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1.Most animals have little connection with_____animals of______different kind unless they kill them for food.

A. the a


C. the the


答案:B。animals在这里属于泛指,animals of a different kind 一种不同种类的动物。

kind 在文中是“种类”,是可数名词单数,前面要加不定冠词。

2.Paper money was in____use in China when Marco Polo visited the country in_____thirteenth century.

A. the 不填

B.the the

C. 不填the

D.不填;the 答案:C。

3.She is____newcomer to_____chemistry , but she has made some discoveries.

A. the the


C. a 不填

D.a the答案:C。学科前不加冠词。

4. Many people are still in_____habit of writing silly things in_____public places.A. 不填不填

B.the the

C. the 不填


答案:C。有定语修饰的名词前往往加the,writing silly things为定语。

如:The few friends she has made there are all gone。

泛指的复数名词前不加the,故public places前不加the。

又如:People tend to think boys are cleverer than girls

5. ----Where’s Jack?

----I think he is still in_____bed , but he might just be in_____bathroom.

A. a, the

B. the, X

C.X ,X

D. X, the

答案:D。in bed 为习惯搭配;又如:by hand,at night /dawn / sea /war。in the bathroom 特指一具体地点,这样的介词短语都加the

如:in the classroom, in the cinema, in the park, in the fair(在交易会),in the countryside, live in the suburb等。

6.The pizzas are delicious. He’d like__ third one because___second is rather small.

A.a, a;

B. a. the;

C.the, a;

D.the, the;


7.--Have you finished reading ___interesting story?

--Yes. It is worth reading__ second time.A the, a B an, the C the, the D an, a


一、英语中有三大冠词,两个不定冠词(a , an ),一个定冠词(the)。

a ,an 的用法:a 用在辅音音标开头前,an 用在元音音标开头前。

例如:an English book , a pen , an apple, an orange , an “f”, an “s” ,an “m”。

a/ an 的特大重点用法:

an hour,an honour;an honest (诚实的) boy, a useful pen, a uniform; a university, an umbrella (伞), a European country, an 8-year-old boy, an 11-year-old girl, an 18-foot-tall tree, an 80-year-old man, a one-eyed camel


1.In a university, a European and a one-eyed man with a uniform walked along a one-way road

with a useful thing. This is a usual thing.

2. An hour ago, an honest man accepted an honourable task.


如:A Mr. Smith is waiting for you outside.




1.---Hello,could I speak to Mr. Smith?

---Sorry,wrong number .There isn’t______Mr. Smith here.





2.I know you don’t like______music very much.But what do you think of ______music in the film we saw yesterday?


B.the ,the



3.—I knocked over my coffee cup.It went right over______keyboard.

--You shouldn’t put drinks near______computer.





4.I will never forget my teacher’s advice: “As long as you can affect _____ life of one child, you’ve been _____ success.” A. the; the B. a; a C. a; theD. the; a

5. French language isEuropean language which comes from Latin.

A.The; a B.不填;an C.The; an D.不填;a

6.Alice is fond of playing __piano while Herry likes listening to ___ music.

A./ , the

B./ , /

C.the ,/

D.the , the

7.Beyond _____ stars, the astronaut saw nothing but _______ space.

A.the , /

B./ ,the

C./ ,/

D.the , the

8.Alexander Graham Bell invent _____ telephone in 1876.

A. /




9.—-I’d like ____ information about the managemnet of you hotel , please.

--Well , you could have ____ word with the manager. He might be helpful.

A.some , a

B.an , some

C.some , some

D.an ,a

10.Many people agree that _______ knowledge of English is a must in _______ international tradetoday.A.a , /B.the , anC.the , theD./ , the

11.____ couple tried to name their baby @, saying_____ character can be translated into "ai ta ', which represents their love for him.

A. An; a

B. The; a

C. A; a

D. The; the

12._____China we’ll see in the year 2015 will be quite _____ differen t country from what it is


A. /; a

B. The; a

C. The; the

D. /; /

13. Of all the subjects, I like _____ history the best because it gives us _____ useful knowledge of

things in the past.

A. the; a

B. /; a

C. a; the

D. a; /

14. There is _____ universal concept among _____ parents that’s the more they feed their kids, the

healthier they will grow up to be.

A. an; the

B. a; the

C. a; 不填

D. 不填;the

15._____ big fire broke out in my neighbor’s house last night ,and it took the firefighters about an

hour to put out _____ fire.

A. The; a

B. A; the

C.The; the

D.A; a



1. My



d at


of June 15.

A. in the night

B. by the night

C. on the night

D. at night

2. Childern need friends _____ their own age to play with.

A. with

B. of

C. for

D. by

3. If you are able to get the tickets tomorrow, please tell me the phone.

A. at

B. by

C. on

D. through

4. Are you ready? We will go out for a picnic three o’clock.

A. in

B. after

C. for

D. since

5. What do you mean “take-away”, please?

A. with

B. of

C. for

D. by

6. he will do that heavy work his own.


B. of

C. on

D. at

7. your help, we finished the work on time.

A. Thanks

B. Thanks for

C. Thanks to

D. Thanks of

8. Our teacher asked me to the new words in a dictionary.

A. look for

B. look up

C. look at

D. look into

9. He often mistakes me my brother.

A. to

B. as

C. for

D. with

10. ______our airline, we apologize that you were not given proper notice.

A. In spite of

B. On behalf of

C. in face of

D. In favor of

参考答案1――5 CBCBD 6――10 CCBCB


1.be late for “做某事迟到”;be late with “迟做某事”

如:This morning I was late for school , for my mother was late with breakfast.

2.beyond belief/ beyond descr iption/ beyond one’s power / beyond words 超出…

3 given = considering 是介词意思是考虑到…

如:Given their inexperience, they have done a good job.

4.including 是介词;意思是包括;如

This meal cost me ten yuan, including tea.

5. talk sb into doing sth= persuade sb into doing sth 说服某人干某事

6. In memory of = to the memory of 为了纪念…;

(三) 名词、数词

数词:基数词:one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, …

twenty,twenty-one , t, hundred


:表示第几的数词叫序数词。除了几个特殊的数词外,一般在基数词后面加上th, 但几个特殊的需要死记:第一first, 第二second, 第三third ,第五fifth, 第八eighth,第九ninth, 第十二twelfth, 第二十twentieth, 第一百hundredth。


考点用法:表示第几时,序数词前一定要用the ; 如:

第一课Lesson One =the first lesson 第三排Row Three =the third row

第二次世界大战World War Two =the Second World War


1). He has come here three times. And he wants to come here_____ fourth time.

A. a

B. the

C. an

D. one

2). It is important for us to learn ________second language.

A. the

B. a

C. an

D. one

3). He failed, and he wanted to try ______second time.

A. the

B. a

C. an

D. one


1. Many people agree that _____ knowledge of English is a must in _____ international trade

today.A.a; X B.the; an C.the; the D.X; the

答案:A。此题看似考查冠词,实则考查名词。抽象名词,如knowledge 本不加冠词,但表示具体哪门知识加a;有定语修饰,有时还加the,如: the science of biology。

2.Oh,John,_____you gave us!

A.How a great surprise

B.How pleasant surprise

C.What a pleasant surprise

D.What pleasant surprise


3 We’ve missed the last bus,I’m afraid we have no_____but to take a taxi.






4.—I wonder whose bicycle it is.—It might be my_____.


B.dear neighbour




5. —Where’s your brothe r?—At_____.



C.the Mr Green’s

D. the Greens答案:A。

6.Shortly after the accident two_____policemen were sent to the spot to keep order.A.dozen of



D.dozens of


数词dozen,score,hundred,thousand,million等前面加数字用单数,如two score

birds,several hundred people,three thousand books等。



2.副词用来修饰动词、形容词。副词、介词词组或整个句子,可分为时间副词(today, now, then)、地点副词(here, near, far, above…)、频率副词(often, usually, twice…) 、程度副词(very, quite, too, so…) 、方式副词(w ell, careful, slowly…)等。





只有如下单词big, hot, thin, fat, red, wet。

(4)双音节词加more/most.注意:以-y,-er,-ow,-ble 结尾的双音节词加-er/-est.。如:clever

-cleverer-cleverest, narrow-narrower-narrowestt


(1)程度副词very, quite, so, too后面,以及as…as, not as(so)…as 用原级。(2)两者作比较用比较级。注意以下几点:

A.much, a little, even 可以用来修饰比较级。

如:much taller, little better, even more tired

B. “比较级+比较级“或“more and more ”表示越来越…。

如:faster and faster ,more and more slowly

C. than 后常用the other +名词复数/any other + 名词单数。

如:Jim is taller than the other boys/any other boy in his class.



A.出现表示范围的词in/of +名词时,in 之后的名词与主语不是同类,它包括主语;of 之后的名词与主语是同类。

如:Jim is the tallest in our class.Jim is the tallest of the boys.


The Yellow River is the second longest river in China.

C. one of the +最高级+名复。如:Zhengzhou is one of the biggest cities in China.

◆as much as 多达的典型用法:as many as 修饰可数名词;

as much as 修饰不可数名或跟表示计量单位的名词复数。

1.Beijing will have a top first-aid system for the 2008 Olympics. No one will wait _____10 minutes for an ambulance.

A.as many as

B. less than

C. as much as

D. as well as

2.He used as much as 130 calories in the running sports.

3.The elephant can eat as much as one ton of vegetables.

4.The farmers no longer doubt that vegetables can bring in _____ crops.

A.as many as

B. less than

C. as much as

D. as well as

He has been to Paris_____, if not more than,ten times.

A.as many as

B. less than

C. as much as

D. as well as


1. The weather was terrible last night. It rained ______.People could ____ go out.

A. hardly, hardly

B. hardly, hard

C. hard, hard

D. hard, hardly

2. Mr. Smith thought the CenturyPark was the second ________ in Shanghai

A. large

B. largest

C. larger

D. very large

3. Of the two shirts, the boy chose ________ one. A. less expensive. B. the less expensive C. the least expensive D. the most expensive

4. Have you ever seen ________ big panda before?

A. a such

B. such a

C. so a

D. a so

5. Of all the stars, the sun is _______ to the earth.

A. farthest

B. the farthest

C. nearest

D. the nearest

6. He wasn’t _________ . He cut his finger.

A. careful enough

B. carefully

C. enough careful

D. enough carefully

7. In the exam, the _____ you are ,the _______ mistakes you’ll make.

A. careful, little

B.more careful, less

C. more careful, few

D. more careful, fewer

8. This kind of skirt looks ______ and sells ________.

A. nice, well

B. nice, good

C. well, well

D. good, nice

9. ---What do you think of Miss Li’s teaching?

--- Oh, no one teaches ________.

A. well

B. better

C. best

D. good

10. Don’t hurry. We still have ________ time.

A. little

B. a little

C. few

D. a few

11. Lucy doesn’t like cotton blouse, Lily doesn’t,__________ .

A. either

B. too

C. neither

D. also

12. There are trees on _________ sides of the street.

A. both

B. each

C. all

D. either

13. ---What do you think of the present?

--- Wonderful. Nothing could be _____.

A. worse

B. better

C. best

D. good

14.If there were no examination, we should have _____at school.

A.the happiest time

B.a more happier time

C.much happier time

D.a much happier time

15—How did you find your visit to the museum?

—I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was _____than I expected.

A.far more interesting

B.even much interesting

C.so more interesting

D.a lot much interesting

答案:A.比较级形容词、副词前可加much ,any, even, a lot, a great deal, a bit ,a little, far,by far, 来加强语气。

16—If you don’t like the red coat, take the blue one.

—Ok, but do you have _____size in blue? This one is a bit tight for me.

A.a big

B.a bigger

C.the big

D.the bigger

答案:B.比原来所说的the blue one 要大一些,因此用比较级。

16.Which is _____country? Canada or Australia?

A.a large

B.the larger

C.a larger

D.larger 答案:B.

17.Can you believe that in ___a rich country there should be___many poor people?



C.so, so

D.so,such 答案:B.

18.—Are you feeling _____?—Yes,I am fine now.

A.any well

B.any better

C.quite good

D.quite better 答案:B

19.John plays football _____, if not better than, David

A.as well

B.as well as

C.so well

D.so well as 答案:B

20.It takes a long time to go there by train.It’s _____ by road. A.quick B.the quickest

C.much quick


答案:D。比较级是形容词和副词的用法,两个事物相比必须用比较级,此处为by train 和by road相比。


1.—Why don’t we take a little break?

—Didn’t we just have _____? A.it B.that C.one D.this


本题中take a little break 与下文中have one即have a little break虽然是意义相同,但却是不同时间的另一事物。

2.If you want to change for double room you will have to pay _____$15.






如:I want to buy 20 copies of this book, so please hand me five more books.(=another five books)

3. —When shall we meet again?—Make it _____day you like, it is all the same to me. A.one




答案:B.any可指任何一天,one day之具体的一天,some day 指某一天,another day 指另外的一天,any含有任何一个的意思。

如:You may take any of them. He is taller than any other one in the class.

4.—Shall I sit at this end of the boat or the other end?

—If you keep still, you can sit at _____end.





答案:C。不定代词either表示两个中任意一个,neither为全否定,both表示全肯定,not both为部分否定,any表示三者以上中任意一个,each 强调二者或三者以上“每一个”。

5. As we were asleep, _____of us heard the sound.






(六)情态动词(Model Verbs)



1.--Are you coming to Jeff's party?--I'm not sure.I___go to the concert instead.A.must B.would



答案:D.might语气比较弱,含义是:也许,或许。must猜测的语气非常强,一定。should 常表示比较有可能的猜测比must在语气上稍差一些。

2. I would love____to the party last night ,but I had to work extra hours to finish a report.A.to go

B.to have gone


D.having gone

答案:B. would like/love to have done表示本想如何而未做,“本想去参加晚会但没去”。

3. Jack____yet, otherwise he would have telephoned me.

A.mustn't have arrived

B.should have arrived

C.can't have arrived

D.needn't have arrived 答案:C。

4..I told Sally how to get there, but perhaps I____it out for her.

A.had to write

B.must have written

C.should have written

D.ought to write


5.There were already five people in the car ,but they managed to take me as well.

It____a comfortable journey.

A. can't be

B.shouldn't be

C.mustn't have been

D.couldn't have been


6.--Do you think I could borrow your dictionary?


A.Yes,you may borrow

B.Yes, you could

C.Yes, help yourself

D.Yes, go on

答案:C.Help yourself表示“请随便”。

. 7.--When can I come for the photos? I need them tomorrow afternoon.

--They____be ready by 12:00. A.can B.should C.might D.need 答案:B。表示“照片应该在12点前冲洗出来”。

.8____you have got a chance, you might as well make full use of it.

A.Now that



D.As soon as

答案:A.might as well 意为“不妨”或“还是……的好”,该句意思为“既然有这样的好机会,你不妨充分利用一下”。

9 --Will you stay for lunch?

--Sorry,____.My brother is coming to see me.

A.I mustn't

B.I can't

C.I needn't

D.I won't 答案:B。表示不能。




1.--The light in the office is still on.--Oh, I forgot____.

A.turning it off

B.turn it off

C.to turn it off

D.having turned it off


2.____a reply,he decided to write again.

A.Not receiving

B.Receiving not

C.Not having received

D.Having not received 答案:C非谓语的否定结构。

3.The Olympic Games, ____in 776 BC, didn't include women players until 1912.

A.first playing

B.to be first played

C.first played

D.to be playing


4. _____ he is a child, he can’t go there.


B.To give


D.Having given

5._____ from his twin at birth,he didn’t know he had a brot her until he was twenty.

A. Separated


C. Having separated D To separate

6.He hurried to the station, only___ the train had left.

A.to find Bto have found C.found D.finding

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