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Passage 2 资料考证来源于维基百科 After repairs, she plied for several years as a passe nger liner between Britain and America, before being converted to a cable-laying ship and la ying the first lasting” Brunel worked for several years as assistant engineer on the project to create a tunnel unde r London's River Thames 题目配对 tunnel under river Thames -- which Brune was not responsibl e for it Though ultimately unsuccessful, another of Brunel's interesting use of technical innovat ions was the atmospheric railway 配对建成不久就停止运营那项吧 Great Eastern was designed to cruise non-stop from London to Sydney and back (since engi neers of the time misunderstood that Australia had no coal reserves), and she remained the l argest ship built until the turn of the century. Like many of Brunel's ambitious projects, t he ship soon ran over budget and behind schedule in the face of a series of technical probl ems.great eastern 配对建设推迟了很对次和财务上不成功我配了两个


雅思口语2011年01月08日考题回顾 考试日期2011.01.08 Part 1Your Work or Your Studies What do you do (in a typical day) at work? Do you like your job? Would you like to change your job? Do you think you will need to receive any training in the future? What job would you like to do in the future? Why are you taking the IELTS test? Do you think the first day at work is important? What subjects are you studying? Why did you choose that subject? What school (or university) do you go to? Why did you choose that university (or, school)? How do you like your subject? What's your favourite subject at school? What's the most difficult part of your course? What's the most interesting part of your course (your subject)? For you, what's the most interesting part (or subject or class) of your course? Do you think it will be easy to find that kind of work? Did you like your first day at university? Do you think the first day at university is important? Your Home& Your Accommodation Do you live in a house or a flat? How long have you lived there? Do you plan to live there for a long time? Please describe your home a little. What are the benefits (or, advantages) of living in a flat/house? What's your favourite room in your home? (Why?) How do you think your home (your house or your flat) could be improved?


第二段:主考官抽出一张题卡,卡上写明某话题,考生有一分钟准备时间,之后须根据要求对该话题进行2分钟个人观点阐述(约3-4分钟,包括1分钟准备时间)。 Part 2 Topics Describe : 1. A luxurious thing 2. An important Stage in your life 3. A period of time you enjoyed most in your life. When is it? What did you enjoy? Why? 4. An English Lesson you have attended. What is the content? Why do you remember it? 5. Clothing. 6. Which area(aspect) of life do you want to be successful in? Why? 7. The legal age for marriage in China. Do you think it is suitable?

8. An impressive speech you have heard. What is it about? Why do you remembe it so well? 9. A bicycle. 10. The person you are familiar with. 11. A Building. 12. An advertisement 13.what do people in different age do? 14. a thing you want to achieve Describe a piece of clothing you wear on a special occasion Key points: Graduation, school, pink dress, accessory, Actually, in my high school, students are required to wear the school uniforms each day at school. Everyone looks the same to a great extent.【程度的描述】 No one's special. So after a while, we all have the similar physical features.


2019年9-12月雅思口语Part 2新题预测:有意义的 歌 有意义的歌 P2 Describe a song that is meaningful to you. You should say: what song it is; when you first heard it; what the song is about; and explain why it is meaningful to you. P3 1.Is it good for children to learn music? 2.How do Chinese people learn music? 3.Do men and women play different kinds of musical instruments? 4.what's the status of traditional music now? 5.Do all grades have music class? 6.Is music class important? 7.What kind of music do children like? 8.Why would some parents force their children to learn some musical

instruments? 解析 题目要求考生描述“一首对你有意义的歌”。作答要点包括:是什么歌、什么时候第一次听到、歌是关于什么的,并说明为什么这首歌对你有特殊意义。 范文 Three years ago, a song came out that celebrated being young and relaxed and I was instantly crazy about it. It was called ‘Young for you’ and the beat and melody were off the hook! The song became a massive hit across China that year and you could hear it being played everywhere. When I listen to the song now it immediately takes me back to my youth. I first heard the song playing in a shopping mall and was instantly drawn to it. The singer's voice was like no other I had ever heard before and the melody was haunting and sad. I stopped shopping and used an app on my phone to identify the tune. I immediately downloaded the album off iTunes.


雅思考试阅读考题回顾 大连朗阁培训中心 考试日期:2014 年 10 月 11 日 Reading Passage 1 Title: Coral Reef Fish 新西兰珊瑚鱼(2011.01.22 P1) TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN (4) Question types: Flow Chart Completion (5) Summary (4) 文章内容回顾从新西兰珊瑚鱼的特征和栖息地谈到如何对其进行有效的保护。 Coral reef fish are fish which live amongst or in close relation to coral reefs. Coral reefs form complex ecosystems with tremendous biodiversity. Among the myriad inhabitants, the fish stand out as particularly colorful and interesting to watch. Hundreds of species can exist in a small area of a healthy reef, many of them hidden or well camouflaged. Reef fish have developed many ingenious specializations adapted to survival on the reefs. Coral reefs occupy less than one percent of the surface area of the world oceans, but still they provide a home for 25 percent of all marine fish species. Reef habitats are a sharp contrast to the open 相关英文原文阅读water habitats that make up the other 99% of the world oceans. However, loss and degradation of coral reef habitat, increasing pollution, and overfishing including the use of destructive fishing practices, are threatening the survival of the coral reefs and the associated reef fish. As an example of the adaptations made by reef fish, the yellow tang is a herbivore which feeds on benthic turf algae. They also provide cleaner services to marine turtles, by removing algal growth from their shells. They do not tolerate other fish with the same color or shape. When alarmed, the usually placid yellow tang can erect spines in its tail and slash at its opponent with rapid sideways movements. 1-4: 1. NOT GIVEN 题型难度分析 2. TRUE 3. FALSE 4. TRUE


2021年03月18日雅思考试口语考题回顾考试日期:2010.03.18 Part 1 Name Is there any special meaning behind your name? What’s your name? Why do you get this name? Is there a certain name that is popular in China? Is the name important to Chinese people? Occupation Are you a student or at work? What are you studying for?

Can you tell me something about your student life? What’s your job? What are you responsible for? Do you study part-time while working? What are the subjects you study? What’s your major? Why do people have worked think school life is happy? Do you think people should get paid when they are required to work on weekends? Hometown and Accommodation Where are you from?

Where do you live? How’s the traffic around your home? Is it convenient for you to buy fresh vegetables and fruits? Do you live in a house or an apartment? Which one do you prefer? What’s on your apartment’s wall? How to improve your home? Where’s your hometown? What do you like most about your hometown? Are bicycles popular in your hometown? Do you like to live beside the seaside?

雅思口语话题卡片题目汇总 part 1

雅思口语话题卡片题目汇总part 1 人物 1. Someone you would like to spend time with 2. An old person you respect 3. a person who is good at his/her job 4. A school friend 5. a teenager 6. a family you are familiar with (not your own) 7. A person you helped 8. a well-known person 地点 1. A tourist attraction 2. Workplace 3. a place with a lot of water 4. a city you visited 5. Cafe or restaurant 6. a place for shopping 7. a garden you’ve been to 物品 1. A book you recently read 2. A game (not sport) you played when you were a child

3. A photo 4. A good law in China 5. Some interesting news 6. A special gift you gave to another person 7. An organization 8. A show/performance you watched 9. Something that you don't know but would like to learn 10. A white lie 11. an important letter that you received 12. TV program 13. second foreign language 14. a website 15. handicraft you made 16. holiday postcard or email you received and that you liked 17. a film you watched recently 18. a magazine you like to read 19. an interesting animal 20. an electrical appliance that is useful to you 事件 1. an environmental problem in a place that you’ve been to 2. family event (birthday party or wedding)

雅思口语PART 1高频考题(4)

雅思口语PART 1高频考题(4) 10. Color What’s your favorite color? Are there any colors you dislike? Do you prefer light or dark colors? Do you think the color of one's clothes is important? What color would you choose to paint the walls of your room? Are there any colors that have a special meaning in your country? 11. Transportation Do you like traveling by car? How often do you take a taxi? Have you ever traveled by train? When was the last time you took a taxi? Do people in your country like to travel by train? Do you think bicycles will become more popular in the future? 12. Clothing Where do you buy your clothes? Is the brand of clothes important to you? The clothes a person wears are important? What kind of clothing do children usually wear? What does traditional clothing in China look like? How do older people feel about younger people's clothing?


身为一只正在备考的烤鸭,关于雅思口语你不得不搞定以下几个题,因为它们是口语考试part 1部分的必考题,考官会用它来确定你的身份,并且当作给你暖场,放松心情,进入考试状态。所以它们的共同特点是,都和你的基本个人信息相关,是你最熟悉的话题。 之前已经详细的说过关于问姓名的门道,(没看过的同学可以在下方的推荐阅读 中找到)。考官了解你的姓名之后,紧接着会提问你是学生还是已经工作Do you work or are you a student,今天先看study. 1. What major are you studying? 2. Why did you choose to study that subject? 3. What courses do you like and dislike? [why/why not] 4. Where do you study? 5. Why did you choose this school/university? What major are you studying? 我们提到过,说出句子会比只说一个词来得好,所以最好是说一个句子,比如: My major is computer science. I major in computer science. I’m studying the major of computer science. 紧接着的问题必然是Why,你可以直接接着上面的答案说下去,喜不喜欢这个专 业,为什么选这个专业等等,也有可能考官接话接的快些,紧接着就问你: Why did you choose to study that subject? 条件反射地,你会用because开头,这没错,符合逻辑,而且假如后面的理由陈 述得好自然是没问题的,比如: Because I like this major very much. Computer science is a little bit challenging but I’m good at it so I enjoy doing this subject. Also, I can get a decent job easily after I graduate from the university. 但如果你能想出的理由比较单一,开头的时候应该给自己争取一点时间,用“总 起”的方式就可以办到: There are many reasons why I choose computer science as a major. 或者 The reasons are complicated, you know. 再加上理由,也很自然,而且能让答案显得更长。 总结一下回答这个问题的角度可以有: 是否喜欢这个专业(是不是自己选的,还是父母家人建议的?) like/enjoy, dislike/don't like/hate it's my cup of tea 它是我喜爱的。


题目: A Handicraft Q. A Handicraft (something made by hand) You should say: What it is? What it looks like? How to make it? And explain what other people thought of it. 范文: When talking about handicrafts, I’d like to share with you my experience of making paper-cut. Paper-cut is a traditional folk art in China and it’s been very popular in some ruralareas. It is paper cut into different shapes and patterns and then pasted on windows as decorations on festive occasions, such as the Spring Festival or a Wedding ceremony. I first learned to make paper- cut in primary school when making paper-cut was part of the extracurricularactivities. The process isn’t very complicated and doesn’t take long. Well,you need a piece of red-coloured paper, a pair of scissors and a pencil. Second, draw a certain pattern or write down some Chinese characters, such as “XI, OR FU ”that represent the auspiciousnessin our culture on the folded paper. Then use the scissors to cut the paper according to the pattern.When you open it up.Ta-da, you will find out a very beautiful pattern in the centre is right in front of your eyes. Finally , paste the pattern of “FU or XI” to the front-door upside down, which means the fortuneand bliss are coming. It is a very good practice for creativityand hands-on skills. A Health Problem Describe a health problem that you know. You should say: what this problem is what causes of the problem how it affects people's health and explain how to solve this health problem. 素材库what this problem is & what causes ? 是何导致人们吸烟 Peer pressure or curiosity, which leads to an addiction. Some people started as boredom, became a physical addiction. (好奇心或无聊使人们吸烟) People who smoke cigarettes have one or more psychological problems - they have no confidence in themselves and use a cigarette as a crutch and/or to be part of a group that smokes. (缺乏自信,为了融入别人) Sometimes people smoke because they think it makes them cooler. Other times it's because they grew up in a house where smoking was an everyday thing.(装酷或家人影响) People start smoking because they want to look cool, or be part of a group, or because everyone in their family does, and then they get addicted. Oral fixation. maybe there are bad examples from our preceding generation, or maybe there are wrong associations with cigarette, such as it can relieve stress.(口欲滞留症或错误相信烟有其他功效,如减压) 素材库how it affects people's health?


1.人物类话题 Old friend teacher famous person successful person adventurous person person you helped 2.物品类话题 photograph gift(礼物) books something expensive you bought something you wanted to buy but you had to save money 3. 经历类话题 naughty thing s omething you celebrated on some day 4.地点类 ideal House/flat place near water school buildings hotel shopping mall leisure centre 5.人文社科类其中也包含有第三部分的问题 new law transportation (vehicle) advertisement outdoor activity healthy lifestyle festival ideal job protect the environment place for lunch successful company quiz show TV programs difference between message and email 李有为(36379808) 2011-5-7 18:48:46 上次也是第一次 李有为(36379808) 2011-5-7 18:49:22 管理员你发三回了 victor(1012571473) 2011-5-7 18:49:37 这是今天的真题 victor(1012571473) 2011-5-7 18:49:44 可以和预测对一下 21371920(21371920) 2011-5-7 18:49:53 谁今天考的呀? 21371920(21371920) 2011-5-7 18:51:50 对了第三部分他会问你最喜欢的电视节目是什么?你平时喜欢看电视吗?有一些电视购物节目你会购买产品吗?你印象最深的一个广告是什么? 21371920(21371920) 2011-5-7 19:15:51 我朋友考完了subject 第三部分是noise 21371920(21371920) 2011-5-7 19:16:23 他们在18考场 2011年1月8日郑州考点雅思口语真题 1. childhood teacher 2. person you admire 3. historical person


最新雅思口语常见考题及参考回答(欢迎转载) (所有标红的内容是需要替换或可以发散的,当然需要替换和可以发散的内容不限于此,准备雅思口语忌讳死记乱套用,需要建立在理解的基础上灵活使用,希望大家都可以获得好的成绩) Hometown Where is your hometown My hometown's in ******, which is the capital city of ****. It's located in the north of the country, not really that far from the ******. Is there much to do in your hometown Oh yes, there's certainly lots to do there as it's a fairly big city (even it’s a small town/county). If you like going out in the evening there are a lot of good restaurants and bars. If you prefer cultural activities there are museums and art galleries. But if you like nature there are lots of other things outside of the city which are easy to reach. What are the people like in your hometown Most of them are quite friendly, but as with most big cities everyone is often busy so it may seem as if they are not interested in speaking or having a chat. But if you lived there you would know that most people are quite happy to have a chat if they have time and will help you if needed. (It’s similar to a common topic of describing a neighbor, isn’t it)


雅思考试口语考题回顾 朗阁海外考试研究中心吴艳考试日期2015年3月28日 Part 1考题总结 考题总结Name 1. Does your name have any special meaning? 2. Do you want to change your name? What would it be? 3. Are there any common names in china? Why? 4. Do you have any tradition about naming babies? 5. Are there any ceremonies when people name their babies? Your studies 1. Do you work or are you a student? 2. What's your major? Have you ever communicated about your major with your friends? 3. Will you study with others in the future? Why? 4. What is your plan for your future study? 5. When you study, do you feel happy? 6. What’s your favorite subject? What do like most about it? 7. Do you enjoy your school life? What are the benefits of being a student? 8. What do you usually do after class? Job 1. What’s your job? / What do you do? / How do you make a living? 2. Have you ever changed your job? / Do you want to change a job? 3. What’s your routine job? / What do you do in the office every day? What’s your responsibility in your company? 4. Do you satisfy with your job? /What aspects do you like or dislike about your job? 5. What job do you like to do in the future? Your hometown 1. Where do you come from? 2. Is there anything special about your hometown? / Are there any beautiful places in your hometown? 3. What is the weather like in your hometown? 4. What's the weather like in your hometown? 5. What are some of the changes that have taken place in your home town?


5月份PART TWO新题: 1. Describe a popular band or musician in your country 2. Describe a group activity you successfully took part in (for example, at school, university or work). 3. Describe a place of natural beauty that you have been to 4. Describe a situation that made you laugh. 5. Describe an occasion when you had to be polite 6. Describe your favourite weather 7. Describe a place near water (such as a river, a lake or the ocean) that you enjoyed visiting 8. Describe a science lesson that you had in school (such as biology, chemistry or physics). 9. Describe a street (in your hometown) that you like 10. Describe a piece of happy family news that you once received 11. Describe an important event in the history of your country 12. Describe a friend you haven't been in contact with for a long time but who you would like to see again. 13. Describe a couple who you think have a happy marriage 14. Describe a work of art you have seen (e.g., a painting or sculpture) 15. Describe a happy event from your childhood that you remember well 16. Describe a difficult thing you did well 17. Describe a birthday celebration that you enjoyed 18. Describe a vehicle you would like to buy (or, own). 19. Describe an item of clothing or jewelery that you wear on special occasions 20. Describe an electronic device that you have (or want to have in the future), such as a CD player 21. Describe a child you know 22. Describe an important city in your countryDescribe a gift you gave to someone 23. Describe a famous person from your country who has impressed you. 24. Describe a happy person you know 25. Describe a toy that was special to you when you were a child. 26. Describe one of the members of your family from the past who had an interesting life 27. Describe a character in a TV program or film