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1. 那部关于古代战争的电影采用了先进的技术令观众仿佛身临其境。illusion Thanks to modern technology, the film about that ancient battle gives the audience the illusion of being on the battlefield themselves.

2. 在那场大火中整个古城毁于一旦但是这块石碑却幸运地保存了下来。devastate

That ancient city was devastated by the fire, but fortunately the stone tablet survived.

3. 他们看了那段录像听了那位妇女的讲述心里充满了对那位地震孤儿的同情。fill with The videotape and the story by the woman filled them with sympathy for the child who had become an orphan in the earthquake.

4. 那场大地震中我们听到过太多太多教师的事迹他们拒绝离开学生自己逃生献出了自己的生命。leave behind

In that earthquake, we heard many stories of teachers who had refused to leave their students behind and laid down their lives.

5. 豫园的建造始于1558年但由于资金短缺时建时停1578年才建成。off and on

The construction of the Yu Yuan Garden began in 1558, but it was not completed until 1578 because building went off and on for lack of money.

6. 1980年我遇到她时她刚从国外读完硕士回来。meet up with

In 1980, when I met up with her, she had just returned from abroad with a master’s degree.

7. 这是我第一次来纽约但我还是设法找到了那家小公司。find one’s way to It was my first visit to New York, but I managed to find my way to the little firm.

8. 在电影界要达到顶峰时非常困难的但是作为一名导演谢晋做到了。make it It is hard to make it to the top in the movie industry, but as a director Xie Jin did it.


1. 如今许多爱慕虚荣的年轻人尽管还不富裕但却迷上了漂亮的小汽车。vain, be obsessed with

Many vain young people are obsessed with fancy cars despite the fact that they are not rich enough to afford them.

2. 当他的婚外恋被妻子发现后他们的婚姻终于破裂了。affair, fall apart Their marriage finally fell apart when his affair with another woman was found out by his wife.

3. 那位艺术家为了获得创作的灵感在农村住了三年放弃了生活上的许多享受。inspiration, deny oneself something

For artistic inspiration, the artist lived in the country for three years, where he denied himself many comforts of life.

4. 我不知道明天去崇明岛的远足活动能不能成行因为这要取决于会不会下雨。excursion, at the mercy of

I’m not sure if we can have the excursion to Chongming Island tomorrow. It is at the mercy of the weather.

5. 他早年到日本学医回国后却改变了主意一辈子从事文学创作。pursue When he was young he went to Japan to learn medicine, but after he returned to China he changed his mind and pursued a career as a writer all his life.

6. 她最近和足以做她父亲的老头好上了这是她父母感到非常丢脸。take up with, disgrace She’s taken up with a man old enough to be her father, which is a disgrace to her parents.

7. 1978年以来我国经济发展神速相比之下一些发达国家的经济反而滑坡了。witness, contrast

Since 1978, our economy has witnessed a rapid development; in contrast that of some developed countries has declined.

8. 地震切断了这个城市和外界的联系。人们的食品供应也许挨不过冬天了。hold out

The earthquake isolated this city from other areas. I’m afraid their food supplies will not hold out through the winter.


1. 那些粉丝在雨中苦苦等了足足两个小时这位“超女”才到达。show up The fans waited anxiously in the rain for two hours before the “super girl”finally showed up.

2. 他们恋爱八年经历了种种苦难才终成良缘。go through

They had been in love for eight years, when they went through many agonies, before they finally got married.

3. 我丢了钱包非常懊丧但我只能自我安慰——事情有可能更糟呢。要是在机场丢了护照怎么办upset, console

I was upset by the loss of my wallet, but I could only console myself—if could have been worse. What if I had lost my passport at the airport?

4. 考虑到他年纪小没经验他在第一部电影中的表现可以说非常优秀了。given

Given his age and inexperience/Given that he was young and inexperienced, his performance in his first movie was excellent.

5. 经理每次出差都授权助理代理他的事务因为公司业务不容拖延。authorize Every time he left on business, the manager would authorize his assistant to act for him, as the business of the company couldn’t wait.

6. 这位老人很穷吃的并不好但是身体很硬朗因为她相信多多锻炼是有好处的。believe in

The poor old man did not have much to eat, but he kept healthy because he believed in the benefit of doing exercise.

7. 在所有的古代文明中只有中华文明历经岁月的沧桑却依旧保持着充分的活力。endure, vitality

Of all the ancient civilizations, only that of China has endured through the ages and is still full of vitality.

8. 和许多其他作家一样这位青年作家主要续写爱情这个永恒的主题他的出众

之处在于它对中国农村生活的深刻体验。focus, set apart

Like many other writers, this young writer focuses on the eternal theme of love. What sets him apart from others is his keen observations of rural life in China.


1. 儿童有成人陪同便可在这里游泳。provided

Children may swim here provided that they are accompanied by adults.

2. 这位美国记者因其关于中国的言论而大出洋相因为他对三十年来中国发生的一切真的是孤陋寡闻了。make a fool of oneself, out of touch

This American journalist made a fool of himself over his remarks about China, because he’s been out of touch with what’s been happening in the country in the past three decades.

3. 任何人不论家庭出身、性别和年龄都有受教育的权利。regardless of Every person has the right to education, regardless of his or her family background, sex, and age.

4. 因特网的发明尽管造成了一些问题但是却极大地方便了我们生活中几乎所有方面包括教育、医疗和贸易等。facilitate

The invention of the Internet, despite the fact that it has given rise to some problems, has greatly facilitated almost every aspect of our life, including education, medicine, and business.

5. 您计划出国度假的时候千万不要忽略购买旅行保险否则万一发生什么意外您也许会有很大的麻烦。overlook

Never overlook your travel insurance when you are planning to spend your holiday abroad; otherwise you might find yourself in great trouble if any accident should occur.

6. 在那部电影里那个亿万富翁面临着两难选择——和妻子离婚让她分走他半个金融帝国或者冒着被警方发现的危险把她谋杀掉。faced with

In the movie that billionaire was faced with a dilemma —either divorces his wife, who would then carve out half of his financial empire, or murder her at the risk of being found out by the police.

7. 由于丈夫在金融危机中丢掉了饭碗这对新婚夫妇不得不在许多方面节省开支包括家具、衣服、唱片、书籍等等。cut down on

As the husband lost his job in the financial crisis, the new couple had to cut down on a lot of things—furniture, clothes, records, books, and so on.

8. 三十多年前文革刚刚结束邓小平告诉全国人民中国唯一的出路就是改革开放。lie in

Over thirty years ago, right after the Cultural Revolution, Deng Xiaoping told the people that the only way out lay in reform and opening up to the outside world.


1. 这位电影演员比大多数人更愿意帮助残疾人因为他自己十年前曾中过风。be inclined to

This film actor is more inclined than most people to help the

handicapped because he himself suffered a stroke ten years ago.

2. 这位老人虽然身患风湿病但还是坚持每天跑步、爬山。afflict, rheumatism

The old man is afflicted with rheumatism, but he still goes jogging and mountain-climbing every day.

3. 美国金融制度中的一些残缺适中没有得到足够的重视最终酿成了灾难性的后果。lead to

Some of the flaws in the American financial system, which had never received due attention, eventually led to disastrous consequences.

4. 去年那家公司的股票大跌但他坚持没抛掉现在赚了一大笔。share, hold on to

He held on to his shares of that company when the prices were dropping sharply last year. Now he has made a fortune.

5. 赶快断了这个念头吧——这个想法太疯狂了根本不值得考虑。dismiss Just dismiss the idea from your mind—it’s crazy and not worth thinking about at all.

6. 我们刚准备好好去纽约度假震惊世界的9/11事件发生了。be all set We were all set to leave for the holiday in New York when the 9/11 incident shook the whole world.

7. 如果你认为我有解决这个问题的魔方那你一定会失望的。magic formula, bound, disillusion

If you think I have a magic formula to solve the problem, you are bound

to be disillusioned.

8. 那家日本公司成功地打入了美国的电视市场。penetrate

That Japanese company succeeded in penetrating the US TV market. U6

1. 其他人在厨房里准备食物的时候我们被要求去布置花园。assign

Our group was assigned to decorate the garden while the others were preparing the food in the kitchen.

2. 那位年轻人在战场上意外地遇到失散已久的兄弟惊喜不已。out of the blue

On the battlefield the young man was delighted to meet a long-lost brother who came out of the blue.

3. 谁把牛奶用完了我咖啡里没奶可放了。use up

Who has used up the milk? There is none to put in my coffee.

4. 有谣传说博物馆里的这幅画是赝品原画已于三年前被盗。fake, rumor has it that Rumor has it that this painting is fake and that the original one was stolen three years ago.

5. 你单枪匹马也许不能改变什么。但是我们大家一起努力我们国家的面貌就会大不相同。make a difference

One person may not be able to change much, but working together we’ll be able to make a great difference to our country.

6. 许多入室盗窃案之所以发生是因为主人没有采取预防措施关锁门窗。burglary, precaution

Many burglaries took place because the owners failed to take the precaution of locking their doors and windows.

7. 为了避免爆发内战这位部长飞到前线和暴乱分子谈判。rioter, in an effort to

The minister flew to the front to negotiate with the rioters in an effort to prevent a civil war.

8. 我看到你们在晚会上谈话所以以为你们互相认识。assume

I assumed you knew each other because I saw you talking with each other at the party.


1. 他因急性阑尾炎住院治疗结果连期末考试都没参加。acute appendicitis, with the result that

He was hospitalized with acute appendicitis, with the result that he missed the final examination.

2. 前来听讲座的人数远远超出原来的估计分发给大家的讲义不够了。go round

As many more people came to the lecture than expected, there were not enough handouts to go round.

3. 不管一天工作有多忙他在睡觉前总要看一下电子信箱里有没有新邮件。make a point of

No matter what a long day he may have, he makes a point of checking his e-mail inbox before going to bed.

4. 世界各国都有失业问题但各国政府处理这个问题的方法不尽相同。handle Unemployment is found in all countries in the world, but governments vary in their way to handle the problem.

5. 第一次来到异国的人往往会感到自己周围的一切既陌生又有趣。be apt to Anyone who has come to a foreign country for the first time is apt to find everything around him both strange and interesting.

6. 球迷们对这场足球比赛中双方球员场上的表现都感到十分失望。disappointed at

The football fans were very disappointed at the performance of the players of both teams.

7. 他的话你得好好想一想千万不要他说什么你就信什么。take at face value

Never take what he says at face value. Think it over yourself.

8. 医生的一番话消除了他对手术的恐惧感。remove

The doctor’s words removed his fears about the operation.


1. 经过几个月的讨价还价这两家公司最后达成了一个解决方案这个方案实质上就是我们最初的建议。come up with

After months of negotiation, the two companies finally came up with a solution, which was in essence our original proposal.

2. 这个非洲部落的人民对月亮的崇拜就和我们的祖先对太阳的崇拜差不多。

in the same way that…

The people of that African tribe worship the moon in much the same way that our ancestors worshipped the sun.

3. 四千多年前古埃及金字塔是如何建成的至今还是个谜。有些人猜测它们是外星人造的。speculate

It is still a puzzle as to how the ancient Egyptian pyramids were built over 4000 years ago. Some people speculate that they were built by supernatural beings.

4. 非法使用劣质建筑材料最终导致了宾馆的倒塌。result in

The illegal use of inferior building materials eventually resulted in the collapse of the hotel.

5. 当前许多国家正纷纷采取行动缓解金融危机对经济的冲击。take action At present, many countries are taking action to mitigate the impact of the financial crisis on their economy.

6. 这对夫妇由于多年不断的争吵而最终离了婚这种争吵其实都是因缺乏理解引起的。result from

The couple finally divorced after years of incessant quarrels, which had resulted from a lack of understanding.

7. 两国政府同意建立一条军事热线以降低因情报事务而发生战争的风险。reduce

The governments of the two countries agreed to set up a military hotline to reduce the risk of war due to incorrect information.

8. 有些中国学生在美国的大学里不大成功因为他们没能适应那里的新环境。adapt to Some Chinese students were not very successful in American universities because they failed to adapt to the new environment there. U9

1. 1935年10月中国红军历尽苦难和牺牲最后终于到达了陕北。endure, make/fight one’s way to

In October, 1935, the Chinese Red Army, having endured all the hardships and sacrifices, finally made/fought their way to the north of Shanxi Province.

2. 在经济未击中政府发表了一个声明号召人们尽可能购买当地的产品。release, call upon

In the economic crisis, the government released a statement, calling upon the people to buy local products as far as possible.

3. 世界各国政治家们正在尽一切努力利用原子能恢复人类安全的自然环境。harness, restore

The politicians in various countries are trying to harness nuclear energy and restore the safe environment for the human race.

4. 他没有听见门铃声因为他正在聚精会神地工作。rapt

He didn’t hear the doorbell because he was rapt in his work.

5. 这个国家经常发生暴乱一方面是因为广泛的赤贫现象另一方面则因为人民对腐败政府固有的不信任。inherent

This country suffers from frequent riots because of widespread extreme

poverty, as well as people’s inherent distrust of the corrupt government.

6. 这位经济学家在作关于当前经济形势的报告时在PPT上用许多具体的数字来强调这场危机的严重性。underline

In his lecture on the current economic situation, the economist used a lot of figures on the PPT to underline the seriousness of the crisis.

7. 他笑着回答说“不用谢。我做这件事不光是为了你也是为了我自己。”as much as

He answered with a smile, “Not at all. I did this as much for you as for myself.”8. 评价一个人并不看他说了什么而看他为自己的国家和人民做了些什么。measure

A man is measured not by what he says, but by what he does for his country and people. U10

1. 他分不清法语和西班牙语更别提说这两种语言了。draw a distinction He can’t even draw a distinction between French and Spanish, not to say speaking them.

2. 20世纪90年代的文物热中明清两代传下来的瓷器收到了收藏家的青睐。craze, seek after

In a craze for cultural relics in the 1990s, old chinaware, such as those handed down from the Ming and Qing Dynasties were much sought after by collectors.

3. 这位将军不顾大多数顾问的反对决定碰碰运气发动了那场战斗结果遭到

惨败。take one’s chance[s] on

Despite the opposition of most of his advisors, the general decided to take his chances on the battle and suffered a total defeat in the end.

4. 中华民族经受了数千年的沧桑正在重新焕发青春。stand up to, vicissitudes

The Chinese nation has stood up to the vicissitudes of thousands of years and is now in the process of rejuvenation.

5. 希望你只讲事实而不是传播报纸上登的那篇充满偏见的报道。confine to, spread

I wish you would confine your talk to the facts rather than spread word about the biased report in that newspaper.

6. 他一到巴黎便把手里的钱全部兑换成欧元。convert to

The first thing he did after his arrival in Paris was to convert all his money into Euros.

7. 这部莎士比亚剧本班上中国舞台时为迎合中国观众的口味进行了改变结果它更像一部中国的喜剧而不是英国的戏剧。tailor, so much so that

That Shakespearean play was tailored to the taste of the Chinese audience when it was put on the Chinese stage, so much so that it was more like a Chinese play than an English one.

8. 如果你真想学好英语就必须有一段时间不再讲母语。abandon

You must abandon your native language for some time, if you really want to acquire a good competence in English one.


1. 我的论文超过了一万字最后不得不删掉了几段以满足该学术期刊的要求。cut out As my article was over 10000 words, I finally had to cut out several paragraphs to satisfy the requirements of the academic journal.

2. 事实是无法逃避的必须直面真相为自己的错误付出代价。face up to There is no running away from the facts, so we must face up to the truth and pay for our mistakes.

3. 那一年他虽然遭受了一场车祸但还是通过了所有学校要求的考试升入了下一个年级。promote

That year, despite the car accident, he was promoted to the next grade after he passed all the exams required by the school.

4. 那个国家的知识分子对政府新的福利政策持强烈的批评态度他们认为这将降低劳动人民的生活水平。be critical of

The intellectuals of that country were very critical of the government’s new social welfare policy because, according to them, it would bring down the living standards of the working people.

5. 要消除他们之间的怨恨固然很困难但至少值得尝试一番。resentment, be worth doing It is, to be sure, difficult to remove the resentment between them, but it is at least worth trying.

6. 政府正在采取一切措施把物价压下去以防止通货膨胀失控。bring down, lest

The government is taking all possible measures to bring down the

prices lest inflation should get out of control.

7. 那个谋杀犯否认了一切指控我们不得不提出更多的证据让陪审团相信他是有罪的。deny, convince

As the murderer denied all the charges, we had to convince the jury with more evidence that he was guilty.

8. 和妻子分居多年之后他终于宽恕了她的不忠和她言归于好了。infidelity, be reconciled with

Finally he managed to forgive his wife for her infidelity and was reconciled with her after years of separation.


1. 他九岁时父亲去世全家顿时陷入了完全靠别人施舍的境地。leave sb. + obj. complement

His father died when he was only nine years old, leaving the whole family helplessly at the mercy of others.

2. 她的故事唤起了我珍藏在心里的许多儿时回忆。stir, cherish

Her story stirred many beautiful memories of my childhood, which I have always cherished in my heart.

3. 这两个国家举行了几轮谈判以解决它们之间的分歧。settle

The two countries held several rounds of negotiation to settle their differences.

4. 他幽默风趣富有激情教学效果显著因此越来越多的学生选修他的课程。opt

More and more students are opting for his course because of his humor and energy as well as his effective way of teaching.

5. 总理在他的讲话里发誓解决严重失业问题提高普通老百姓的收入。vow, address[v.], boost

In his speech the premier vowed to address the serious problem of unemployment and to boost the income of the common people.

6. 那个去年在阿根廷被捕的前纳粹军官因他在第二次世界大战中所犯的罪行遭到了起诉。prosecute, commit

The former Nazi officer who was arrested last year in Argentina was prosecuted for the crimes that he had committed during the Second World War.

7. 这本书的价值在于它影响了整整一代青年鼓舞他们投身反对帝国主义和封建主义的斗争。rest in

The great value of this book rests in the fact that it has influenced and encouraged a whole generation of young people in their struggle against imperialism and feudalism.

8. 对那些沉默的学生教师应该努力提高他们的自信心鼓励他们在课堂上发表自己的想法。enhance, voice

With regard to the silent students, the teacher should try to enhance their self-confidence and encourage them to voice their ideas in class. U13

1. 由于她不注重口语所以虽然她已经学了十年英语但还是无法用这门语言表

达自己的思想。make oneself + past participle

Although she has been learning English for ten years, she is still not able to make herself understood in the language because she has not paid enough attention to oral English.

2. 正如我们的祖先开辟了从中国到欧洲的丝绸之路一样哥伦布发现了欧洲和美洲之间的航路。just as…so

Just as our ancestors opened up the ancient Silk Road from China to Europe, so Columbus discovered the sea route between Europe and America.

3. 听到玛丽和约翰重归于好的消息他非常嫉妒竟没能掩饰自己的失望。conceal

When he heard about Mary’s reconciliation with John, he was so jealous that he was not able to conceal his disappointment.

4. 那位科学家正在进行一项科学研究旨在揭示人类衰老的自然规律。throw light on, govern

That scientist was doing research project in order to throw some light on the natural laws governing the ageing of human beings.

5. 对不起我把那个秘密给泄露了因为我和你说话的时候没有意识到他就站在附近。give away, be conscious of

I’m sorry I gave away the secret because I was not conscious of him standing nearby when I was talking to you.

6. 世界上没有任何东西哪怕是我们能想象的最先进的是电脑可以和人类的大

脑相提并论。rival, envisage

Nothing in the world can rival the human brain, not even the most advanced computer we can envisage.

7. 修这门课的学生除了要交一篇学期论文以外还要写至少三篇读书报告。in addition to

In addition to submitting a term paper, students taking this course will have to write at least three book reports.

8. 这两个班级正在为代表学校参加全省的辩论比赛而进行竞争。vie

The two classes are vying for the opportunity to represent our university in the provincial debating competition.


1. 他的女友跟他吹了我们正在试图安慰他。break off, console

We are trying to console him because his girlfriend has broken off with him.

2. 这位年轻人的成就令大家自愧不如。put sb. to shame

The brilliant achievements of the young man put us all to shame.

3. 那个非洲国家的战争已经失控联合国对和平解决已不抱幻想所以决定采取维和行动。out of hand, disillusioned

As the war in the African country was getting completely out of hand, the United Nations, disillusioned about a peaceful solution, decided to take peacekeeping actions.

4. 那天晚上他爽约了没有露面结果我们的聚会弄得一团糟。show up, mess

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