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(译林版)7B Unit 3 达标检测卷-附答案

(译林版)7B Unit 3 达标检测卷-附答案
(译林版)7B Unit 3 达标检测卷-附答案

7B Unit 3达标检测卷

满分:100分时间:90分钟得分:_________ 一、根据句意及所给首字母或汉语提示,完成下列句子(每小题1分,共10分) 1.When the waitresses are on duty,they should wear u .

2.There is a stone b over the small river.

3.We can get out of the underground at E Six

4.Bring me sortie grapes when you walk p the fruit shop.

5.The park is in the_________(西北)of Sunshine Town.

6.This Sunday we are going to have a_________(野餐)in the park.

7.I have little money in my wallet.I want to get some from the________(银行).8.Don’t move_________(向前).Just stand there.

9.Three robbers are walking_________(向)the twin brothers.

10.Would you like to live in a_________(旅馆)tonight?


1.They jumped out of the van and ran away________(quick).

2.I was very__________(surprise)to see Mr Green in Paris last Monday.

3.It was dark in the sky._________(sudden),it slated to rain heavily.

4.Walk________(cross)the bridge,then turn left,and you will see my house.5.Look! Some__________(rob)are coming out of the bank.Let’s call 110 at once.6.What’s the__________(mean)of his words?

7.—__________we__________(go)there by bus? —No.Let’s go there on foot.8.They are_________ (have)a farewell party for me next Friday.

9.We would like you__________(bring)your own food here.

10.It’easy_________(walk)from my home to my school.


1.I’m_________ to see that there is a snake in the bushes.

2.Some boys are playing_________ in the park now.

3.Run to your classroom__________,or you’ll be late.

4.You can’t swim__________ the river.It’s dangerous.

5._________,he heard someone calling‘Help! Help!’


1.Cross the street,and you can find it.(同义句转换)

Go________ the street,and you can find it.

2.I don’t know how I can make postcards.(同义句转换)

I don’t know how________ _________postcards.

3.We can take another route.(改为否定句)

We_________ take another route.

4.We want to take them to the shopping mall.(对画线部分提问)

_________do you want to take them to?


( )1._________TV.It’s time for supper.

A.Stop to watch B.Stop watch C.Stop watching D.To stop watch ( )2.We are really tired.Let’s________ a rest.

A.stop to have B.stop have C.stop having D.to stop have ( )3.—What________ you________ do tomorrow? —I’m not sure.

A.are;go to B.are;going to C.will;go to D.will;going to ( )4.—I don’t know the way to the hospital.—__________me.I will show you the way.A.Follow B.Follow with C.Follow after D.Follow behind ( )5.The park is not far.We_________ go there by underground.

A.not have to B.not has to C.don’t have to D.don’t has to ( )6.I have two pens.One is red,_________is black.

A.other B.the other C.another D.others ( )7.—Excuse me,can you tell me________ to the zoo? —Of course.A.how get B.how to get C.how getting D.how I getting ( )8.Look! A train is going__________ a tunnel.

A.across B.cross C.through D.over

( )9.—Can you jump________ that hike? —No,I can’t.It’s too high.A.on B.in C.tinder D.over

( )10.—I don’t know________ the park.Can you help me?

—I’m afraid I can’t.I’m new here.

A.the way of B.the way to C.the way at D.the way on 六、完形填空(每小题1分,共10分)

To study in the right way

Food is important.Everyone needs to 1 well if he or she wants to have a strong body.Our minds also need a kind of food.This kind of food is 2 .we begin to get knowledge even when we are very young.Small children are 3 in everything around them.They learn 4 while they are watching and listening.When they are getting older,they begin to 5 storybooks,science books…anything they like.When they find something new,they love to ask questions and 6 to find out the answers.

What is the best 7 to get knowledge? If we learn 8 ourselves,we will get the most knowledge.If we are 9 getting answers from others and do not ask why,we will never learn well.When we study in the right way,we will learn more and understand 10 .( )1.A.sleep B.read C.drink D.eat

( )2.A.sport B.exercise C.knowledge D.meat

( )3.A.interested B.interesting C.weak D.better ( )4.A.everything B.something C.nothing D.anything

( )5.A.lend B.read C.learn D.write ( )6.A.try B.have C.think D.wait

( )7.A.place B.school C.way D.road

( )8.A.on B.with C.to D.by

( )9.A.often B.always C.usually D.sometimes ( )10.A.harder B.much C.better D.well



Peter and Charley will go to the movie theatre.But Peter doesn’t know the way to the

( )1.How does Charley tell Peter how to go there?

A.He tells him by the phone.B.He tells him in a letter.

C.He writes on a piece of paper.D.He writes an e-mail to him.

( )2.Peter and Charley want to go to a________.

A.library B.shop C.theatre D.park

( )3.The movie theatre is_________.

A.on the Sun Avenue B.on the Centre Street

C.near the supermarket D.near the park

( )4.Where is the park in the map?


( )5.Which does he see first?

A.The library.B.The video arcade.C.The movie theatre.D.The park.


Alan worked in an office in a city.He worked very hard and really wanted to take a holiday.

He usually went to the seaside,but one day he saw an ad in the newspaper.‘Enjoy country life.Spend a few weeks at Willow Farm.Good food,fresh air,horse-riding,walking,fishing.Good prices.’

‘This sounds like a good idea,’he thought.‘I’ll spend a month at Willow Farm.I’ll

enjoy horse-riding,walking and fishing.They’ll make a change from sitting by the seaside.’Four days later he returned home.’

‘What’s wrong with Willow Farm?’his friend Jack asked him.‘Didn’t you enjoy country life?’

‘Country life was fine,’Alan said,‘but there was another problem.’


‘Well,the first day I was there a sheep died,and we had roast mutton for dinner.’

‘Fresh meat is the best.’

‘I know,but on the second day a cow died,and we had roast beef for dinner.’

‘Lucky your!’

‘You don’t understand,’Alan said.‘On the third day a pig died and we had roast pork for dinner.’

‘A different roast every day,’Jack said.

‘Let me finish,’Alan said.‘On the fourth day the farmer died and I didn’t dare to stay for dinner.’

( )6.Where did Alan work?

A.On a farm.B.At a school1.

C.In a restaurant.D.In an office in a city.

( )7.Where did Alan usually go to spend his holiday?

A.By the seaside.B.In the country.

C.In the mountains.D.On an island.

( )8.Alan decided to spend his holiday at Willow Farm because__________.A.he lived near there B.he had a good friend there

C.he thought it would make a change from sitting by the seaside

D.he wanted to enjoy the fresh air in the country

( )9.How many days did he stay on the farm?

A.A few days.B.A week.C.Three days.D.Four days.( )10.What made Alan return so soon?

A.He fell ill.B.The air there was not fresh.

C.The prices were too high.

D.He was afraid that they would have the dead man for dinner.


Charlie likes football.He plays it after work or at weekends.And he watches football matches on TV in the evening.So sometimes he goes to bed late and can’t get up on time in the morning.He’s often late for work.The head of his office is angry with him.He tells his friends about it.And they begin to call him at half past six in the morning.When he hears the telephone bell,he gets up and so he can catch the early bus.But now the young man is often tired when he is at work.The head is always in the office and he can’t sleep there.

This morning the head tells him to write some letters to the companies.He makes some

mistakes in them.The head tells him to do it again.And he gives the letters to the head this afternoon.but the man finds more mistakes.So he is very angry and says,‘Can you tell me why you make so many mistakes in a day?’

‘Yes,I can,sir,’says Charlie,‘I get up too early.’


1.What does Charlie do when he doesn’t go to work?


2.Why is Charlie often late for work?


3.Why does Charlie ask his friends to help him?


4.What does Charlie do today?


5.Why does Charlie make too many mistakes today?




Look!____________________________________ the forest.


________________________to Sunshine Secondary School?






We would like__________________________________________.







Dear classmates

We are happy to___________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

Yours faithfully



一、1.uniform 2.bridge 3.Exit 4.past 5.north-west 6.picnic 7.bank 8.forward 9.towards 10.hotel

二、1.quickly 2.surprised 3.Suddenly 4.across 5.robbers 6.meaning 7.Shall;go 8.going to have 9.to bring 10.to walk

三、1.surprised 2.happily 3.quickly 4.across 5.Suddenly

四、1.across 2.to make 3.can’t/cannot 4.Where

五、1~5.CABAC 6~10.BBCDB

六、1~5.DCABB 6~10.ACDBC

七、1~5.CCCAB 6~10.DACDD

八、1.He usually plays football or watches matches.2.Because he can’t get up on time in the morning.3.The head of the office is angry with him and he has to go to work on time.4.He writes some letters to the companies.5.Because he doesn’t sleep well at night.九、1.The children are going through 2.Can you tell me the way

3.Cross the bridge;turn right 4.When shall we meet 5.everyone to bring his own food and drinks

十、Dear classmates

We are happy to invite you to have a picnic in the Sunshine Park.We will meet at the school gate at 8.00 a.m.We will go there by bus.

We will row the boat,take photos,ride horses and do all kinds of interesting things there.We will also have lunch there.We will go home at 5.00 p.m.

I hope everyone will have a great time there.

Yours faithfully