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Friend is better than fortune. Friend is worse than poison in some cases. The two sentences above are opposite and seem to be unreasonable but they can be explained as follows: the first refers to all good friends who drive us towards good while the second all bad ones who lead us to wrong ways.

My ideal(理想的) friend is of course a good friend whose goodness is shown below-he has no bad likings, such as smoking and drinking. He lives in frugality(节俭). He studies hard so as not to waste his golden time. At home he honors his parents and loves his brothers; at school he respects his teachers and shares feelings of his classmates. He treats those truly who are true to him. In a word, he has all the good characters better than mine. I can follow him as a model. With his help I am free from all difficulties,

Indeed, if I have such a person as my friend, I shall never fear difficulty and I shall never know the existence of the word "failure".

56. This passage tells us __

A. how to make friends with others

B. how the writer' s friend helps him

C. what kind of person the writer's friend is D what kind of person we should make friends with

57. An ideal friend means

A. a true friend

B. a false friend

C. an imaginary friend

D. an excellent friend

58. From the passage we can learn that

A. the writer and his ideal friend have a lot to learn from each other

B. the writer has a lot to learn from his ideal friend

C. the writer's ideal friend has a lot to learn from him

D. the writer has only a little to learn from his ideal friend

59. From the second paragraph, we can infer the writer is sure that

A. nothing cannot be done with friend

B. only the first sentence is reasonable

C. he who does not smoke or drink must be a good friend

D. good friends should always help each other


Life gets noisier every day and very few people can be free from noise of some sort or another. It doesn't matter where you live--in the middle of a modern city, or a faraway village--the chances are that you' 11 be disturbed by jet planes, transistor radios, oil - powered engines, etc. We seem to be getting used to noise, too. Some people feel quite lonely without background music while they' re working. Scientific tests have shown that total silence can be a very frightening experience for a human being. However, some people enjoy listening to pop music which is very loud, and this can do harm to their eardrums(耳鼓). The noise level in some discos is far above the usual safety level for heavy industrial areas. One recent report about noise and concentration(专心) suggested that although a lot of people say that any noise disturbs their concentration, what really influences their ability to concentrate is a change in the level of noise. It goes on to say that a background noise which doesn't change too much(music, for example) may even help people to concentrate.

60. According to this passage, the noise pollution __

A. has become the worst in the countryside

B. has become better in big cities

C. has spread from cities to villages

D. has been controlled in modern cities

61. What does background music refer to

A. Music played while people are working.

B. Music played in the backyard.

C. Noise that continues while you' re listening to other noises.

D. Music used to help people to concentrate.

62. Some people have their hearing harmed __

A. while listening to pop music

B. in complete silence

C. when speaking loudly

D. while watching TV

63. Which of the following isn't included among the things causing noise

A. trucks

B. motorcycles

C. electric engines

D. jet planes

64. Scientists have discovered that what prevents people from concentrating on something is

A. all kinds of noise

B. great changes in the level of noise

C. background noise

D. popular music



Lincoln College of English

Classes for foreign students at all levels.

3 months, 6 months, 9 months and one year course.

Open all year.

Small class (maximum 12 students).

Library, language laboratory and listening center.

Accommodation(住宿) with selected families.

25 minutes from London.

Course fees for English for one year are £ 1,380 with reduction (减少 )for shorter periods of study.

65. This passage is probably taken from __

A. an advertisement

B. a notice

C. a poster

D. a piece of news

66. Who are admitted in

A. Both foreign and native students.

B. Only foreign beginners and the advanced.

C. Foreign students from beginners to the advanced.

D. Only( foreign students advanced.

67. While you stay there, who will take care of you

A. The school where you study.

B. Your classmates.

C. The family you have chosen.

D. Your parents.


Have you ever been in a meeting while someone was making a speech and realized suddenly that your mind was a million miles away You probably felt sorry and made up your mind to pay attention and always have been told that daydreaming is a waste of time.

"On the contrary, "says L. Giambra, an expert in psychology, "daydreaming is quite necessary. Without it, the mind couldn't get done all the thinking it has to do during a normal day. You can' t possibly do all your thinking with a conscious(有意识)mind. Instead, your unconscious mind is working out problems all the time. Daydreaming then may be one way that the unconscious and conscious states

of mind have silent dialogues."

Early experts in psychology paid no attention to the importance of daydreams or even considered them harmful. At one time daydreaming was thought to be a cause of some mental illnesses. They did not have a better understanding of daydreams until the late 1980s. Eric Klinger, a professor of psychology, is the writer of the book Daydreaming. Klinger says, "We know now that daydreaming is one of the main ways that we organize our lives, learn from our experiences, and plan for our futures. Day- dreams really are a window on the things we fear and the things we long for in life."

Daydreams are usually very simple and direct, quite unlike sleep dreams, which may be hard to understand. It's easier to gain a deep understanding of your life by paying close attention to your day- dreams than by trying to examine your sleep dreams carefully. Daydreams help you recognize the difficult situations in your life and find out a possible way of dealing with them.

Daydreams cannot be predicated (预料). They move off in unexpected directions which may be creative( 创造性的 ) and full of ideas. For many famous artists and scientists, daydreams were and are a main source of creative energy.

68. The writer of this passage considers daydreams

A. hard to understand

B. important and helpful

C. harmful and unimportant

D. the same as sleep dreams

69. The writer quoted( 引用 )L. Giambra and Eric Klinger to __________.

A. point out the wrong ideas of early experts

B. list two different ideas

C. support his own idea

D. report the latest research on daydreams

70. Which of the following is TRUE

A. An unconscious mind can work all the problems out.

B. Daydreaming can give artists and scientists ideas for creation.

C. Professor Eric Klinger has a better idea than L. Giambra.

D. Early experts didn't understand what daydreams were.

71. What is the main difference between daydreams and sleep dreams

A. People have daydreams and sleep dreams at different times.

B. Daydreams are the result of unconscious mind while sleep dreams are that

of conscious mind.

C. Daydreams are more harmful.

D. Daydreams are more helpful in solving problems.


When nature is left alone, a balance is reached among the animals and plants living in one area. But when man starts his work in nature, the balance is likely to be destroyed. He grows a crop and takes it away to eat ;then there are no dead leaves to fall on the ground, holding water while it sinks into the surface, or decaying(腐烂) and adding humus(腐殖质) to the soil. Unless a farmer acts with knowl- edge and skill, he is therefore most likely to make the land poorer. To take the place of the useful matter in the crops that he removes, he uses some kind of fertilizer(肥料). Chemical fertilizers are of great help, but the waste products of animals and decaying remains of plants should also be put on the land. In some places, it is a habit to burn waste material lying about, but such burning destroys the useful matter in the dead plants. Although the ashes that are left are valuable when put on the land, a better practice is to bury the waste so that it decays and increases the humus in the soil.

In the past, when the world population was much lower than it is now, a man had little difficulty in ordinary times in growing the food that was needed. When

a field had been used some years and had become tired, the farmer could move to another place. The tired land then slowly recovered. Gradually grasses and other plants would appear on it and its productive power would slowly return to normal through their decay. But nature, left alone, would take a long time to bring back the land to its former state; the length of time required would depend on local conditions, but it might well be ten years.

It is a bad practice to grow the same crop in a field year after year. If the crop is changed, the land will suffer less because it is treated and used in a different way. Different plants have different effects on the soil. Therefore, a change of crop will do less harm than the growing of the same crop year after year and a regular change to grass will do good to the soil. Much will therefore be gained if different crops are grown one after another, a method known as the rotation(轮作) of crops.

72. According to the passage, the land will become poorer

A. if all the dead leaves are cleared away

B. if the humus is increased after the harvest

C. if dead leaves decay in the soil by themselves

D. if waste plant material lying about is buried

73. We can learn from the passage that the tired land has gradually recovered

A. when grasses and other plants appear again

B. when the treatment is given by nature alone

C. after new grasses and other plants have decayed again

D. after nature has been left alone for several months

74. A modern farmer can hardly move to another place as he did before because

A. the productive power of a new field isn't higher than that of an old one

B. there are few free fields left for him to do farming

C. it takes a farmer more than ten years to start farming in a new field

D. there will be too many grasses in a new field to grow crops

75. It is most likely that the author will go on to ______ in the paragraph following the passage above.

A. introduce other methods of planting crops

B. deal with how to prevent land getting tired

C. start another topic of how to make use of land

D. further explain what the rotation of crops is


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