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Unit 1


Lan guage focus

Word in use


1. whereby

2. pursuit

3. in hibit

4. maintain

5. patriotic

6. tran see nd

7. en deavor

8. dedicati on

9. prestige 10. nomin ate Word buildi ng



l. resulta nt 2. tolera nt 3. polluta nts 4. in habited

5. partieipants

6. deseendants

7. attendants

8. respectful

9. con testa nts 10. n eglectful 11. resourceful

12. boastful

Ban ked cloze

1. eve ntually

2. premier

3. en deavor

4. bypass

5. han dicaps

6. committed

7. attained

8. transcend

9. feats 10. slightest Expressi ons in use


1. removed from

2. failed in

3. in pursuit of

4. deviated from

5. precluded from

6. triumph over

7. work their way into

8. written off


Un dersta nding the text



Lan guage focus

Word in use



2. propelled



5. alleviated

6. renowned


8. destined

9.scorns 10. Applause Expression in use ⑸

1. up







8.out sentence structure

1. He prefers to start early rather than leave everything to the last minute

2. She prefers to be the boss, to be in charge and

to orga nize others rather tha n be orga ni zed by some whom she may not eve n rate very highly.

3. My brother prefers to take the whole blame himself rather than allow it to fall

on the innocent.


1. Try as he would

2. Search as they would

3. Hard as we work

Try as we might

Collocati on


1. repeated










1. sudde n opport un ities

2. imme nse obstacles

3. amaz ing determ in ati on

4. profo und difficulties

5. overwhel ming failures

6. poverty-stricke n

7. substantial hardship 8. repeated misfortunes 9. sheer persistenee

10. dazzle audie nces 11. achieve fame 12. strong will

Unit 2

Language focus

Word in use


1.i nterve ne

2.un derestimate






8. symptoms

9. dismay 10. brink

Word buildi ng


domin ate dominance

avoid avoida nee

rely relia nee

acqua intance cleara nee

acqua int



resemble annoyance admitta nee resembla nee

assure bore privilege distract [5]

1.bored assura nee





3. assura nee

4. dominance


6. acquaintance

7. relianee

8. clearanee

9. distracted 10. annoyance 11. admitta nee 12. resembla nee Ban ked cloze

1. characterized

2. aspects

3. amount

4. recede

5. exposed 9. react ion

6. vicious

7. challenge

8. excessive 10. paralyze

Expressi ons in use


1. pulled to a stop

2. black out

3. pop up

4. stopped short

5. plowed through

6. threw himself into

7. let yourself go

8. grabbed for

Language focus

Word in use


1. vertical



4.in te nt

5. abort

6.v uln erable



9. lofty 10. necessitate

Expressi on in use

1. in the eve nt of

2. im muned to

3. settled back

4. on board

5. in/into position

6.was?…stunned by

7. for sure

8. hint of

Sentence structure

1.Nothing excites me as much as a brilliant movie with an in teresti ng plot, fan tastic act ing ,wild visual and a strong

2.0ver the course of her en tire life, sh' Ion ged for nothing as much as kno wledge about her mother.

3. Her daughter is at a state hospital and wants nothing as much as to be part of

a family.


1.In teaching practice, it is essential that we (should) teach stude nts proper grammar, senten ces structures and writi ng skills.

2.lt is importa nt that stude nts should be give n opport un ities to express their perspectives to cultivate their resp on sibility and in depe nden ce.

3.It is crucial that the youn ger gen erati on should pursue an active and positive role in promoti ng en vir onmen tal protect ion. Collocati on


1. massive

2. incredible

3. terrible

4. relaxed

5. absolutely

6. unremarkable


1.emotionally impossible

2. amazing power

3. visibly frightened

4.i ncredible impact

7. calm con fide nee

10. would-be rescuer Unit3 5.impromptus rescues 6.instantaneously hysterical 8. true courage 9. massive waves

11. vicious waves 12. rough water

Lan guage focus

Word in use



2. cherish

3. afflicted

4. noteworthy

5. portray

6. complime nt

7.doma in

8. anonym ous

9. con scie ntious 10. perpetual

Word buildi ng


gen eral gen eralize

no rmal no rmalize

public publicize

mi nimum mi ni mize

mobile mobilize

in vest in vestor

dictate dictator

conquer in vestigate moderate elevator conq ueror inv estigator moderator elevate

1.no rmalize

2. moderator

3.im muni zed

4. i nv estors

5. mobilize

7. elevate 8. publicizes 9. investigator

11. ge neralize 12.dictator 2) defi ne 3) popularity 4) men tally 6) committed 7) devote 8) surviving 10) huma nitaria n Expressi ons in use


1.embark on

2. be deprive of

3. tur n dow n

4. taken captive

5. live on

6. share in

7. was stricken by 8. led by example

Word in use [4]


4. con trive 7. divert

2. coin cide nee

3. moun ted 5. simulated 6. mani fest

8. in fected 9. upgraded 10. temperame nt

Expressi ons in use

1. on

2. in

3. as

4. into

5. to

6. to

7. with

8. un der/on

Sentence structure

1. It is not his carefree attitude that made him seem ecce ntric; it is

his con spicuous in terest in film that made his classmates shun

and mock him.

2. It is not his experienee in filmmaking that sabotaged tran sfer

attempts; it is his poor grades that forced film schools to withhold

accepta nee.

3. It is not because things are difficult that we fail to dare; it is

because we do not dare that thi ngs are difficult.


1. see things as they are

2. understand the world as it is

3. accept people as they are warm-up

1.i nternatio nally famous

2. rigorous schedule

3.jeopardize hope

4.emotio nally draining

5. physically dangerous

6. overwhelming misery

7. perpetually sig nify

8. con spicuous in terest 9. repeatedly try

6. conq ueror 10. mini

mized Ban

ked cloze ⑹ 1) domain 5) diplomatic 9) embarked

[8] 1.i ntern ati on ally 2.committed 3.compassi on ate 〔.repeatedly 2.thrill 3.terrific 1.overwhelmingly


3.physically l.pers onal 2.emoti on ally Unit4 Lan guage focus Word in use [3] "compulsory 5) offset 9) ambiguity Word buildi ng [4] respect n egotiate disti nguish avail profit renew memory author visual stable social ⑸ 1) profitable 5) visualize 9) avail Bank cloze 2)c on template 3) impris oned 6) groa n 7) stubbor n 10) con soled respectable n egotiable disti nguishable available profitable ren ewable memorize authorized visualize stabilize socialize


4) globalize 8) cluster 4) n egotiable 8) respectable 2) renewable 3) authorized 6) socialize 7) attributable 10) stabilize 11) dist in guishable 12) memorize 1) con template 2) comfort 3) sparked 4) ven tured 5) diverse 6) witnessed 7) stunning 8)glimpse 9) positive 10) dictate Expressi on in use [7] 1) settle for 2) more often than not 3) mingled with 4) traded for 5) was saturated with 6) are open to 7) endowed with 8) make up for Words in

use [4] 1)

ethnic 2) conceive 3)presumed 4) despised 5) irritate 6) disregarded 7) downside 8) venerable 9) susceptible 10) suppress

Expressi on in use

1) from/agai nst 2) from 3) with 4) in to 5) to

6) into 7) for 8) off

Sentence structure

1) The day following was, as it turned out, the last of Mr. Wraxalls stay at Raback.

2) As it turned out, the war went on for more than four years, with horrible losses of

pers onnel and material on both sides.

3) Madiga n had bee n study ing Mr. Barrett for a couple of mon th, as it turned out

the man was rather mysterious.


1. took his behavior with a smile.

2. took it with gratitude

3. took it with a deep bow

Collocati on


overly fearful disorie nti ng diversity solo travel

swap stories globalized world foreign travel


1. exotic places

2. lovely dream

3. mult in ati onal excursi ons

4. pleasa nt experie nces

5. foreig n travel

6. valuable ope n-min ded ness

7. ample opportunities 8. disorienting diversity 9. local folklore

10. swap stories 11. moder n aviatio n 12. credible in sights


Un dersta nding the text

Word in use


1) gauged 2) dedicate 4) suffice 5) reve nue 7) incen tive 8) prone 10) fostered


real realism imperial imperialism commercial commercialism huma n huma nism terror terrorism recruit recruitme nt rese nt rese ntme nt

en roll en rollme nt refresh refreshme nt ship shipme nt

3) com mon place 6) simulta neous 9) inno vati ons

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