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1 beneath

2 disguised

3 whistles

4 restrain

5 grasp

6 longing

7 praying

8 faithful

9 pledge 10 drain

IV 1 tell …on you 2 track down 3 work it out

4 picking on me

5 reckoned with

6 call on

7 o n his own

8 get through

9 in disguise 10 revolve s around


VI 1 advise 2 level 3 problems 4 necessity 5 skill s 6 experience 7 solution 8 value 9 tool 1 0 manner

VII 1 air-conditioned(装空调的;有冷气的) 2 handmade(手工制作的) 3 thunderstruck(非常吃惊的) 4 heartfelt(衷心的;诚挚的) 5 data-based(基于数据的) 6 self-employed(自主经营

的)7 custom-built(定制的;定做的)8 weather-beaten(饱经风霜的)VIII 1. well-informed(对……非常熟悉的) 2 new-found (新获得的) 3 hard-earned(辛苦挣得的) 4 soft-spoken(说话温柔的) 5 newly-married(新婚的)6 widely-held(普遍认为

的)7 well-meant(出于好意的)8 well-educated(受过良好教育的)


1 no matter how different it may seem form any other substa nce

2 no matter what a woman tries to do to improve her situ ation

3 no matter what excuse he gives

4 no matter what anyone else may think

5 no matter how they rewrite history


1 just as we gained fame in victory, we lost nothing in de feat

2 just as the head teacher plays a significant role in the school, Jane plays a significant role f leader in the clas sroom.

3 whoever was out there obviously couldn’t see him just as he couldn’t see them.

4 she has been sear ching all her life for the perfect cho colate just as I have been searching for the perfect beer.

5 you can make those kinds of comparisons just as you were doing the analyses a minute ago.


1. No matter how experienced a speake r you ar e, and how well you have p repared your speech, you will have difficu lty making a speech at such a noisy reception.

2. Just as all his sister’s friends cared about him, Jimmy cared about them.

3. Car manufacturers stamp a vehicle identification number at several places on new cars to help track down stolen vehic les.

4. If you dare tell on me when the teacher gets back I won’t say a word to you any more.

5. Some elderly people prefer to live on their own while th

e gr eat majority choose to live with their children.

6. Here is something that needs to be reckoned with: how to get the necess ary finances to establish the company.






XIII 1 B 2 A 3 C 4 A 5 D 6 A 7 D 8 D

9 C 10 B 11 B 12 B 1 3 A 14 C 15 D 16

C 17 A 18 C 19

D 20 A


Unit 2 III 1 moderate 2 consume 3 advisable 4 modified 5 evidence 6 restricted 7 c alculate 8 remedy 9 impact 10 sufficient

IV 1 bounce back 2 summed up 3 Up to 4 at risk 5 went to zero 6 goes up 7 int erfere with 8 derived from 9 In general 1 0 take in


VI 1 cost 2 pollution 3 potential 4 quality 5 chance 6 crime 7 interest 8 effic iency 9 strength 10 creativity

VII 1 appearance 2 utterance 3 attendance 4 hindrance 5 maintenance 6 resistanc e 7 performance 8 existence 9. occurrence 10. acceptance

VIII 1. world-famous 2 ice-cold 3 snow-white 4 waterproof 5 waist-

deep 6 carefree

IX 1 Mr. Howe, my favorite professor, has received a Distinguished Teacher Award. 2 Yesterday I went fishing, something I hadn’t done in years. 3 Some women ar e norm ally in active but then all of a sudden start a pr ogram of intense exercise, an action that breaks the laws of sports science. 4 Even a brief visit to Greece, a modern country wit h ancient civilization, gives you a deep sense of its culture. 5 The ancient C hinese, a p eopl e of inventors, di scoverers, philos ophers, s oldiers, poets, craftsmen, gave the wo rld many of its most useful things.

X 1 His homework done, his composition written, Larry decided to go and see the film.

2 The manager sat quietly in the office, (his) eyes closed, waiting for the telephone to ring.

3 The room was a mess, empty bottles and beer cans (being) everywhere.

4 When I walked in, Grandpa was sitting at th e kitchen table, the newspaper spread before hi m.

5 Diana stood motionless at the end of the diving board, tears streaming down her c heeks.

XI 1. The defendant, a woman of only 30, kept insisting on her own innocence. 2. All tings considered, dates, beans and some leafy green vegetables are the best sources of i ron. 3. No beverages are served with meals because they interfere with digestion. 4. Ta king the popularity of the region into consideration, it is advisable to book hotels in ad vance. 5. If you ha ve a fee ling of wanting to t hrow up after tak ing this dr ug, stop t aking it immediately and consult your doctors as soon as possible. 6. Summing up the discussion, he sa id both parties should consider the most effective way to solve the pr oblem.

XII 1. 作为补救缺铁的一种方法,专家推荐食用肉、鸡和鱼,它们是最好的铁质来源,也是唯一最容易被身体吸收的铁质来源。 2.铁质储量为零时,你会觉得虚弱,疲乏无力,喘不过气,这是缺铁第三阶段的典型症状。 3. 耐力运动员,尤其是女性,经常会缺铁,如果增食肉类食物或服用铁质补剂,能够恢复到健康状态。 4.这位运动医学专家认为,感到劳累、工作效率差的人,最好食用牛

肉、羊肉,它们含有最易被吸收的铁质。 5.铁质储量低的人应该去咨询医生,看看是否应通过调整饮食或服用铁质补剂来校正不足。 6.一般说来,如果你忽视自己摄入的铁质含量,不在铁质储备失去之前注意警告信号,你会有危险。 XIII 1 D 2 C 3 C 4 A 5 D 6 A 7 B 8 D 9 C 10 B 11 A 12 B 1 3 D 14 A 1 5 D 16 A 1 7 D 18 C 19 C 20 A


Unit 3 III 1 cultivate 2 comprehensive 3 controversial

4 suspend

5 insulted

6 preliminary

7 conventional

8 reform 9 worthwhile 10 publicity

IV 1. His girlfriend’s father saw him as a man who could not make a living. 2. The course was canceled over the stud ents’protest. 3. The problem is so difficult that we canno t work it out without the help of our teacher. 4. Children tend to do/try their utmost when they know their parent s are making similar efforts. 5. The new teaching program didn’t work well in the school at the outset. 6. I was ki nd of excited when I received the letter that offered me an interview. 7. The school is scheduled to open on September

1. 8. They appeared to offer a free computer, complete wit

h software and a printer. 9. In spite of hardships, t hey made r eal efforts that have resulted in more progress than expected. 10. Many people make things more difficult for th emselves because they still operate on the principle that you should not ask for help, or you might seem weak.


VI 1 cold 2 competition 3 debate 4 desire

5 fear

6 heat

7 interest

8 love

9 p leasure 10 enthusiasm VII 1 historic 2 atomic

3 optimistic

4 energetic

5 economic

6 h eroic VIII 1. responsibility 2. rapidity 3. mobility

4. curiosity

5. publicity

6. complexity

IX 1 In Britain, as in America, there is a great demand for educational reform.

2. In Greece, as in Italy, people use a lot of olive oil in cooking.

3. As in the Hyde School, values such as courage, integrit y, leadership, curiosity and concern are the first, most impo rtant lesson in some public inner-city schools in Maryland.

4. In China, as in Japan , a large nu mber of middle scho ol st udents take supplementar y classes in order to get in to a famous university.

5. As in the middle of the 1950s, many young people went down to the countryside in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

X 1 Once you’ve practiced a bit, you’ll find that it’s quite easy. 2. Once the meal was finished, the discussions began.

3. Once you show any fear, he will attack you.

4. Once parents make a commitment to the program, they will be daily role models for their children.

5. Once customers c ome to rely on these syst ems, they al most never take t heir business elsewhere.

XI 1. In his thinking, as in his behavior, he is very tr aditional. 2. Once the teachers agree to accept the new teac hing program, they have to face the strain it puts on them.

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