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Lesson Three:Hans Christian Andersen’s own fairy tale(2)


Donald and Louise Peattie 这只鸭圈里飞出的天鹅所讲的故事老少皆宜,虽然故事使用的是孩子们能听懂的语言、孩子们喜闻乐见的情节,但却又包含生活真谛、寓意深长。功成名就的“丑小鸭” 一如既往,保持着他那平常、善良的心态,对权贵不卑不亢,对以往没有善待他的人不计前嫌。他把爱献给上帝,献给人类。

1 In Copenhagen, Hans Christian lived in an attic in an old house, where he had a good view of the city. But there was one big fact that he could not see right under his own nose. The plays and poetry that he wrote were not very good.


2 Hans Christian made friends with a few kind people. Among them was Jonas Collin of the Royal Theater. This kind man collected funds from friends to send the young writer to school. Hans felt most at ease with children. He ate his dinner in turn at the homes of six friends. In each home the children begged him for stories.


3 Hans told a tale so vividly that you could see and hear toy soldiers marching and toy horse galloping. And he could make the most wonderful papercuts. These are kept today in the Andersen Museum, which is in the house where he was born in Odense.


4 Andersen remained single all his life. The good Collin family-three generations of them-became all the family he was ever to have. They all loved him, but they advised him not to write any more poetry and plays, and to try to get a government job. They talked as he later made the animals talk in his stories:” I tell you this for your own good,” said the Han to the Ugly Duckling,” you should learn to lay eggs like me.” In The Ugly Duckling Hans Christian told the story of his own life.


5 When his first book of fairy tales was published in 1835, Andersen d idn’t think it would be successful, but children read the stories and wanted more. So,encouraged by their interest, he began what we know today as his great work, for 37 years, a new book of Andersen’s fairy tales come out each Christmas. The books were full of everyday truth, of wonder, of sad beauty, of humor. Children and their parents had never read such tales before.


6 Andersen’s tales are a poet’s way of telling us the truth about our selves. He looked deeply into the heart of things. Even in a child’s toy lost in the street, he could see some story with the light of gold in it. All of us laugh at the humor of The Emperor’s New Cloths, but we remember the story every time men pretend to be something that they are not.


7 Although he was now famous, he was more kind-hearted that ever. One day on the street he met a man who had once treated him badly. The old and unhappy man said that he was sorry for what he had done.

Andersen forgave the man and comforted him. The prince who had told Andersen to learn a useful trade was now the King. He invited the writer to his palace and told him that he might ask for any favor. Andersen replied simply,” But I don’t need anything at all.”


8 He was already loved all over the world. The awkward figure and kind ugly face had become so famous that his friends, the children, recognized him wherever he was. His books were translated into many different languages and read all over the world. He was received at the royal courts of Europe and admired by many kings.


9 The greatest writers of the day, form dickens to Victor Hugo,looked upon him as one of themselves. Among them, he at last learned happily that “it doesn’t matter if you are born in a duck-yard,as long as you come from a swan’s egg”


10 Happiest of all was the day he returned to the “duck-yard,” nearly 50 years after he had left it. All Odense took part in the great celebration for the shoemaker’s son who was now the prince of fairy tales. A great dinner was held in his honor. That night, hundreds of people came to his window and celled to him. What was then in his full heart— that gentle heart that had been lonely for so long-was best e xpressed in his own words:” To God and man, my thanks, my love.”


word list(单词表)

attic n.阁楼,顶楼

view n.(从特定处看到的)景色

fund n.资金,现款

vividly adv.生动地

march v. 行进,行军

gallop v.(指马等或骑者)飞奔,奔驰

papercut n.剪纸

publish v.出版(书籍、期刊等)

humor,humor n.(美/英)幽默

deeply adv.深刻地

heart n.实质,感情

emperor n.皇帝

kind-hearted adj.好心的,仁慈的

unhappy adj.不幸福的,不愉快的

happily adv. 幸福地,愉快地

comfort v.安慰(某人)

awkward adj.(动作或形态)难看的;笨拙的

figure n.形态,体形

court n.宫廷

day n.时代

duck-yard n.鸭圈

swan n.天鹅

celebration n.庆祝

prince n.(某领域中的)优秀或杰出人物

full adj.丰富的

proper names(专有名词)

jonas collin乔纳斯·科林(人名)



victor hugo维克托·雨果(人名)

useful expressions(常用短语)

have a good view of清楚看到

make friends with sb.与某人交朋友

send sb. to school供某人上学

be full of充满

laugh a t嘲笑

feel/be at ease with sb.与某人相处感到轻松惬意

ask for sth.请求或要求某物


at last最后,终于

in turn轮流,依次

the president shook hands in turn with the people greeting him.

come out出版

when will this book come out


she is so fat that she can't move easily.

look upon …as把……看做……

I looked upon you as a close friend.

John is looked upon as the best basketball player in his class.

be in sb.'s /sth.'s honour;be in honour of sb./sth. 向……表示敬意;


A party will be held in honour of the visiting president.

Verb Pattern 3(动词句型)


At last we were/got home.

The birthday party will be at nine.

The children are in the garden.

Hans felt most at ease with children.

One big fact that he could not see was right under his nose.


Questions on the Text(课文问题)

did Andersen manage to go to school

Andersen made friends with a few kind people and one of his friends,Jonas Collin,collected funds from his friends to send Anderson to school.

did he get on with the children of the six friends

He got on well with them and he told them felt at ease with them and he told them stories.

3.Have you read The Ugly Duckling What does the Hen often say to the DucklingWhat did the Collin family often advice Hens to do What do you think of their advice

Hen often tells the Duckling "I tell you this for your own good. You should learn to lay eggs like me." The Collin family often advised Hans not to write any more poetry and plays and to get a government job. Their advice was very friendly and useful at that time.

4.When was Andersen's first book of stories published And how was it received by children

Han's first book was published in 1835. Children read his stories and wanted to read more.

5.According to the text how many books of fairy tales did he produce altogether

He wrote 37 books in his life.

6.What kind of people does Andersen laugh at in The Emperor's New Clothes

He laughted at the people who pretended to be something that they were not.

Andersen change a lot after he became famousGive an example.

No,he didn't He became even more kindhearted.

He forgave the man who had treated him badly. He also comforted the man.

8.Give a few examples to show that he was word famous

His books were translated into many diffenrent language. Children recognized him wherever he was. Dickens and Victor Hugo thought he was a great writer.

9.Explain in your own words the meaning of"it doesn't matter if you are born in a duck-yard as long as you come from a swan's egg."

No matter what family you are born into, so long as you've got ability and do your best you will succeed.(or: If you're a piece of gold, you'll sooner or later shine in public.)

10.How was Andersen,the writerWhat do you thank of Andersen,the man

The people there enthusiastically welcome him. They had a big celebration and gave a great dinner in his honour. At night,hundreds of people went to his window and called to him.

11.What do you think of Andersen, the writer What do you think of Andersen, the man

As a witer, Andersen was a genius. He had great ability to write stories and he worked very hard at it . He never gave up writing. As a man, he was very kind and forgiving. He loved books and children. do you think made Andersen a great writer

His interest, his strong will, kind people's help and children's encouragement made him a great writer.

Written Work(笔头作业)

Translate the following passage into English.



Andersen truned many of his own experience into fairy tales and told the tales to the children of his all liked his stories because Hans had a genius for telling stories and told them vividly. After his first book of fairy tales was published ,it was liked by children and their parents and was very tales were full of everyday truths. Then his second book of fairy tales came out ,Another followed. He published 37 in Hans Andersen was looked upon as the prince of fairy tales and one of the greatest writes of his day.

Vocabulary Exercises(词汇练习)


*形空词/少数动词+_th(表示行为、过程或状态)→ 名词如:

death 死亡

length 长度

truth 真相

breadth 广度

*(除one, two 和three以外的)基数词+_th → 序数词如:

millionth 第100万

sixth 第6


fortieth 第40





1)wide (width)

grow (growth)

deep (deepth)

strong (strength)

warm (warmth)

2)five (fifth)

thirty (thirtieth)

nine (ninth)

four (fourth)

eleven (eleventh)




People can have a good view of city from this tower.


When he worked in the countryside he made friends with many young peasants. (3)那时那家很空,不能供孩子们上学。

At that time the family was too poor to send the children to school.


I'm not going to the party because I dont't feel at ease with those people. (5)学生们站起来,轮流向这位发言人提问。

The students was stood up and asked the speaker questions in turn.


Her question was so stupid that everybody laughed at her.


I adivsed him not to ask the man for help.


The book was so famous that it was translated into many languages.


Over a hundred people went to the dinner party in honor of the senior professor.


His students all look upon him as a friend.


When the book came out, he found that it was full of mistakes.



Would you please look after the baby while I 'm away


I phoned him yesterday, but he was out.


The shop is at the corner of the street.


Betty is in front of me in the photo.


It is half past five in the morning, and he's already up.


1)I’m quite at ease with my new computer.

2)His family didn't send him to school because of his poor health.

3)You can have a really good view of the park from where you are standing.

4)The young fans shook hands with the film star in turn.

5)The building you see in the picture is known as The Great Wall Hotel.

6)The garden in front of our house is full of beautiful flowers.

7)The boy made a silly mistake,and everybody laughed at him.

8)She said she would invite me to dinner someday.

9)Don't be afraid of making mistakes when you speak English.

10)I waited for him for a long time.



When you talk about the weather,or the climate(气候),you are talking about how(1) much heat and how much water is(2)in the air.

The weather is the condition of the air at any someone asks you about the weather today,in your answer,you tell what the air is like .climate is different (3)from the climate does not(4) tell you the condition of air (5) on any climate is the average(平均)weather(6) over a lang ,you might describe(描述)the climate(7) where you live this way:"Summers(8) are hot and rainy."

(9)As you can imagine,there are(10)many different climates on are places where it is always hot or places where it rains every day or might not rain(11)at all for years.

What is the climate(12)l ike where you live


Comparative Degrees of Adjectives and Adverbs (形容词和副词的比较级)


平行级:as+形容词/副词+as 如:as big as,as calmly as

比较级:形容词/副词 + -er(或more + 形容词/副词)+than

如:bigger than,mote beautiful than,more carefully than

最高级:the + 形容词/副词 + est(或the most+形容词/副词)

如:the biggest,the most beautiful,the most carefully


Your coffee is as good as the coffee my grandmother makes.


A boy of sixteen is often as tall as his father.


Take home as many apples as you can .


She doesn't look as ill as she sounded on the phone.


He drove as fast as he dared.


The new-comer behaved as generously as a millionaire.



1)单音节和双音节词一般在词尾加-er,但以-ful 或-re 结尾的双因音节词通常在该词前加more.此外还有一些不规则变化,如better(good),less(little)等,须牢记。

Travelling by airplane is faster than travelling by train.


She is more careful than her twin sister.


The weather is getting colder and colder.


2)比较级前可用表示程度的状语修饰,常用的有 a lot, much, a great deal, lots, very much, a bit, a little, even, far, still等。

His handwriting is much better than mine.


I am spending a great deal more time on English than before.


This story is even more interesting than that one.


注意:lots 和 a bit 是口语,要慎用。

3.对照比较:用两个以the 开始的对应比较结构表示两件事或状况之间的联系(见第1课文注释)。

The more time you waste, the easier it is so go on wasting time.


The longer you work with him, the better you'll like him,



1)单音节词和双音节词一般在词尾加 -est,但以-ful 和-re 结尾的词通常在该词前加个多音节词在该词前加most. 少数不规则变化,如least(little),worst(bad)等,须牢记。

This is the oldest theatre in New York.


It was the most exciting film I have ever seen.


He runs fastest of all.


She made the fewest mistakes in the class.


注意:使用最高级时,一般要有 in the class 等限定范围的词或短语。


I have never met a kinder man.


The old man never felt better.


He had never spent a more worrying day.


Hans Christian was happier than he had ever been in his life.


China has a bigger population than any other country in the word.


注意以上句子中的 never, ever, any other 等词及词组的用法。

3)最高级形式中有时the 可以省略,特别是在非正式文体中,书面及口头都是如此。

You are most kind.


She works best when she is alone.


Tom is happiest when he is helping others.


Fruits are best when eaten fresh.


I like swimming best.


但是最高级形式的形容词的后面如有一般限定性的状语,the 不可省略。

She is the youngest in our class.


This is the best film I've seen in recent years.


注意:前面带有 most 的形容词或副词不都是最高级形式。Most 也是一个与最高级无关的副词。意思是 very,是很文气的用法。

It is a most touching story.


They shall most certainly come.


Grammar Exercises(语法练习)

1.用 as ...as... 的句型改写下列句子。

例如:I study hard and so does he.

He studies as hard as I do.

1)Last summer was very hot and so is this summer.

This summer is as hot as last (summer)

2)Mary drives fast and so does Tom.

Tom drives as fast as Mary (does).

3)This newspaper is very popular in China and so is that newspaper.

That newspaper is as popular in China as that one (is)

4)Children love his stories very much and he does so at school.

He behaves as badly at school as (he does) at home.


1)China is larger than C in Europe.

A.Some other countries

B.any other countries

C.any country

D.All countries

2)The Yangtze River is not A than the Yellow River.

A.Much longer

B.More longer


D.Less longer

3)He is three years B than .





4)The subway is A the bus.

A.as crowded as

B.More crowded

C.as more crowded as

D.as crowded than

5)Mary os D of the four girls in the family/



C.the nicer

D.the nicest

6)Whose job is B policeman's or a fireman's

A.the more dangerous

B.More dangerous

C.The most dangerous

D.As dangerous as

7) He is the C when he is reading a novel alone at home.


B.More happy


D.Most happy

8)I caught the last bus from town;but Tom came home C than I.

A.More late

B.More later

C.Even later

D.The later

9)I have never drunk D beer in my life.

A.The better

B.The best

C.More better


10) A you start, ____ you will finish.

A.The sooner, the earlier

B.The sooner, the more early

C.The soon, the more early

D.The sooner, the much more early



I will lend you as many books as you want.


He is as clever as his brother, but doesn't work as hard.


He speaks as good English as the English do.


This is the biggest library I have every visited.


Money is important, but there are things much more important than 6)他相信他的母亲是世界上最好的母亲。

He believes that his is best mother in the world.


The earlier we do it, the better.


The more I read the essay, the better I understand it.

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