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Unit 1

Useful Expressions

1. 被系在…上be attached to…

2. 探索行为exploratory behavior

3. 偶尔on occasion

4. 父母的责任parental duties

5. 揭示,阐明throw light on

6. 最终目的an ultimate purpose

7. 要做的动作desired action

8. 所希望的结果desirable outcome

9. 关键critical point

10. 育儿观value of child rearing

11. 弥补某种错误行为making up for a misdeed

12. 回想起来in retrospect

13. 善意的well-intentioned

14. 前来帮助某人come to sb.’s rescue

15. 极其熟练、温和地with extreme facility and gentleness

16. 适用于apply to

17. 发展到evolve to

18. 发展创造力promote creativity

19. 值得追求的目标worthwhile goals

. Sentence Translation

1. But one of the most telling lessons Ellen and I got in the difference between Chinese and American ideas of education came not in the classroom but in the lobby of the Jinling Hotel where we stayed in Nanjing. (=然而,我和艾伦获得的有关中美教育观念差异的最难忘的体验并非来自课堂,而是来自我们在南京期间寓居的金陵饭店的大堂。)

2. He probably got as much pleasure out of the sounds the key made as he did those few times when the key actually found its way into the slot.


3. I soon realized that this incident was directly relevant to our assigned tasks in China: to investigate the ways of early childhood education (especially in the arts), and to throw light on Chinese attitudes toward creativity.


4. 我的中国同行,除了少数几个人外,对此事的态度与金陵饭店工作人员一样。(= With a few exceptions my Chinese colleagues displayed the same attitude as the staff at the Jinling Hotel.)

5. 但关键在于,在这个过程中,我们试图让本杰明懂得,一个人是能够很好地自行解


(= But the critical point was that, in the process, we were trying to teach Benjamin that one can solve a problem effectively by oneself.)

6. 回想起来,当时我就清楚地意识到,这件事正是体现了问题的关键之所在——而且不仅仅是一种意义上的关键之所在。

(= In retrospect, it became clear to me that this incident was indeed key —and key in more than one sense.)

7. 我们两种文化的差异也可以从我们各自所怀的忧虑中显示出来。

(= The contrast between our two cultures can also be seen in terms of the fears we both harbor.)


. Useful Expressions

1. 面临,遭遇be confronted with

2. 仰头向上看look up at

3. 填写fill out

4. 属于fall into

5. 仅仅,不多于,不强于nothing more than

6. 转瞬即逝的念头 a passing whim

7. 磨损,损耗wear and tear

8. 虽然,尽管in spite of

9. 期望,盼望look forward to

10. 富裕的,有钱的well off

11. 不自在,格格不入out of place

12. 陈旧的家具dated furniture

13. …之后不久shortly after

14. 走下坡路,失败go south

15. 转折点 a turning point

16. 与…形成对比in contrast to

17. 对…予以注意,致力于focus on

18. 归属感 a sense of belonging

19. 遭遇困难go through a rough time

20. 久不消逝的微笑 a lingering smile

21. 为…感恩be thankful for

22. 收入最低的档次the lowest income bracket

23. 创作才能the gift of creativity

24. 对物质财富的追求the pursuit of possessions

Sentence Translation

1. The pressure to purchase is real. It may be true that everybody wants a high-end TV. After all, nobody wants to be a nobody.


2. I was standing just outside the doorway of a Wal-Mart, offering a “thank you” and a smile to each person who dropped a donation into my red kettle.


3. My 1999 car shows the wear and tear of 105, 000 miles. But it is still dependable.


4. But there is one vital area of my life where I am not so well off. In a society

that spends so much emotional energy on the pursuit of possessions, I feel out of place.


5. 然而,想要得到其他那么多人都有的物质的东西, 对我来说,只不过是转瞬即逝的念头而已。

(=Yet I feel nothing more than a passing whim to attain the material things so many other people have.)

6. 五十三年来我一直非常健康。我不但不生病,而且精力充沛,情绪饱满。

(=I’ve enjoyed exceptionally good health for 53 years. It's not just th at I've been illness-free, it's that I feel vigorous and spirited.)

7. 当我写出美丽的诗句,或编造出能把人逗乐的笑话,我内心感到很富有。通过写作而获得的洞察力,不断地令我惊奇。

(=When I write a beautiful line of poetry, or fabricate a joke that tickles someone, I feel rich inside. I'm continually surprised at the insights that come through my writing process.)

8. 她对我说,对她而言,最重要的是“一个人的内心”。我以为我找到了非同一般的生活伴侣。

(=What was most important to her, she told me, was "what's on the inside." I thought I had found someone special to share my life with.)

Unit 3

Ⅰ. Useful Expressions

1.舞台前方the edge of the stage

2.对观众说话address the audience

3.到头来让人尴尬end up embarrassing sb.

4.当餐厅服务员wait tables

5.为某人感到骄傲be proud of sb.

6.一致地in unison

7.偶尔一次once in a while

8.围坐在餐桌旁be seated around the dinning room table

9.使产生悬念keep in suspense

10.传下来hand down

11.无论如何at any rate

12.世界和平global peace

13.减少;缩小narrow down

14.转向某人turn to sb.

15.影响;刺激come over

16.结束某(一不愉快的)事g et sth. over with

17.优等生an honor student

18.整天提心吊胆live in constant dread

19.负责in charge of

20.填写fill out

21.思路line of thought

22.初中junior high school

. Sentence Translation

1.And it's not just one of us who've felt the heavy hand of interference.

Oh, no, all three of us live in constant dread knowing that at any time disaster can strike.


2.Don't know where she got her brains. Her mother, I suppose.


3.That has given them the opportunity to essentially hide in plain sight.


4.Text messaging has perhaps becom e this generation’s version of pig



5. 出于搞笑的目的,故事情节极度夸张,但几乎人人都能从中看到自己及父母的


(=For the sake of fun it carries things to extremes, but nearly everyone can recognize something of themselves and their parents in it.)

6. 黛安娜,你怎么了?我真不明白你们年轻人。唉,在我那个时候……

(=Diane, what has come over you? I just don't understand the younger generation. Why, back in my day…)

7. 就在去年,她初中最后一年,我们还没搬家的时候,海蒂在县里每年一度的拼


(=Why just last year, in her last year of junior high school, before we moved, Heidi placed first in the county in the annual spelling bee.)

8. 如今,父母在需要的时候总能联系到孩子,这对于家庭来说利大于弊。

(=So far, parents’ ability to reach their children whenever they want affords families more pluses than minuses.)

Unit 4

Ⅰ. Useful Expressions

1.一周中的最好时光highlight of the week

2.投稿submit articles

3.有时at times

4.对…感到厌恶feel an aversion to

5.社交方式forms of socializing

6.缺乏自律 a lack of discipline


8.面对be confronted with

9.穿着得体be dressed appropriately


be jarred by the commercials

11.工作成了次要的。Work moves into the background.

12.坏脾气be bad-tempered

13.在此状态下in this state

14.日常事务daily routine

15.依赖rely on

16.长期失业long-term unemployment

17.吸毒drug abuse

18.恢复平衡restore balance

19.将…与…区分开set apart…from…

20.面对面face to face

21.找借口make an excuse

take after 仿效,跟随;相象,在相貌、脾气或性格上相似

take apart 拆开

take back 收回(所说的或所写的事)

take down 拿下,放下

take for 把…视作;误认为

take off 脱掉(衣服等);起飞

take on 从事;开始对付:

take out 取出;弄走

take over 接管

take up 举起;再次开始

give an interview to sb. 接见某人

have an interview with sb. 会见某人

job interviews (对申请工作者的)口头审查

Sentence Translation

1.I start to feel as though I've become one with my machine, taking data in,

spitting them back out, just another link in the Net.


2.And once you start replacing real human contact with cyber-interaction,

coming back out of the cave can be quite difficult.


3.I began to understand why long-term unemployment can be so

damaging, why life without an externally supported daily plan can lead to higher rates of drug abuse, crime, suicide.


4.When I'm in this state, I fight my boyfriend as well, misinterpreting his

intentions because of the lack of emotional cues given by our typed

dialogue. (=在这种精神状态下,我也和男朋友吵架,常因键出的对话缺乏情感暗示而误解他的本意。)


(=The voices of the programs are comforting, but then I'm jarred by the commercials.)


(=On top of that she has lately started spending some two hours in intense communication with a computer.)


(=They always know where your weak points are, just where to slip in under your guard. )


(=The worst scenes my mind dreams up play like a horror movie.)


Ⅰ. Useful Expressions

1. 田径比赛track and field competition

2. 俯瞰 a bird’s eye view

3. 深呼吸take a deep breath

4. 像雄鹰一样翱翔soar like an eagle

5. 如出一辙; 不谋而合coincide with

6. 每隔一天every other day/on alternate days

7. 农场杂活farm chores

8. 有一次on one occasion

9. 站着on one’s feet

10. 没有意识到unaware of

11. 仰面躺着lie on one’s back

12. 对…惭愧be ashamed of

13. 感到…fill one’s mind with…

14. 摆脱紧张情绪shake the tension

15. 在内心的最深处from the deepest depths of one’s soul

16. 在这种时候at a time like this

17. 舒展;伸展stretch out

18. 缓缓移动in slow motion

19. 使…回到现实中bring sb. back to earth

20. 想象see in one’s mind’s eye

all along 始终, 一直

come along进展; 跟着来

get along 进展; 与…和睦相处

go along 进展; 前进; 同行

anxiety about 对…的焦虑

anxiety for 为…的担忧

Sentence Translation

1.The pole vault is truly the highlight of any track and field competition. It

combines the grace of a gymnast with the strength of a body builder. (=撑竿跳高确实是所有田径比赛中最精彩的项目。它融合了体操运动员的优雅与健美运动员的力量。)

2. Her excitement and passion for details made Michael's dreams full of color and beauty.


3.He found his pole, stood and stepped on the runway that led to the most

challenging event of his 17-year-old life.


4. Then out of nowhere, and from the deepest depths of his soul, he pictured

his mother.


5. 迈克尔一下子被围住了,人们拥抱他,祝贺他所取得的一生中最辉煌的成就。

(=Michael was immediately surrounded by people hugging and congratulating him on the greatest accomplishment of his life.)

6. 我认为在这整个世界里,就我一个人被选中去受苦受难。

(=I believed that in this whole world I alone had been chosen to suffer. ) 7. 刹那间,时间凝固了,我感到万分的羞愧和震惊。我从来没有这么难受过。

(=In the next few frozen seconds, the shame and horror of that moment penetrated, and I was sick with an intensity I had never felt before. )

8. 我意识到我的自艾自怜、自私,以及对他人需求的冷漠,已到了无可复加的地步。

(=I realized that I was filled to overflowing with self-pity, selfishness, and indifference to the needs of others. )


Ⅰ. Useful Expressions

1.把…改成convert… into…

2.对…一无所知don’t know the first thing about…

3.把…区分开来distinguish… from…

4.渴望独立be craving independence

5.不禁不寒而栗can’t help shuddering

6.处于劣势at a disadvantage

7.在…方面when it comes to…

8.偶然闯进stumble into

9.轻而易举地把它学好it comes easily to somebody

10.咬紧牙学好它grit your teeth to get good at it

11.极有可能there’s a strong chance that

12.把成绩提高到A pull the grade up to an A

13.恐惧的时候moments of panic

14.基于be based on

15.文化熏陶cultural cues

16.人不是孤岛。No man is an island

17.毫无疑问, 不可否认There’s no denying that…

18.与…相关联be relevant to

19.不容改变的结论hard and fast conclusions

20.生来就懂be born knowing

21.有敢冒风险而为的精神take a leap of faith

22.有所选择地听别人的话have a selective hearing

23.break faith with 背弃,不守信

24.keep faith with 信守,不背弃

25.in good faith 真诚地,善意地

26.by leaps and bounds 非常快地

27.a leap in the dark 冒险举动

28.leap of faith 信仰不可捉摸

29.leap at chance 立刻抓住机会

30.owe sb. a favor 欠某人的情

31.return a favor 还某人的情

32.in favor of 同意, 支持

33.gain/win favor 得到赞同, 得到嘉许

34.have confidence in 对…有信心

35.inspire confidence in 激起对…的信任

36.gain sb’s con fidence 获得某人的信任

37.in confidence 必须保密

https://www.sodocs.net/doc/2a1203298.html,e through 度过

https://www.sodocs.net/doc/2a1203298.html,e down 失去财富或地位

https://www.sodocs.net/doc/2a1203298.html,e across 偶然遇到或找到

https://www.sodocs.net/doc/2a1203298.html,e through 度过

https://www.sodocs.net/doc/2a1203298.html,e down 失去财富或地位

https://www.sodocs.net/doc/2a1203298.html,e across 偶然遇到或找到

44.be a credit to sb. 为…增光

45.give sb. credit 对…表示肯定

46.deserve credit 值得表扬

Sentence Translation

1.The thought of answering other people's telephones, typing other people's

work and watching other people take credit for my ideas and opinions would throw me into week-long bouts of depression.


2.I steeled myself to travel the road that would lead me to a better

understanding of who I was and of what I wanted out of life.


3.And it's not so much the results of the action that have reshaped me

(although that's important, too) as it is the realization that I have within myself what it takes to do what I set out to do.



(=I feel more in control these days and less like a flag on a breezy day, blowing this way or that depending on the wind.)



(=Just because a subject is difficult to learn, it does not mean you are not good at it. You just have to grit your teeth and work harder to get good at it. Once you do, there's a strong chance you will enjoy it more than anything else.)



(=I applied to the program, not because I wanted to be an engineer, but because I was craving independence and wanted to get out of my parents' house for six weeks.)

7. 但有时,每当意识到别人对自己的期待时,我又会由于自我怀疑和对未来捉摸不定而感到心情沉重。

(=But sometimes, after realizing what was expected of me, I would be weighed down by self-doubt and uncertainty.)


Ⅰ. Useful Expressions

1. 排行榜 a hit parade

2. 严格地说strictly speaking

1.对我们真正至关重要的事the things that really matter to us

2.发表演说make a speech

3.为了加强效果for effect

4.系统的研究 a systematic study

5.起源于descend from

6.提出come up with

7.向西漂泊drift west

8.留传给我们pass on to us

9.日子过得开心enjoy oneself

10.抚养孩子rear/raise a child

11.诺曼人征服英国the Normans conquered England

12.平民百姓common people

13.印刷机 a printing press

14.大量新思想 a wealth of new thinking

15.欧洲文艺复兴the European Renaissance

16.失控be out of control

17.付诸实施put into practice

18.个人自由的崇尚者 a respecter of the liberties of each


19.开拓新路strike out new path

20.培育了…的准则nourish the principles of …

21.人权the rights of man

22.知识精英an intellectual elite

23.do addition 做加法

24.make an addition 增加一些

25.in addition to 除…之外

26.drift along 漫无目的地游荡

27.drift apart 分开;疏远

28.drift into/toward 渐渐进入;陷入

29.a general drift 总的倾向

30.get/catch the dri ft of …理解大意

31.follow sb’s drift 听懂某人的意思

32.pose a mystery 形成疑团

33.remain a mystery 依然是个谜

34.clear up a mystery 使神秘的事真相大白

35.solve/unravel a mystery 阐释奥秘

36.shrouded/cloaked/wrapped in mystery 处于神秘之中

37.feel the necessity of 感到有…的必要

38.the bare necessities 最低限度的必需品

39.the necessities of life 生活必需品

40.of necessity 必然地

41.display/show tolerance 表示宽容

42.have tolerance 有容忍力;有雅量

43.tolerance for/of/towards 对…容忍

Sentence Translation

4.That happy tolerance, that willingness to accept words from anywhere,

explains the richness of English and why it has become, to a very real

extent, the first truly global language..


5. A systematic study revealed that many modern languages descended

from a common parent language, lost to us because nothing was written down.


6.The English language would not have been what it is if the English had not

been for centuries great respecters of each individual and if everybody had not been free to strike out new paths for himself.


9.English may become one tool that opens windows to the world, unlocks

doors to opportunities, and expands our minds to new ideas.




(=Yet there is something direct to the heart that speaks to us from the earliest words in our language.)


(= Translations of Greek and Roman classics were poured onto the printed page.)


(=By 2010, the number of people who speak English as a second or foreign language will exceed the number of native speakers. )


(=The world is in transition, and the English language will take new forms.) Unit 8

. Useful Expressions

1. 在…的腹地in the heart of…

2. 与…和谐相处live in harmony with

3. 富足的农场prosperous farm

4. 默默地穿越silently cross

5. 在…中in the mists of

6. 令…人目不暇接delight sb’s eye

7. 以…为食feed on

8. 蜂拥而至pour through

9. 悄悄蔓延creep over

10. 死亡的阴影 a shadow of death

11. 对…迷惑不解be puzzled by

12. 莫名其妙突然死去sudden and unexplained deaths

13. 出奇地安静 a strange stillness

14. 许许多多scores of

15. 开花come into bloom

16. 几处斑痕 a few patches

17. 遭遇灾难的世界the stricken world

18. 经历…的不幸experience the misfortune

19. 多个 a substantial number of

20. 想像的悲剧imagined tragedy

21. 严酷现实stark reality

22. 使…鸦雀无声silence the voices of

in silence 安静地,无声地

silence is golden (谚)沉默是金;什么话不说为好

above the line (财政)日常支出的

below the line (财政)资本支出的

bring someone/thing into line 使符合,使一致

come into line 一致

settle for 对…感到满足

settle on 决定

settle with 同…清理账目

settle down to/into 定下心来

during a … spell在一段时间内

a … spell as 作为…的时期

a spell of unemployment 失业期

be/come/fall under 在咒语的支配下;中了咒语

under sb.’s spell 被某人迷住

abundance of 丰富, 许多

in abundance 充足,丰富

a year of abundance 丰年

come into bloom/blossom 开花

be out of bloom/blossom 花已落

in (full) bloom/blossom 花盛开着

the bloom is off the rose 明日黄花,已失去新颖感或应时价值的事物

be in harmony with 与…协调一致

be out of harmony with 与…不协调一致

live in harmony 和睦相处

Sentence Translation

1. Some evil spell had settled on the community: mysterious maladies swept the flocks of chickens; the cattle and sheep sickened and died.


2. The countryside was, in fact, famous for the abundance and variety of its

bird life, and when the flood of migrants was pouring through in spring and

autumn people travelled from great distances to observe them.


3. On the mornings that had once throbbed with the dawn chorus of robins,

catbirds, doves, jays, wrens, and scores of other bird voices there was now no sound.


4. 曾经是引人驻足的路边,现在却只有褐色的枯草朽木,好像被大火烧了似的。(=The roadsides, once so attractive, were now lined with browned and withered vegetation as though swept by fire.)

5. 在这个遭遇灾难的世界里,扼杀新生命的不是巫术,也不是敌人的进攻。而是人们


(=No witchcraft, no enemy action had silenced the rebirth of new life in this stricken world. The people had done it themselves.)

6. 在很大程度上,地球上动植物的外表形态和习惯是环境塑造的。

(=To a large extent, the physical form and the habits of the earth's vegetation and its animal life have been molded by the environment.) 7. 如今变化的快捷,以及产生新情况的速度,跟随的是人类鲁莽的步伐而不是大自然的从容节奏。

(=The rapidity of change and the speed with which new situations are created follow the rash and heedless pace of man rather than the deliberate pace of nature.)


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