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2.4 CNN采访李连杰

CNN:Congratulations on “Hero”. I mean,is the part very similar to what you normally play?



译文:No, this is a very unique role in a very unusual movie, different from all the other roles I have played before. It can be said to be one of my most important action movies. CNN:Why do you say that? You have made about 30 movies. How is this one different from the rest?



译文:Normally, action movies follow such a formula: a child’s parents got killed, and this child started playing Kongfu at a very young age, determined to take his revenge. And when he grows up, he will have become an outstanding Kongfu master, he will kill the bad guy and take the revenge for his parents. But Hero has a much broader theme. CNN:Is it very similar to “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” for example?



译文:Absolutely different. Ang Lee is a very talented director; he uses martial arts to depict love. While Zhang Yimou uses martial arts to describe Chinese culture, the thoughts of Chinese people as well as the world in their eyes.

CNN:That’s very deep. We know your first-ever movie was “Shaolin Temple” made in 1979 when you were still just a teenager. The movie was a huge hit in Asia and was followed by two sequels. Let me ask you, how did you move from being a martial arts champion to becoming a Hollywood action star?




译文:I think the most important reason is that I started practicing Kongfu when I was very young, this is my speciality. I can use my unique martial arts in movie. And I have been longing to do sth different, for example, I would like to discuss peace and how to realize peace through martial arts.

CNN:That almost sounds like a contradiction, right? You are a fighter here, and you talk about peace?



译文:That’ true. In fact Chinese culture is not only what it looks like. Not all Chinese understand Kongfu, it is not the case that they only know fighting or they are with no brain, no thoughts. There is a sophisticated philosophy in Chinese culture and I feel that I have the responsibility to let the world know about it.

4.4 保持农历新年的核心价值观


To people of Chinese descent around the world, the Lunar New Year (also called Spring Festival) is undoubtedly the most important festival of the year. Dating back 3,000 years, it celebrates the passing of a peaceful year and welcomes the new one.


The reunion dinner, eaten on New Year’s Eve, is de rigueur(required, standard custom), with members of extended family gathering for the most significant meal of the year. Even the absent members will endeavor to return home in time for it. It underscores the supreme importance of the family in Chinese culture, and aims at strengthening the

sense of togetherness and cohesion.

人们庆祝新年的方式,体现了两个重要的核心价值观。首先,多代同堂的家庭成员,齐聚家中享受一顿丰盛的团圆饭,是每一个人都会遵守的习惯。准备一顿丰富晚餐的工作当然是落在家中女成员的身上,比较富裕的家庭则可能有佣人帮忙。其次,亲戚朋友间也会兴高采烈互访。这样的欢庆方式,有助于加强亲情和友情。The way people celebrate the New Year embodies two important core values. The first value is the sense of family togetherness; members of multi-generation families are all there to have a big reunion dinner. Everyone will follow this custom. The female members are always held responsible for preparing the dinner, and some rich families may take on extra hands. The second value lies in the happy visits mutually made between friends and relatives, a good way to strengthen kinship and friendship.


However, economic development has resulted in some changes in lifestyles. After a busy year, people are tired of preparing for the reunion dinner, and would rather hold their reunion dinner in a posh restaurant despite the exorbitant cost. The festival door-to-door visits have given way to New Year greeting via phone or text messages. Some families even go to such extreme as to travel or seek temporary refuge in a hotel so as to avoid being visited.


Some tradition-minded people regard the reunion dinner and visits to relatives and close friends during the New Year as core values, without which the holiday would lose much of its significance. Some pessimistics contend that, as the popularity of western culture grows, Chinese traditional festivals gradually lose their original meaning and degenerate into commerce festivals like Christmas.


The Spring Festival is an important part of the Chinese cultural heritage, and it will

continue to be celebrated. The modes of celebration may change, but the core value should be sustained: that of respect for kinship and friendship.



It has been over two decades since China adopted the Family Planning Policy. However, there still exist misunderstandings about this policy. People mistakenly think that China’s Family Planning Police equal s the One Child Policy, which allows one couple to have only one child. Their impression is that this policy is implemented more strictly in urban areas :in cities where people are better off, one couple can have only one child, while in the poor rural areas, one couple can have two or three children. Furthermore, they think that the One Child Policy is the cause of gender imbalance. I will now clarify these misunderstandings.


As a matter of fact, the policy adopted in the early 1980s is a multivariate policy called the Family Planning Policy, or the fertility policy. Its multivariate nature can be proved by two facts.


First, the total fertility rate in China now stands at 1.8, which means there is more than one child per family in most areas.

For example, there is generally only one child in a family in urban area, but two in rural areas, and three in ethnic minority areas. In some areas, like Tibet, there are no restrictions at all on the number of children a family can have. We can tell from the fact that China’s Family Planning Pol icy varies in accordance with the economic and social

development level of different areas.


Secondly, China is seeing an unbalanced sex ratio at birth at the moment. The sex ratio at birth refers to the number of boys born per 100 girls born. This is not the same concept as the sex ratio of the total population.


The unbalance is not entirely the result of the Family Planning Policy. I would like to cite two interesting examples. My first example is the Republic of Korea. In 1988, the sex ratio at birth in the ROK was 114, and the ratio now in China is 117. I believe there is no family planning policy in the ROK, My second example is Singapore, whose sex ratio at birth in 1984 was 109. Why is it a common problem in Asia? There are two main reasons. The first reason is the influence of traditional culture and ideology, that is a preference for sons, which poses a great problem for the sex ratio at birth. Second, China’s unbalanced birth ratio is attributable to the poor social security system in rural areas.


The Chinese government has launched a nationwide Girl Care Project to hamper the rising sex ratio at birth. This project aims to educate the general public to abandon their traditional preference for male children and to advocate female children’s status and rights. Secondly, the Chinese government is also making an effort to establish and improve the social security system, particularly in rural areas.


Thirdly, the phenomenon of allowing one child for urban families and two the three children for families in poor areas is called reverse selection of population quality. I have two points to make in this regard. The policy in rural areas is made in accordance with the economic situation there. The social security system is being gradually improved in rural areas. If a stringent One Child policy is to be introduced in this process, the household insurance coverage is likely to be reduced for rural families. Therefore, the number of children allowed in rural families is dependent on the economic situation.

13.3 印度洋海啸

2004 年底发生的印度洋海啸,使全球陷入了震惊和悲痛。它席卷了印尼、泰国、斯里兰等诸多印度洋沿岸国家,死亡人数接近30万,仅在印尼就造成至少10万人死亡,无数家庭失去父母、兄弟和姐妹。在这场突发的灾难中,直接或间接受灾的人数达到500 万。国际社会对受灾地区进行了积极援救和捐款。中国政府和民间对灾区的援助超过了12亿人民币。在人类已进入21世纪的今天,人类社会还发生如此大的悲剧,让人深思。痛定思痛,人们不禁要问,这样的悲剧,为何会发生,能否避免?人们对灾难发生的原因进行了广泛的探讨和分析。






Unit1 P8 1.我们认为你方的格力空调在这里会很畅销,希望很快收到你们的样品。 2.贵方若能报优惠价并保证收到订单后四周内交货,我方将定期订购。 3.如能报到岸价,折扣以及发货日期等详细情况,将不胜感激。 4.随函附上我方最新的产品目录及CIF 纽约报价单。 5.关于贵方9月29日的询价信,我方就如下产品报价,以我方最后确认为准。 6. 此盘5天内不接受就作撤销论。 7. 很遗憾,我们的价格和你方还盘之间差距太大,所以恐怕我方不能接受你方还盘。 8. 考虑到我们长期以来的贸易关系和友好合作,我方建议你方能接受保兑,不可撤销即期信用证。 9. 石油价格将在未来一段时间内继续下降。 10. 我们还想指出我们主要以承兑交单方式结账。 Unit1 P9 1.(我们正打算订购)We are thinking of placing an order for your Flying Pigeon Brand bicycles. We would be very grateful if you could make us an offer for 200 ones with details. 2. (上述询价已于)The above inquiry was forwarded to you on Oct. 10, but we haven’t received your reply yet. Your early offer will be highly appreciated. 3. (我方的冷冻食品)Our frozen foods have been shipped to many countries where they are received favorably. It would be to your advantage to try out a shipment. 4. (很抱歉,贵方)We are sorry to say that the goods required by you are out of stock for the time being. Therefore we are unable to make you an offer at present. 5. (我方于两个月前)We sent you our Quotation No. 44 two months ago, but we haven’t received any news from you. It would be advisable if you could make an early decision on this matter. 6. (所有报盘都以)All quotations, except firm offers, are subject to our final confirmation. Unless otherwise stated or agreed upon, all prices are without any discount. 7.(许多外国电讯)Many foreign telecommunications companies wish to come into the Chinese market such as AT &T, etc. the competition is very keen. I understand some companies are lowering their prices and offering technical assistance and after-sale services. 8.(很高兴我们)I’m glad that we have settled the price. 9. (我们至多只能再减)The best we can do will be a reduction of another 30 pounds. That’ll be definitely rock-bottom. 10. (我们正在仔细研究)We’re now studying your offer carefully, so we hope that you can keep it open till the end of this month. Unit1 P10 1、我们的还盘与国际市场上的价格一致。如果你们接受,我们将说服客户向你们订货。如果你方不能做进一步的让步,我们就没有必要再谈下去了。我们不妨取消整个交易。顺便说一下,在考虑你方的新报价时,请考虑到我们的佣金问题。 2、我们的报价以合理利润为基础,不是漫天要价。你必须考虑到质量问题。这一行的每个人都知道三星产品质量上乘。如果我们不是朋友,我们愿意以这个价格为你们好。 Unit1 P11


2.2 Why do we have eyebrows? Those tiny, little hairs above our eyes that many women either pluck, paint, pierce or tattoo play a very important role in keeping moisture out of our eyes. Just like an umbrella keeps our bodies dry from the rain, our hairy eyebrows keep our eyes dry from rain or sweat. When it's pouring rain outside or when sweat drips down from our foreheads, our eyebrows divert the flow of water or sweat away from our eyes. Our arch-shaped eyebrows angle the rain or sweat around to the side of our faces--leaving our eyes fairly dry. By catching the water or sweat, our eyebrows not only allow us to see more clearly, but also keep salty sweat from burning or irritating our eyes. Eyebrows have other roles also. As one of our most expressive facial features, eyebrows help us determine how people are feeling without ever really asking them. If a person's eyebrows are frowning, chances are they are mad or upset. In addition, eyebrows have an increasing impact on our beauty or fashion culture over the years. Thick, hairy and big eyebrows tend to be characterized as unattractive while thin and plucked eyebrows are said to be more attractive. 3.1Hotels in China Hotels in China are classified into first class, second class and third class based on their star-rating. Five-star and most four-star hotels are in the first class. Guest rooms in first class hotels all have fully-fitted bathrooms, refrigerators, telephones and satellite TV. They have fully adjustable climate control through central air-conditioning facilities. Other ancillary facilities provided by these hotels include such things as business centres, conference facilities, beauty parlours, saunas, foreign exchange, bowling centers, disco-ballrooms, swimming pools, gymnasiums, restaurants, cafes, shopping centers and bars which are open 24 hours a day. The second class generally includes three-star hotels and some two-star ones. Guest room facilities and services are not up to the standard of those in first class hotels. Tour groups normally prefer to stay in second class hotels. Third class hotels are much like motels in Western counties in terms of facilities and services. Hardware facilities in such hotels are of course inferior to those provided by second class hotels, but they offer prices 50% or more below those of second class hotels. As a result, they are popular with many tourists. 5.1 What makes a good conversation? Recently, a friend phoned me. She’s one of those people who could talk under wet cement. I've discovered that I can even put the phone down and attend to something in another room while she's talking and she doesn’t even notice. A second friend phoned me that night. I was very tired, but I soon forgot my weariness as we animatedly shared our opinions, beliefs and personal experiences. Time flew, and as I went to bed very late that night, I thought, “Now, that was a really good conversation!” It occurred to me that it might be an interesting topic to research for my speech tonight. So I asked some of my friends what they thought made a good conversation. They had different suggestions, but all agreed on three main points: mutual interest, give and take, trust. Let's look at the first one: mutual interest. A conversation has to be of interest to all concerned. As one friend suggested, a good conversation is when two or more people voluntarily explore the topic. But how can we be sure that we are not boring others? We need to be sensitive to the cues


中国致力于发展中欧富有活力和长期稳定的经贸合作关系,并期待欧盟成为中国最大贸易与投资伙伴:——发挥经贸混委会机制作用,加强经贸监管政策对话;适时考虑更新《中欧贸易与经济合作协定》;运用WTO规则,妥善解决不合理限制及技术性壁垒,放宽高技术出口限制,发挥技贸合作的巨大潜力;尽早给予中国“完全市场经济地位”,减少并消除对华反倾销及有关歧视性政策和做法,慎用“特保措施”;合理补偿因欧盟扩大对中方经贸利益的减损。——加强中欧在世界贸易组织新一轮谈判中的协调与合作,共同推动谈判获得成功。——加强投资对话,推动建立双边投资促进机构,积极引导双方企业相互投资,扩大中小企业合作;开展加工贸易、承包工程和各种劳务合作,鼓励跨国经营和国际化生产。——欢迎欧盟增加对华发展援助,特别是在环保、扶贫、卫生保健、教育等领域的援助。同时也欢迎在加强人力资源培训、尤其是对中国中西部的人员培训、中国参与多边贸易体制的能力建设等方面发挥作用。——加强在质量监督检验检疫领域的合作,建立磋商机制,在维护安全、卫生、健康、环保的原则下,及时解决影响双方产品市场准入的问题。——加强海关合作,适时签署中欧海关协定。(二)金融合作建立健全中欧金融高层对话机制,扩大中欧央行间的政策交流,深化在防范金融危机、反恐融资和反洗钱方面的合作。中方欢迎欧盟成员国银行拓展对华业务,希望妥善解决中国金融机构在欧盟的市场准入问题。中方将依照保险法规及入世承诺,积极审核欧盟成员国保险机构来华营业申请,完善监管法规体系。加强证券立法、市场监管、投资运作合作,鼓励更多的欧盟成员国证券经营机构、基金管理机构以及其他机构投资者进入中国市场,也鼓励中国证券经营机构在条件成熟时进入欧盟证券市场,同时积极支持中国企业进入欧盟证券市场融资。 China is committed to developing dynamic, long-term and stable economic cooperation and trade with the EU and expects the latter to become China's largest trading and investment partner. -- Give play to the mechanism of the economic and trade joint committee and step up economic and trade regulatory policy dialogue; give attention to updating the Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement Between China and the European Union at an appropriate time; properly address irrational restrictions and technical barriers, ease restrictions on high-tech exports and tap the enormous potential of technological cooperation and trade in line with the WTO rules; grant China a full market economy status at an early date, reduce and abolish anti-dumping and other discriminatory policies and practices against China, and apply the Transitional Product-Specific Safeguard Mechanism (TPSSM) prudently; and compensate the Chinese side for its economic and trade losses which may arise due to the EU enlargement. -- Boost China-EU coordination and cooperation in the new round of WTO negotiations and work together for the success of the negotiations. -- Strengthen dialogue on investment, promote the establishment of bilateral investment-promotion institutions, energetically encourage and guide mutual investments between enterprises of the two sides, and expand cooperation between their small- and medium-sized enterprises; develop processing trade,


Lesson 1 美国副总统复旦演讲 韩市长,非常感谢您!谢谢您做介绍时的友好言辞。今天我们很高兴来到这里。我和我夫人为有这次机会再次来到中国访问感到荣幸。感谢贵国对我们的欢迎,特别感谢复旦大学的热情接待。我们为此感到不胜荣幸,谢谢你们!我们此行带来了布什总统和美国人民的良好祝愿。 我知道在座的许多人很快就要从这所优秀的大学毕业。我听说贵校有极为严格的标准,得到复旦大学的学位代表着多年的刻苦攻读和自我约束。我祝贺在座各位学业有成。对各位老师坚持复旦大学99年追求卓越的传统我深表钦佩。 Speech by Wang Guangya at Princeton University Ladies and Gentlemen, Good evening. I am honored to be invited to your seminar tonight. For me, for my colleagues and for many other Chinese, Princeton has long been a familiar name. With a history longer than the country, it has produced many outstanding people, Woodrow Wilson, the 28th US president, Albert Einstein, the great scientist, and T. S. Eliot, the famous poet, to name but a few. As former president Bill Clinton said in 1996 at the celebrations for the 250th anniversary of Princeton,“At every pivotal moment in American history, Princeton, its leadership, faculty and its students have played a crucial role.” ; I am more pleased to learn that all of you have a keen interest in China. Though our two countries are geographically far apart, we have a great deal in common in the everyday life. While many Chinese enjoy Hollywood movies and McDonald’s fast food, many Americans find that their clothes and daily necessities are made in China. I hope that today’s sem inar will help you gain a better understanding of China and its foreign policy, thus deepening further our friendship and cooperation. 新工厂落成典礼上的讲话 各位尊敬的来宾,女士们,先生们:下午好! 欢迎大家前来参加我们公司在中国的首家新厂房的落成典礼!感谢各位拨冗光临,与我们共同庆祝这一盛大的活动! 我谨代表公司对今天来参加典礼的各位供应商、客户嘉宾、各位员工和业务伙伴说声“谢谢!” ` 公司管理层深深为我们的新工厂感到骄傲,我们能干的员工感到骄傲,他们发展了工厂的业务,使之达到国际水平。 新厂房标志着公司对中国业务的重视和承诺。 各位供应商,我们希望与你们携手共进,使我们的业务更上一层楼。 各位经销商,我们将继续向你们提供尖端的高质量产品,以协助你们做好客户支持,改善中国和东南亚许许多多人士的生活。 各位邻居和朋友,我们将成为良好的企业公民,与各位同行一起维护在中国开展业务的规范性。 最后,我们承诺给员工们提供一个安全、舒适的工作环境。 再次感谢各位与我们共同庆祝今天的典礼! Lesson 2


口译教程答案雷天放版 口译教程答案(雷天放主编) Lesson 2 2(3 Yo-Yo Ma 今天将与我们见面的是我们这个时代最伟大的大提琴家-马友友。作 为大提琴演奏家,马友友的职业生涯已经横跨了20多个年头,期间 他发布了50多张专辑。他的音乐获得过许多奖项,其中包括令人叹 服的14项格莱美大奖。他也曾经在许多重要的场合演奏,如格莱美 的颁奖仪式和奥运会的庆典活动。 马友友是出生在法国的华裔,父母都是音乐家,母亲是歌唱家,父亲 是作曲家。第一次正式登台演出的时候,马友友只有5岁。随后他随 家人迁居到了美国。4年后,年仅9岁的马友友就在纽约极具声望的 卡耐基音乐大厅登台演出了。后来马友友进入朱莉亚音乐学院学习提 琴演奏。从那儿他转入哈佛大学,并获得人类学学位。他在哈佛的求 学经历以及多元的文化背景都造就了今天的马友友。 而今,马友友仍在继续他的音乐之路,并且积极地与来自世界各地的 各种流派的音乐家合作。他的音乐灵感受到人和大自然的激发。在马 友友看来,大提琴是他声带的延伸。他演奏时最重要的一点就是全时 全情地投入,并且努力将音乐的内容传递给现场观众。 2(4 CNN interview with Jet Li CNN 记者:祝贺《英雄》所取得的成功。请问您在《英雄》里扮演的 角色是否与你通常演的角色很相似呢, JL: It is a very special part and a very special movie. I think

it’s one of the most important action movies in my life. CNN 记者:为什么你会这样说呢,你演过近30部电影,而《英雄》 是如何与其他影片不同的呢, JL: Usually action films have a formula: a child whose parents have been murdered by the bad guys tries hard to learn martial arts and he grows up into an outstanding Kongfu master. He takes revenge and kills the bad guys. But “Hero” has a much broader theme. CNN 记者:就比如很像《卧虎藏龙》, JL: No, it’s totally different. I think Ang Lee is a very talented director. He uses martial arts to talk about love and girls, you know… But Zhang Yimou tries to tell about Chinese culture, Chinese thinking and their hopes through martial arts. CNN 记者:含义的确很深。我们知道您的处女作是1979年拍摄的〈少 林寺〉,那时你还是个十几岁的少年。影片在亚洲引起了轰动,并且 还加拍了两部续集。我想问的是,您是如何从一位武术冠军成为一名 好莱坞的动作明星的, JL: I think the most important thing is that when I was young, I learnt martial arts, that is my special key. I can use my unique martial arts skills in the film. But after a few years, I really want to do something different…

中级口译教程 梅德明 第三版 3-2 投资意向

3-2 投资意向 词汇预习 Share my thoughts with you Foreign firm Investment destination 翻了两番 投资热 全面对外开放 沿海城市 内地 有利可图 I'm all ears to…… 最大限度 发挥有关双方的优势 幅员辽阔 税收 消费者市场 基础设施 诱人的投资政策 资金 管理知识 研究资料 合资/独资企业 资金 Enlightening Consultant 课文口译 A:您好,罗伯茨先生. B:Hi, Miss Chen. I have been thinking about something lately and I'd like to share my thoughts with you. A:好呀,请说.我很高兴能为您做些什么. B:In the West everybody is talking about going to the East and making an investment. Apparently a growing number of foreign firms have been pouring into Chine, and the Pudong Area of Shanghai is among the best choices of their investment destination. Today it is not a matter of whether to go east, but when and how. A:你说的完全对.海外人士在上海及其周边地区的投资近年来翻了两番.出现这一高涨不止的投资热有多种缘由.除了中国是世界上经济增长最快的国家之一这个原因外,中国政府和地方政府很重视全面对外开放,不仅开放沿海城市.也开放内地,尽可能吸引外资.另外,许多海外机构与个人投资者认为,在中国直接投资比中国公司做生意更有利可图.B:I'm not sure if I understand the logic behind this preference. I'm all ears to your explanation.


第二单元接待口译Reception service E-C/C-E混合型 2-1 机场迎宾Greetings at the Airports ★★★ 2-2 宾馆入住Hotel Accommodation★★★ 2-3 宴会招待Banquet Service ★★★★上海菜系的介绍 2-4 参观访问Getting Around ★★★★★京河高科技园区 第三单元会谈口译Conversations E-C/C-E混合型 3-1 欢迎光临Welcome ★★★★跨国工作;“海上之埠”介绍 3-2 投资意向Wish to Invest ★★★★外商投资热; 中国的投资优势; 合资企业 3-3 合资企业Establishing a Joint Venture ★★★★合资的方式和数量 3-4 文化差异Cultural Differences ★★★★★中美文化、价值观和世界观的差异 第四单元访谈口译Interview 4-1 行在美国Travel in America ★★★★E-C/C-E混合型; 美国租车、交通规则、驾照和交通方式 4-2 艾滋哀之The AIDS Epidemic ★★★E-C英译中; 艾滋病的传播、危害和控制措施 4-3 经营之道Business Management ★★★★E-C/C-E混合型; 中美文化和管理风格的差异4-4音乐天才A Gifted Musician ★★E-C英译中; 音乐创造和对年轻人的建议 第五单元礼节性口译Ceremonial Speeches E-C/C-E混合型; 5-1 故地重游Revising the Old Haunt ★★★★长征/北京故地重游/伟大进程/差异/民间领域 5-2 愉快之旅A Pleasant Trip ★★★★接待晚宴/中国的支持/友好合作的关系 5-3 共创未来Our Future ★★★★中美合作/区域合作 5-4 新的长征A New Long March ★★★★总统的邀请晚宴/保护小国利益/共同发展


句子精炼( Sentences in Focus ) Unit 2 接待口译(机场迎宾、宾馆入住、宴会招待、参观访问) 1. This is a fantastic airport, absolutely one of the top-notch international airports.(这个机场太美了,绝对是一个顶尖的国际机场。) 2. I’m very bad with a jet-lag. But I will be all right in a couple of days.(我倒时差很慢,但两天后自然就回复了。) 3. I’d like to have a 7 o’clock morning call, breakfast sent up to my room, laundry done, some documents photocopied, an express mail sent out, and something like that.(我要早上7点钟叫醒,早餐送到我房间,衣服要熨,文件要复印,邮件要快递,诸如此类的事情需要服务。) 4. We all maneuvered successfully to get our job done, so to speak.(可以说我们每个人都成功的使我们的使命得以完成。) 5. Let’s delight ourselves completely in the foods that Mother Nature grants us.(让我们尽情享受大自然赋予我们的食物吧。) 6. 我要是没认错的话,您一定是从伦敦来的泰莱科教授吧。(You must be Prof. Tallack from London, if I’m not mistaken.) 7. 我是海通集团人力资源部经理。(I’m manager of Human Resources, the Haitong Group.) 8. 感激您不辞辛劳,从百忙之中抽空来我公司指导。(We are very grateful that you took time from your busy schedule and came to our company to give us advice.) 9. 今晚我们设宴为您洗尘。(We will host a reception dinner in your honor this evening.) 10. 我在你们的酒店预订了一间双人间,有确认函。(I have made a reservation for a double room with your hotel. And here is the confirmation letter.) 11. 提前10天预定房间可以享受8折优惠价。(You will have a good rate with 20%off when you make a reservation 10 days in advance.) 12. 我们有许多现代化的健身设备可以满足客人的不同需求。(We have many modern fitness facilities catering to the different needs of our guests.) 13. 没有凯兰女士的最后努力,现在还不知道怎样呢,恐怕我们还在谈判之中呢。(Without Ms. K eland’s last-minute effort, we would still be in the middle of nowhere, p robably in the middle of negotiations, I’m afraid.) 14. 同中国其他菜系一样,“本帮菜”具有“色、香、味”三大要素,特点是注重调料的使用、食物的质地和菜的原汁原味。(Like all other Chinese regional cuisines, Ben bang cuisine takes “color, aroma and taste” as its essential quality elements. It emphasizes in particular the expert use of seasonings, the selection of raw materials with quality texture, and original flavors.) 15. 这些菜绝对是首选,你一定喜欢。别客气,请随意。(These dishes are absolutely tasters′ choice. I bet you will like them. Please help yourself to the dishes.) 16. 各位能够赏光来此共度一年中的这个美好时光,我感到非常荣幸,让我们共同举杯,祝各位身体健康,事业有成,阖家幸福。(I consider it a great honor to have you all here for this wonderful time of the year. Let us drink to the health, great career and happy family of everybody present.) 17. 我们先来鸟瞰一下整个园区吧,然后在园区内各处转悠一下,用我们的话来说就是“走马观花”。(First of all, we will take a bird’s-eye view of the Park. And then we will look around in the Park and, to use a Chinese metaphor, we will “cast a passing glance at flowers while riding on a horseback”.) 18. 高科技园区享有国家授予的项目审批权和优惠政策,是一个与国际管理体质接轨的经济区域。(The high-tech Park is authorized by the state government to approve projects with preferential policies, operating under the management system of international standards.)


2.4 CNN Interview with Jet Li 祝贺《英雄》取得了成功。请问您在《英雄》中扮演的角色是否与你通常演的角色很相似呢? It’s a very special part and a very special movie. I think it’s one of the most important action films in my life. 为什么你会这样说呢?你演过近30部电影,而《英雄》与其他影片有何不同呢? Usually action films have a formula: A child whose parents have been murdered by bad guys tries hard to learn martial arts and he grows up into an outstanding Kongfu master. He takes revenge and kills the bad buys. But “Hero” has a much broader them. 就比如象《卧虎藏龙》? No, it’s totally different. I think Ang Lee is a very very talented director. He uses martial arts to talk about love, you know. But Zhang Yimou tries to tell about Chinese culture, Chinese thinking and their inspirations about the world. 含义的确很深。我们知道你的处女作是1979年拍摄的《少林寺》,那时你还是个十几岁的少年。影片在亚洲引起了轰动,并且还加拍了两部续集。我想问的是,你使如何从一位武术冠军成为一名好莱坞的动作明星的? I think the most important thing is that when I was young, I learnt martial arts. That is my special key. I can use my unique martial arts skills in the film. I have been thinking about doing something different, like using martial arts to talk about peace and to achieve peace. 这听起来似乎是矛盾的,对吗?你是一位打斗者,却要谈“和平”? That’s right, because Chinese culture is not just martial arts. That’s on ly the physical part. It’s not true that the Chinese people are all Kongfu masters and can just beat up people; and that they have no brains, no thoughts. As a matter of fact, we have a deep, strong and sophisticated philosophy. I feel I have the responsibility to share this information with the worldwide audience. 2.5 网上聊天狂潮 美国兴起在线实时信息传递也就是网上聊天的狂热大约始于五六年前,那时我刚上大学。一开始我对什么是网上聊天还一无所知,但我很快就明白了,没多久就对网上聊天着了迷,只要有时间我就上网聊天。当我把越来越多的人加到我的“网友名单”上时,其他人也在做同样的事。网上聊天真是越来越普遍,很快,“人人都在这样做”了。 我的打字技能应归功于很多很多小时的网上聊天。然而令人遗憾的是,当我的打字速度提高后,一切语法规则也都跑掉了。要知道,网上聊天的人有他们自己的速记语言,语法并不重要。 渐渐地,网上聊天的狂热在美国降了点温,我自己对它的热情也是如此。之后我就来到了中国。 在这里,我发现对在线实时信息的狂热不是一种而是两种,第一种就是QQ,它让我回想起当年的痴迷。因此,那个循环又重新开始了。 在QQ之外,还有一种恐怕是更为流行的快速传递信息的潮流,你一定猜到


Unit 2 Passage 1 英国女王2009 圣诞致词 过去每年似乎都各具特点。一些年份让我们心满意足,一些年份则最好忘却。2009 年对很多人来说都是艰难的一年,尤其是那些深受经济衰退之苦的人们。 我相信,我们所有人都受到阿富汗战事影响,为英军士兵伤亡感到悲伤。我们向这些 士兵的家人和朋友表示慰问,他们面对巨大个人损失表现得无比高尚。 但我们应该为我们的士兵与盟友一道作出的积极贡献而感到骄傲。英国和包括加拿 大、澳大利亚、新西兰和新加坡在内的英联邦国家眼下共有超过1.3 万名士兵在阿富汗服役。我们对这些年轻士兵以及先前在阿富汗服役过的士兵表示深深感激。 今年是英联邦成立60 周年,今天其成员国25 岁以下人口超过10 亿,为它保持长 久的强大和实力提供了力量源泉。 最近我刚刚参加了在特立尼达和多巴哥举行的英联邦政府首脑会议,听到联邦对年轻 人是多么重要。新的通讯技术使他们能够接触到更广阔的世界,分享他们的经验和观点。对于许多人来说,英联邦的实际援助与网络可以提供技能,给予意见和鼓励进取。 令人鼓舞的是,我了解到一些年轻人正在做着一些事情,他们面对挑战,富于创造力 和创新精神。 对关系到我们所有人的问题保持讨论很重要,它让我们的大家庭产生更大的价值。在 英联邦成立以来的大部分时间里,我都同它联系紧密。 我珍视同各国领袖、人民之间在个人和生活上的紧密联系,这不单是象征意义上的, 也能促进我们的团结。 英联邦并非只是一个具有某种使命的组织,更是一个让各国人民合作、解决实际困难 的平台。在涉及我们生活的许多方面,不论是体育、环境、商业或文化,英联邦国家之间的联系生动活泼而且丰富多彩。在很多方面这展现未来的前景。随着不断的支持和贡献,我相信多元化的英联邦国家之间能加强超越政治、宗教、种族和经济环境的凝聚力。 众所周知,圣诞节是欢庆与家人团聚的时候,但我们也可以借这个时机反思那些国内 外不幸者面临的困境。 基督徒接受的教义是要爱他们的邻居,有同情心,乐于慈善和志愿工作,以减轻贫困 和弱势者的负担。 我们自己会面临一连串的困难和挑战,这些困难和挑战会令我们感到困惑,但我们绝 不能停下脚步,而应该继续努力,为自己和他人创造更美好的未来。 不论你们现时身在何处,我都祝愿你们圣诞快乐! 13 Passage 2 美国第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马在英国伦敦伊斯灵顿伊丽莎白·安德森女校的演讲(节选)这是我的第一次出访,作为第一夫人的第一次外事出访。你们能相信吗?虽然这不是 我第一次来英国,但我得说很高兴我的首次官方访问是来英国。美国和英国之间的特殊关系,不只是基于政府间的关系,还基于我们有共同的语言和价值观。看见你们大家就使我想到这一点。在访问期间我特别荣幸地会见了英国一些最出色的女性,她们在为你们所有女孩子铺路。 我也很荣幸见到你们这些英国和世界未来的领导者,尽管我们的生活背景好像相差很 远,我是作为美国第一夫人站在这里,而你们还正在上学。 但我想让你们了解我们其实有很多共同之处。因为在我生命历程中没有任何东西曾经 预示我会作为美利坚合众国的第一位非洲裔第一夫人站在这里。我的资历里没有什么东西