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The Doctrine of the Mean is the core of Confucianism. The so-called “mean” by Confucius doesn’t mean “compromise” but a “moderate” and “just-right” way when understanding and handling objective things. Confucius advocated that this thought should not only be treated as away to understand and deal with things but also be integrated into one’s daily conduct to make it a virtue through self-cultivation and training.

The Doctrine of the Mean is not only the core of Confucianism but also an important component of traditional Chinese culture. From the time it came into being to the present, it has played an invaluable role in the construction of national spirit, the transmission of national wisdom, and the development of national culture.




The four great classic Chinese novels are Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Outlaws of the Marsh, journey to the West and A Dream of Red Mansions. All the four novels were written during the period from the late Yuan and early Ming dynasties tot he Qing Dynasty. They all reflect various aspects of ancient China, including political and military strife, social conflicts and cultural beliefs. The four novels are of supreme artistic standards, representing the peak of China’s classic novels. Lots of the characters and scenes in the books are Well-known in China and have exerted profound influences on the ideology and values of the entire nation. Highly valuable for the research of China’s ancient customs, feudal system, and social life, the four classic novels are precious cultural relics of China as well as the human society as a whole.




In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet technology, the Internet economy has become a hot issue. As represented by the promising E-commerce, the Internet economy has become a strong driving force for the economic development. Our government attaches great importance to developing the Internet-economy and proposes the concept of “Internet Plus”, aiming to integrate the Internet with other industries, such as healthcare, transportation, education, finance, and public service. This will create great potential and broad prospects for the development of the Internet economy. With the implementation of the “Internet Plus” strategy, the Internet is certain to be integrated with more

traditional industries and help build “the upgraded version of the Chinese economy”.



Suzhou gardens are the most outstanding representatives of classical Chinese gardens.

Most of them were privately-owned. The gardens first appeared in the Spring and Autumn Period, developed in the Song and Yuan dynasties, and flourished in the Ming and Qing dynasties. By the late Qing Dynasty, Suzhou had got as many as over 170 gardens of diverse styles, Winning it the name “The City of Gardens”. Now, over 60gardens are kept in good condition, of which more

than 10 are Open to the public. The Surging Wave Pavilion, the Lion Grove Garden, the Humble Administrator’s Garden and the Lingering Garden are called the four most famous gardens in Suzhou representing the artistic styles of the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties respectively. Suzhou gardens are assemblies of residences and gardens, which makes them suitable places for living, visiting and appreciating. The architectural principles of the gardens are a demonstration of the life styles and social customs of the ancient Chinese people in the south of the Lower Yangtze River. Suzhou gardens are not only a product of Chinese history and culture, but also a carrier of traditional Chinese ideology and culture. In 1997,Suzhou gardens were inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO.




Chinese civilization once had a significant influence on world civilization. With the development of our country’s economy and the rise of her international status in recent years, Chinese culture, which has a long history, is once again attracting global attention. More and more Chinese cultural elements provide inspiration for and become popular subjects of fashions, literature and movies around the world.

This shows that the world needs Chinese culture. It was in this context that China decided to implement the “Culture Exporting” strategy so as to enhance her cultural exchanges with the rest of the world.

After several years’ efforts, great achievements have been made in this respect. “Culture Exporting” has greatly promoted the development of our cultural

industries. It is becoming an effective approach through which China enhances her national image and comprehensive strength.



Boao Forum for Asia (BPA) is a non-governmental, non-profit international organization. Initiated by25 Asian countries and Australia, it was officially founded in 2001. The organization is headquartered in Boao Town in China’s Hainan Province. With equality, mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win as its objectives, EPA is devoted to promoting

economic exchanges, coordination and cooperation between Asian countries as well as enhancing dialogs and ties between Asia and other parts of the world. The

forum provides a high-level platform where governments, businesses and scholars from relevant countries discuss Asian and global affairs.

Through further regional economic cooperation, BFA will facilitate the realization of Asian countries’ goals and contribute to a new Asia that boasts greater prosperity, stability and peace.


Urban-rural integration is a new stage of China’s modernization and urbanization process. It aims to break the urban and rural dual economic structure through making integrated plans for urban and rural

development, and through system reform and policy adjustment, so that the urban and rural areas will finally achieve equal policies and realize complementary developing patterns, enabling the rural residents to enjoy the same level of civilization and equal benefits with the urban residents. Urban-rural integration is a significant and profound social reform which enables comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the entire urban-rural economy. Only by enhancing urban-rural integration, and by properly managing urban-rural relationships, increasing urban-rural collaboration and narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas, can we guarantee that our country realize the blueprint goal of building a well-off society- in an all-round way by 2020.




In recent years, the social development and changes in employment situation have put high errequirements on college students. Instead of confining themselves to the knowledge in books, more and more college students are stepping-out of the “Ivory Tower” and taking an active part in social practice in their spare time. Through social practice, college students can have a deeper under standing of society, increase their sense of social responsibility, and improve their analytica land problem-solving abilities. Meanwhile, taking part in social practice can also help student srecognize their own shortcomings and have a clear idea about where they are to go in the future. All these benefits will help them build up social and work experience, which will lay a solid foundation for them in finding jobs or starting their own businesses in the future.



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