一、举例解释下列名词(共10分,每小题2分) 1.词缀:根据语素的意义和构造词的作用等方面进行分析,语素又可以分为词根语素和词缀语素两大类,前者简称词根,后者简称词缀。 2.词:词是由语素构成的,是语言中能够独立运用的最小的造句单位。 3.合成词:由两个或两个以上的语素(也有称作词素)组成的词叫合成词。 4.派生词:由词根语素和词缀语素构成的合成词叫派生词。 5.称谓:称谓是人类社会中体现特定的人在特定的人际关系中的特定身份角色的称呼。在人类社会中,称谓系统是一个极其庞大的语言文化系统,是人际关系的文化符号,在人类社会生活中始终发挥着极为重要的作用。 二、填空题(20分,每空1分) 1.现代汉语语素在语音上以(单音节形式)为主,书面上用一个(汉字)记录。 2.熟语包括成语、谚语、歇后语、惯用语等,例如“敲边鼓”是(惯用语),“飞机上的大炮—-响(想)得高”是(歇后语)。 3.语素从位置看可分成词语素和非成词语素两大类,例如“语”是(成词语素),“老”是(非成词语素)。 4.由一个语素构成的词叫(单纯词),由两个以上语素构成的词是(合成词)。 5.合成词的构造可分两大类,例如“棍子”是(附加式),“学子”是(复合式)。 6.有些合成词的构造综合了多种结构方式,例如“目击者”是(复合式)和(附加式)。 7.节缩构词在推动语言发展中的作用是(简化了语言),是表达方便,(构成了大量的新词),丰富了语汇。 8.用于对交际对象表示尊敬的词语是敬辞,例如(您、君);交际中用来表示自谦的词是谦辞,例如(不才、愚见)。 9.语汇规范的原则是(普遍性)、(需要性)和明确性原则。 10.从构成形式看,谚语有(单句型)和(复句型)两种。 三、判断正误,简要说明理由(共20分,每小题2分) 1.词和语素的本质区别在于,词大多是由两个以上的音节构成的,语素多为单音节形式。 不对。词和语素的本质区别是功能不同,语素的功能是构词,词的功能是造句。 (说明:有些同学回答了很多内容,但是没有答到点子上。) 2.“我写字”这个句子有三个语素,他们正好充当了句子的主语、谓语、宾语成分,可见语素也可以充当句子成分。 不对。语素是构词单位,不能自由运用,不能充当句子成分。“我写字”这个句子是由“我”、“写”、“字”三个词分别充当主语、谓语、宾语成分。 3.“扩大、壮大、最大、自大、加大”都是词。 不对。其中“最大”是词组或叫短语。 4.词缀都是定位语素,定位语素就是词缀 不对。语素有两类,成词语素和不成词语素。不成词语素又分两类:定位不成词语素和不定位不成词语素。不定位不成词语素和成词语素一起构成了词的词根,而定位不成词语素就是词缀了。 5.成语大多由三个音节构成,结构关系大多为动宾关系。 不对。成语大多由四个音节构成,结构关系也不限于动宾关系。 6.“抨击、诽谤和批判违法乱纪行为是大众传媒的责任”,这个句子的词语使用没有什么问题。 不对。其中“诽谤”用得不对,“诽谤”的意思是无中生有,说人坏话,毁人名誉,诬蔑,这些绝对不是大众传媒的责任,“诽谤违法乱纪”,意思是毁坏违法乱纪的名誉,显然不正确。 7.“花儿、玩儿、幼儿、女儿”都是词根+词缀构成的附加式合成词。


专题四、根据汉语意思填词 (2017·广西贵港) 76. Tina is my cousin. She is tall and she has long _______ (直的) hair. 77. Mr Smith is sitting ______(在其中) a group of children, telling the story. 78. Nobody was _______(缺席) from school though it rained heavily yesterday. 79. His uncle is going to ______(参加) a business meeting in Beijing next week. 80. It’s important for young people to make a right ______(决定) for their future. 76. straight 77. among 78. absent 79. attend 80. decision (2017·江苏常州) B)根据句意及汉语提示,写出各单词的正确形式,每空填一词。 45. We must be ▲ (勇敢的)enough to face difficulties in our life. 46. Some wild animals are in ▲ (危险)as the earth is getting warmer and warmer. 47. Mary goes to work every day ▲ (除…之外)Sundays. 48.The general manager always thinks twice before ▲ (回复)to the customers. 45.brave【解析】用形容词brave作表语,表示“勇敢的。” 46.danger【解析】介词后跟名词danger表示“危险。” 47.except【解析】用介词except表示“除……之外,”含有排除关系。 48.replying【解析】动词reply和介词to连用跟宾语,介词before后用动名词形式。 B)根据句意及汉语提示,写出歌单词的正确形式,每空一词。 (2017?江苏镇江)41. The dentist suggests that the girl should brush her _ (牙齿) before going to bed. (2017?江苏镇江)42. The boy threw the ball to the dog and it _ (捉住,搂住) the ball successfully. (2017?江苏镇江)43. When Mr. Jiang got up in the morning, his suit was ironed _ (平整地) by the robot. (2017?江苏镇江)44. In the first half of this year, there are _ (四十) twins among all the newborn babies in that hospital. (2017?江苏镇江)45. —Where’s the city museum? —It’s (在……对面) the front gate of the Grand Hotel. 41. teeth 【解析】“刷牙”用brush one’s teeth表达,tooth用复数形式。 42. caught【解析】前文threw提示用catch的过去式形式threw。 43. smoothly【解析】修饰动词用副词smoothly表示“平整地”。 44. forty【解析】基数词forty表示“四十”。 45. opposite 【解析】用介词opposite表示“在……对面”。 B. 根据中文提示完成单词,使句子完整、通顺。 (2017·新疆建设兵团)71. We’ve got a lot of new ___________ (杂志) in our school library. (2017·新疆建设兵团)72. The glasses can keep the worker’s eyes __________ (安全的). (2017·新疆建设兵团)73. The houses are so expensive that he can’t ___________ (承担得起) to buy one. (2017·新疆建设兵团)74. My parents are always ____________ (严格的) with me. (2017·新疆建设兵团)75. Each different part of China has its own special forms of traditional __________ (艺术). 71. magazines 【解析】句意:我们学校图书馆有很多新杂志。空格前的a lot of说明“杂志”


他的科学老师长得什么样? What his science teacher ? 他将是我们的新语文老师。 He will new Chinese teacher. 这只猴子非常聪明。 This monkey is . 埃米严厉吗?不,她很客气。 Amy ? No, she isn’t. she is polite. She is our art teacher.(对划线部分提问) My music teacher is kind and funny. (对划线部分提问) Our math teacher is clever.(改为一般疑问句) Is your father hard-working? (做肯定回答) he, new, your, Is, teacher, English(?) (连词成句) can, He, Chinese, speak, and, English(.) (连词成句)our, is, new, music, funny, teacher(.) (连词成句)

is,woman, that, old, Who(?) (连词成句) your, art, funny, Is, teacher, very(?) (连词成句) She is nice and funny.(就划线部分提问) Do you have new teachers? (做否定回答) Is she kind? (做肯定回答) She is very clever.(变为复数形式) at, my, look, photo(.)(连词成句) you, on, what, Fridays, do, have(?)(连词成句) English, has, on, Mondays, Sarah, art, and(.)(连词成句) Music, class, have, on, do, you, Tuesdays(?)(连词成句) 周三我们上英语、计算机和音乐。


1.? ( 单选题) 下列属于同位短语的是.( )(本题分) A、? 明天星期六 B、? 首都北京 C、? 南开大学 D、? 温柔大方 标准答案:B 2.? ( 单选题) 下列句子只有( )不是整句。(本题分) A、? 烽火连三月,家书抵万金 B、? 生当作人杰,死亦为鬼雄 C、? 国破山河在,城春草木深 D、? 劝君多采撷,此物最相思 标准答案:D 3.? ( 单选题) 会话要遵循合作原则,而下面的会话,乙的回答表明他对小王有意见,这里的会话乙违反了合作原则中的( )。甲:小王和小张为人怎么样乙:小张人不错。(本题分) A、? 质的准则 B、? 量的准则 C、? 关系准则 D、? 方式准则 标准答案:B 4.? ( 单选题) 现代汉民族共同语的基础方言是. ( )(本题分 A、? 北京话 B、? 近代汉语 C、? 古代汉语

D、? 北方话 标准答案:D 5.? ( 单选题) 下列句子( )是复句。(本题分) A、? 由于敌人猛烈的炮火,我军进攻受阻 B、? 因为性格方面的差异,使得他们最后分手了 C、? 只有人民群众,才是创造世界历史的动力 D、? 如果明天下雨,年级篮球赛就延期举行 标准答案:D 6.? ( 单选题) 下列词语中,“处”的读音与其它三个不同的是( )。(本题分) A、? 处理 B、? 处方 C、? 处所 D、? 泰然处之 标准答案:C 7.? ( 单选题) 一般来说,语法单位不包括。( )(本题分) A、? 音节 B、? 语素 C、? 词 D、? 短语 标准答案:A 8.? ( 单选题) 下面对句子辞格的分析,只有( )不正确。(本题分) A、? “集体的一草一木我们都要爱护”。这个句子主要用了借代,也可理解为用了夸张


电大《现代汉语专题综合学习指导》判断题答案 1.规范汉字就是书写正确的汉字,国家通用语言是北方话。× 2.普通话确立为国家通用语言,方言就不能使用了。× 3.《国家通用语言文字法》规定繁体字的使用场合,这说明繁体字也是规范汉字。× 4.颁行《国家通用语言文字法》的意义就是为了推广普通话。√ 5. 普通话就是北京话,语音系统是相同的。× 6. 国语运动最大的历史功绩是确立了北京话语音作为现代汉民族共同语的标准音。√ 7.普通话以北京语音作为标准音的原因是北京语音和规范。× 8.白话文学作品的影响是北方话作为普通话语汇基础的根本原因。× 9.普通话的词汇以北方话作为基础方言。√ 10.普通话要以白话文着作作为语法规范。× 11.词汇和语法规范的主要对象是书面语。√ 12.文学作品的传播对语言的扩展具有很大的影响。√ 13.北方话词汇系统中所有的词普通话都要吸收。× 14.民族共同语确立以后,方言的发展要受其影响。√ 15.能否互相通话,是判断语言和方言区别的重要标准。× 16.地域方言的特点主要表现在语音方面,词汇和语法没有特殊性。× 17.普通话是一种特殊方言,与其他方言是兄弟关系。√ 18.普通话与其他方言是一般和个别的关系,也可以说是父子关系。× 19.普通话不断向方言渗透,不久就可取代方言。× 20.人口的迁移,使得语言进一步扩散,是产生方言的重要原因。√ 21.人口的流动将对语言和方言的发展产生很大影响。√ 22.汉语方言的分区和划界与行政区划有着非常密切的关系。× 23.广东话就是粤方言,粤方言就是广东话。× 24.北方方言内部语音系统没有任何差别,高度一致。× 25.社会方言的主要特点是词汇比较特殊,但没有独特的语音语法系统。√


根据汉语意思补全单词 【2015山东枣庄】 63. My pet dog, three years old now, ___________(不喜欢) to stay alone. 65. Don’t put your __________(胳膊肘) on the table. 【2015江苏南京】 42. “Nanjing Week” at Expo Milan 2015 will last from ________(七月) 7th to 13th in Milan, Italy. 43. Harry doesn't take medicine when he catches a cold. He always believes that body is able to fight it by ________(自己). 44. Dad always tells me not to study only for tests. If that's all I'm doing, he says, I will soon ________(失去) interest in learning. 【2015山东滨州】 61.I haven’t heard from him since last ____________________(一月). 62.I want to visit _______________ (自然的) sights this summer holiday. 63.It’s impossible to ____________________ (分离) Diaoyu Island from China. 【2015安徽】 91. It is p______(礼貌的)to offer seats to the old on the bus. 【2015四川南充】 74. All the students are _______(分散)into four teams to finish them. 75. Jack got his driver's license on his______(二十)birthday. 【2015江苏盐城】 62. These new types of energy cost very little and ______ little pollution. (产生) 63. V olunteers from different ______ feel like part of one big family. (背景) 64. Internet users now use the character “duang” to ______ any kind of special effect. (描述) 65. As we reached the top of the mountain, we felt a sense of ______. (成就) 【2015山东青岛】 2. We have nothing_____(反对)running. 3. In the famous competition,_______(获胜者)always get very good prizes. 【2015山东烟台】 66. Could you please tell us about the four great____________(发明) of China? 67. He’s already____________(喂养) his pet dog. 68. My grandfather is interested in_____________(收集) old coins. 69. The dentist suggests that we should brush____________(牙齿) three times a day. 70. After the sudden earthquake, most of us were ____________(醒着) all the night. 【2015四川遂宁】 77. We are walking ______ (穿过) the forest. 【2015甘肃武威】 26. Linda' s (健康) has improved greatly since she started on this new diet. 27. 1 think (医疗的) level in the city is better than that in the countryside. 【2015江苏苏州】 41. Helen ▲(点头) with a smile when she met me. 43. Justin lay back and enjoyed the ▲(安宁) of the summer evening. 44. The bank is ▲(在…对面) the supermarket, on the other side of the road. 48. — Thanks for lending me the book Black Beauty. —Don’t ▲it.


电大现代汉语专题形成性考核02任务 一、判断题(共30 道试题,共30 分。)得分:30 1. 颁行语言文字法的主要目的是推广普通话。 A. 错误 B. 正确 正确答案:A 满分:1 分 2. 充当普通话音节韵尾的音素一共有四个,即i、u、n、ng。 A. 错误 B. 正确 正确答案:B 满分:1 分 3. iou、uei、uen三个韵母,在使用中有时候省略韵腹,有时候省略韵头。 A. 错误 B. 正确 正确答案:A 满分:1 分 4. 在给汉字注音时,字母i只有充当韵腹时,上面的一点才能省略。 A. 错误 B. 正确 正确答案:A 满分:1 分 5.韵母ü的原形在拼音时永远不会出现,因为注音时上面两点按拼写规则要省略。 A. 错误 B. 正确 正确答案:A 满分:1 分 6. 普通话其实就是北京话,北京话就是普通话。 A. 错误 B. 正确 正确答案:A 满分:1 分 7. 汉语拼音方案规定的汉语拼音字母读音与拉丁字母读音相同。 A. 错误 B. 正确

正确答案:A 满分:1 分 8. 普通话声母p和k的发音方法完全相同,只是发音部位不同。 A. 错误 B. 正确 正确答案:B 满分:1 分 9. 根据规则,用汉语拼音拼写普通话,必须以词为书写单位,例如“鸭绿江”拼写为“Yāl ù Jiāng”。 A. 错误 B. 正确 正确答案:B 满分:1 分 10. 普通话语音系统中辅音音素则是22个,但是辅音声母只有21个。 A. 错误 B. 正确 正确答案:B 满分:1 分 11. 普通话语音系统的音素可以分为声母和韵母两大类。 A. 错误 B. 正确 正确答案:A 满分:1 分 12. 中响复韵母就是主要元音充当韵腹的韵母,例如韵母iang。 A. 错误 B. 正确 正确答案:A 满分:1 分 13. 普通话音节响亮、悦耳,原因是音节中元音占优势。 A. 错误 B. 正确 正确答案:B 满分:1 分 14. 声调的类别是根据调值的具体类别归纳出来的。 A. 错误 B. 正确 正确答案:B 满分:1 分

2019年中考英语分类汇编短文填空3. 根据汉语意思填词

A)(2019湖南衡阳)词汇运用。根据所给汉语或英文首字母写出短文中所缺英语单词。(共5小题,计5分) Confucius, a pioneer in the field of (46)_________(教育). He was born in the year 551 B.C. He was a great thinker who had many wise ideas about human nature and behavior. His main ideas are about kindness and good manners. He was also a famous philosopher whose wise sayings have (47)i_________ many people in (48)d__________ countries. For example, one of his famous saying, “He who learns but does not think is lost; he who thinks but does not learn is in (49)d________”, tell us the (50)___________(重要性) of learning and thinking. 【主旨大意】孔子,教育界的先锋,出生于公元前551年。他还是一位伟大的思想家,对人性和行为有许多聪明的想法。他的主要思想是善良和礼貌。而且,孔子也是一位著名的哲学家。 【答案】 46. education 47. influenced 48. different 49. danger 50. importance 【解析】 46. education 所填写词作介词of的宾语,应用名词。education为名词,意为“教育”。 47. influenced 由下文的描写可知,孔子的哲理影响了很多人。have在这里为助动词,帮助构成现在完成时,这里需要动词的过去分词。influence为动词,意为“影响”,其过去分词为influenced。 48. different 所填写作定语,修饰名词countries,由首字母d可判断应用意为“不同的”different 填写。 49. danger 由He who learns but does not think is lost可推知本句意为“学而不思则罔,思而不学则殆”,殆有“危险”之意。结合首字母d推断填名词danger。 50. importance 由前面的定冠词the提示填名词importance。 B. 阅读下面短文,然后根据括号内所给汉语意思写出单词的正确形式(每空一词) 。(2019·浙江嘉兴) Cooking was once regarded as a necessary part of education in England. But in recent years, it has become less important in schools. As a result, 36 (基础的) cooking and food preparation skills are being lost. It is also making more children overweight, as parents use too much fast food that is 37 (有害的) to their health. The government is worried and is looking for ways to 38 (解决) the problem. A new law has been passed. All secondly schools should offer cooking 39 (课程) to students aged from 11 to 14 years old.. They hope that this will encourage people to cook instead of eating__40__(准备好的) meals, fast food and snacks. Students will learn to cook for one hour a 41 (星期) for one term. They will learn to use simple and fresh ingredients(原料) to prepare healthy, tasty food, following 42 (说明) . These cooking skills will be helpful in their future life. Schools are also setting up cooking clubs all over the country. The clubs will 43 (提供) more children with the chance to learn to cook.