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第一部分:数词的译法一、数字增减的译法:1.句式特征:by+名词+比较级+thanThe wire is by t 第五部分 同系宾语1. I dreamed a strange dream.2.He slept the sleep that knows no waking.3.第六部分 一组词组1.all+抽象名词/抽象名词+itself = very + adj.He was all gentleness to h 3.as...as 的三种用法;(1)He is as kind as his sister.他象他妹妹一样和蔼。(2)He is as ki 6.as......., so............As rust eats iron, so care eats the heart.忧能伤人,犹如锈之蚀铁9.As it is 其含义为:as it stands; to state the matter as it really stands; as a matter of 14.anything but / nothing but / all but在英文中anything but=never;意即“除此之外,别的都是19.the + 比较级+理由I like him all the better for his faults.因为他有缺点,所以我更加喜欢22.what with........and what with / what by ...... and what byWhat with illness and what w 打破”之说:1、break: 一般用语,经打击或施加压力而破碎;2、crack:出现了裂缝,但还没有变成碎general"涵义种种:1、全身麻醉 general anesthesia2、普查,集体检查 general check-up3、一般健land transit insurance陆运保险leasehold interest insurance租赁权益保险liability insurance责long life insurance长寿保险luggage insurance行李保险machinery insurance机器保险machinery b more specific insurance最特定保险mortality insurance死亡保险mortgage insurance不动产抵押借替代词one, ones, that, those在比较结构中的用法辨析 ---------------------------------------自己收录一些句子(英汉翻译),大家看看吧:1.As they grow old, people also accumulate belo

wire is by three inches longer than that one.这根导线比那根长3英寸。2.句式特征:表示增

knows no waking.3.I have fought a good fight.一、在同系宾语上附有修饰形容词时,通常可换成态度副词。all gentleness to her.他对她非常温存。To his superiors, he is humility itself。对于长辈,他极为谦逊。蔼。(2)He is as kind as honest.他既诚实又和蔼。(3)He ia as kind as his sister is honest.他妹妹诚实能伤人,犹如锈之蚀铁。SO相当于in the same proportion; in like manner; in the same way(亦复如此)。为加nds; as a matter of fact; in reality.相当于:实际上;就实际情况而言;根据(现在)情况看;就现在这个样“除此之外,别的都是”,是表示强调的否定;nothing but=only; 意即“除此之外,别的都不是”;all but=al 缺点,所以我更加喜欢他。连接“理由”部分的可以为:for, because, on account of , owing to 等,前面部分 illness and what with losses, he is almost ruined.半因为生病,半因为亏损,他几乎整个儿毁了。What by 裂缝,但还没有变成碎片;3、crush: 指从外面用力向内或从上向下压而致碎;4、demolish: 破坏,铲平或削平(al check-up3、一般健康情况 general health condition4、综合性医院 general hospital5、总路线 genegral iability insurance责任保险life insurance人寿保险lighter insurance驳运保险livestock transit insurance 机器保险machinery breakdown insurance机器损坏保险marine insurance海洋运输保险, 海上保险, 水险marine surance不动产抵押借款保险motor car insurance汽车保险motor cycle insurance摩托车保险motor vehicle pas ------------------------------------------------------------在比较结构中,为了避免重复,常用替代词替lso accumulate belongings for two other reasons: lack of physical and mental energy—both of which a

表示增减意义的动词+to+n.译为:增加到。。。。或减少到。。。。Metal cutting machines hav

通常可换成态度副词。live a long life = live long;live a happy life = live happily;die a national deat 于长辈,他极为谦逊。分析:该结构原来是表示某种性质达到极点的一种说法,有“非常”、“尽管”、“一味”is honest.他妹妹诚实,而他和蔼。句式1表示两个不同的人相同的性质;句式2表示同一个人不同的性质;句式3表 way(亦复如此)。为加强语气,也可以在as前面加上just一词。As fire tries gold, so does adversity try co 情况看;就现在这个样子等等。它用来指事物的单数;即指前面的单数名词。如果指事物的复数,则用“As they 都不是”;all but=almost; nearly三种用法中,but都有“except”含义15.much more / much lessHe likes a c ing to 等,前面部分常常出现的结构为:all(much)the + 比较级。该结构中的the = to that degree.20.what h 整个儿毁了。What by brikes and what by extortions, he made money.或由受贿,或由勒索,他发财了。此为w : 破坏,铲平或削平(如土壤,建筑物,城堡等);5、destroy: 在肉体上、精神上或道义上彻底摧毁,使之无法5、总路线 genegral line6、大纲 general outline7、弥漫性腹膜炎 general peritonitis8、普通医师 general k transit insurance活牲畜运输保险

上保险, 水险marine cargo insurance海运货物保险marine hull insurance船舶保险maritime insurance海洋运输险motor vehicle passenger insurance汽车乘客保险movable insurance动产保险multiple-line insurance多种类免重复,常用替代词替代名词词组或它的中心词。可以这样用的替代词常用的且较难掌握的有one, ones,that和t gy—both of which are essential in turning out and throwing away—and sentiment. 分析:该句包含了

s have been decreased to 50.金属切割机已经减少到50台。二、百分数增减的表示法与译法1.句

die a national death = die nationally;die a violent death = die by violence二、有的宾语与动词不同语源、“尽管”、“一味”、“尽”的含义,有时甚至可以译为“。。。。的化身”、“。。。。的具体化”。普通复数人不同的性质;句式3表示两个人的不同性质。该句式中第一个as为之时副词,第二个as为连词。所以,第一个as后es adversity try courage.正如火能试金,逆境可以试人的勇气。As the human body is nourished by the foo 复数,则用“As they are”。如果用来指人时,则为as I am / you are / she/ he is/ we are / they are.as i ch lessHe likes a child, much more a baby.他喜欢小孩,更加喜欢婴孩。He doesn't like a child, much le at degree.20.what he is / what he hasWe honour him for what he is , not for what he has.我们尊敬的是索,他发财了。此为what的副词用法,可译为“多少(=somewhat)”、“半(=patrly)”what with........a 上彻底摧毁,使之无法复原;6、shatter:突然使一个物体粉碎;7、smash: 指由于突如其来的一阵暴力带一声响而8、普通医师 general practitioner9、总查(病)房 general purpose10、秘书长 general secretary你能“定”me insurance海洋运输保险maternity insurance生育保险medical expense insurance医疗费保险mixed insuranc line insurance多种类保险业务mutual insurance相互保险national insurance国民保险, 国家保险national hea one, ones,that和those。 I.替代词one和ones的用法: 1.one只能替代单数名词,one的复数形式ones只能替 分析:该句包含了并列结构被分割的情况。lack of physical and mental energy和sentiment 是并列结构,作

法1.句式特征:表示增减意义的动词+%The output value has increased 35%.产值增加了35%2.

的宾语与动词不同语源,但意义相通,也可以视为同类。run a race; run a course; run one's career; fight 的具体化”。普通复数名词用于“all”之后,也是表达这种概念。He is all smiles.他一味地笑。She is all e 词。所以,第一个as后面为adj./adv.,而第二个as后面为从句。4.as......as any / as .....as everHe is as g ourished by the food, so is a nation nourished by its industries.正像身体要靠食物营养一样,国家要靠工are / they are.as it is 的过去式为as it was。其位置可以放在句首,句末或句子中间。(1)用于句首,注意ke a child, much less a baby.他步喜欢小孩,更加不喜欢婴孩。解释:much more 用于肯定句之后,表示程度增he has.我们尊敬的是他的人品,而不是他的财富。what he is =his characterwhat he has = his propertyIt ”what with........and what with表示“原因”what by ...... and what by表示“手段”What with overwork 的一阵暴力带一声响而彻底粉碎。有关“死”之说:1、去世,与世长辞:to pass away;2、寿终: to close (end secretary你能“定”下来吗?1、set a date: 决定日期2、set an example:树立榜样3、set fruit:结果子4、费保险mixed insurance混合保险

国家保险national health insurance国民健康保险no-fault insurance无过失保险non-concurrent insurance不同的复数形式ones只能替代复数名词。例如: My child doesn't like this book.Show her a more interesting o iment 是并列结构,作two other reasons的同位语。但是被非限定性定语从句both of which are essential in

5%2.句式特征:表示增减意义的动词+by+%Retail salses should rise by 8%商品零售额应增

ne's career; fight a battle; blow a gale; strike a blow;ring a peal; wreak one's vengeance三、以it构味地笑。She is all eyes.她盯着看。I am all anxiety.我真担心。He is all attention.他全神贯注地听着。2. ..as everHe is as great a statesman as any = He is as great a statesman as ever lived.他是一位稀有的营养一样,国家要靠工业营养。7.It is in (or with)........as in (or with)......It is in life as in a j (1)用于句首,注意前后时态与该结构保持一致As it is, we can not help him.As it was, we could not hel 定句之后,表示程度增加;表示更多,much可以改为stillmuch less用于否定句之后,表示程度减少;表示更少,s = his propertyIt is not a question how much a man knows, but use what he can make of what he knows What with overwork and under-nourishment he fell ill.由于过劳,加上营养不足,他终于病倒了。23.if any 寿终: to close (end) one's day;3、咽气,断气: to breathe one's last;4、归西: to go west;5、了解尘缘set fruit:结果子4、set a fire: 点火5、set a severed limb:断肢再接6、set sail:开航,起航7、set th rrent insurance不同时保险non-life insurance损害保险obligatory insurance强制保险ocean marine cargo in more interesting one. 2.替代词one或ones必须带有一个限定或修饰词,它们和所替代的名词中心词所指不一h are essential in turning out and throwing away分割。译文:人们随着日趋年迈,积存物品还有其它两个原

额应增加3%The prime cost decreased by 60%.主要成本减少60%3.句式特征:表示减少意义的动vengeance三、以it构成的类型:I am determined to fight it out。我决心奋斗到底。He is starring it in t 他全神贯注地听着。2.Something (much) of / nothing (little) ofMr.Li is something of a philospher.李先生ived.他是一位稀有的政治家。5.as.....as.....can beIt is as plain as plain can be (may be).那是再明白s in life as in a journey.人生好比旅途。It is in studying as in eating; he who does it gets the bene s, we could not help him.(2)用于句末Let's keep it as it is.You mustn't go to the ball as you are.你程度减少;表示更少,可译为“何况”、“还论”16.more........than.......can“达到不可能的程度”morethan ke of what he knows; not a question of what he has acquired, and how he has been trained, but of wha 于病倒了。23.if any1)He despises honour, if any one does.世界上真有人轻视荣誉的话,他便是一个。2)He go west;5、了解尘缘: to pay the debt of nature;6、命归黄泉: to depart to the world of shadows;7、开航,起航7、set the camera lens:调整(相机)镜头8、set a pen to paper::动笔,下笔9、set a new tas ean marine cargo insurance海洋运输货物保险old age insurance老年保险open cover cargo insurance预约货物的名词中心词所指不一定是同一对象,这是替代词one或 ones在用法上的一个重要特征。例如: I don't like thi 存物品还有其它两个原因:一是缺乏体力和精神,两者在清理和扔掉无用之物时不可或缺,二是感情上的原因。2.

义的动词+to+%表示减少后剩余的数量By using this new-process the loss of metal was reduc

is starring it in the provinces.他到各地巡回演出。We had to walk it in the rain.我们不得不冒雨而行。

a philospher.李先生略具哲学家风范。Mr. Wu is nothing of a musician.吴先生全无音乐家的风味。Mr. Lu i (may be).那是再明白不过了。A lot of these boys were green as green can be.这些男孩许多都是精力充沛无es it gets the benefits, and not he who sees it done.读书和吃饭一样,得到利益的是那些实际在吃的人,而e ball as you are.你不能这样去参加舞会。有时it可以省略为“as is ”,意即:照现在的样子,常指“不再修可能的程度”morethan................can"简直不可能"He earns more money than he can spend.17.more than trained, but of what he is, and what he can do.问题不在于一个人知道多少,而在于他能否运用他的知识;问,他便是一个。2)He has little, if any, money.他即令有钱,也是极少的。if any , if ever 意思是“果真有orld of shadows;7、见阎王: to give up the gost;8、翘辫子: to kick the bucket;9、蹬腿: to kick up 下笔9、set a new task:提出新任务10、set down all items:记下所有项目11、set oneself to learn from:决go insurance预约货物保险单open policy insurance预约保险ordinary life insurance普通终身寿险overlappin : I don't like this book.I'd like a more interesting one. 3.当替代词one或ones带有后置修饰语时,它是感情上的原因。2.Old Henry and his wife Phoebe were as fond of each other as it is possible for tw

reduced to 20%.采用这种新工艺,铁的损失量减少到20%4.句式特征:%+ 比较级 +than表示净

我们不得不冒雨而行。Can't you swim it?你游不过去吗?四、在某些熟语中可将同系宾语省略,如look thanks =乐家的风味。Mr. Lu is very much of a poet.陆先生大有诗人气派。Mr.Liu is little of a scholar.刘先生几无孩许多都是精力充沛无以复加的。

那些实际在吃的人,而不是旁观的人。It is in mind as in body which must be nourished by good food.精神的样子,常指“不再修理或改进”等情况。He has an old radio as is.他有一台没有修理过的旧收音机。I‘ll s spend.17.more than + 动词,译为“深为, 十二分的”This more than satisfied me.这使我十二分的满意。M 能否运用他的知识;问题不在于他所学为何,受过怎样的教育,而在于他的人品,以及他的能力。21.what + 名词 ever 意思是“果真有,即令有的话”,相当于if there is (are) any at all.。它通常是伴随有little, few, 、蹬腿: to kick up one's heels;10、不吃饭: to lay down one's knife and fork. 有关"怀孕"(pregnant)lf to learn from:决心向。。。学习你知道这有多”重“?1、heavy applause:热烈的鼓掌2、heavy gait:沉通终身寿险overlapping insurance重复保险overseas insurance海外保险overseas travel sickness insurance海带有后置修饰语时,它们前面总有定冠词。例如: Our new cassette is more expensive than the one we had is possible for two old people to be who have nothing else in this life to be fond of. 分析:连词

表示净增减的数量Retail sales are expected to be nine percent higher than last year.今年

略,如look thanks = look a look of thanksHe looked the thanks he could not express.他眼中现出言语无法a scholar.刘先生几无学者风度。分析:此为表示“程度”的形容词短语,有时可以当作副词翻译。Something of d by good food.精神和身体都必须有好的食物来营养。8.as good as / as well as It is as goos as done.这就的旧收音机。I‘ll sell it to you as is, but don't complain if it doesn't work.(3)句中时,用逗号把它使我十二分的满意。More is meant than meets the ear.有言外之意。What we lose in flowers we more than 能力。21.what + 名词 / what + little + 名词He gave me what money he had about him.他把他身上所有的钱都伴随有little, few, seldom等准否定词。与此相近的用法还有if anything,意思是“if at all”或“if there 关"怀孕"(pregnant)之说:1、she is having baby;2、she is expecting;3、she is in a family way;4、she 掌2、heavy gait:沉重的步态3、heavy chemicals大量生产的化学药品4、heavy sea 波涛汹涌的海面5、heavy s

ickness insurance海外旅行疾病保险own insurance自己保险, 本身保险paid-up insurance保费已付足的人寿保险han the one we had before. 4.当替代词one或ones在形容词比较级、最高级以及某些限定词如this,that, w nd of. 分析:连词as 引导的比较状语从句中,it 代替for two old people to be。to be 后省略了fond of

.今年零售额与去年相比,有望增加9%。5.句式特征:% + 比较级 + 名词表示净减数The new-

s.他眼中现出言语无法表达的感谢。She left the room, looking daggers at me.她以短剑相刺的目光望着我,走词翻译。Something of =to some extent(某程度),在问句和条件句中则用anyting of(略有、多少)。nothing as goos as done.这就和做好了一样。It is broad as well as long.那既长且宽。as good as 有两个含义:(1))句中时,用逗号把它从前后隔开A.虚拟语气句式+but +as it is / was,该结构意为:其实;事实上I thought owers we more than gain in fruits.18.less.......thanDuring the week he saw less of her than usual.在那他把他身上所有的钱都给了我。I gave him what little mony I had.我竭尽绵薄之力将仅有的钱都给了他。what all”或“if there is any difference”,可以译为“倘若有异同,如果稍有区别的话”。还有“if a day”意思 family way;4、she is in a deliacate condition;5、she is in an interesting condition;6、she is knitti 汹涌的海面5、heavy sleep:熟睡6、heavy smoker:烟瘾大的人7、heavy current:强电流8、heavy eater:食量大

保费已付足的人寿保险单parcel post insurance邮包保险partial insurance部份保险participating insurance由定词如this,that, which和序数词等之后,可以省略。例如: This book is much better than that(one). 5 be 后省略了fond of each other。to be 做分割成分。 译文:象两位老人一生中没有其它什幺东西可爱而彼此

new-type machine wasted 10 percent engergy supplied. 新型机械能耗量净减10%6.句式特征

相刺的目光望着我,走出了房间。五、最高级形容词后,可以省略同系宾语。The lady was looking her best(loo 略有、多少)。nothing of译作“全无、毫无”。相类似的情况:to be something of = to have something of + as 有两个含义:(1)amounting to ; not falling short of;等于;同样; 几如;; 不欠缺He was as good a 其实;事实上I thought things would get better, but as it is, they are getting worse and worse.The rice f her than usual.在那一个星期内,他比平常要少见到她。less.......than“较少”、“较差”、“不及”、“不有的钱都给了他。what + 名词 含有“all the ....that”或“that....which”含义。译为“所有的。。。。”,w 还有“if a day”意思是“at least”。There is little , if any , hope.希望甚微。It occurs seldom, if ev ion;6、she is knitting little booties."broken"涵义种种:1、a broken man: 一个绝望的人;2、a broken so 、heavy eater:食量大的人9、heavy task:繁重的任务10、heavy food:油腻而难消化的食物11、heavy traffic

cipating insurance由相互保险公司所出的分单保险, 其利润将来仍退给投保人passenger insurance旅客保险pens than that(one). 5.替代词one或ones通常不用在物主代词和名词所有格之后。如不可说my one(s),your on 它什幺东西可爱而彼此相爱一样,老亨利和他的妻子芬比也互相爱慕。3.It is the insistence, as a first con

式特征:a + % + increase表示净增数There is a 20% increase of steel as compared with las

looking her best(look).She sang her sweest(song) to please him.

have something of + 名词+in +代名词He is nothing in ability of an orator = He has nothing of an ora 欠缺He was as good as his word.他不爽约。(2)virtually; essentially; in every essential respect实际上e and worse.The rice could have been got in yesterdy if the weather had been fine, but as it was, it 较差”、“不及”、“不如”。该less做形容词时好翻译,做副词解释时难译。Proof-reading is not interesting “所有的。。。。”,what做关系代名词。what + little(few等一类词) + 名词 含有“虽少但全部”或“所仅有occurs seldom, if ever( = seldom or never).真有其事,也不常发生。If anything, he is a little better t 的人;2、a broken soldier: 一个残废的军人;3、broken money: 零花钱;4、a broken promise: 背弃的诺言;食物11、heavy traffic:拥挤的交通12、heavy weather:恶劣的天气13、heavy road:泥泞的路14、heavy rain:大

nsurance旅客保险pensions insurance抚恤金保险perpetual insurance终身保险personal insurance人身保险pett my one(s),your one(s),Peter's one(s)等等。one或 ones也不能用在own之后。 但是,如果有了形容词,ence, as a first consideration, upon the interdependence of the various elements in, and parts of, th

h last year.与去年相比,今年钢产量净增20%7.句式特征:%+ (of) 名词(代词)表示净减数,

as nothing of an orator in his ability.他毫无演说家的才能。这类名词的用法,可以处理为副词。He has see sential respect实际上;其实;实在;在各要点上He is as good as dead already.宛如死人;行尸走肉;名存实, but as it was, it had to be left in the fields.B.过去分词+as it is,表示强调前面的过去分词Written g is not interesting, still less so when it is one's own work.Proof-reading is uninteresting, still m 少但全部”或“所仅有的”She saved what little money she could out of her slim salary to help her brot is a little better today.如有什么不同,他比昨天好了一点。The greatness has little, if anything, to do romise: 背弃的诺言;5、broken English: 蹩脚的英语;6、a broken spirit: 消沉的意志;7、a broken heart:的路14、heavy rain:大雨15、heavy clouds:厚云16、heavy crops:丰收17、heavy frost:浓霜18、heavy wine

nsurance人身保险petty insurance小额保险plate glass insurance玻璃保险pluvious insurance雨水保险, 雨淋保但是,如果有了形容词,one(s)可以和物主代词及名词所有格连用。如: My cheap camera seems to be just as in, and parts of, the United States—a recognition of the old and permanently important manifestation

减数,数字n照译The production cost is about 60 percent that of last year.今年产值仅为去

理为副词。He has seen something of life.他略具阅历。他稍阅世。Something of 与something like区别:程度人;行尸走肉;名存实亡as well as 有四个含义:(1)no less than; equally with等于;不下于;亦;一样好I 面的过去分词Written as it is in an interesting way, this book is enjoyable to young and old alike.Pub interesting, still more so when it is one's own work.His lecture left me less than satisfactory.他的演ary to help her brother go to school.

, if anything, to do with rank or power.真正的伟大是和权力与地位毫无关系的。下面的内容虽然与帖子的名称;7、a broken heart: 破碎的心。准确理解“kill”(后面附词义):1、he killed the man.杀;2、he killed t :浓霜18、heavy wine:烈酒19、heavy news:悲痛的消息20、heavy heart:忧愁的心21、heavy fire:猛烈的炮rance雨水保险, 雨淋保险postal insurance简易保险power interruption insurance电流中断保险preliminary te seems to be just as good as John's expensive one. 6.one作替代词时,在of前面不能用 the one来表示所属ortant manifestation of the American spirit of the pioneer. 分析:insistence 后接upon the interdep

仅为去年的60%8.句式特征:%+up on 或over表示净增数The grain output of last year in th

hing like区别:程度上有差异。something like = something approximateing in character or amount指数量不下于;亦;一样好I have understanding as

g and old alike.Published as it was at such a time, his work attrached

satisfactory.他的演讲怎么也不能使我满意。He observed with interest the erro

内容虽然与帖子的名称不太相符,但是作为构成句式的基本单元------词汇,也是不容忽视的啊。学习过程中收集.杀;2、he killed the dog,宰;3、he killed time down at the park,消磨;4、he killed his chance of su eavy fire:猛烈的炮火22、heavy bread:没有发酵好的面包23、heavy wire:粗线24、heavy load:重载25、he 断保险preliminary term insurance初期保险, 持

用 the one来表示所属关系和类似概念。如不可说: *He put down his gun and picked up the one of Henry.接upon the interdependence of the various

in this province was 20% percent up on that of 1978.去年粮食产量比197

ter or amount指数量或性质略同的事物,又作somewhat(似乎、略微)解释。This is something like a


ed his chance of success,断送;5、he k

vy load:重载25、heavy storm:暴风雨26、heavy re

p the one of Henry. 该用一个所有格来表示 He picked up Henry's. 7.当两个形容词表示对照的意思时,不

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表示对照的意思时,不能使用替代词 one。仅在其中一个形容词后加上