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Unit 1:


讲。 (no matter how)

No matter how experienced a speaker you are, and how well you have prepared your speech, you will have difficulty making a speech at such a noisy reception.

2.就像吉米妹妹的朋友都关心吉米一样,吉米也关心他们。(just as)

Just as all his sister's friends cared about him, Jimmy cared about them.

3.汽车生产商在新车的几处都印有汽车识别号码,以便帮助找回被盗的车辆。 (track down)

Car manufacturers stamp a vehicle identification number at several places on new cars to help

track down stolen vehicles.

4.老师回来时你敢告我状的话,我就不再和你说话了。 (tell on)

If you dare tell on me when the teacher gets back I won't say a word to you any more.

5.有些老年人愿意独自过日子,但大多数老人选择和儿女一起生活。 (on one’s own)

Some e lderly people prefer to live on their own while the great majority choose to live with their children.

6.现在需要面对的事情是:如何筹集创建公司所需的资金。 (reckon with)

Here is something that needs to be reckoned with: how to get the necessary finances to establish the company.

Unit 2:

1. 被告是位年仅30岁的女子,她坚持称自己无罪。(Use an appositive.)

The defendant, a woman of only 30, kept insisting on her own innocence.

2.总体看来,枣、豆类以及一些多叶的绿色蔬菜是最好的铁质来源。(Use an absolute structure.)

All things considered, dates, beans and some l eafy green vegetables are the best sources of iron.

3. 正餐时不供应饮料,饮料会影响消化。 (interfere with)

No beverages are served with meals because they interfere with digestion.

4.考虑到那个地区受欢迎的程度,提前订旅馆是明智的。 (advisable)

Taking the popularity of the region into consideration, it is advisable to book hotels in advance.

5.服药后若有呕吐感,请立即停止服用并尽快咨询医生。 (throw up)

If you have a feeling of wanting to throw up after taking this drug, stop taking it immediately

and consult your doctor as soon as possible.

6.总结这次讨论时,他说双方都要好好考虑怎样以最有效的方法来解决这一问题。 (sum up)

Summing up the discussion, he said both parties should consider the most effective way to solve

the problem.

1.在思维方面,与他的行为一样,他是非常传统的。(Use "as" with the meaning of "in the way that,

in the manner that, like".)

In his thinking, as in his behavior, he is very traditional.

2.教师一旦同意接受新的教学计划,他们就得面对新计划所带给他们的压力。(Use "once" as a conjunction with the meaning "from the moment that".)

Once the teachers agree to accept the new teaching program, they have to face the strain it puts

on them.

3.从长远看,大学毕业后继续深造而不是直接参加工作是值得的。 (in the long run,worthwhile)

In the long run, it is worthwhile to pursue one's study after graduating from university instead

of going to work directly.

4.由于这所学校的办学宗旨是品德第一,所以道德观和学习成绩受到同样的重视。 (operates on)

As the school operates on the Character First principle, moral values and academic achievements

are stressed equally.

5.据说,原定于这个月召开的会议将推迟到下个月召开。 (be scheduled to,put off)

It is said that the meeting, which is scheduled to be held this month, will be put off till next




The school sees its job as preparing its students for life by cultivating a comprehensive set

of principles that can benefit all of them.


1.从各方面考虑,这座城市是世界上最令人激动的城市。(Use an absolute structure.)

Everything considered, the city is the world's most exciting city.

2.尽管没有得到父母的赞同,他还是继续他的计划出国学习。(Use the structure of "conjunction + prepositional phrase"; go ahead.)

Though with no approval from his parents, he went ahead with his plan to study abroad.

3.这座桥是以一位英雄的名字命名的,这位英雄为人民的事业献出了生命。 (name after)

The bridge was named after the hero who gave his life for the cause of people.

4.据说,画家是以他母亲为模特的。他母亲的面容沧桑却不失坚定。 (It is said...)

It is said that the painter used his mother as the model in the painting whose face represented

suffering yet strength.

5.这位作家于1950年因出版一本小说而一举成名,小说的灵感来自于他和一位姑娘在农场的经历。 (rise to fame )

The writer instantly rose to fame in 1950 with the publication of a novel inspired by his experience with a girl on a farm.


这名男子和美国政府签订了一份合同,给军队提供肉食。 (short for)

One story says that "US" was short for "Uncle Sam" whose real name was Sam Wilson, who had once

worked with a man who had signed a contract with the government to provide meat to the US Army.

1.直到看见弥留之际躺在床上的母亲,他才意识到自己是多么地爱她。(Use “not until”at the beginning)

Not until he saw his mother lying in bed, dying, did he realize how much he loved her.

2.考虑到他最近的身体状况,我认为他这次考试成绩还不错。 (use a present participle as adverbial) Taking into account of his recent physical condition, I think he has done quite well in the exam.

3. 克拉克夫人躺在床上一动不动,一时间我都纳闷她是否还活着。 (wonder if)

Mrs. Clark lies in bed motionless, and I wondered briefly if she is still alive.

4.整栋楼一片黑暗,只有三楼的某个窗户透出一丝光。 (except for)

The building was darkened except for a single light burning in a third-storey window.

5.这些士兵接受了严格的训练,并且对完成这项任务有充分的准备。 (be equipped)

These soldiers have received very strict training and are well equipped to fulfill the new task. 6. 他伸手拿起电话,拨通了宾馆的号码。 (reach for)

He reached for the phone, picked it up, and dialed the hotel’s number .


When I think of people in this world who have really made a difference, I think of my parents. They were truly saints among ordinary people. I was one of the ten children my parents adopted. They rescued(挽救) each of us from a life of poverty(贫穷) and loneliness(孤独). They were hardly able to restrain(克制) themselves from bringing home more children to care for. If they had had the resources(资源)they certainly would have.

Most people do not realize how much they appreciated (感激) someone until they pass away

(大多数人都不知道他们有多么感激一个人,直到那个人去世). My sisters and brothers and I did not want this to happen before we uttered(说)the words "Thank you" to our parents(我的妹妹和


Although we have all grown up and scattered(散落) about the country, we got back together

to thank our parents. My brother Tom undertook(从事,承担) the task of organizing the event.

Every Friday night, Mom and Dad have had the ham dinner special at the same restaurant for the

last twenty years. That is where we waited without their knowing. When we first caught a glimpse (瞥一眼) of them coming across the street, we all hid underneath(在…之下) a big table. When they entered, we leapt(跳出来) out and shouted, "Thank you, Mom and Dad." My b rother Tom p resented (提供)them with a card(办法,手段,妙计) and we all hugged(拥抱). My Dad pretended(假装)that he had known we were under the table all along.

当我思考在这个世界上,那些真正对我有意义的人,我想到了我的父母. 他们是生活在平凡世界中的真








Women who exercise regularly need to be careful with what they eat. Researchers have found

evidence(证据,迹象) that even moderate(适度的) exercise can result in losing iron. They said that women who exercise regularly, especially in endurance(耐久) activities, typically lose

iron. In order to prevent this from becoming a problem(为了防止这成为问题), it is important

that those women c onsume more meat(吃肉) or take supplements(补充) to replace(取代) the iron lost. Those who do not bother to get plentiful amounts of iron (嫌麻烦不愿意获得大量铁

的人) may begin to feel weak and tired. "If you can get the recommended daily allowance(按定量供给) of iron in your diet(如果你能每天服用推荐铁的含量), you will probably perform better," said one diet specialist. "One shortcoming(缺点) of taking iron pills is that the pill form

is not well absorbed(专心致志,全神贯注) and can sometimes make you sick. It is preferable

(可取的) that you try to remedy(治疗) the deficiency(缺点) by getting more iron-rich meats (红肉) in your diet."

There are ways to help your body store(储存) away(一直在做…) the iron it takes in. By

getting plenty of Vitamin C, your body is able to process(处理), or use, the iron better. Researchers acknowledge(承认,声明) that everyone's body is different and the problem will be less serious for some. Because it is impossible to decide whether or not this could be a problem

for you, health specialists say(健康专家说) it is advisable(明智的) to check your iron levels. Even when you can't feel it, you may still have a problem.



象演变成的问题, 对于这些女性来讲,食用更多的肉类或者补充那些流失的铁质是非常重要的。而那些不








While many p rivate schools are focusing more on values(重视), public schools are moving toward testing standards. The national government demands(需要)academic(学术上的) success and tests are taken as a key measurement(量度;份量,尺寸;) for a school's performance(表现). Schools with low test scores face penalties(惩罚) such as a reduction(减少) in money to run(经营) their schools. And, even individual teachers are being graded on(分级) how they're preparing their students for these tests.

"We have concentrated(集中的,全神贯注的) too much on teaching the kids how to take these tests," commented(评论) one elementary school teacher(初中老师). "We should be providing a more comprehensive(综合的,全面的) curriculum (课程) to these kids. We should be cultivating (改善,培养) leadership and curiosity(领导能力和好奇心). Unfortunately, there is never time."

One school principal remarked(重要的评论), "It's true that it would be beneficial(有益的) to our kids if they were getting better scores on the subjects being tested. The trouble

is that in poorer areas of the city like ours, kids start school less equipped(被装备) to perform (工作) well. We h ave many o bstacles(障碍) to overcome(战胜,压倒) before we can teach them basic subjects. All schools are not alike(同样地) , so they shouldn't be tested that way."

"The goal is to improve performance in schools that are not providing(提供) their students with tools for success," said one government official. He admits(承认), however, that he is having a hard time convincing faculty(说服全体教职员工) and teachers this plan will work.








For many, beauty and fashion are permanently linked. With regard to fashion, the Barbie doll has been consistently in style. From the first Barbie dolls, Mattel took care to dress them in

detailed, fashionable clothes. Some observers note that the fashions of the Barbie doll trace

fashion trends perfectly since 1959. While critics complain that the models do not represent “average” female bodies, they also complain about the Barbie doll’s size. Some h ave criticized the dimensions of the Barbie doll as an unattainable ideal of the female shape.

Charlotte Johnson, the Barbie doll’s first dress designer, explained that the doll was

not intended to reflect a female figure realistically, but rather to portray an exaggerated shape underneath fashionable clothes. However, the unrealistic dimensions of the doll have brought the strongest criticism regarding the doll’s encouragement of an obsession with weight and looks.

Convinced of the negative effects of the Barbie doll on children, Cathy Meredig of High Self Esteem Toys developed a more realistically proportioned doll in 1991. Her doll did not sell well, however.

Throughout the years, the Barbie doll has had several competitors, but none have been able

to compete with the glamor offered by the Barbie doll.


芭比娃娃开始,美泰公司就很仔细的为她们穿上精致,流行的服饰. 一些观察家指出芭比娃娃完美地流行趋






由于认为芭比娃娃对小孩有负面影响,在1991年,High Self Esteem Toys公司的Cathy Meredig 设计出(开发)了一种更符合实际比例的玩具。但是,她的玩具却销路不佳。



As a surgeon(外科医生,军医), I have seen a lot of deaths. I am rarely astonished(很少惊讶) by anything. The other day, however, one humorous and slightly odd story(轻微奇怪的故事) I heard touched me. A doctor told me t hat a very old woman h e was treating was lying motionless (静止不动的) on her pillow face down. He thought she was dead, but when he approached(靠近), he noticed she was breathing. Her hospital gown(病服)exposed(暴露出) her back bare (赤裸的后背), so he put a cover over her. Just then she sat up slowly(慢慢的做起来), startling (令人吃惊的) the doctor. She seemed quite alive.

"I thought you were nearly gone," the doctor said. "Your breathing was so shallow(微弱的) and you seemed lifeless(毫无生气的)."

"Never mind that, doctor, I've been waiting for you," the old woman s aid quite confidently, as if she were his mother. She had been a good mother to four, but she had survived(幸存,比…活的更长)them all. She gracefully handed the doctor a jar(罐子) of strawberry jam. "Take the lid off(拿掉盖子) and try some," she said. He sampled(品尝) a little and told her it was delicious.

"Good," she said, handing him a piece of paper with writing. "This is how to make it." He

understood what a(n) privilege(特权,权益) she had given him and took it with thanks and then

left. The old woman lay back down and died soon after his departure(离开)











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