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硕士英语综合教程1 (参考答案)硕士英语综合教程1 (参考答案)

Unit 1


(1) receiver (2) unfamiliar (3) extreme (4) worsen (5) unsteady

(6) destruction (7) relieve (8) with the help of (9) death (10) in the future


(1) embraced(2) sped up(3) running out(4) urgency(5) initiative

(6) specific(7) designated(8) contribute(9) incorporate(10) hampering

(11) reward(12) involved(13) adverse(14) adaptive(15) vulnerability

(16) alternative(17) context(18) due to(19) compensation(20) scheduled


(1) Bending under the weight of the packs, sweating, they climbed steadily in the pine forest that covered the mountainside.

(2) Concentrating on time passing, as we do when bored, will trigger brain activity which will make it seem as though the clock is ticking more slowly.

(4) As social practice continues to develop, we should keep renewing our ideas and make innovations courageously in light of practical needs.

(5) Bicycles are regarded as an economical alternative to buses whose fares have increased 3 times in the past few years.

(6) The U.S. government has called on people to save water because the scarcity of water has become a source of global tension ecologically, economically and politically.

(7) In order to be a recognized leader in the industry, it’s essential for a company to improve production quality and tap the overseas market through the help of state of the art technologies and equipment.

Unit 2


(1)reduce (2)noticeable (3)compensation (4)perfect (5)carry out

(6)useless (7)strengthen (8)simplity (9)wealthy (10)cultivate


(1) Aliens in China shall abide by Chinese law and no behaviors will endanger the national security of China , harm its public interests or disturb its public order.

(3) When learning any foreign language, one has to learn, first and foremost, its new phonological and grammar systems, which means acquiring a totally unfamiliar set of language learning habits.

(4) Financial experts suggest that to the women under 30, the income of this phase in general is the lowest.

(5) China will increase dialogue and co operation with the United States and the international community to crack down on all forms of terrorist activities.

(6) Now it is time to make a well organized schedule from the list, so you need to put first and urgent things first and set the high priorities.

(8) In addition, advertisers appeal to the desire for health and prestige, to the desire to be in style, to pride, and to envy and jealousy.


硕士英语综合教程1 (参考答案)


Unit 3


(1)deprival (2)marked (3)proceedquickly (4)blackened (5)are associated with (6) rearward (7) fall (8) recognizable(9) distinct(10) involvement 完型

(1) but(2) discomfort(3) new(4) what(5) For example

(6) because(7) how(8) unfamiliar(9) degree(10) although

(11) Usually(12) identify(13) better(14) First(15) common

(16) In addition(17) When(18) who(19) also(20) that


1.Confucianism has a long history and a profound impact on China ’s politics, ideology, science, culture, art; it is an important part of traditional Chinese culture.

2.In fact, what we have done with the products over the past for years and will do in the future coincide with the requirement of WTO.

3.Religious and cultural diversity in a globalizing world needs to be used as the promotion of social justice, tolerance and understanding, as well as international peace and security, and not as a rationale for a new ideological and political confrontation.

5.Whether you’ve used the software before or not, you may already be familiar with some of its features, but the new version represents a major milestone in the progression of its development.

6.By default, when you delete files on most Windows systems the files are not really deleted, they are instead moved into the Recycle Bin, so they still take up disk space.

8.Ecological civilization is the only way to global sustainable development, the best approach to savi ng the earth’s ecosystem, and the inevitable choice of human development.

Unit 4


(1) willing to agree(2) complicated (3) avoid (4) summarize(5) perfect

(6) omnipresence(7) questioned(8) clothes(9) authority(10) crucial


(1) It often happens, however, that thinking lags behind reality; this is because man’s cognition is limited by numerous social conditions.

(3) Only by understanding the nature of thinking mode, can man bring forth new ideas in philosophy, and the crux of philosophical innovation lies in the change of man’s thinking mode.

(4) From then on, he struggled in his attempts to overcome his humble origins and insinuate himself into upper class society.

(6) The invention of microprocessors set the stage for the arrival of the microcomputer, or personal computer—an affordable machine for the masses.

(7) So there’s no such thing as an enemy in absolute terms. The enemies we fight are only in relative terms, constantly changing with the times.

(8) Taiwan , viewed from the historical facts and the international law, is beyond dispute one part of Chinese sacred territory and it is an inviolable mission of the entire Chinese people to reunify the motherland.


硕士英语综合教程1 (参考答案)


Unit 5


(1) fold(2) hit hard(3) moan(4) grew untidily (5)loosely sit(6) mix(7) describe(8) evil (9) living (10)money that should be posted


(1) unearth(2) observers(3) avoided(4) dodged(5) fascinated

(6) imprisonment(7) accomplished(8) convicted(9) headquarters(10) twist

(11) optimistic(12) deal(13) narration(14) catching(15) roaming

(16) turn(17) inimitable(18) resides(19) complex(20) painstakingly


(1) People’s money must be spent to advance their priorities, not to line pockets of contractors or to maintain projects that don’t work.

(2) Zurich residents, more than anyone in the world, earn $22. 60 per hour in average net pay, according to the Prices and Earnings report recently released by UBS.

(3) Though she isn’t British by birth, she’s British citizen by virtue of her marriage to an Englishman.

(4) Despite the blood gushing out from the wound, the heroic soldier succeeded in getting the mother and the son out of the bus which might explode at that moment.

(5) He sat in front of them, dressed in a plain, ill fitting suit, never moving, his dusty face veiling his age.

(8) But at my back I always hear time’s winged chariot hurrying near; and yonder, all before us lie deserts of vast eternity.

Unit 6


(1) regrettable (2) awareness (3) landmark (4) cautious(5) small (6)quarrel (7) overthrow (8) worsened (9) mistake (10) increase

(1) There are a lot more wonderful and exciting things waiting for you in New Beijing, a dynamic modern metropolis with 3,000 years of cultural and historical treasures woven into the urban prosperity.

(2) He is such an enthusiastic football fan that he tends to hold forth on his favorite team whenever it is mentioned.

(3) The educational system has to be able to outfit the young generation with necessary knowledge, attitudes and values that would ensure they are in time for the new age in which there might be no jobs but only opportunities.

(4) The anxious mother searched high and low for her missing son, only to find him sleeping sound in the mess of toys in his own bedroom.

(5) In order to find better detection and treatment, the hospital will actively cooperate with a local research institute to look for genetic markers that correlate with this chronic disease.

(6) The accounting system of an enterprise consists of the methods, procedures, and devices used by an economic entity to keep track of its financial activities and to summarize these activities.

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