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基础口译教程-U10 词汇短语表


U10 Culture and history

Warming-up Practice

1. Everyday etiquette

etiquette /'et?ket/ n.the formal rules for polite behaviour in society or in a particular group礼仪,礼节

spoil /sp??l/ vi. to start to decay〔开始〕变质,变坏,腐败

delicately /'del?k?tl?/ adv. 谨慎地;委婉地

that is to say也就是说,换句话说

tone /t??n/ cn. the way your voice sounds, which shows how you are feeling or what you mean〔说话的〕语气,口气,腔调

in case万一

contact sb.联系某人

replacement /r?'ple?sm?nt/ un. when you get something that is newer or better than the one you had before更换;替换

2. The American national flag

national flag国旗

stripe /stra?p/ n. a line of colour, especially one of several lines of colour all close together条纹,


original /?'r?d??n?l/ adj. existing or happening first, before other people or things原先的,最早的,最初的

decorative /'dek?r?t?v/ adj. pretty or attractive, but not always necessary or useful装饰(性)的,装饰用的

3. Christmas traditions

wreath /ri?θ/ n. a circle of leaves or flowers that people use to decorate their houses at Christmas 〔圣诞节期间装饰屋子的〕花环

get the custom of ...沿袭了……的传统

holly /'h?l?/ n. a small tree with sharp dark green leaves and red berries ( berry ), or the leaves and berries of this tree, used as a decoration at Christmas冬青树〔用作圣诞节装饰的〕冬青树叶及浆果

dark, bitterly cold winter阴沉苦寒的冬天

symbolize /'s?mb?la?z/ v. if something symbolizes a quality, feeling etc, it represents it象征,代表;用符号表示

promise /'pr?m?s/ n. a sign that something, usually something good, may happen迹象;〔通常指〕吉兆

Passage Interpretation

Part A English-Chinese Interpretation

Passage 1

Paragraph 2

presidential election总统选举

candidate /'k?nd?de?t/ n. someone who is being considered for a job or is competing in an election 候选人;申请者

strengthen /'stre?θ?n/ v.变强,加固

Paragraph 3

status /'ste?t?s/ n. the official legal position or condition of a person, group, country etc〔人、团体、国家等的〕法律地位;身份,状况

imply /?m'pla?/ v. to suggest that something is true, without saying this directly暗示,暗指

insult /?n's?lt/ n. a remark or action that is offensive or deliberately rude辱骂;侮辱;冒犯abbreviation /?bri?v?'e??(?)n/ n. a short form of a word or expression缩略语,缩写

recommend /rek?'mend/ v. to advise someone to do something, especially because you have special knowledge of a situation or subject劝告;建议

Paragraph 4

medium /'mi?d??m/ n. a way of communicating information and news to people, such as newspapers, television etc传播媒介〔如报纸、电视等〕

exchange /?ks't?e?nd?/ n. the act of giving someone something and receiving something else from them交换,互换

Passage 2

faculty /'f?k?lti/ n. all the teachers in a university〔大学的〕全体教员

Paragraph 1

treasure our present happiness珍惜我们眼前的幸福

Paragraph 2

force n.军队

conquer /'k??k?/ v. to get control of a country by fighting征服

ally /??la?/ n. a country that agrees to help or support another country in a war同盟国

Paragraph 3

navy base海军基地

Pearl Harbor珍珠港

Paragraph 4

retreat /r?'tri?t/ v. to move away from the enemy after being defeated in battle撤退

surrender /s?'rend?/ v. to say officially that you want to stop fighting, because you realize that you cannot win投降

Paragraph 5

be involved in被牵涉入……

civilian /s?'v?lj?n/ n. anyone who is not a member of the military forces or the police〔与军人、警察相对的〕平民,老百姓

on the largest scale大规模地

Paragraph 6

nightmare /'na?tme?/ n. a very frightening dream噩梦,梦魇

mutual/'mju?t?u?l/ understanding相互理解

Passage 3

Paragraph 1

legal /'li?g?l/ adj. if something is legal, you are allowed to do it or have to do it by law法律允许的,合法的;法律规定的

Paragraph 4

national holiday国庆节

colonist /'k?l?n?st/ n. someone who settles in a new colony殖民地开拓者,殖民地居民,移民display /d?'sple?/ v. to show something to people, or put it in a place where people can see it easily


parade /p?'re?d/ n. a public celebration when musical bands, brightly decorated vehicles etc move down the street〔庆祝〕游行;列队行进

Paragraph 5

occasion /?'ke???n/ n. an important social event or ceremony重要的社交活动,盛会

ordinary life日常生活

Paragraph 6

be associated with...与……关联起来

stuff v. to fill something until it is full填满,装满

roast turkey烤火鸡

Paragraph 7

merriment /'mer?m?nt/ n. laughter, fun, and enjoyment欢笑;欢乐,兴高采烈

Paragraph 8

Your questions are most appreciated.欢迎提问。

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