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2.2 Why do we have eyebrows?

Those tiny, little hairs above our eyes that many women either pluck, paint, pierce or tattoo play a very important role in keeping moisture out of our eyes.

Just like an umbrella keeps our bodies dry from the rain, our hairy eyebrows keep our eyes dry from rain or sweat.

When it's pouring rain outside or when sweat drips down from our foreheads, our eyebrows divert the flow of water or sweat away from our eyes.

Our arch-shaped eyebrows angle the rain or sweat around to the side of our faces--leaving our eyes fairly dry. By catching the water or sweat, our eyebrows not only allow us to see more clearly, but also keep salty sweat from burning or irritating our eyes.

Eyebrows have other roles also. As one of our most expressive facial features, eyebrows help us determine how people are feeling without ever really asking them.

If a person's eyebrows are frowning, chances are they are mad or upset. In addition, eyebrows have an increasing impact on our beauty or fashion culture over the years.

Thick, hairy and big eyebrows tend to be characterized as unattractive while thin and plucked eyebrows are said to be more attractive.

3.1Hotels in China

Hotels in China are classified into first class, second class and third class based on their star-rating. Five-star and most four-star hotels are in the first class. Guest rooms in first class hotels all have fully-fitted bathrooms, refrigerators, telephones and satellite TV. They have fully adjustable climate control through central air-conditioning facilities. Other ancillary facilities provided by these hotels include such things as business centres, conference facilities, beauty parlours, saunas, foreign exchange, bowling centers, disco-ballrooms, swimming pools, gymnasiums, restaurants, cafes, shopping centers and bars which are open 24 hours a day. The second class generally includes three-star hotels and some two-star ones. Guest room facilities and services are not up to the standard of those in first class hotels. Tour groups normally prefer to stay in second class hotels. Third class hotels are much like motels in Western counties in terms of facilities and services. Hardware facilities in such hotels are of course inferior to those provided by second class hotels, but they offer prices 50% or more below those of second class hotels. As a result, they are popular with many tourists.

5.1 What makes a good conversation?

Recently, a friend phoned me. She’s one of those people who could talk under wet cement. I've discovered that I can even put the phone down and attend to something in another room while she's talking and she doesn’t even notice. A second friend phoned me that night. I was very tired, but I soon forgot my weariness as we animatedly shared our opinions, beliefs and personal experiences. Time flew, and as I went to bed very late that night, I thought, “Now, that was a really good conversation!”

It occurred to me that it might be an interesting topic to research for my speech tonight. So I asked some of my friends what they thought made a good conversation. They had different suggestions, but all agreed on three main points: mutual interest, give and take, trust.

Let's look at the first one: mutual interest. A conversation has to be of interest to all concerned. As one friend suggested, a good conversation is when two or more people voluntarily explore the topic. But how can we be sure that we are not boring others? We need to be sensitive to the cues

our listener gives us. Someone suggested if he is pulling away from your grip, or standing on tiptoe making desperate signals to someone else, he probably wants out!

All my friends agreed that a conversation thrives on a balance of giving and taking. Conversations are the building blocks of a relationship, one told me. If conversations lean too far in one direction, the relationship will topple. We agreed that giving and taking can be done both through speaking and listening. Through talking we can entertain, inform, advise, and share personal experiences. We fulf ill our listener’s emotional needs when we sympathize, praise or reassure him. By listening attentively we can make the other person feel good about himself. We give him an outlet for his pent-up feelings, and a sounding board for his ideas. Since most people would rather talk than listen this means we sometimes have to give up our own desire to speak in favour of the other person’s need to talk. Someone mentioned active listening. We can respond non-verbally with our eyes and body language to draw out the speaker. It's important to ask questions to show interest. Open-ended questions, like How, What, Where, When, Why encourage the speaker to continue. Then there's trust. A relationship requires mutual trust. It's like a series of circles, someone said. The outer ring is for acquaintances. We usually exchange small talk with acquaintances. Small talk is a necessary medium for finding a mutual interest. It's a way of testing the water before plunging in. The next circle is for people we feel comfortable with. We know them well, we mix with them socially, and might even have serious conversations with them, but we don't have a close relationship. We don't let many into our smaller inner circle. That is for those we feel safe with, with whom we can be open and honest. I was wondering how to sum this all up when my ten-year-old neighbor called in. I asked her if she had a good friend that she enjoyed talking to. “Oh yes,” she said. “I tell my friend Emily everything.” “And who does the most talking?” I asked.“Both of us,” she said. “We’re interested in the same things. I’ve known her for years.” There we have it: mutual interests, a balance of talking and listening and a good relationship. I think she summed it up well. But what do you think? I'll leave it to you to decide what you think makes a good conversation.

Why are girls not as good at maths and science?

Girls don't do as well at maths and science as boys. There are several reasons for this. The first and most important reason is that they aren't encouraged to play with toys that build up interest in maths and science problems and that build skills for problem solving or understanding how things work. Girls are encouraged to play with toys that foster language and human relations skills. As a result, they can grow up not knowing how an engine works or how to build a model from directions. Second, studies have shown that teachers don't expect girls to be good at maths. Even female maths and science teachers pay more attention to boys in class and call on boys more often. Because teachers don't expect girls to excel, they don't try very hard, and soon girls are far behind boys in these studies.

Finally, girls don't have many role models to look up to. Not very many maths and science teachers are women, especially in the later grades. When the media picture mathematicians and scientists, they usually picture men. As a result, girls aren't inspired to choose these fields as careers. In summary, several factors work together in the home, in schools, and in society at large to send a subtle message to girls. Girls almost always get the message; as a result, few girls excel at maths and science.

1.4 Speech by Wang Guangya at Princeton University

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good evening.

I am honored to be invited to your seminar tonight. For me, for my colleagues and for many other

Chinese, Princeton has long been a familiar name. With a history longer than the country, it has produced many outstanding people, Woodrow Wilson, the 28th US president, Albert Einstein, the great scientist, and T. S. Eliot, the famous poet, to name but a few. As former president Bill Clinton said in 1996 at the celebrations for the 250th anniversary of Princeton, “At every pivotal moment in American history, Princeton, its leadership, faculty and its students have played a crucial role.”

I am more pleased to learn that all of you have a keen interest in China. Though our two countries are geographically far apart, we have a great deal in common in the everyday life. While many Chinese enjoy Hollywood movies and McDonald’s fast food, many Americans find that their clothes and daily necessities are made in China. I hope that today’s seminar will help you gain a better understanding of China and its foreign policy, thus deepening further our friendship and cooperation.

3.4 Introduction to an arts and crafts company

Distinguished guests, dear friends:

I feel honored to have this opportunity to introduce our company to you through the platform provided by this conference.

Founded 15 years ago, we are a company specializing in the design, manufacture and sales of handicrafts. Fifteen years ago our staff numbered 50; now the figure is 1,700. Fifteen years ago we rented a facility covering a floor space of 4,500 square meters; now our own facility covers a floor space of 24,000 square meters. These figures speak loudly and clearly of our success.

Our leading products are various architectural models, including exotic European cathedrals, the Empire State Building, the White House, and the Pentagon in the U.S., along with cartoon animal toys and Christmas gifts with a variety of designs. Our designs have become trend setters in the industry.

Today, our products are sold worldwide in more than twenty countries including Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, the UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany. They are well received by both local importers and customers. For fifteen years, our output value has maintained an annual growth rate of 30%.



Young people are facing new problems in mental health. In a fast paced, high competitive and high pressure environment. Psychosocial factors have more and more influence on the mental health of teenagers. The first is the family environment and parental education, parental relationship is not harmonious. Single parent families and family members have bad habits are common adverse effects. In addition, the parents of children's emotional expression is also an important reason for improper. First, over indulgence, everything for the children to think well;

at this time the parents thought that love children but did not consider the fact that the child is

deprived of the appropriate growth in the appropriate setbacks and difficulties. Learn to love and help others the opportunity and right, but ignore, ignore the child's emotional needs. Ignoring the problems they grew up in. To make the child have to find other ways to solve the problem, or get emotional satisfaction. Often because of lack of experience or by external adverse effects. Problems arise. The second is the social cultural factors, such as half man after gentleman status of single plank bridge, so many parents and teachers to learn the result as the only standard to measure the quality of children. Also give the child caused great pressure on the study, the only child of the increase, so that the children more self - centered lack of quality for the sake of others. The improvement of material conditions and the influence of foreign cultures have made teenagers unconsciously increase attention to money and love, and so on. Adolescent mental health problem has become a public health problem that needs to be solved urgently.




Diplomacy for the people

We are trying to practice the concept of diplomacy for the people, the work of foreign affairs to the people to do a good job in fact, rely on friends. Our leaders took a good start in this respect. They made a lot of friends in the world for their country. Last year, chairman Wu Bangguo, chairman Wen Jiabao, Premier Jia Qinglin, Hu Jintao, chairman of the CPPCC, a total of thirty-four countries visited, they visit the time is short, but the activity is very tense, busy. Last year we received twenty-nine heads of state, twenty-three heads of government and forty-two foreign ministers. China's various departments and sectors including very active parliamentary diplomacy, political diplomacy, military diplomacy, there are a large number of mass organizations are also active in the international diplomatic arena. Make friends for the

motherland, for the people to do practical things. The Communist Youth League, women's federations, trade unions and other diplomatic activities through a variety of private channels.

Cities in China and many foreign cities have established friendly relations with the city. Now China has sent two hundred and thirty-five diplomatic missions to other countries and regions around the world. More than 5 thousand and 600 people. The Ministry of foreign affairs has sent three thousand and two hundred people. Was recently named the outstanding representative of China moved ten characters of the Sun Bigan is the ambassador of diplomatic personnel. Recently, I saw a group of figures in the Western press. We go to see the Chinese Committee of the association in the end is justified, or very ridiculous. 2004 U.S. defense spending is $four hundred and fifty-five billion and nine hundred million. In the United States last year, three point nine percent of gross domestic product. And China's defense spending last year was two hundred and eleven billion and seven hundred million yuan. Accounted for one point six percent of China's gross domestic product. That is to say, US defense spending is seventeen point eight times that of China. Also last year, the U.S. defense spending per capita is $one thousand five hundred and forty. China's per capita national defense expenditure is about $twenty, the United States is China's seventy-seven times. In 2003, the United States accounted for forty-seven percent of the total military spending in the world. More than twenty-five military spending in addition to the United States and abroad, the sum of military spending in the year. Or three point five times the sum of the other four permanent members of the United Nations Security council. China is taking the road of peaceful development, the starting point and the end result of China's foreign policy is to maintain peace. I believe that all those who respect the truth will see that China is a staunch force for peace in the world.





Indian Ocean Tsunami

By the end of 2004, the India Ocean tsunami, the world into a shock and grief. He swept through Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and many other countries along the coast of India. Death busy nearly three hundred thousand, only in Indonesia, killing at least one hundred thousand people were killed. Countless families lose their parents brothers and sisters. In this sudden disaster. Directly or indirectly affected by the number reached five million, the international community has carried out a positive rescue and donations to the affected areas. The Chinese

government and people have more than one billion and two hundred million yuan in aid to the disaster area. In the human race has entered twenty-first Century today. The human society also has such big tragedy, lets the human ponder. As a warning for the future, people will ask, such a tragedy, why would happen, can avoid? The causes of the disaster were discussed and analyzed extensively. First of all, this is the nature of human behavior.Humans in large coastal build houses and damage to the natural environment, this is such a major disaster arch-criminal. The occurrence of earthquakes and triggering a tsunami is a normal phenomenon in nature. However, the suspected tsunami caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, can not be completely attributed to the nature. Because humans occupy a place that should not be occupied. In order to attract tourists. Many countries in the sea opened up numerous hotels, which will increase the risk of people affected by natural disasters. Some experts pointed out that the coral reefs, as well as the growth of mangroves in shallow coastal waters, to protect the island from the tsunami. In the past twenty or thirty years, people in order to the shallow sea in the sea shrimp shrimp shrimp shrimp mangroves, the results have paid a heavy price.





Nano technology secret

Nanotechnology is a term that may sound familiar to us. It has become a hot term in the field of high technology. So what exactly is it? What are the effects on our life? I'm afraid that a lot of people do not come up for a while. In fact, nanotechnology has become a part of everyday life for many people. Its application prospect is infinite. Some people may think that nanotechnology is the future of things. In fact, in the United States, the pants have been sold in the market. It feels like an ordinary cotton pants. But there is a thin layer of nano, which prevents the liquid from getting wet or dirty. So, if you get the drink out of the way, it's just the flow, the pants don't even get wet. Nano pants is just an application example of this technology.

Nanotechnology can almost be used to produce anything you want. Nanotechnology is a science of studying small materials, but how small is it? Imagine I shrunk one thousand times, I will be as big as a fly's eyes. But the nanometer is even smaller than it. In fact, it's much smaller than it is. Imagine I was shrunk, this time is

ten thousand times smaller. I will be as big as a virus. But the nanometer is even smaller than it. Y ou have to take me down one hundred times longer to reach my nanometer size, one billion times smaller than the real one. The industry is already making nano devices. In Cambridge they are weaving very very thin layers of plastic. When the current passes through it, it can shine. This technology will soon be applied to the market.

Mobile phones will have a very bright, but also energy-saving display frequency. People will initially see that these devices are only used in very simple products, such as mobile phones. But in the end they will be applied to the television industry. When one day this technology is applied to plastic products. You'll have a TV set that can be rolled up and you can hang it on the wall. Nanotechnology can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry. And finally make a chip that can enter the human body. Chip in the human body after.

A drug or a series of drugs that are released in a given time period! Treatment for the human body.

Nanotechnology can also be applied in many areas that are closely related to our lives, and its prospects are almost limitless. Therefore, governments are putting in a lot of manpower and material resources to develop nanotechnology. But there are also a lot of people worried about the possible side effects of nanotechnology.





Maintain the core values of Chinese New Year

For the Chinese people around the world, the Chinese new year, also known as the Spring Festival, is undoubtedly the most important festival of the year. The Chinese tradition originated about three thousand years ago. It represents the old year of peace in the past, people are ready to celebrate and greet the new year. The reunion dinner on New Year's Eve is the most important meal of the year. All the big family members will gather together. Far away will try to get back. Family reunion shows the importance of family in Chinese culture. It can enhance family cohesion. The way people celebrate the new year embodies two important core values. First。Multigenerational family members gathered to enjoy a sumptuous family reunion dinner at home, everyone will follow the habit of. To prepare a rich dinner, of course, is to fall on the body of the female members. More affluent families may have help. Secondly, the relatives and friends will be happy to exchange visits. This environment helps to strengthen the family and friendship. However, the development of economy has brought about the change of people's life style. A busy year. People don't want to in the new year when doing the dinner on New Year's Eve, more and more people prefer to spend money in the senior restaurant. Between friends and family is no longer a visit by telephone, SMS pay New Year's call. Some family travel, or even live in a hotel so. Avoid relatives and friends to visit a clean. Some traditional people believe that. No family reunion dinner and relatives and friends of

the customs and the customs and the core values they represent. New year will lose its meaning. Some pessimistic people think, with the constant invasion of Western culture. China's traditional festival has gradually lost its original meaning into a commercial festival, just like christmas. Spring Festival is an important part of Chinese cultural heritage. Spring festival activities will continue, although the form of celebration will not be the same as before, but they represent the core values, and the importance of family and friendship, it should be retained.






President Hu Jintao's speech at the opening ceremony of the Fortune Global Forum in Beijing.

Dear Mr. Parsons, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good evening. In this beautiful night, I am very happy, together with you here. To participate in the opening ceremony of the 2005 FORTUNE Global Forum in Beijing. On behalf of the Chinese government, on behalf of the Chinese government, I would like to express my sincere welcome to all of you in my own name. To express my heartfelt congratulations to the forum organizers of the United States Time Warner group. Since the reform and opening policy initiated by Mr. Deng Xiaoping in 1978. Unprecedented changes have happened in China. Between 1978 and 2004, twenty-six. Gross domestic product. Increased from $147 billion 300 million to $16494. An average annual increase of 9.4%. Total imports and exports increased from $20 billion 600 million to $11548. Average annual growth of more than 16%. The country's foreign exchange reserves rose from $167 million to $609 billion 900 million. The rural poor population is reduced from 250 million to 26 million. China's comprehensive national strength has improved significantly, and the people's life has improved continuously. On the basis of inheriting and developing the ancient civilization, the Chinese people have created a new history. Now, one billion and three hundred million Chinese people. It's on the road of socialism Chinese million people united as one man to forge ahead. China has made clear the goal of the first

twenty years of this century. This is the economy to seize the important strategic opportunity period. A well-off society of a higher level of construction will benefit more than one billion people. To achieve the 2020 GDP will quadruple that of 2001 to about $four trillion. The per capita GDP reached $three thousand, to further develop the economy improve democracy, more advanced science and education, cultural prosperity, social harmony, people's lives better. Ladies and gentlemen, China's development is closely related to the development of Asia and the world. China's development has and will continue to bring cooperation and win-win opportunities for all countries in Asia and the world. As of the end of 2004, China's total actual use of foreign direct investment amounted to $five hundred and sixty-two billion and one hundred million. Approval of about five hundred thousand foreign invested enterprises and the formation of the annual imports of about five hundred and sixty billion u.. At present, the vast majority of countries and regions have enterprises to invest in china. Fortune five hundred companies, more than and 400 companies have invested in china. The establishment of foreign investment in China R & D center reached more than and 700. With the continuous development of china. China's cooperation with the world and domestic enterprises will further expand. China will continue to steadily open market innovation in the introduction of foreign capital, improve the relevant laws and regulations to encourage and protect foreign investment, reform of foreign economic management system, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights. Efforts for China's foreign economic and trade cooperation and foreign investment in China to provide all the convenience. Create a better environment. Practice has proved that such mutually beneficial cooperation is beneficial to both sides. We welcome all of you to continue to expand investment and trade in China, and to strengthen economic and technological cooperation with Chinese enterprises. I am sure you will be able to play their respective advantages and rich experience in business. Play an important role in promoting international economic and technological cooperation and promoting regional and world economic development. Let us work together to make greater contributions to the maintenance of world peace and promote common development. In the end, I wish the 2005 Beijing Fortune Global Forum a complete success. Thank you all。







University of Westminster

Thank you very much for your kind hospitality and we are delighted to be here with you. It is a pity that the President is unable to come today, and I would like to introduce him to our school on his behalf.Founded in 1838, the University of Westminster is the first engineering university in the UK, so our school has a long history. Our main campus is located in the heart of the British capital city of London. At present our students come from 132 different countries, the number of more than 22,700. Westminster is one of the 15 most popular international universities in the UK.We have more than 700 teachers, as well

as guest lecturers from more than 1,000 people. The international environment of the school will prepare students for their careers in the future. Our aim is to provide high quality education and research in the domestic and international environment.We are a modern university with a leading position in many fields of study, including communication, culture and media research, law, Asian studies, linguistics, art design (including music), electronic engineering, politics and international relations. Major disciplines have access to a high degree of professional recognition.We sincerely hope that your school to establish exchanges and cooperation projects

5.3 温家宝总理在世界旅游组织第15届全体大会上的致词


Mr. Francesco Frangialli, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization, Ms. Louise Frechette, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations,

All Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen,

At this October time when Beijing is offering us its charming autumn scenery in the freshest air and clearest weather, the 15th General Assembly Session of the World Tourism Organization is officially opened here. On behalf of the Chinese government, I would like to extend our sincere welcome to all the guests here and to express our warm congratulations on the convening of this session.

Tourism is a nice and pleasant activity that combines sightseeing, recreation and health care. Tourism has been developing with the times. Since the mid of the 20th century, modern tourism has been booming at a fast pace across the world. The number of tourists has been increasing, the scale of tourism industry has kept expanding, and the position of tourism in the economy has been rising. Increasingly, tourism serves as a channel for cultural exchanges, friendship development and varied communication. It exerts more and more extensive influence on human life and social progress.

As a country with an ancient civilization and a long history, China is also a big oriental country full of modern vitality, blessed with a rich supply of unique and varied tourism attractions and resources. Besides the picturesque natural scenery, profound history and extensive culture, China embodies the different folk customs of 56 nationalities/ethnic groups. Currently, 29 properties have been

inscribed onto World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. With the reform and opening-up programs, China’s modern construction is surging ahead, and urban and rural areas are all experiencing daily changes. The ancient glory and modern boom combine most impressively to create favorable conditions for domestic and international tourism in China.

The fist 20 years of the 21st century is a strategic period for China to accomplish the all-round construction of a well-off society and to speed up its socialist modernization. It also provides a favorable time for its further development of tourism industry. We shall promote tourism as an important industry in China’s national economy, properly protect and utilize our tourism resources and try to achieve sustainable development. The Chinese government welcomes all international friends to visit China. We shall do our best to protect their health and safety. Meanwhile, we will encourage more Chinese people to go abroad for visits. We are ready to develop extensive cooperation with other countries and contribute to global tourism growth.

For many years, the World Tourism Organization has made active and effective efforts to gain tourism prosperity and development around the world. It has become a specialized agency of the UN. Here we would like to offer our sincere congratulations. We believe this WTO General Assembly session will give a major push to tourism in the world for greater prosperity and new development.

Finally, I wish the 15th General Assembly Session of the World’s Tourism Organization every success.

Thank you!










Steve Forbes on Forbes

我祖父二十世纪初来到美国,他离开苏格兰时身上没有什么钱。连他在内有兄弟姐妹10人,不过他自小受到很好的教育。像许多人一样,他也是满怀憧憬和理想来到美国的。** 他创办了《福布斯》杂志,报道那些实干家,那些给商业社会带来变革的人。


** 当前世界信息泛滥,足以将人淹么其中,人们迫切需要一本刊物来解读这些信息,告诉读者哪些重要哪些可以不必理会。这就是《福布斯》的价值所在。我们提供额外的视角和判断。我们从不停留于表面,总想看看公司到底如何经营的,正是当今芜杂繁多的信息使得《福布斯》日益重要。




















我的打字技能应归功于很多很多小时的网上聊天,然而令人遗憾的是,当我的打字速度提高后,一切语法规则也都跑掉额。要知道,网上聊天的人有他们自己的速记语言,语法并不重要,网上英语聊天者可以省略冠词、主语、代词等等,聊天者几乎可以错拼或“重拼”任何单词,比如“Good”可以写成gud;略写特别重要,“[I’ll]be right back(我很快就回来)”可以写成“brb”,“No problem(没问题)”可以写成“np”,说英语的网上聊天者为了省事还拒绝使用标点符号和大写字母。句号和缩写符?不必要,大写字母?没用。当年我对网上聊天曾是那么的上瘾,以至于今天我在写东西的时往往还是不用大写字母——不论在计算机上写还是手写




















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