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Promotion Methods


A marketing manager can choose from several promotion methods-personal selling, mass selling and sales promotion


Personal selling-flexibility is its strength.

Personal selling involves direct face –to- face communication between sellers and potential customers face-to-face selling also provides immediate feedback-which helps sales people to adapt salespeople are included in most marketing mixes .but personal selling can be very expensive. So its often desirable to combine personal selling with mass selling and sales promotion.



Mass selling –reaching millions at a price or even free

Mass selling is communicating with large numbers of potential customers at the same time .it less flexible than personal selling. But when the target market is large and scattered, mass selling can be less expensive.



Advertising is the main form of mass selling. Advertising is any paid form of nonpersonal presentation of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor. Its includes the use of such media as magazines, newspapers, radio and TV, signs, and direct mail. While advertising must be paid for , another form of mass selling –publicity-is free


Publicity is any unpaid form of nonpersonal presentation of ideas, goods, or services. Of course, publicity people are paid. But they try to attract attention to the firm and its offerings without having to pay media costs. For example, book publishers try to get authors on TV “talk shows” because this generate a lot of interest-and book sales-at no cost to the publisher.

When Coleco introduced its cabbage Patch dolls, it held press parties for reporters and they children. A number of reporters wrote “human interest” stories about their kids “adopting”

the cute dolls. Those stories prompted more media attention-and a very successful product introduction without Coleco doing any introductory advertising.





If a firm has a really new massage, publicity may be more effective than advertising. Trade magazines, for example, may carry article featuring the newsworthy products of regular advertisers-in part because they are regular advertisers. The firm publicity people write the basic “copy” and they try to convince magazine editors to print it. Each year, magazines print photos and stories about new cars-and often the source of the information is the auto producers. This publicity may even raise more interest than the company paid advertising. A consumer might not pay any attention to an ad-but might carefully read a long magazine story about with the same information.


Some companies prepare videotapes that are designed to TV get free publicity for their products on TV new shows. For example, on video-mdistributed to TV stations at Hallowoeen- discussed a government recommendation that parents use makeup rather than masks for young children. The story was effectively tied to a new makeup product for children made by PAAS Product


Large firm have specialists to handle publicity. Usually though , publicity is treated as just another kind of advertising--and it often isn’t used as effectively as it could be .In most firms publicity deserves much more attention than it gets now.


Sales promotion tries to spark Immediate interest

Sales promotion refers to promotion activities---other than advertising, publicity, and personal selling---that stimulate interest, trial, or purchase by final customers or another in the channel. Sales promotion may be aimed at consumers, at middlemen, or even at a firm’s own employees. Examples include coupon, samples of consumer products, special sweepstakes and contests, point-of-purchase materials, and displays at trade shows.

It’s hard to generalize about sales promotion because it includes such a wide variety of activities. But usually its objective is to complement mass selling and personal selling.






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