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1.Joint military exercises have increased in the region, to the detriment of trust between countries.


2.This old man gets up and goes to bed with the sun everyday.


3.A nearby object falling into a black hole is never heard of again.



We should work against the clock.

5.These hospital expenses made inroads on my savings.


6.They killed a bottle of Kaoliang between them.


7.When it came to reading, they were as good as blind.


8.Blood is thicker than water.



People ridicule poverty but not prostitutes.

10. Last night I heard him driving his pigs to market.


11.They ran away as fast as their legs could carry them.


12.People were born survivors.



The environment-friendly project is a “popularity-winning” project.

14. 语言这东西不是随便可以学好的,非下苦功夫不可。

The mastery of a language is not easy and requires painstaking effort.

15. 会议开得冷冷清清,有时甚至开不下去了。

The meetings were marked by such absence of living discussions that at times they were almost on the point of breaking up.

16. They pay lip-service to education but don’t work for better schools.

他们口惠而实不至,口口声声支持教育,却又不肯为改善学校条件做一些实际工作。17.Unemployment has stubbornly refused to contract for more than a decade.



Some toilets seem immune to the clean-up campaign.

19. 这个摊贩叫卖道:“快来买呀,过了这村可没这个店啦。”

The street peddler hawked, “Now or never!”

20. Why carry coals to Newcastle?


21.You’re just teaching your grandmother how to suck eggs.


22.His being neglected by the host added to his uneasiness.


23.I could have laughed to hear him talk like this.



A little flattery would set him carried away.

25. 一星期没洗澡,一身臭汗。

I am smelling of seven-day-old sweat.

26. The man who is above his business may one day find his business above him.


27.I am much abroad in my guess.


28.Electrical charges of a similar kind repel each other and those that are dissimilar attract.


29.Everybody has a responsibility to the society of which he is a part and through this to mankind.



Achievements have a dual character, and so have mistakes.

31. Peasants now sell vegetables at moving prices determined by their supply and their customer’s




The system of Chinese characters has played an invaluable role in our history.

33. At the end of her four months in the hospital, Mrs. Peng was pronounced incurably blind.


34. Why should all the unpleasant jobs be pushed on to me?



My holiday afternoons were spent in ramble about the surrounding country.

36. 仔细看信的地址是否写对了。

Care should be taken to see that the letter is properly addressed.

37. Kongarov did not remember his father who died when he was three years old.


38.Here are the first two volumes, the third one to come out next month.


39.Watching television, of course, is an evening ritual for people throughout the world.


40.Can he produce evidence in proof to challenge the fact?



Their struggle have the great support of the people.

42. 好汉做事好汉当。

A true man has the courage to accept the consequence of his own actions.

43. I marveled at the relentless determination of the rain.


44.University applicants who had worked at a job would receive preference over those who had not.


45.The sight and sound of our jet planes filled me with special longing.



The man devoid of principle is the last to be trusted.

47. She had a heart so large that everybody’s griefs and joys found welcome in it.



His illness this time was caused by a cold bath.

49. John was a fool of danger.


50.It was all I could do not to laugh.


51.They are look-learned.


52.He didn’t take the job because it was a blind-alley.


53.Before the year was out, her memory began to fail.


54.Reaction to his taunts will only encourage him.


55.His words are worth taking with a grain of salt.



57.Magnesium and its alloys are quite late arrivals for engineers to use.


58.From life to death is a man’s reach.


59.I don’t think we have asked for anything that they haven’t done.


60.Mother, I told him in no uncertain terms that I wouldn’t marry him.


61.There had been a meeting of minds.


62.News came through on the wireless of a rich oil field near the sea.


63.Our son must go to school. He must break out of the pot that holds us in.


64.These men are taking from me in ten minutes what it takes a week to make.


65.She makes a good teacher, as she has a good student.


66.They parted enemies.


67.It was an uphill job.


68.Further delay would cause us greater losses.


69.The year 1871 witnessed the heroic uprising of the Paris Commune.


70.Some say fear and caution are now a part of their daily routine.


71.The sight of his native place called back his childhood.


72.Electric power became the servant of man only after the motor was invented.


73.Such subtle flattery got him almost everything.


74.There is a mixture of the tiger and the ape in his character.


75.His preoccupation with business left little time for his family.


76.He is a dapper sixty-three.


77.He had some cheerful wine at the party.


78.His story is unchallengedly true.


79.Few people consider her justifiably wrong.


80.We were pleasantly surprised at the profit we made.


81.This plan is open to discussion budgetwise.


82.The children are always up to amusing tricks.


83.As I was sitting down to supper, the telephone must ring.


84.It would amount to putting the cart before the horse.


85.The sense of inferiority that he acquired in his youth has never been totally eradicated.


86.Children should be taught to speak the truth.


87.You are being stupid.


88.You’re being merely childish.


89.My brother is not what he used to be.


90.What was once regarded as impossible has now become a reality.


91.It isn’t much whether he works; the question is whether he works at all.


92.When deeply absorbed in work, which he often was, he would forget all about eating and sleeping.


93.He is a professor, as is clear from his manner.


94.She tiptoed to the bed where the child lay asleep.


95.The thief, who was about to escape, was caught by the policemen.


96.Electrical energy that is supplied to a lamp can be turned into light energy.


97.Nothing is difficult in the world for anyone, who dares to scale the height.


98.He likes Miss Nancy, who despises him.


99.She had a balance at her banks’ which would have made her beloved anywhere.


100.As the desert is like a sea, so is the camel like a ship.


101.A bad book is the worse that cannot repent.


102.I could understand his point of view, in that I’d been in a similar position.


103.The boy fell down from the ladder before he knew it.


104.He has made what I am.


105.You are posted in what had preceded all this, but I was not.


106.I haunted all the meetings in London where debates followed lectures.


107.It is no time for me to hide anything.


108.The fog made it difficult to calculate the distance.


109.Rumor has it that there will be war.


110.To his superiors, he is humility itself.


111.There was nothing of the student about him, but very much of the miner.


112.He knows something of everything.


113.You are as wrong as wrong can be.


114.The oceans do not so much divide the world as unite it.


115.You cannot be too careful.


116.That which is good cannot be done too soon.


117.There is no one but hopes to be rich.


118. He is not so sick but he can come to school.


119.The streets were so crowded that our car had to go very slowly.


120.It is more than probable that he will fail.


121.He is more shy than unsocial.


122. She was dressed more than simply.


123.Use is made of solar energy in heating houses.


124.The education of the young is seen to be of primary importance.


125. The scarcity of public libraries is keenly felt.


126.The storm was felt severely on the coast.


127.The door opens, and who should enter but the very man we were talking of?


128.A pretext was the last thing that Hastings was likely to want.


129.Our village is not less beautiful than this picture.


130.You might have been more careful.


131.I knew better than to move another leg.


132.Over the last couple of decades there’s been a tremendous explosion in museum attendance, and I see that continuing. As the population grows older, with more people studying in their retirement, and as schools and universities develop more imaginative ways of presenting knowledge, museums and galleries will be at the center of the educational process. To make the most of that position, they must not just open their doors but ensure that their material is engagingly presented, with flesh-and-blood teachers as well as displays that draw on information technology.



133.Whenever we visit a terminally ill patient, we cannot help being struck by his eagerness to know the truth about his condition. He does not only suffer from his illness, but also from the anxiety about its potential outcome. Although telling him the truth may risk destroying his hope, so that he may deteriorate faster, perhaps even commit suicide, a dying person has the right to know his condition and to make informed choice concerning his own health.


134.Macroeconomics are very important but also microeconomics. A transparent tax system, a transparent and effective judicial system, honoring the sanctity of contracts, nondiscriminatory regulations, nondiscriminatory standard, nondiscriminatory customs laws are all part of making sure a free market economy works. WTO requires legal consistency and fairness and this will help develop the rule of law in China and it will help give investors the confidence and the certainty they need to help and keep investing in China.


135.The birth of the computer and its American operating system gave English a nudge ahead; that of the Internet has given it a huge push. Any web-linked household today has a library of information available at the click of a mouse. And, unlike the books on its own shelves or in the public library, maybe four-fifths is written in English. That proportion may lessen, as more non-English sites spring up. But English will surely dominate.


136.The growth of electric media and the emphasis on lifelong learning add up to tremendous opportunities for people who can combine the excitement of computer graphics and animation with educational content. This “edutainment”filed will be open to everyone from the entrepreneurs who package and marker the products to computer programmers, graphic artists, animators, and educators.


137.The increase in international business and in foreign investment has created a need for executives with knowledge of foreign languages and skills in cross-cultural communication.

Americans, however, have not been well trained in either area and, consequently, have not enjoyed the same level of success in negotiation in an international arena as have their foreign


Negotiating is the process of communicating back and forth for the purpose of reaching an agreement. It involves persuasion and compromise, but in order to participate in either one, the negotiators must understand the ways in which people are persuaded and how compromise is reached within the culture of the negotiation.




Our primary task at present is to develop national economy and improve the standards of living. 140. 这些原则一直是我们民族的精神支柱。

These principles have nourished the soul of our nation.


This argument has some appeal at present.

142. 我每时每刻都在关心人质的命运。

I carry the fate of the hostages with me every single day.

143. 我走累了,想停下来歇歇脚。

I don’t mind taking the weight off my feet.

144. 她没来开会,我们都觉得遗憾。

We all think it a pity that she didn’t show up at the meeting.


The needs of the community must take precedence over individual requirements.

146. 他不想跟着老板的指挥棒转。

He doesn’t want to dance to his boss’ tune.

147. 夜已很深了。

The night is well advanced.

148. 他说的大意是我们都应该跟他一起去。

He spoke to the effect that we should all go with him.

149. 科学知识要求完全不受个人情感的影响。

Scientific knowledge aims at being wholly impersonal.

150. 一个伟大的人无论做什么都有影响。

A great man leaves his mark on whatever he does.

151. 《反对党八股》

Oppose Stereotyped Party Writing

152. 这所大学实行定向招生。

Students are admitted to this university to be trained for pre-determined employers.

153. 甩开膀子干四化。

Coats off for our four modernizations.

154. 这次展出还是老一套。

The exhibit does not lend itself to much exciting variation.

155. 利润可能下降,但赞助活动方兴未艾。

Profits may be falling, but sponsorship lives.

156. 健康状况不佳就无法有效地工作。

One’s poor health will incapacitate him for efficient work.

157. 没有调查就没有发言权。

He who makes no investigation and study has no right to speak.

158. 他想到把这件事全交给他的妻子去办。

It occurred to him to leave the whole thing to his wife.

159. 附近没有旁人,我只得自己干了。

There being nobody else at hand, I have to do it by myself.

160. 她50岁时退休了,多年的劳累把她的身体搞垮了。

When she was fifty she retired, her health having been impaired by years of overwork. 161. 老人在前面带路,他们两人动身往山里去。

With the old man leading, the two started towards the mountains.

162. 我给你打国际直拨就跟给楼下的李姐打电话差不多,一拨就通。

An international call to you is as easy as a call to Sister Li downstairs.

163. 即使商品质量好,也不能漫天要价。

Even quality goods must have a price ceiling.

164. 你怎么学得这样下流?

Where did you learn these low-class ways?

165. 他总是轻重倒置。

He always puts the trivial above the important.

166. 这件事的轻重你仔细掂量掂量。

Just think over the consequences of the matter.

167. 这是我们的一点小意思。

This is our little gift as a token of our appreciation.

168. 昨天看电影我没有买到好票。

I did not get a good seat for yesterday’s film.

169. 烟囱通风不好,所以火不旺。

There is not much draught up the chimney; that’s why the fire doesn’t burn well. 170. 我校目前未设博士点。

Our university hasn’t yet had any doctoral programs.

171. 别跟我哭穷了,我还不知道你的底细?

Stop poor-mouthing to me. I have your number.

172. 做生意就得动真格的,决不能当儿戏。

In doing business we must play for keeps. It’s not joking matter.

173. 我的姐姐又因为我不爱整洁而向我唠叨了。

My sister has been preaching at me again about my lack of neatness.

174. 老师答应给这几个学生“吃小灶”。

The teacher has promised to give these students special tuition.

175. 我国去年农业取得大丰收。

Our country saw good harvests last year.

176. 他总算把记者招待会对付过去了。

After all, he survived the press conference.

177. 在学习中我们应该互相促进。

In our studies, we should help each other forward.

178. 这个贫困县年年从省里得到救济粮。

Every year this poor county gets grain handouts from the provincial authorities. 179. 他女儿是个品学兼优的好学生。

His daughter is a student with a fine record of behavior and achievement.

180. 这些工人都是篮球的热心观众。

These workers are avid watchers of basketball matches.

181. 这个国家规定,偷税漏税要处以罚款以至判刑。

According to law in this country, tax cheats will mean fines or jail terms.

182. 俗话说,不怕不识货,就怕货比货。

Inferior goods can’t stand comparison, as the saying goes.

183. 不入虎穴,焉得虎子?

If one does not enter the tiger’s den, how can he get a tiger’s cub?

184. 振兴科技和繁荣经济,必须坚持以教育为本。

The vitality of science and technology and the prosperity of economy must be based on education.

185 给了他两天时间来做必要的准备。

Two days were allowed him for making the necessary preparations.

186. 下次会议要讨论什么,你给我们吹吹风吧。

Will you give us some idea of what will be taken up at the next meeting?

187. 她总是批评她丈夫马虎邋遢。

She’s always criticizing her husband for being sloppy.

188. 很难说他什么时候回家,我得上床睡觉了。

There being no telling when he’ll be home, I’ll have to go to bed now.

189. 这些血债要用血来还。

These blood debts will have to be paid in blood.

190. 学校不会管这样的事情。

The school authority will not bother about such things.

191. 他变本加厉地剥削欺压工人。

He redoubled his efforts in exploiting and oppressing the workers.

192. 人们可能不会忘记那些日子,当时政府把许多国营企业私有化,砍掉了曾负责一个人生老病死的庞大的社会福利体制。工厂生产出大量劣质高价的产品,许多房子纷纷出售给私人。政府的开支和工资的大幅度增长使得通货膨胀失去了控制,最高时达到了近27%这个处于崩溃的比率。

One may probably not forget the days when the government privatized many state-owned industries and destroyed the big welfare apparatus which once cushioned everyone “from the cradle to the grave.”Factories turned out shoddy and overpriced items. Many houses went private. Government spending and huge wage increases fueled runaway inflation which peaked at a crushing rate of nearly 27 percent.

193. 我们国家人民的聪明才智在过去绝大多数时间里是没人能与之匹敌的。具有讽刺意义的是正是我们这种聪明才智却帮助了其他国家繁荣发达起来,再反过来威胁我们国家的经济和科技的发展。从爱国心来说谁也不会对这个事实感到舒服:那些早年出国留洋学习的人现在回来了,代表外国同我们在几乎每个领域里展开激烈的竞争,并在许多情况下,打败了我们。

Our intellectual prowess over most of the period was unchallenged. It is ironic that it is just this prowess that has enabled other countries to prosper and in turn to threaten our economic and scientific growth. No one is patriotically comfortable with the fact that those who went to study overseas a few years ago have returned to compete fiercely with us—and in mot cases defeat us—in almost all fields on behalf of foreign countries.

194. 批评政治决策中缺少大多数原则是完全正确的。因为没有少数服从多数的原则,国家就会陷入分裂和无政府主义状态。但是批评在经济生活中缺少大多数原则则完全是另一回


It is all very well to criticize the lack of majority rule in political process, which will lead to anarchy and disunited nation. But to criticize the lack of majority rule in economy is another matter altogether. Applying majority rule—or “economic democracy”—to the manufacture, and to the business only proves disastrous. For example, the majority of people cannot afford the present high inflation. They want the price to be controlled in “the public interest”. Then people soon find an economic “shortage”. Vegetable price controls create a vegetable shortage, rent controls create housing shortage. We are in danger of returning to the past, when price controls were placed on everything, and there was an everything shortage. 195. 邀请名人做广告,只要商品确实是货真价实,名人又愿意,这应该是广告技巧的上策,会产生很强的名人效应。但是商品质量差,广告又言过其实,又请名人做广告,这种广告一时也许会有一些好的影响,但最终是砸了自己的牌子,也坍了名人台,影响名人的声誉。因此,名人在接广告时,要慎之又慎。

To invite those eminent people to help make advertisements should be regarded as one of the best advertisement strategies and could, of course, produce a spectacular VIP effect, so to speak, provided that those eminent persons are perfectly willing to accept the invitation and, more importantly, the commodities to be advertised are genuine and their prices fair.

Sometimes, while a commodity is of inferior quality, the advertisement is full of lavishing praise on it, if under such a circumstance, an eminent person comes to help make the advertisement, the advertisement could, if anything, be temporarily successful before it turns the brand of the commodity in question notorious and, more disastrously, ruins the reputation of the eminent person thereafter. It is precisely for this reason that the eminent persons are well advised to think more than twice before he/she agrees to appear on a commercial.

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