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Unit 2Food, Glorious Food

Active Reading 1

Reading and understanding

2. Choose the best way to complete the sentences

1. b

2. B.

3. a

4. a.

5. C

Dealing with unfamiliar words

3. Match the words in the box with their definition

1. frank

2. resort

3. yummy

4. juicy

5. gloomy

6. innocence

7. perception8. Nonsense

4. Replace the underlined words with the correct form of thewords in the box1 The waves were very large in size as they fell onto the beach. (enormous)2There was so much seafood that it was holding tightly onto the plate. (clinging)3 In the area of

land where they were visiting, it wasn ' t usual to eat fish and chips.(region)

4 When he had eaten the shellfish, he got rid of the shells. (discarded)

5 To eat shellfish you need special tools to break open the shells and dig out thefood.(implements; crack;


6 The boy was especially fond of his mother ' s bread and cakes from theoven.(baking)

7 Because they ' re smooth, wet and quite difficult to hold, it ' s qu challengeto tryyour first oysters.


5. Answer the questions about the words in the box.

1 Which word means feeling? (emotion)

2 Which word means a feeling that a situation is so bad that there youcando to change it? (despair)

3 Which word means to say you ' re not happy with someone or

something?(complain)4 Which word describes how your face looks when you annoyed or worried aboutsomething? (frown)

5 Which word describes something that is unpleasant to taste, smell or see?(nasty)

6 Which word means to say something to someone in order to have fun byembarrassing or annoying them slightly? (tease)

Reading and interpreting

6. Check the true statements

The true statements are 1,2, 4.

Talking point

Some words to express likes or dislikes of particular food items.Positive

words:appetizing,delicious,exquisite, fabulous

mouth-watering,tasty tempting

Negative words:bitter disgusting revolting

Either positive or negative:home-made (usually positive,) salty


Active reading (2)

Dealing with unfamiliar words

4. Answer the questions about the words and expressions in the box

1. more active

2. its features

3. the reason for it

4. made in a factory

5. help cause hormones to leave the brains

6. press it strongly

7. your parents

8. liquid9. tell people

5. Replace the underlined words with the correct form of the wordsin the box.(1) luxury

(2) nourishing (3) mould (4) manufacturer (5) snap

(6) condensed (7) flavour (8) popularity (9) genetic (10) trait

Language in use

word formation

3Form new words with the following words and the prefixes / suffixes in thetable.air —airsick car — carsick fiction non-fiction help — helpful sea — seasick shop shopaholic smoker non-smoker

spoon spoonful

stop non-stop work - workaholic

4 Answer the questions with the words you formed in Activity 3.

What' s the word for:

1 how you feel if the sea makes you ill? (seasick)

2 someone who likes shopping a lot? (shopaholic)

3 what something is if it is useful and providing help? (helpful)

4 what a flight is ifit goes directly from one place to another?(non-stop)

5 someone who doesn ' t smoke?-(3TOQker)

6 writing which is about real people and events, not imaginary ones?(non- fiction)

5 Translate the sentences into Chinese.

1 Outside the skies were grey and a strong wind was blowing off the sea. Itlooked asgloomy as I felt.


2 “ Now, stop complaining, try one oyster for me, then you can have somethingnice and easy to eat,maybe some prawns withbread and butter, ” he suggested,striking a note of compromise for the first time during the whole meal.


3 But with the clear conception which only a ten-year-old boy can have, Istillunderstood that the compromise included eating that oyster, sitting on the side of my father ' s plate.


4 The chocolate sets into bars which will easily snap into pieces and then melt inthemouth.


5 But what accounts for its amazing popularity or even the properties that havemademillions of people confess to being chocaholics?


6 Translate the sentences into English.


They don ' t serve chips / French fries here. If you want them, you have to go to a KFC or McDonald ' s.


(crack;crush)He picked up a walnut and tried to crack it with a hammer,but instead he crushed it.

3当金子加热融化后,他们把金水倒进模子,铸成金条。(melt; mould)When

the gold was heated and melted, they poured it into a mould to form a gold bar.

4他承认是他打破了教室的窗玻璃。(admit to)

He admitted to breaking the window of the classroom.


(have …eect on)To our delight, the new economic policy is beginning to have apositive effect on the economy.


egg pancake rolled up with fried dough sticks 煎饼果子),deep fried dough cakeG由饼),baked pancake

(烧饼),stuffed pancake with Chinese chives韭菜盒子),deep friedtwisteddough sticks (油条),fried

cake 炸糕),soybean milk 悦浆),meat pies 例馅饼),steamed meat /vegetablebuns (肉包/ 菜包),

steamed buns 慢头),fried noodles /rice (炒面/ 炒饭),cold noodles 凉面), milletporridge (小米粥),

wonton (馄饨),dumpling (饺子),lightly fried dumpling (锅贴),soupdumpling(汤


kebab (烤肉串),sweet dumpling with sesame paste 苣麻汤圆),toffee yam/apple (拔丝山药/拔丝苹

果),toffee hawthorn (冰糖葫芦)





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