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1)U nit 1

1.Their introduction of Amateur

Dramatics impressed Sophie so much

that she signed up for it.

2.Online education provides those who

work full time with opportunities to

receive further education in their spare time.

3.When he first arrived at university, he

was not sure whether he was supposed to scribble down every word out of the professor's mouth.

4.Nobody detects his despair well

hidden behind his smile.

5.Some students are easy about talking

with strangers, while some others find

it hard to do so.

2)U nit 2

3) 1 They don't serve chips / French fries here. If you want it, you have to go to a KFC or McDonald's.

4) 2. He picked up a walnut and tried to crack it with a hammer, but instead he crushed it.

5) 3. When the gold was heated and melted, they poured it into a mould to form a gold bar.

6) 4.He admitted to breaking the window of the classroom.

7) 5. To our delight, the new economic policy is beginning to have a positive effect on the economy

8)U nit 3

1.It is most likely that teachers won't

think much of students who cannot

think for themselves.

2.When he was in high school, hardly

anyone did scientific experiments;

much less had training in this respect.

3.Envy is the result of laziness and


4.Rather than picking any volunteer job,

some college students choose activities based on their majors.

5.The best approach is to break the

students up into several groups so that

they can focus their discussion on

specific problems

9)U nit 4

1.It is estimated that today, the privacy

of half of the 0.4 billion mobile phone

subscribers is in danger.

2.The less people spend on daily

necessities, the more arrangements

they will make for leisure activities

such as traveling.

3.What I especially like about traveling

is that I can go to different places and

learn about particular lifestyles,

conventions and customs in different


4.In most cases, cultural bumps arouse

people's curiosity about different

cultures. Only on rare occasions can

they cause embarrassment.

5.You can reserve the right to make

independent choices, but as an adult,

you should not act on impulse

10)Unit 5

11)1 Suddenly the man in the red shirt turned off his false smile and showed his true colors.

12)2 The husband flatly contradicted his wife’s claim that he was too lazy to do the housework.

13)3 The manager pledged his word that he would not leave the office until the last day of his term.

14)4 He didn’t realize that his fascination for her beauty had blinded him to her faults.

15)5 On hearing that the police had finally found her child in the woods, the young lady shed tears

16)Unit 6

17)1 Make sure the stamp is firmly attached to the letter before you drop it into the mailbox.

18)2 Many youngsters are addicted to net games, which can damage their physical and mental health.

19)3She sat at the table reading the newspaper, looking for the entire world as if nothing had happened.

20)4 I had intended to reduce stress by shopping in the mall, but I changed my mind. I decided to have a good sleep instead.

21)5 The Congress has rejected the latest economic proposal put forward by the President because it provoked widespread criticism

22)Unit 7

23)1You just move the desk toanother office,and I'll see to tne rest.

24)2Some Americans believe that the protection of privacy and personal data holds back the fight against terrorism and organised crime.

25)3This well-known scientist will lecture at Pecking University on globai climate change and public policy. 26)4Bob needs to get himself together and stop messing around and wasting this opportnity.

27)5As John slipped on the banana skin and fell over,those mischievous boys laughed their heads off.

28)Unit 8

1.He couldn’t contain his curiosity, so

he resolved to set off immediately to

see what Provence was really like.

2.As the deadline approaches, he is

spending more time searching for

clues, making sure that the conclusion

is matched by the fact.

3.Their quarrels continued at

approximately two-day intervals for

more than half a year, and neither

wanted to yield to the other.

4.No sooner had we gone to bed than

the door of the hotel burst open and a

group of soldiers rushed in.

5.Due to the unexpected heavy

rain, the time they spent on

the road was twice as long as

they had intended to.

29)Unit 9

30)In the face of a disaster, people save lives at any cost.

31)He believed that there was no point in adjusting the plan at the beginning of the whole project.

32)The students were concentrating on reviewing lessons when, all of a sudden, an earthquake struck the city.

33)He promises to keep on taking exercise, but we all know it’s just a matter of time before he gives up.

34)He distinguishes himself by committing himself to doing charity work.

35)Unit 10

36)people are fearful of the huge threat posed by the greenhouse effect on the environment.

37)After living in a big city for a while , he found that it was hard for him to become conditioned to rural life again.

38)It gradually dawned on him that no one would come up with a convincing explanation of this incident.

39)It is finding excuses to walk away from collective activities.

40)5. He is finding excuses to walk away from collective activities.