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Translation :

Unit 1

1. 电台热线电话radio phone-in


The radio phone-in attracted more peopl e to take part in the discussion of the issue.

2. 彻头彻尾的虚伪姿态thoroughly hypocritical posture


He said he really wanted to help the poor, but we knew it was a thoroughly hypocritical posture.

3. 被慷慨地赋予这些特性be more lavishly bestowed with these attributes


We usually think Chinese are honest and hardworking and are more lavishly bestoed with these attributes.

4. 露马脚give the game away


She said she l oved him but her eyes gave the game away.

5. 废除猎狐abolish fox-hunting


Now more and more peopl e want to abolish fox-hunting.

Unit 2

1. 西湖的美因四季而不同,但总能吸引游客(l ose its grip on)

The beautiful West Lake in different seasons never l oses its grip on tourists.

2. 很多热心人都在深切关注著那走失孩子的命运(care about)

Many warm-hearted citizens are caring d eeply about the missing boy’s fate.

3. 这首歌将在我们脑海里萦绕数月。(haunt)

The song woul d haunt us for months.

4. 尽管我很快就使他相信我是清白的, 但他从此却不把我当好朋友了。


Although I soon convinced him of my innocence, he d oesn’t regard me as good friend ever since.

5. 一次又一次的争吵最终导致了这场打架。(culminate in)

A series of quarrels culminated in the fight.

Unit 3

1. stand in awe of使人心生敬畏


The tourists from all over the worl d stand in awe of the grandness of Great Wall.

2. as white as snow/sheet/wool/fl our洁白如雪/惨白


The paper mad e from this material is as white as snow.

3. capture the worl d’s attention令全世界瞩目


The fabul ous achievements of Chinese peopl e in recent years have captured the worl d’s attention.

4. make …pale in comparison相比之下黯然失色


The beauty of the Palace Hotel makes other hotels pale in comparison.

5. overwhelmed by the praises/compliments好评如潮


As the Palace hotel opened its d oor to the public, it was overwhelmed by compliments.

Unit 4

1. to stay out of 不要卷入


Stay out of this; it’s Tom’s proble m, not yours!

2. to sl ow d own 慢下来,减速


They sl owed the film d own to see if they could id entify any of the faces.

3. to run red lights 闯红灯


It may be very dangerous to run red lights when driving in the city.

4. law-abiding citizens 守法公民


We need more law-abiding citizens to observe rul es and regulations in our community.

5. brake in a hurry 急刹车


If a driver brakes in a hurry on the road, an accid ent may probably occur.

Unit 5

1. Call me when you get there, no matter what the time is.

无论什么时间,你到了那儿就给我打电话。(no matter what无论什么)

2. He promised to help us and he stuck to his word.

他答应过帮助我们,他没有失信。(stick to遵守;信守;坚持)

3. The Presid ent is d eeply concerned about this issue.

总统对这个问题深感担忧。(be concerned about焦急,担忧)

4. Support coming from family and friends is helpful for you to regain confid ence.

来自家人和朋友的支持对你重拾信心是有帮助的。(regain confid ence重拾信心) 5. The book shows a somewhat superficial understanding of the historical context.

这部书表现出作者对历史背景的理解略显肤浅。(superficial / shall ow肤浅)

Unit 6

1. 由于好奇,小女孩穿着她父亲的鞋。

Out of curiosity, the littl e girl wore her father's shoes.

2. 如果你想有一个健康的身体,你必须改变你的生活方式。

If you want to have a healthy body, you must change your lifestyl es.

3. 杰克对他刚才说的话感到内疚。

Jack is guilty about the words he just said.

4. 我们确实相信,这是一条可行的办法。

We truly believe that this is a viabl e approach.

5. 这些社会变革须在全国范围内进行。

These social changes shoul d be taken at a national l evel.


Unit 1

1. 在西方国家,拥抱是打招呼的一种方式。

Giving a hug is a way of greeting in Western countries.

2. 我意识到他把我的沉默误解为生气。

I realized that he had misinterpreted my silence as anger.

3. 你毕业后想从事什么职业?

What profession woul d you like to foll ow after your graduation?

4. 研究表明,81%以上的教师不满意自己的薪水。

Research indicates that over 81% of teachers are dissatisfied with their salary.

5. 和朋友们一起看电影是非常令人愉快的事情。

It’s very agreeabl e to see a movie with friends.

Unit 2

1. 你应该对你的行为感到十分羞愧。

You should feel d ownright ashamed of your actions.

2. 你跟她结婚是不现实的。

It is not realistic for you to marry with her.

3. 她不愿意跟这个野蛮的男人呆在一起。

She is not willing to stay with the savage man.

4. 人们用水晶仿造钻石。

Peopl e imitate diamonds with crystal.

5. 这盲孩一直幻想着自己有一双美丽的大眼睛。

The blind girl always dreams up a pair of beautiful big eyes.

Unit 3

1. 这个年龄的男孩喝酒合法吗?

Is it l egal for boys of that age to drink alcohol?


Note d own her telephone number in case you forget


There is a subdued atmosphere in the school at exam time


Everyone was a bit puzzl ed by her sud d en d eparture.


We spent days going through all related reference material.

Unit 4


I reserved a d oubl e room on Monday, and I’d like to confirm it.


The coupl e cut their househol d expenses to the minimum...

3. 总的来说,这个规则很容易懂。

In general, the rul e is very easy to und erstand.

4. 她试图解决这个难题,但是她失败了。

She attempted to solve the problem, but fail ed.


Most smokers are perfectly aware of the dangers of smoking.

Unit 5

1. 今年我们决定去海南度假。

We d ecid ed on Hainan for our holiday this year.

2. 我们已无力解决这个问题。

We are at our wits’ end in solving the problem.

3 .这门课结束后,你就有资格开业当律师。

At the end of the course, you will be qualified to practise law.

4. 我们希望他不会再问那么令人尴尬的问题。

We wish he wouldn’t ask such em barrassing questions any more.

5. 公司采用了各种测试步骤来选拔合适的候选人。

Companies use a variety of testing procedures to sel ect appropriate candidates.

Unit 6

1. 官员们还没有想出解决金融危机的新主意。(come up with)

The officials haven’t come up with a new id ea for solving the financial cri sis.

2. 我认为你原先的计划比这个好。(original)

I prefer your original plan to this one.

3. 图书馆的书是根据科目分类的。(classify)

The books in the library are classified according to subject.

4. 这则广告极大地促进了公司销售量的增加。(contribute to)

This advertisement has contributed greatly to t he company’s increase of sal es 5. 政府正竭尽全力提高农民的年收入。(annual)

The government is making efforts to increase the annual income of farmers.

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