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1. 那是个正规宴会,我照妈妈对我讲的那样穿着礼服去了。

( formal ) As it was a formal dinner party, I wore formal dress, as Mother told me t o. 2. 他的女友劝他趁抽烟的坏习惯尚未根深蒂固之前把它改掉。(take hold)

His girlfriend advised him to get out of/get rid of his bad habit of smoking before it t ook hold. 3. 他们预料到下几个月点的需求量很大,决定增加生产。(anticipate)

Anticipating that the demand for electricity will be high during the next few months, t hey have decided to increase its production.

4.据说比尔音译在违反公司的安全规章而被解雇。( violate )

It is said that Bill has been fired for continually violating the company '

s safety rules. /Bill is said to have been fired for continually violating the company ' s safety rules. 5. 据报道地方政府已采取适当措施避免严重缺水( water shortage )的可能性。

( avoid,severe ) It is reported that the government has taken proper measures to a void the possibility of a severe water shortage.

1. 半个小时过去了,但末班车还没来。我们只好走回家。( go by )

Half an hour had gone by, but the last bus hadn ' t come yet. We had to walk home.

2. 玛丽看上去对汉语考试很担心,因为她还没背熟课文。

( learn by heart ) Mary seems to be very worried about the Chinese exam because she hasn ' t learned the texts by heart.

3. 既然篮球赛已被推迟,我们不妨去参观博物馆。( postpone )

Since the basketball match has been postponed, we might as well visit the museum.

4. 整个二次世界大战期间他一直和父母住在澳大利亚。

(all the way ) He stayed in Australia with his parents all the way through WW 口.

5. 自1985 年从南京大学毕业至今,可以说我与我的大学同学失去了联系。( kind of ,lose touch ) Since I graduated from Nanjing University in 1985, I have kind of lost t ouch with my classmates.

1. 正如科学家所预言的那样,全球污染成了人类面临的最严重的问题之一。

( global )

As is predicted by scientists, global pollution has become one of the most serious pro blems humans are faced with.

2. 谋求这些职位的竞争很激烈——今年的求职者( applicant )是去年的五倍

(competition ) Competition for these jobs is very tough —we have five times as many applicants this year as we did last year/ there are five ti mes as many applicants this year as

there were last year. 3. 正如事实表明的那样,教育大纲应该符合国家的经济发展计划。( fit into )

As the facts show, educational programs need to fit into the national plan for econo mic development.

4. 这辆汽车太费油( burn too much gas ),而且价钱几乎是我想付的两倍。

( moreover ) The car burns too much gas, and moreover, the price is almost twice as much as I intend to pay. 5. 要了解一起重大的国际事件,我们首先需要考虑其历史与政治背景。( background )

To understand a great international event, we, first of all, need to consider the histor ical and political background to it.

1. 据报道,联合国斡旋者( mediators )制定出了他们希望双方都能接受的方案。

( work out ) It is reported that UN mediators have worked out a plan which they ho pe will be acceptable to both sides.

2. 多丽丝小心翼翼地在森林里行走,害怕遭到大蛇攻击。( giant )

Doris walked in the forest cautiously, afraid of being attacked by giant snakes.

3. 地震、台风和其他自然灾害( disaster )无法防止,但可采取行动保护生命财产。

( property ) Earthquakes, typhoons and other natural disasters cannot be prevented, but action can be taken to protect life and property.

4. 我买了一期新的我最喜欢的体育杂志就赶紧回家,急着想读之自娱。( amuse ) I bought a new issue of my favorite sports magazine and hurried home, anxious to amuse myself reading it.

5. 海伦缺乏信心,我从没遇到过像她那样没有自信的( unsure of oneself )人。

( confidence ) Helen lacks confidence. I ' ve never known anyone so unsure of herself.

1. 我不太清楚那儿你能找到个好木工( carpenter )——你最好四处打听打听。( ask around ) I ' m not sure where you can find a good carpenter---you 'd better ask around.

2. 他感到有点尴尬,赶紧清了清喉咙,抬头看着墙上的画。( embarrass ) Feeling a little embarrassed, he quickly cleared his throat and looked up at the painting on the wall.

3. 迈克尔去世了,留下三个儿子、两个女儿和妻子伊丽莎白。

survive ) Michael was (survived by three sons, two daughters, and his wife Elizabeth.

4. 作为金融专家,威廉建议我们投资股票市场。( stock ) As a financial expert, William

advised us to invest our money in the stock market.

5. 我们这些小零售商( retailer )无法和超市在价格和销售方面竞争。( compete ) We

small retailers can ' t compete with supermarkets in pricing and sales.

1. 在我上大学之前,祖父对我说的那几句充满智慧的话给我留下了深刻印象。Before I

went off to university, my grandfather gave me a few words of wisdom which impressed me


2. 千万别把我的伤势告诉我父母,我会很感激你的。

Never tell my parents about my injuries and I 'll be very grateful to you (for it).

3. 我们有几个同事在会上提出了改进工作环境的合理。At the meeting some of our

colleagues put forward sensible suggestions aboutimproving our working environment.

4. 迫于工会压力,资方同意给工人增加10% 的工资。The management has/have agreed

to grant the workers a 10% pay rise in response to union pressure.

5. 女主人考虑得很周到,在我们到来之前把房子打扫得干干净净。It was very thoughtful

of the hostess to give the house a thorough cleaning before we arrived.

1) 当地一家公司承担了此项工程,但工程没完工就破产了。 A local business

undertook the project but went bankrupt before it was completed.

2) 我和你做笔交易—你替我洗车,我晚上把车借给你开。Let ' s make a deal —you

wash my car, and I ' ll let you use it tonight.

3) 我们到达那个我们本以为已毁于那次大地震的村庄时,却发现它只受到轻微损失。

We got to the village which we thought must have been wiped outin the severe earthquake,

only to find it slightly damaged.

4) 我的花园即干燥又背阴。在那样的环境里,很少有植物能茁壮成长。My garden is

dry and shady —few plants thrive in that condition.

5) 那位电影明星的死亡真相至今仍被谜团笼罩着。Mystery still surrounds the exact truth

behind th e film star ' s death/exact circumstance of the film star s death.

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