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Passage A Care for Our Mother Earth










7.was isolated





1. transform

2. all the way

3. sit back

4. resulting from

5. share…with

1.How did the war, which brought terrible disasters to mankind, impact on such a


2.Mothers are sometimes blind to the faults of their beloved children, which will

cause the children to make the same mistake again.

3.As a new immigrant in this completely strange country, she always felt isolated.

4.Acting before thinking often results in failure, so we should think before we leap.

5.The time for talking is past; we must take positive action to protect our


P21 1~5 DACAB


Passage A Einstein’s Compass

P36 1~5 CDACB

P37 1. fundamental

2. ultimate

3. sparked

4. apparently

5. patience

6. curiosity

7. convince

8. detail

9. responses

10. (has) stirred

P37 1. fooled…into

2. came upon

3. join in

4. come up with

5. up to

P43 1~5 ADBBC

1.Reporters pressed the spokesman for an explanation of the military attack.

2.His election speech failed to convince the voters that he was the right person for

the Senate seat.

3.While I admit that there are problems, I don’t agree that they cannot be solved.

4.His first debate on TV made a deep impression on his audience.

5.All things are interrelated and interact with each other.




Read and complete 6

1. attain

2. modest

3. attractive

4. precise

5. campaign

6. market

7. manufactures

8. sponsor

9. imported

10. brands

P9 1. frown…on

2. for instance

3. as a result

4. when it comes to

5. under…umbrella




P81 1~5 CBCDA

P 82 1. string

2. stir

3. controversy

4. combat

5. excessive

6. regulations

7. instincts

8. reckless

9. prohibition

10. irrational

Read and complete 7

1. to his name

2. keep at bay

3. under the Sun

4. jumped the gun

5. lined up


Passage A Tongue-tied Read and think 3


Read and complete 6

1. qualify

2. had committed

3. hint

4. assume

5. vague

6. peculiar

7. retreat

8. puzzled

9. misleading

10. confused

Read and complete 7

1. resorted to

2. racking one’s br ain

3. hangs on

4. jotted down

5. at a loss


Read and complete 13

1. features

2. denied

3. appeal

4. usage

5. bet

6. independent

7. associate

8. was stumped

9. refresh

10. educate

Read and complete 14

1. for the sake of

2. pick up

3. break your back

4. get at

5. left off

大学体验英语-综合教程3 Unit6

Passage A The Woman Taxi Driver In Cairo Read and think 3


Read and complete 6

1. counterpart

2. efficient

3. relief

4. vague

5. core

6. punctually

7. approach

8. economy

9. exception

10. invite

Read and complete 7

1. pull…through

2. belongs to

3. ever since

4. in turn

5. milled about

Passage B A Russian Experience


Read and complete 13

1. stretches

2. intense

3. beloved

4. ability

5. positive

6. converting

7. manner

8. toast

9. absorbed

10. be sheltered

Read and complete 14

1. in fine form

2. thanks to

3. give way to

4. is made up of

5. what makes…tick

大学体验英语-综合教程3 Unit7 Passage A Agony from Ecstasy Read and think 3


Read and complete 6

1. deepened

2. were exposed

3. curled

4. throb

5. nightmare

6. utter

7. confusion

8. pulse

9. somewhat

10. creep

Read and complete 7

1. on top of

2. as if

3. in a state of

4. ahead of

5. if only

Passage B Drug Warriors

1. a police detective

2. a drug bust

3. a major operation/a big day

4. had failed to do a good job

5. arrest packets

6. violent crimes

7. smoothly/successfully

8. excited

9. a complete victory

10. they will eventually win

Read and complete 13

1. coordinated

2. suspects

3. raids

4. venture

5. innocent

6. execute

7. afterwards

8. gang

9. issue

10. intelligence

Read and complete 14

1. in charge of

2. carry out

3. on the edge of

4. laid out

5. gave…up

大学体验英语-综合教程3 Unit8 Passage A Return from the Cage Read and think 3


Read and complete 6

1. venture

2. comfortable

3. confine

4. daze

5. drifted

6. lingered

7. bewildered

8. overwhelmed

9. innocent

10. terrified

Read and complete 7

1. sticks out

2. come by

3. under way

4. in search of

5. adjust to

Passage B Yes to Peace—No to Violence Read and think 12


Read and complete 13

1. erode

2. cease

3. conflicts

4. mandate

5. exhausted

6. promote

7. preferable

8. prolonging

9. compromise

10. was condemned

Read and complete 14

1. take advantage of

2. for the sake of

3. come into contact

4. open the door to

5. takes a stand


Unit 2

Exercise 6

Exercise 13

1.The lecturer at the conference turned out to be the daughter of an old friend of


2.It is 5 years since his retirement, but he has remained active in academic circles.

3.If you do have financial difficulties, you can apply for a student loan.

4.The scientist had worked hard at the new material for 10 years before he made his

own way in the end.

5.The chief airplane manufacturers in the world are pushing the envelope to make

faster and longer range airplanes to compete for bigger share of the market.

Unit 3

Exercise 6

1.Thoughts are expressed by means of language.

2.I have bought so many new books this year that it’s real ly difficult for me to keep

count of them.

3.The old lady feels assured that her son will come back home today to celebrate her


4.His mother insisted that his pocket money should not exceed 100 Yuan per month.

5.We bought a car last month, which was registered under my name.

Exercise 13

1. A great man can dominate4 a difficult situation by force of character.

2.According to the latest report, tourists do not have to apply for an entry visa to

some Southeast Asian countries.

3.The color of the envelope suggests that the letter might be from a woman.

4.Trains can’t rival planes for speed, but many people prefer to travel by train.

5.People are much more likely to accept this mode of administration once they see

that it really works.

Unit 4

Exercise 6

1.The band shot to fame in the 1980s with that single album.

2.Take a risk, and you may lose again, but you would have improved your chances to


3.Scientists are pushing themselves to the limits in their research for finding a cure

for AIDS.

4.Now we see the point of the Internet: we can get information from all over the world

just by clicking the mouse.

5.Some people believe the government will regulate the research of human cloning

sooner or later.

Exercise 13

1.George is nuts about Chinese culture and has decided to learn Chinese in an

evening school.

2.The reporters got wind of Diana’s visit to the city and rushed to the airport for the


3.After two months of restless effort, the police finally tracked the criminal down in a

southern city.

4.The two companies have already agreed in principle to go ahead with the project.

5.If the quality of your products isn’t improving for real, I don’t think they will be

competitive in the market.

Unit 5

Exercise 6

1.It’s one thing to understand the principle, it’s another thing to put it into practice.

2.It is reported that jogging makes you three times less likely to suffer from a heart


3.Almost half of the British people have no idea what the euro is worth in relation to

the pound, according to the latest survey.

4.The area should have been made into a park for everyone to enjoy but now some

apartment buildings stand there.

5.I’m wondering whether all the related information could add up to a clear picture of


Exercise 13

1.He drinks more wine than is good for his health.

2.He knew that at this moment his parents were eagerly waiting for him to return

home for the New Year.

3.What appeals to us is not only his intelligence but also his sense of humor.

4.The latest movie made by that internationally famous director turned out to be a

total failure.

5.It seems that some youngsters don’t have patience with anything.

Unit 6

Exercise 6

1.He breathed / heaved a sigh of sorrow and told us that he had seen a better day

when he was young.

2.He has a strong sense of responsibili ty, and that’s why he is chosen to take control

of the project.

3.Wherever you go, be it for business or pleasure, it is always a good idea to find out

as much as you can about the place.

4.Let’s be careful. The situation may be about to repe at itself.

5.In fact, the air quality of a house has a grate deal to do with children’s health, and

adult’s health for that matter.

Exercise 13

1.Why is it that people spend so much time and money on traveling?

2.Traveling by air is quick and safe. No wonder it is a popular choice for travelers.

3.Most of the students in my college have enrolled in the course of web page design

and the computer center is always filled with people day and night.

4.It has always been my dream to have friends all over the world. Thanks to the

Internet, my dream has come true.

5.Free information on-line, convenient communication with friends, attractive games,

to him this is what Internet is all about.

Unit 7

Exercise 6

1. A lot of people believe that these pills help them sleep. All I can think is, “if they

only knew.”

2.He kept chipping away at the problem until he had completely solved it.

3.The country boy was exposed to many strange things in the city. He felt greatly

shocked as if he had entered a future world.

4.Within only one year of graduating from college, he went from a student who

pursued his dream to a person who didn’t care about a thing.

5.I have been given permission to do th e interview in that area, and that’s not

something that everyone gets.

Exercise 13

1.With the beginning of the war came ten years of killing and destruction.

2.We shall continue to do what we have always been doing.

3.Most of them had been up since the morning before yesterday. But none of them

will sleep tonight either.

4.Born and raised in Chengdu, Li Ming still remembers the time when he lived in a /

the quadrangle.

5.He treated a young child in a cruel manner in broad daylight and was taken to the

police by the neighbors.

Unit 8

Exercise 6

1.The thefts in recent months paled in comparison with this case.

2.Several years have passed since the traffic accident, and he still can’t shake away

the guilty feeling.

3.Though we had put forward a proposal to reduce cost, the board members didn’t

appear to take it seriously.

4.The bare hills around haven’t minded the villagers of the importance of protection

the environment.

5.It is unlikely for his hearty laughter to ring in our office again.

Exercise 13

1.As long as there is a chance for peace, we must take advantage of it for the sake of

out younger generation as well as the people present here.

2.The historic handshake between them opened the door to peace and marked the

end of violence.

3.We should exhaust every possibility in our fight against those who attempt to

torpedo the peace process and force them to cease to engage in terrorism.

4.Although his peace policy received broad support, the cause for peace was still

fraught with difficulties and pain.

5.In my case, I will come into contact with all those concerned with the project to

work out the best scheme.

大学体验英语 第三版 课后翻译答案

1 1. 你愿意把你的经验和组里的其他人分享吗?(share sth with sb) Answer: Would you like to share your experience with the rest of the group? 2. 你父亲如果还健在的话,他会为你骄傲的。(be proud of) Answer: If your father were still alive, he would be very proud of you. 3. 她开车转弯上 了自家的车道 (driveway),不料发现路已被堵塞 (block)。(only to) Answer: She turned up the driveway, only to fi nd her way blocked. 4. 他没有告 诉任何人就走了,因为他不想卷入那件事。(get involved in) Answer: He went away without telling anyone, because he di dn’t want to get involved in that matter. 5. 最终,产品的成功还是取决于高明的销售手段 (marketing)。(ultimately) Answer: Ultimately, the success of the product depends on good marketing. 1我发觉自己对英语口语有着浓厚的兴趣。(find... doing) Answer: I found myself having great interest in spoken English. 2. 驱车行驶在高速公路 上,我意识到近几年来,中国的公路系统发生了巨大的变化。(realize; enormous) Answer: Driving on the expressway, I realized that enormous changes had taken place in China's highway system in recent years. 3. 我简直不 敢相信他这么快就学会了操作计算机。(can hardly believe; work) Answer: I can hardly believe that he has learned how to work a computer so quickly / in such a short time. 4. 三年的时光已经过去,这一刻终于来临了:不到两 周我就要回国了。 (in less than) Answer: Three years have passed by and the fi nal moment has come. / After three years, the time has come. In less than two weeks, I will return home / go back to my country. 5. 许 多我认识的人都迫不及待地想要出国,而我却宁愿和家人一起呆在国内。 (can't wait) Answer: I know a lot of people who can't wait to go abroad, but I prefer to stay with my family in my own country. 1. 我们急匆匆地赶到火车站,结果发现火车刚刚开走。(only to) Answer: We hurried to the railway station, only to find the train had just left. 2. 你和你哥哥都不是细心的人,你们两个都不能做这件需要细心和技巧的工作。(no more than) Answer: You are no more careful than your brother. You two can’t do the work that nee ds care and skill. 3. 多一个人参会对会议安 排不会有什么影响。(make a difference) Answer: One more person wouldn’t make any difference to the meeting arrangements. 4. 他一直工作到昨天深 夜,或者更确切地说,是到今天凌晨。(rather) Answer: He worked till late last night, or rather, early in the mornin g. 5. “还有其他一两本书也值得 一提,”教授给我们列了一个长长的参考书目后补充说。(worthy of) Answer:“A couple of other books are also worthy of mention,” added the


1、我不曾想到,随着时间的流逝,我果真以身为社工而自豪(count on;take pride in)What I didn’t count on was that over time I would sincerely take pride in being a social worker. 2、奶奶迅速瞥了一眼墙上的时钟,发出一声惊呼:天哪,我们要赶不上火车了(Shoot a look at;let out) Shooting a quick look at the clock on the wall, Grandma let out a cry, “Oh, My dear /My goodness/My gracious, we’re going to miss the train!” 3、我总在幼儿园门口看到一些孩子抓住父母不让走。请问:在这种情形下,年轻的父母们是否得对孩子严厉些,赶紧离开(stern;hold on to sb) At the kindergarten entrance, I always see some kids/children holding firmly on to their parents. Should young parents be sterner towards their kids/children and leave immediately under these circumstances 4、昏暗的路灯下站着一个哭泣的小女孩(dim;weep) In the dim street light stood a weeping little girl/ a girl weeping. 5、富人捐赠时要尽量考虑周全,不要让受赠者陷入难堪的境地(considerate;embarrassing) When making donations, rich people should be as considerate as possible in order not to put the recipient in an embarrassing situation. 6、从上个月起,我的工作就是围绕日常办公事务转,所以现在每天掰着手指算什么时候才到国庆节:我和朋友要去乡下远足呢!(revolve;count the days ) Since last month, my work has been revolving around the routine office duties, so now I am counting the days until the National Day comes, when my friends and I are going hiking in the countryside. 7、无论是友情还是爱情,你都不可能期待自己付出最少而得到最多(maximum ;minimum.) In either friendship or love / In both friendship and love, you should never expect to take / receive the maximum while you give the minimum. 8、我把全部希望寄托在他的承诺上,结果却发现他根本不是个真诚的人(build on;sincerity) I built all my hopes on his promise(s), only to find that he was not a man of sincerity at all. 9、我们带母亲去了所有我们能找到的最好的医院,但一切努力都是徒劳的,母亲还是没能熬过那次疾病(in vain) We took Mother to all the best hospitals we could find, but all our efforts were in vain; she failed to survive the disease. 10、情人节是个一年一度在2月14日庆祝的节日,一个向心仪的对象表达爱意的好日子(affection) Valentine’s Day is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14, a perfect dayto express love to the object of your / one’s affection. 11、在信息时代,通过电子邮件方式跟远方的朋友交流几乎可以是同步的(era;via) In the information era, communications with far-away friends via e-mail can be almost / virtually simultaneous. 12、爱情需要培养,我们梦想拥有的“永恒的爱情”只有在双方学会欣赏对方、包容对方之后才可能缔造(nurture;forge) Love needs to be nurtured, and the “eternal / everlasting love”that we all dream to have is not forged until we learn to appreciate and tolerate the other. 13、以共同兴趣为基础的友谊是不容易破裂的(ground;break up) The friendship based on the sane interest doesn’t break up easily 14、孩子们必须学会将电脑游戏中的暴力与勇敢区分开来(distinguish between)


全新版大学英语综合教程3 课后答案UNIT 1 Vocabulary I. 1. 1) on balance 5) illustrated 9) involved 2) resist 6) budget 10) economic 3) haul 7) lowering 11) blasting 4) wicked 8) boundary 12) just about 2. 1)cut back/ down 2) pick up 3) get by 4) get through 5)face up to 6) turn in 7) making up for 8) think up 3. 1) pursued his mathematical studies and taught himself astronomy 2) often generate misleading thoughts 3) attach great importance to combining theory with practice in our work 4) be suspected of doing everything for money 5) before he gets through life 4. 1) their indoor, a profit, to invest in 2) device, the improvement, on a global scale 3) stacked, temptation, never dined out

II Confusable Words 1. 1) house 2) Home 3) home, family 4) household 2. 1) doubt 2) suspect 3) doubted 4) suspected 5) suspect III. Word Formation 1) rise 2) final 3) regular 4) cash 5) hows, whys 6) upped 7) yellowed 8) bottled 9) lower 10) search Comprehensive Exercises I. Cloze 1. Text-related 1) get by 2) temptation 3) get through 4) improvements 5) aside from 6) suspect 7) supplement 8) profit 9) stacking 2. (Theme-related) 1) replaced 2) consider 3) quit 4) world 5) tough 6) fuels 7) provide 8) luxuries 9) balance 10) ideal II. Translation 1. We have a problem with the computer system, but I think it’s fairly minor. 2. My father died when I was too young to live on my own. The people of my hometown took over (responsibility for) my upbringing at that point. 3. The toys have to meet strict/ tough safety requirements before they can be sold to children. 4. Radio and television have supplemented rather than replaced the newspaper as

郭著章 李庆生《英汉互译实用教程》笔记和课后习题(含考研真题)详解(大写、标点符号与英汉互译)

第10章大写、标点符号与英汉互译 10.1 复习笔记 第1节大写与翻译 一、英文大写的最常用规则 1. 历史上的事件、时期和文件。如:美国的“南北战争”为“Civil War”。 2. 商品的牌子名称。如:飞鸽牌自行车Flying—Pigeon bicycle,可口可乐Coca Cola。 3. 星期名、月份、假日。如:星期一Monday,三月March,国庆日National Day。 4. 人名和地名,即数量最多的专有名词。如:邓小平Deng Xiaoping,莎士比亚Shakespeare,伦敦London。 5. 标题与书名等专名中的实词与两个音节及其以上的虚词。如:《为人民服务》“Serve the People”,《双城记》A Tale of Two Cities,《无事生非》Much Ado About Nothing。 6. 圣经中关于上帝的名词与代词。如:God,Lord,Christ,Jesus,He,Him,Himself 和His。 7. 职称、头衔和亲属关系称呼用在人名前头时。如:王力教授Professor Wang Li,史密斯博士Dr. Smith。 8. 机关、学校、建筑物和商业机构的名称。如:教育部Education Ministry,武汉大学Wuhan University,人民大会堂the Great Hall of the People。 9. 种族、国籍、语言和宗教方面的词语。如:黑人Black People或Negro,意大利

人Italian,中国籍(中国人或中国人的)Chinese,汉语Chinese天主教Catholic,新教徒Protestant。 10. 其他一切有特殊含义的词语,包括一句或一信的开头词、诗行的开头词、直接引语的开头词、强调词语等,和前9条中所说的词语一样,其首字母或全部字母必须大写。如: (1) 他爱国。 He loves his motherland. (2) 亲爱的先生: Dear Sir, (3) (诗句)听!那山谷深深,/充满了她歌唱的清音。 O listen! for the vale profound/Is overflowing with the sound. 第2节汉译英与标点 一、汉语标点符号 汉语书面语中共有l6种标点符号,它们是:l. 句号(。)2. 问号(?)3. 叹号(!)4. 逗号(,)5. 顿号(、)6. 分号(;)7. 冒号(:)8. 引号(“”)9. 括号(( ))10. 破折号(—)11. 省略号( (12) 着重号(. )13. 连接号(-)14. 间隔号(·)15. 书名号(《》)16. 专名号(____) 要正确地使用标点符号,记清它们的位置亦非常重要。《标点符号用法》对每种符号的位置也作了明确规定:“句号、问号、叹号、逗号、顿号、分号和冒号都是占一个字的位置,通常不出现在一行之首。引号、括号、书名号的前一半不出现在一行之末,后一半不出现在一行之首。破折号和省略号都占两个字的位置,中间不能断开。连接号和间隔号一般占一个字的位置。在书写和印刷时,这四种符号上下居中。着重号、专名号和浪线式书名号标在字


1A 1任何年满18岁的人都有资格投票(vote)。(be eligible to) Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to vote. 2.每学期开学前,这些奖学金的申请表格就会由学校发给每一个学生。(apply for, scholarship) A form to apply for these scholarships is sent by the university to each student before the start of each semester. 3. 遵照医生的建议,我决定戒烟。(on the advice of) On the advice of my doctor, I decided to give up smoking. 4.公园位于县城的正中央。(be located in) The park is located right in the center of town. 5.这所大学提供了我们所需的所有材料和设备。(facilities) The university provides all the materials and facilities we desire. 1B 1.鲁迅是中国最伟大的作家,同时也是世界杰出文人之一。 Lu Xun is one of the greatest writer in China and one of the world’s outstanding men of letters. 2.大部分研究生选择了文学作为其研究领域,其余的选择了语言学。 Most graduate students chose literature as their field of study, and the rest made linguistics their choice. 3.人们购买什么样的户型居住是根据各自的特殊需要和有关专家的建议。 People buy what kind of houses to live in on the basis of their special needs and on the advice of relevant experts. 4.这些虚拟教学设施能使亚非学生在一个真实的情景中学习外语至少3 个月。 These virtual teaching facilities enable overseas students from Asia and Africa to learn a foreign language in a real-life situation for a minimum of three months. 5.学生在做出决定前应该认真核查他们是否有资格加入这一俱乐部,因为他们每个人只有一次选择机会。 Students should check carefully that they are eligible to join this club before making their decision, as each of them is restricted to only one choice. 2A 1. 他内心深处知道,他们永远也不会再见了。(in one’s heart) Answer:He knew in his heart that they would never meet again. 2.他们同意出版他的第一本书后,他终于感到自己快要成功了。(on the road to) Answer:He finally felt that he was on the road to success after they agreed to publish his first book. 3.他停下来喝了一口(a sip of)水,然后继续讲话。(resume) Answer:He stopped to take a sip of water and then resumed speaking. 4.这个大项目使我们忙得今年都无法安排一次度假了。(engage; so much that) Answer:The big proj ect engages us so much that we can’t manage to take a holiday this year. 5.氧气(oxygen)是气体中最重要的一种,正如水是液体中最重要的一种一样。(just as) Answer:Just as water is the most important of liquids, oxygen is the most important of gases. 2B 1. 警察们正忙着填写关于这场事故的各种表格。(fill out) Answer:The policemen are busy filling out forms about the accident. 2.我想在还车之前把油箱(fuel tank)加满。(fill up) Answer:I want to fill up the fuel tank before returning the car. 3.如果你要投诉,最好遵循正确的程序。(follow the procedure) Answer:If you want to make a complaint, you’d be tter follow the correct procedure. 4.要不是约翰帮忙,我们绝不会这么快就完成实验。(without) Answer:We couldn’t have finished the experiment so soon without John’s help. 5.暴风雨之后,岸边的人们焦急地搜索湖面以期发现小船的踪迹。(scan for) Answer:After the storm, the people on the shore anxiously scanned the lake for any sign of the boat 那时他刚刚被提升为公司副总裁不久,所以他并没有期待六个月内还会有升职。 3A


单词彩色 The days of my future My future will be happy. I already graduated at that time from the university. I will have a stable work.I will have my family, my husband,and a lovely child. What will be my future job? 我未来的日子 我的未来是美好的。我已经毕业,从大学的时间。我将有一个稳定的工作。我将有我的家人,我的丈夫,和一个可爱的孩子。什么将是我将来的工作? I have many ideals. I want to work as a singer, stands on the stage sings for the people; I want to work as a nurse, cure illness, brings the health for the people; I want to work as a pilot, drives the airplane in the blue sky; 我有很多理想。我想当一名歌手,站在舞台上唱的人;我想当一名护士,治疗疾病,给人们带来健康;我想当一名飞行员,在蔚蓝的天空中飞机驱动; I want to work as a gardener, with a little bit sweat irrigation flowers, lets our life forever fill the green. After growing up.I want to ba a teacher.I will have many students.Every day I will give many classes to them. I will become a teacher who is always preparing my lessons.I can certainly be a good teacher in the future 我想做一个园丁,带一点汗灌溉的花朵,让我们的生活永远充满绿色。长大以后。我还想做一个老师。我有许多学生。每天我都会向他们许多类。我会成为一名老师,总是准备功课。我一定能够在未来的好老师。 I will also be a volunteer of my city. I will help a great deal of people.Do many meaningful things. I will Make contribution to my city and the society. If I can became an teacher, they are my forever hopes. this will be my future, when a grade teacher's dream. I will have a bright future.Now I will study hard and make preperation for my future. 我也将我的城市志愿者。我会帮助很多人做了很多有意义的事情。我将贡献我的城市和社会。 如果我能成为一个老师,他们是我永远的希望。这将是我的未来,当一级教师的梦想。 我将有一个光明的未来。现在我会努力学习,为我的未来做准备。 翻译 1、我们的计算机系统出了毛病,但我觉得问题比较小。 We have a problem with the computer system, but I think it’s fairly minor. 2、父亲去世时我还小,不能独立生活。就在那时,家乡的父老接过了养育我的责任。 My father died when I was too young to live on my own. The people of my hometown took over my upbringing at that point. 3、这些玩具必得在达到严格的安全要求后才可出售给儿童。 The toys have to meet strict safety requirements before they can be sold to children. 4、作为新闻和舆论的载体,广播和电视补充了而不是替代了报纸。

综合教程3unit1 课后答案

Unit 1练习答案 Text comprehension IV. Explain in your own words the following sentences. (p7) 1.I planned to keep silent and act in such a way that nobody would notice that I was only a newcomer in college. 2.For three days, I had not been to the cafeteria due to my feeling of humiliation and shame. Instead, I stayed alone in my room and ate junk food of various kinds from a vending machine which was in just the right place to aid me in avoiding others. 3.It didn’t matter whether or not you were widely accepted or admired; you did not have to behave to the liking of everybody else. Vocabulary I.Explain the underlined part in each sentence in your own words. 1.I was feeling just a bit first-gradish:I had just the feeling of a newcomer at college without the strength a mature student might possess. 2.my airs of assurance: my apparent confidence 3. a little nourishment:some food to appease my hunger (as well as my anxiety) 4.running with the crowd was no longer a law of survival: going with the tide was no longer crucial to one’s success 5.massive mistakes: foolish and glaring mistakes II.Fill in the blank in each sentence with a word taken from the box in its appropriate form. 1.distress 2. clutched 3. pose 4. sneaked 5. preoccupation 6.shackles 7. curse 8. deliberation III.Fill in the blanks with the appropriate forms of the given words. 1.assure 2. discretion 3. relaxation 4. humiliate 5. strategy 6.embarrassment 7. maneuverable 8. immaturity IV.Fill in the blanks in each sentence with an appropriate phrasal verb or collocation taken from the text. 1.lived up to 2. headed for 3. seek out 4. has broken out 5.groped for 6. trying…on 7. go out to 8. tipped off V.Give a synonym or an antonym of the word underlined in each sentence in the sense it is used. 1.distinct: vague (indistinct) 2. discreetly: inconspicuously 3.reserve: self-restraint(self-control) 4. dumb: clever (intelligent, sensible) 5.demeanor:manner(behavior) 6. composed: excited 7. slink: sneak 8. na?ve: mature (sophisticated) VI.Explain the underlined phrasal verbs in your own words. 1.caught on: became popular 2. look up to: respect 3. persist in: keep up 4.result in: lead to 5. figure out: understand 6. hit upon: found


英汉互译教程要略 1.Joint military exercises have increased in the region, to the detriment of trust between countries. 联合军事演习在本地区有增无减,不利于国家间建立信任。 2.This old man gets up and goes to bed with the sun everyday. 这位老翁每天黎明即起,日落而息。 3.A nearby object falling into a black hole is never heard of again. 附近的天体一旦落入黑洞,就会销声匿迹。 4.我们应该抢时间赶任务。 We should work against the clock. 5.These hospital expenses made inroads on my savings. 这些住院费耗掉了我大部分积蓄。 6.They killed a bottle of Kaoliang between them. 他们二人对酌,把一瓶高粱酒喝得一干二净。 7.When it came to reading, they were as good as blind. 一拿起书本,他们可都成了睁眼瞎了。 8.Blood is thicker than water. 血浓于水。 9.人们笑贫不笑娼。 People ridicule poverty but not prostitutes. 10. Last night I heard him driving his pigs to market. 昨夜我听见他鼾声如雷。 11.They ran away as fast as their legs could carry them. 他们拼着命地逃跑。 12.People were born survivors. 人的生存能力是与生俱来的。 13.这个环境工程是个“民心工程”。 The environment-friendly project is a “popularity-winning” project. 14. 语言这东西不是随便可以学好的,非下苦功夫不可。 The mastery of a language is not easy and requires painstaking effort. 15. 会议开得冷冷清清,有时甚至开不下去了。 The meetings were marked by such absence of living discussions that at times they were almost on the point of breaking up. 16. They pay lip-service to education but don’t work for better schools. 他们口惠而实不至,口口声声支持教育,却又不肯为改善学校条件做一些实际工作。17.Unemployment has stubbornly refused to contract for more than a decade. 失业人数高居不下,已经十多个年头了。 18.有些厕所似乎仍是这次卫生大扫除活动的死角。 Some toilets seem immune to the clean-up campaign. 19. 这个摊贩叫卖道:“快来买呀,过了这村可没这个店啦。” The street peddler hawked, “Now or never!” 20. Why carry coals to Newcastle? 何必多此一举? 21.You’re just teaching your grandmother how to suck eggs. 你这是在班门弄斧。 22.His being neglected by the host added to his uneasiness.

大学体验英语四 课后翻译

Unit 1 1. 随着职务的提升,他担负的责任也更大了。(take on) With his promotion, he has taken on greater responsibilities. 2.他感到没有必要再一次对约翰承担这样的责任了。(make a commitment) He felt he did not have to make such a commitment to John any more. 3.闲暇时玛丽喜欢外出购物,与她相反,露茜却喜欢待在家里看书。(as opposed to) Mary likes to go shopping in her spare time, as opposed to Lucy, who prefers to stay at home reading 4.说得好听一些,可以说他有抱负,用最糟糕的话来说,他是一个没有良心(conscience) 且没有资格的权力追求者。(at best, at worst) At best he 's ambitious, and at worst a power-seeker without conscience or qualifications. 5.我们已尽全力想说服他,但是却毫无进展。(strive, make no headway) We have striven to the full to convince him, but we have made no headway. 1.他似乎只有在打保龄球的时候才感觉到舒服。 It seems that the only time he felt good about himself was when he was bowling. 2.饭店员工是不收小费原则的唯一例外。 One exception to the “no-tipping rule” is the hotel staff. 3.很多年轻人在理论上知道怎么干,但当付诸实践时,就茫然无措了。 Many of these youngsters know the job in theory but they’re still wet behind the ears when it comes to putting it into practice. 4.今天,在顶级公关运营商中间存在着一种广泛的共识,认为法庭和媒体的对峙不能再继续下去。Today, there is widespread agreement among top PR operators that the stand-off between courts and the media can not continue. 5.对于每个人来说,有一点是确信的,睡眠不仅是必需的,而且睡眠有助于我们身心健康。 As for everyone, one thing is certain, not only do we have to sleep, but it is good for your mind and body as well. 倍数的翻译(Multiples) 常见的倍数的翻译有倍数的增加和倍数的减少。 倍数的增加 1 n times +名词或+ that of ..., n times as ... as ... 或v + n times等可译成“是...的n倍”或“比...增加n–1倍”。 e.g. The output of cars this year is about three times as great as that of last year. 今年的汽车产量大约是去年的三倍。(或:今年的汽车产量比去年多两倍左右。) 2 n times +“增加”意义的比较级+ than ...可译成“净增加...或...倍”。 e.g. The irrigated area in this prefecture is four times bigger than in 1998. 这个辖区的灌溉面积是1998年的4倍。 3 “增加”意义的动词+ by ...可译成“增加了……”;“增加”意义的动词+ by a factor of ...可译成“增加了n–1倍”; 增加意义的动词+ to ... 可译成“增加到……或……倍”或“增加了n–1倍”。


Unit 1 1.听到她屡遭失败的消息,我感到很难过(distress) It distressed me a great deal to hear the news that he had suffered repeated failure. 2.他虽然失去了老板的欢心,但仍然装出一副高兴的样子(assume)He assured an air for cheerfulness, even though he lost favor with his boss. 3.格列佛(Gulliver)经历了冒险奇遇,见到了各色奇异的人物(assortment) Gulliver met with extraordinary adventures and saw a strange assortment of people. 4.如果你再犯同样的错误,他会很生你气的(furious) He will be furious with you if you repeat the same mistake. 5.我们都被他坦率的观点、幽默的语言和亲切的态度所深深吸引(draw) We were all greatly drawn by his frank views, humorous words and genial manner. 6.等到欢呼的掌声平息下来,那位诺贝尔奖获得者开始演讲(die down) After cheers and applause died down, the Nobel Prize Winner began his speech. 7.他天生有一种特别的洞察力和预见力,因此,他很少随大流(run