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1)爱人者有仁爱之心,自爱,爱亲人以及他人。(a loving person,who)

A loving person is a person who is kind-hearted, loves himself, loves his family and all the other people.

2)所谓“和而不同”,是指君子之间保持相互尊重、和谐、友爱的关(harmony but not sameness, gentleman)

“Harmony but not sameness” means that a gentleman keeps mutually respectful, harmonious and friendly relations with other people.


快朵颐。(in much the same way that)

The Chinese people observe the Spring Festival in much the same way that the Westerners do Christmas, doing a lot of shopping ,exchanging presents, and having big meals.


活的态度。(not··· but rather)

What we need to change is not necessarily our lifestyle, or our physical conditions, but rather our attitude toward life.

5)与自然世界和谐相处是风水(feng shui)的一项原则,这一点从房屋建筑、景

观(landscape)设计和家具陈列(lay out)中都可以反映出来。(which,exemplify) To live in harmony with Nature is the underlying principle of FengShui, which can be exemplified in building houses, in designing landscapes, and in laying

out furniture.


1)人人都有想法,但很少有人能付诸实施,这就是梦想者与企业家的区别。(however, execute)

Everyone has ideas, however very few are able to execute them. That's the difference between dreamers and entrepreneurs.


结识新朋友,后者则坚持她们的长久友谊。(tend to, while,stick to)Research shows that boys tend to have a shorter interest span, while girls are more patient, hence, the former are able to make new friends while the latter stick to their lifelong friendships.

3)相互理解和欣赏对于友谊无疑十分重要,但谈到婚姻,却远远不够。(but, far from enough, when it comes to )

To understand and appreciate each other is without doubt important, but still far from enough when it to marriage.


等生多,而且能把许多事情做得足够好。(so···as, more than)

B-students though unable to do one thing so perfectly as B-students, know much more than A-students, and can do many things well enough.

5)通常情况下,你越快适应工作环境,你可能得到的升值机会就会越多。相反,如果你总是怨天尤人,你的机会就可能更少了。(the quicker···the more, adapt, on the contrary )

Typically, the quicker you adapt yourself to the working environment ,the more promotion opportunities you may get. On the contrary, you get fewer if you complain all the time.



代。(will + v.)

Any new technology, after being put to use, will get outdated and replaced by newer ones.


(be going to + v.)

Smart technologies are going to be widely used in city construction, reshaping our lifestyle to a great extent.

3)在未来,人们每天乘坐飞车上下班,让机器人做家务。(be + v.-ing)

In the future, people are commuting by flying cars every day, leaving housework to robots.


化,另一种办法是建设全新的智能城市。( be to + v.)

To deal with the existing inadequate infrastructures, one way is to modify and digitize the municipal public utilities, and the other is to build entirely new smart cities.

5)太阳能将为智能城市提供能源,其城市居民使用低能电器,从而减少能耗。(be about to + v.)

Solar energy is about to provide energy for smart cities, in which the residents use low energy appliances, thus saving on energy consumption UNIT5


诸如此类的问题。(wh- + to do)

Before you go to the United Kingdom, you should figure. Out such issues as where to find accommodation, and how to register for the online courses.


到新的画廊去参观一番。(noun + to do )

Almost every day in Paris, I could find new neighborhoods to explore, new cafes to sit in, and new galleries to visit.

3)读书是为了了解世界,而旅行是为了体验生活。(to do, be to do)

To read is to get to know about the world, but to travel is to experience the life.

4)被一直当作外乡人的滋味并不好受,她希望毕业后再也不用回到这里。(v. + not to do)

Always being regarded as outsider is really uncomfortable, and she wished not to come back again after graduation.

5)在国外留学时如果你不介意被打扰,那就找个室友分摊房租吧。(noun. + to do; v. + to do)

While studying abroad, find a roommate to share the rent if you do not care to be disturbed.

1) I was walking through Washington Square Park when I noticed a small boy and his

mother selling souvenirs.

2) Follow the stairs all the way down to the second floor, walk along the corridor and

you will find the meeting hall on the right.

3) The village is located in a peaceful valley, surrounded by an endless array of hills.

4) After getting through the gate of Yuelu Academy, the guide would stop every few

steps to tell us stories about all the stone inscriptions and couplets in sight

5) When building houses, Chinese people would usually take Fengshui into

consideration, for instance, putting the kitchen on one side and the toilet on the

other side of the house

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