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制药有限公司pharmaceutical Co. Ltd

副总经理deputy managing director

研究生graduate student


研究成果research findings

实验助手lab assistant

市中心downtown area

假日酒店Holiday Inn

旅馆招待费hotel accommodation fee


舒适如归make sb. comfortable

不尽如人意之处inconvenience in life and work 排忧解难help sb. out


Stanford University 斯坦福大学

a land of wonder充满奇观的国家

head office 总部

magical power 神奇的魅力

Oriental 东方的

Confucianism 儒家思想

Taoism 道家学说

inexplicable 难以言表的

set foot on 踏上……的土地

cosmopolitan city 国际大都市

maximize 充分利用

in no time 不久

rewarding 有成效的



学位点degree program

国家级重点社科研究基地key social science research centers

博士后科学研究流动站post-doctoral research stations

国家级重点学科national key disciplines

两院院士academicians of the Chinese academy of science and the Chinese academy of engineering

网络教育online education

科举制imperial examination

日月光华,旦复旦兮brilliant are the sunlight and the moonlight after night the day dawns again 人文精神humanistic spirit

披荆斩棘,筚路蓝缕negotiate various impediment 博学而笃志,切问而近思extensive scholarship with unyielding dedication and earnest inquiry with close examination

治学态度educational philosophy

取精用弘的学术思想the academic ideology of extracting the best and exploiting the greatest

怀抱超旷的才隽学人graduates with brilliant scholarship

高等教育发展的重中之重priority among institutions of high learning

承前启后inherit fine tradition and usher in the future mission

精诚团结,共襄盛举strive together in good faith

文理工医科综合性大学 a comprehensive university with a complete range disciplines in liberal arts, science, engineering and medicine

全面提升知名度和影响力elevate influence and visibility in all dimensions

社会转型时期 a period of social transition

百年传承之名校 a prestigious university with a century-long academic tradition and intellectual esteem


Vancouver 温哥华

Canada’s gateway to the pacific 加拿大通往太平洋的门户

The Panama Canal 巴拿马运河

Natural ice-free harbor 天然不冻港Manufactured goods 制成品

Lumber and paper milling 伐木、造纸

Oil refining 炼油

Metal fabricating 金属锻造

Printed matter 印刷

Real estate 房地产

Triple 增至3倍

Quadruple 增至4倍

Quintuple 增至5倍

High-rise office building 摩天办公楼Boutique 时装礼品店

Ethnic group 少数民族团体

Planetarium 天文馆

Aquarium 水族馆

Skating rink 溜冰场

Botanical garden 植物园

Conservatory of exotic plants 异国植物花房Maple tree 枫树

Sap 树液

syrup 糖浆



国际清算银行行长president of the Bank for international settlements


浮动汇率floating foreign exchange rate

world economic projection 世界经济预计impetus 动力

reassuring 让人放心

command economy 计划经济

fiscal policy 财政政策

surplus and deficit 赢余和赤字

deterioration 最坏;最低点

without precedent 第一次

pact 公约

curb deficits 防止财政状况恶化

pension commitments 养老金投入

yields on nominal bonds 名义收益率

deflation 紧缩

exchange rate appreciation 货币升值

domestic liquidity 国内流动资金

precipitous move 突然变动

stifle 葬送

workable measures of transition 可行的过度措施stance 姿态


新千年the new millennium

新纪元the new age



京剧戏装Costumes of Peking Opera

莫高窟复制品the replica of the Mogao Grottoes 青铜战车the bronze chariot

战国早期的礼仪乐器ritual musical instruments produced early in the Warring States Period

八音度 a range of octave

音域宽wide range

定音tone setting

瑟,笙,箫,鼓se, sheng, xiao, drums


骨哨bone flute


舞台服饰performance costumes

夸张和象征的手法exaggeration and symbolic means

名模famous model 大会发言


20国集团g 20(group of 20)

央行行长Central Bank Governor


科技进步日新月异science and technology haave been making continuous progress

金融风暴financial turbulence

贸易壁垒trade barriers


取长补短make full use of favorable condition and promote complementarity

注入新的活力inject new vitality to


减免债务debt relief

优惠贷款concessional load

转轨国家countries in transition

灵活务实flexible and pragmatic

由温饱到小康 a period of having only basic needs met to a comfortable life

历史性跨越 a historic breakthrough

底子薄weak economic basis

全面建设小康社会build a moderately prosperous society in an all-around way

科学发展观the guideline of scientific development

扩大内须expand domestic demand

科技含量高high scientific and technological content

转变经济增长方式the transformation of the economic growth mode

提高自主创新能力enhance innovative ability

促进城乡区域协调发展facilitate a balanced developent between rural and urban areas


顺应时代潮流as a response to the trend of our times


in an atmosphere of learning 在学术气氛中incubator 孵卵器

inception 涌现

undergrad 大学生

reengineer 调整

reduce inventory 缩短开发周期

cumulative 日积月累

compound rate 复利率

operating margin 营业利率

turnover 周转次数

outstanding receivable 未清应收帐

strategic sourcing initiative 开源节流战略customer-driven 以顾客为驱动力

service-oriented 服务型

put a new premium on 高度重视

managerial competence 管理能力

Fortune 500 companies 财富500强

expertise 专门技术

win-win thinking 双赢思维

group synergy 协作精神

hold sb. accountable for 让……放手做

hold a grudge against 怀恨在心



纪念……成立……周年commemorate ….anniversary of the founding of

恪守承诺commitment to

联合国宪章宗旨和原则the purpose and the principles of the UN Charter

善邻之道live together in peace with one another as good neighbors



人类社会沧桑巨变stupendous changes in human society

国际舞台风云变幻vicissitudes in the international arena

地区热点问题regional hot spot issue

民族分裂势力regional separatists

极端宗教势力religious extremist

毒品走私drug trafficking

传染性疾病communicable disease

坚持多边主义uphold multilateralism

摈弃冷战思维abandon the Cold War mentality 标本兼治address both symptoms and root causes 裁军与军备控制disarmament and arms control 防止核扩散prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons

包容精神the spirit of inclusiveness

文明多样性diversity of civilization

兼容并蓄的和谐世界harmonious world where all coexist and accommodate each other

休戚与共的命运interests and destinies


subsequent endeavor 此后的努力humanitarian 人道主义者refrain 不以

non-intervention 不干涉

domestic jurisdiction 内部事务

the minimum doe of conduct 最起码的行为准则the Security Council 安理会

paralysis 瘫痪

veto right 否决权

incapacitate 无所作为

nuclear weapon proliferation 核武器扩散communicable disease 传染性疾病

buffer conflicts 缓解冲突

enforcement 强制

meddle 管闲事

manifold 多种多样

permeate 渗透

practice tolerance 宽容忍让

transcend differences 超越差异

convergence of interests 共同利益的汇合点coercion 高压政治

tackle 处理



广袤无垠的中华大地the boundless expanse of the Chinese territory

绚丽多姿的自然景观gorgeous and varied natural scenery

如诗如画poetic and picturesque

名胜古迹places of historic interest and scenic beauty

兵马俑terra-cotta sodiers and horses

故宫the Imperial Palace

五岳之首the most famous of China's 5 great mountains

峻拔突兀majestic and precipitous appeal

山外有山mountains beyond mountains

融自然与文化景观于一体embody natural scenery and cultural heritage

奇石,清瀑,古松,亭阁grotesque rock formation, clear waterfalls,old-age pine trees and pavilions

历代文人雅士书法家famous ancient writers,scholars and calligraphers of various dynasty

石刻碑文stone inscription

重峦叠嶂peaks rising one after another

经典佳作great classics of ancient writers of various dynasty

华夏祖先Chinese ancestors

吉祥之地propitious place

祭祀天地offer sacrifices to Heaven and Earth


世界自然与文化遗产World heritage Commission


geological accident 地质变化

the earth's crust 地壳

temperate cllimatic zone 热带地区

unique fauna and flora 珍禽奇兽,奇花异草Great Barrier 大堡礁

Ayer's Rock 阿叶尔斯石柱山

Kakadu National Park 卡喀杜国家公园

Sydney Opera House 悉尼歌剧院

skiing resort 滑雪场

gross domestic product(GDP) 国内生产总值camping park 野营公园

caravan and cabin 汽车旅馆,公寓住所international cuisine 国际烹饪水准

ethnic restaurant 风味餐厅

departure tax stamp 离境印花税票

American Express 美国运通信用卡



中国古代药王神农氏Shennong, the celebrated herbal master of ancient China

中医史上的萌芽阶段the embryo stage in the development of TCM

战国时期the Warring States Period

黄帝内经HuangDi’s Classic of internal Medicine 神农本草经Shenn ong’s herbal classic

主治、功用和毒性primary treatments, functions and toxic character


救死扶伤healing the sick and saving the dying 职业道德规范professional work ethic

食补保健food treatment approach

延缓衰老defer senility

相互作用、互为依存be of mutual influence and interdependence

有机的整体an organic whole

诊断疾病diagnose disease

阴阳对立制约yin and yang are mutually opposing and constraining

互根互用be interdependent and mutually promoting

消长平衡proportionally change with the decrease of one, resulting in, or from the increase of the other

相互转化mutually transformational

健康的要素be essential for the maintenance of good health

指导思想guiding concept

临床治疗方法clinical treatment

针灸疗法acupuncture and moxibustion

按摩推拿medical massage

气功疗法deep breathing exercises

赢得广泛赞誉win worldwide acclaim

中医专业队伍TCM professionals

综合医院general hospital


astrobiology 天体生物学

nitrogen 氮

hydrogen 氢

oxygen 氧气

photosynthesis 光合作用

equilibrium 平衡

meteor 流星

embedded 埋植

carbon compound 碳化合物

hypothesis 假设

Antarctic 南极的

aesthetics 审美观

the Leonid meteor showers 狮子座流星雨debris 碎片

comet 彗星

The Azores 亚速尔群岛

Infrared spectrographs 红外线摄谱仪

organic molecule 有机分子

spectrographic 摄谱的

disseminate 散布

prebiotic life 前生物生命

galaxy 银河系



阁下your excellency...

建交the establishment of diplomatic relations

近海石油勘探offshore oil exploration

积贫积弱,任人宰割enduring impoverishment, long-standing debility and was for a time at the mercy of other countries

落后要挨打lagging behind leaves one vulnerable to attacks

刻骨铭心的教训never-forgotten lesson

中华民族伟大复兴the rejuvenation of China

不懈努力make unremitting efforts

与时具近keep pace with the times

第一要务the primary task

发展是硬道理development is of overriding importance

科学发展观scientific outlook

和谐社会harmonious society


本着……的精神it is in the spirit of

一贯奉行in the persistent pursuit of

双边关系bilateral relations

祝酒join sb in a toast


mission 代表团

gracious hospitality友好款待

convey 转达

bosom friend 知己

thriving and robust 蓬勃向上

megalopolis 特大型城市

boast 以……为自豪

unequalled 不能与……相媲美

miraculous rise 奇迹般地迅速崛起

financial giants 金融业的巨头

business community商业界

manufacturing industry 制造业

IPR(intellectual property rights) 知识产权

joint consultancy service 合资咨询服务机构transnational corportation 跨国公司

last but not least 最后

at one's earliest convenience 在其方便的时候,尽早……

cherish 珍惜

economic recession 经济不景气

ensure a sustained growth 确保持续增长

on the occasion of 请允许我借……的机会……



进出口商品交易会import and export commodities fair

销售部经理sales manager

supply department 采购部

brochure 宣传小册子

scope of business 经营范围

machine tool 机床

workmanship 工艺

make an inquiry 询价quotation 报价

C.I.F Seattle 西雅图到岸价(*cost,insurance.freight)

调整价格adjust the price

competitive 具有竞争力

bulk 很大

substantially 大大地

展台exhibition stand


经营的新品new line of business

汽车零部件auto parts

update 调整

at the cost of 不惜以……为代价

our part 我方



supplies 货物

free sample 免费样品

inspection 检验

floor offer 底盘

counter-offer 还盘

合同格式format of contract


单价unit price

保险费由贵方承担the insurance premium should be born by your side

business transaction 生意顺利成交



外国使节diplomatic envoy

复杂而深刻的变化complex and profound changes

各种问题相互交织various threats are intertwined

指导国际关系的准则norms governing international relations

切实履行implement in real earnest

以强凌弱的霸权主义bully the weak and pursue hegemony

文明的多样性the diversity of civilizations

万物并育而不相害all living creature grow together without harming one another

道并行而人不相悖ways run parallel without interfering with one another

相互借鉴、取长补短learn from each other in mutual emulation

相互包容、求同存异mutual tolerance, seek agreement while shelving differences

减免债务reduce and forgive debts

军事联盟military alliance

动辄诉诸武力resort to use or threat of force

摈弃冷战思维the Cold War mentality should be done away with

核武器扩散nucleus weapons proliferation

跨国犯罪trans-boundary crimes

生态恶化environmental degradation

永远不称霸never seek hegemony

维护国家主权和领土完整safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity

睦邻、安邻、富邻政策the policy of creating an amicable, secure and prosperous neighborhood

奔腾不息的时代潮流irresistible tide of the times


diplomacy 外交手段

monetary structure 货币组织

military deterrence 军事威慑

utmost purpose 最高宗旨

subordinate 服从于

overshadow 黯然失色

initiative 主动行动

downright distrust 不信任的传统

utility 利用

authorization 授权

sponsorship 操办

intervention 干预

take…into account 考虑到

the IMF 国际货币基金组织

trade deficits 贸易赤字

commitment 致力于

war-torn 遭受战争破坏

elite 上层人物

military alliance 军事联盟

demobilization/remobilization 遣散军队/重组军队



民为贵people being the most important

巨大活力the immense vitality

生动写照vivid reflection

生存权subsistence right

立国之本the foundation to build the country 不懈努力make unremitting endeavor

相辅相成the two are complementary to each other


初步繁荣昌盛initial prosperity

吸收和借鉴absorb and draw upon fruits of

祖国统一reunification of the country


伟大复兴the great rejuvenation


区域自治regional autonomy

宪法保障protected by the Constitution

崇高目标lofty goal

亲仁善邻benevolence and good-neighborliness 国之宝箴treasured maxim


millennium 千年

landmark 标志性

reclusive 避世隐居

Danish architect Jorn Utzon 丹麦设计师钧恩乌特松

with media access 有机会接触媒体architectural icon 建筑业偶像

in the pantheon of 在……的万神殿中

pluck 淘汰

a complete one-off 空前绝后

was quite at odds with 相去甚远

rectilinear 垂直式

maverick genius 独树一帜的奇才

promontory 海角

backdrop 背景

in high dudgeon 一怒之下

manifold difficulties 各种各样的困难seductive beauty 有魅力的纯美

patron 资助人



筹备会议preliminary meeting

处理程序性问题address procedure issue

智能化intelligence computerization


信息通信技术infocom technology

结构调整architecture readjustment


融语音、数据、图像于一体integrate voice date and image

宽带高速信息网high-speed broadband

information network

全方位地满足业务需求meet various service requirements in all dimensions


宏观调控macroeconomic control

市场管制market regulation

规避市场风险avoid market risks

创新的融资机智innovative financing mechanism

资金的多元投入for more financing channels 911事件September 11 terrorist attack

应急系统emergency system

数字鸿沟digital divide


don 穿上

scaffold 框架

thermostat 恒温计

EKG 心电图仪

telemetric system 遥测系统

emulate 仿效

symbiosis 共生现象

software programmer 软件编程师

collaborate 合作

debug 调试

neuron 神经元

tackle 解决

interstellar 星际

microprocessor 微型处理器

ad hoc 特别的

cell phone 手机

the heftiest desktop 最先进的台式机

fight off an attacking wasp 击退发起进攻的黄蜂simpleton 傻子

emergent behavior 突发性的行为

mischievous and sinister 恶意

antithetical 对立的

resilience 应变能力

seismic activity 地震活动

geomagnetic storm 地磁风暴

a worrisome spike 麻烦

reroute traffic 改变行动路线

InterPlaNet 星际网

asteroid 小行星

unmanned probe 吾人驾驶探测器

proprietary (信息)专有

feel tingles on one’s spine 感觉到脊椎的震颤宣传介绍


地势平坦的冲积平原 a soil deposit plain land 常住居民permanent residents

慈悬浮列车the maglev train

长江三角洲Yangtze River Delta

龙头作用play a leading role

清朝乾隆,嘉庆年间during the reigns of Qianlong and Jiaqing of Qing Dynasty

石油化工产业the petrochemical industry

精细化工产业the fine chemical

家用电器产业the home electrical appliance industry

生物医药产业the bioengineering and pharmaceutical industry

支柱产业pillar industry

历史文物保护单位sites of historical interest and cultural relics under protection

海派文化Shanghai regional culture


清真authentic Muslim

万国建筑博览会exhibition of the world's architecture

内环线高架道路elevated inner beltway

野生动物园the Wildlife zoo

迎新撞钟活动New year's Greeting Bell-striking 庙会Temple Fair

桂花节Sweet Osmanthus Festival

海纳百川,有容乃大the sea admits hundreds of rivers for its capacity to hold

乘骐骥以驰骋兮on your steed galloping

来吾道夫先路on my road pioneering



British Commonwealth 英联邦

physically spread out 布局分散

predominant 主导

conglomeration 聚结

commute 外来工作者

prominent landmark 显著的地貌标志

Saint Paul's Cathedral 圣保罗大教堂Westminster Abbey 威斯敏斯特教堂monarchy 君主政体

coronation 加冕礼

Buckingham Palace 白金汉宫

hub 中心

slum 贫民窟

lavish 豪华

philharmonic orchestra 爱乐乐团

venue 场所

cornucopia 各类

successive eras 各个阶段

chronologically 从历史上

repository 陈列馆

premier art collection 最重要的美术作品striking portraits of Britons 不列颠人逼真的肖像



烹饪艺术culinary art

民以食为天food is the paramount necessity of the people

推陈出新creative efforts

色、香、味color, aroma and taste


冷盘cold dishes

原料raw material

作料调配the blending of seasoning

调味艺术the art of proper seasoning

食物质地the texture of food

刀功slicing technique

乳猪suckling pig


黄酒yellow rice wine

烈性白酒strong white liquor

敬酒toast with

小啜take a sip

馒头steamed bread


主食staple food


food style 饮食习惯

solid diet 丰盛的食物

health food 保健餐

Little Italy 小意大利城

Germantown 德国城

native specialties 家乡特色菜

Creole accent to the food 克里奥耳口味physical well-being 身体健康

ironic 讽刺的

preservative 防腐剂

cheese 奶酪中国改革


翻天覆地的变化earthshaking changes

面貌焕然一新take on a brand-new look

出/入境旅游outbound/inbound travel

村/居委会village committee/urban neighborhood committee

解决温饱问题solve the problem of food and clothing

落实科学发展观follow a scientific approach of development

以人为本,执政为民put people first in administration

着力搞好宏观调空concentrate on doing macro-regulatory work well

激发创造活力stimulate creativity

实施稳健的财政政策follow prudent fiscal policy

三农工作是重中之重work relating agriculture, rural areas and farmers remains top priority

加强农田水利建设intensify development of irrigation and conservancy project

多渠道转移农业富余劳动力transfer surplus rural labor to nonagricultural jobs

推进产业结构优化升级optimize and upgrade the industrial structure

加强生态建设strengthen ecological improvement

推进财税体制改革promote the reform of fiscal and tax system

加强精神文明建设promote social and ethnical progress

加强行政能力建设和政风建设improve the government’s administrative capacity and style of work

建设服务型政府service-oriented government

意气风发in high spirits

同心同德、再接再厉united with one heart and one mind, continue our concerted and unyielding efforts


overstate 夸大

turn one’s back on 对……封闭

anarchy 政治混乱

warlordism 军阀割据

make up lost ground 收复失地

springboard 跳板

with gusto 满怀热情

subsistence farming 自然经济

marginal productivity 边际生产力

tariff barrier 关税壁垒

bolster 保持

joint venture 合资企业

incremental capital output ratio 资本产出比率reckon 估计

purchasing power parity 购买力平价

capital accumulation 资本积累demographic forecasts 人口统计学上的预见hiccup 磕磕碰碰

forerunner 前驱

dwarf 让……相形见绌

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