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A Handicraft

Q. A Handicraft (something made by hand)

You should say:

What it is?

What it looks like?

How to make it?

And explain what other people thought of it.


When talking about handicrafts, I’d like to share with you my experience of making paper-cut. Paper-cut is a traditional folk art in China and it’s been very popular in some ruralareas. It is paper cut into different shapes and patterns and then pasted on windows as decorations on festive occasions, such as the Spring Festival or a Wedding ceremony. I first learned to make paper- cut in primary school when making paper-cut was part of the extracurricularactivities. The process isn’t very complicated and doesn’t take long. Well,you need a piece of red-coloured paper, a pair of scissors and a pencil. Second, draw a certain pattern or write down some Chinese characters, such as “XI, OR FU ”that represent the auspiciousnessin our culture on the folded paper. Then use the scissors to cut the paper according to the pattern.When you open it up.Ta-da, you will find out a very beautiful pattern in the centre is right in front of your eyes. Finally , paste the pattern of “FU or XI” to the front-door upside down, which means the fortuneand bliss are coming. It is a very good practice for creativityand hands-on skills.

A Health Problem

Describe a health problem that you know.

You should say:

what this problem is

what causes of the problem

how it affects people's health

and explain how to solve this health problem.

素材库what this problem is & what causes ?


Peer pressure or curiosity, which leads to an addiction. Some people started as boredom, became a physical addiction. (好奇心或无聊使人们吸烟)

People who smoke cigarettes have one or more psychological problems - they have no confidence in themselves and use a cigarette as a crutch and/or to be part of a group that smokes. (缺乏自信,为了融入别人)

Sometimes people smoke because they think it makes them cooler. Other times it's because they grew up in a house where smoking was an everyday thing.(装酷或家人影响) People start smoking because they want to look cool, or be part of a group, or because everyone in their family does, and then they get addicted.

Oral fixation. maybe there are bad examples from our preceding generation, or maybe there are wrong associations with cigarette, such as it can relieve stress.(口欲滞留症或错误相信烟有其他功效,如减压)

素材库how it affects people's health?


There is not doubt that smoking is one of the worst habits on the planet if not the worst.

Because sometimes when you blow smoke out your nose it hurts the membranes or something.

Smoking. It is much more addictive than alcohol and sucks you in to consuming more as you get into the habit. This leads to higher levels of damage to your health.

the average smoker has a much higher chance of eventually falling ill because of his habit than the those who don't smoke.

Smoking illnesses have more widespread affects in the body, affecting lungs and cardiovascular functions, as well as greatly increasing the risk of cancer.

smoking is more dangerous to u and people surrounding u.

smoking for long term is very hazardous to your lungs for it can lead to lung cancer or throat.

Smoking is more dangerous, its a proven fact that even moderate smokers increase risks of cardiovascular disease and cancers.

素材库how to solve this health problem?


Go cold turkey and never light up another cigarette. It will be tough, but it is the smartest thing smokers ever did in their lives. (直接停止吸烟。Cold Turkey作为一个俗语,它的意思可不是冷火鸡肉。Cold turkey作为俗语的意思是指一些人突然终止某种已经成隐的习惯,如非法吸毒、酗酒或抽烟等.)

Ween yourself off is the best. Cold turkey will just drive you back to smoking, because it will drive you crazy so fast, you'll want one, and you're hooked again. Just start off with a number, and work your way down each week until you hit zero.(慢慢戒,循序渐进,逐步递减数量:Ween off ) THINK OF family members every time they want to smoke. According to psychologists one way of changing is motivation. If people have strong motivation to change, change will likely to happen to you.(精神胜利法)

Stay busy, because your hands and your mind is too used to having them filled with a cigarette. Hard candies work well too. (分散注意力法。使自己忙起来。)

Psyche yourself to the point that smoking will never be an option for you--that it is detrimental to your lifestyle and your loved ones. But watch your temper--you can lose it quickly during the throes of quitting.(精神胜利法)

Rid your house of all ashtrays and tobacco products. Take plenty of vitamin C, drink grapefruit juice regularly, if you can, and brush your teeth immediately after every meal.(饮食疗法)

It's hard for everybody to quit smoking, and often pure willpower isn't enough. Try getting a patch or some nicotine gum, and take less and less of it every week. Eventually you will be used to so little nicotine you will be able to stop taking the patch/gum altogether!.(辅助疗法:戒烟贴或香烟口香糖)

If that stuff isn't for you, maybe try eating sunflower seeds or chewing regular gum (as long as what's in your mouth isn't a cigarette).!.(替代品疗法:吃瓜子或普通口香糖)

1. Would you talk to people whom you meet for the first time?

雅思口语里面最难的题目往往是看起来比较幼稚的题目。如何寻找到准确的切入点就自然而然成为了关键。这个题目一个比较明显的切入点就是性格。考生可以回答会与第一次见面的人交谈,那主要原因就是性格比较outgoing, 通过交流能够了解不同人的想法。接下来可以按场合来详细说明,在哪几种不同的场合下交友的目的是什么。Alternatively, 考生也可以说自己会对陌生人比较的defensive,vigilant,不喜欢与陌生人说话,因为别人会感觉uncomfortable。如果再问到一些问题的话,他们会consider it as a blatant intrusion upon one’s privacy。

2. What’s the difference between the way people shop befor e and now?

人们购物方式的不同。这个题目也很有可能在第三部分被问到。这个题目其实是一道有非常多可能答案的题目。比较直接的一种回答的切入点就是traditional shopping 和online shopping的比较,通过现代科技的发展,引出了传统购物和网上购物的好处与坏处的对比。另外一个切入点是人们购买商品的种类的区别;通过对不同时代环境的阐述,展开商品需求的区别。

3. Do you judge a person by the clothes he/she wears?

曾经有个别学生考过这个题目,这也是我认为在雅思Part 1里面算是相当有难度的一类题目。对于这个题而言,yes or no的答案已经不重要,重要的是理由是什么。如果说yes的话,考生可以根据人的职业,年龄等几个方面来展开答案。不同的人的衣着有什么区别;如果考生选择说no的话,那么考生可以说现在人们的衣着形式越来越广泛,所以我们无法从一个人的衣着来judge一个人怎样。另外,考生们可以引入另外一个观点就是’judge’,外国人不喜欢别人对其评头论足,这是国外的一种文化,考生们有兴趣的话可以去了解一下。

4. Why is breakfast important?

早餐的重要性。相信这个题目很多学生认为并不是非常的难,但是如果烤鸭们想要给出一个quality answer,那就有一定的难度了。这主要是因为这个题目最好的答案就是从biology 入手,然后去探讨早上人体需要一天的能量,什么样的食物能够提供怎样的营养。然后如果可以的话,可以稍微的带一下中西方早餐的区别。

5. Is there any change in the household chores now?



6. Does your family always treat you as a child?


7. What can you see outside your window?

这个题目考生可能看似很难,但是完全可以投机取巧,借助准备的第二部分的话题,比如说Describe a historical site; describe a restaurant or describe a library. 将这些建筑物写成自


8. What do you think is a good way to learn English?

可能很多学生认为这个题目很简单,有很多的思路。但是往往思路越多的时候,越是理不清,说起来很乱。基本上,考生们需要找到一条主线,然后顺着主线来讲。比如说形式:学习英语最好的方式就是通过看英文电影,听英文歌曲以及读英语文章。然后,这三个内容都是第二部分常考的话题,这时候考生就可以再次借助第二部分准备过的内容来back up你们的答案。同时,考生还可以加入其它内容,比如说获取这些内容的渠道以及什么时候去练习英文。

9. Do you think it is important to watch movie in the theatre?


10. What kinds of newspaper do you have in China?

这里我们可以从报纸的内容来探讨。有综合性报纸,专栏报纸等等,还有英文报纸。然后考生可以进而结合自己,谈到自己最喜欢的报纸,这里建议考生去说China Daily, 它是自

己英语学习道路上的良师益友等等。后面这个部分可以完全套用第二部分中Describe a newspaper的话题。

Describe an important invention (before the age of computers) that has influenced human society.***

You should say:

what the invention is

when and where it was invented

how it is used

and explain how this invention has influenced society.***

***题目要求的是电脑时代之前的发明创造,因此考生需要注意描述对象的选择。描述这个发明创造的时候要涉及到这个发明创造是怎么用的,这也是我在课上提到的"state how"的问题,当然,并不是必须的。如果需要使用,要注意一些动词的准确性。

What the invention is

The phone booth.After the great invention of telephone by Bell, another American inventor Greg William invented the coin public telephone in 1889.

When and where it was invented

Inventor William Gray invented the phone booth after realizing the difficulty of placing a phone call from outside the home.

How it is used

A telephone booth is a small structure furnished with a payphone and designed for a telephone user's convenience.The user of the booth pays for the call by depositing coins into a slot on the telephone or by using a telephone card.

and explain how this invention has influenced society.

More than a century has passed and now the telephone booth is seen almost everywhere.It has even become the art in some condition.However, with the rapid growth of the Internet the use of mobile telephone, the traditional telephone booth will probably fade out.And nowadays more and more cities are building the high-tech telephone booth that serves both as an ordinary phone and an information centre.Maybe we will only see the old ones in the museum show in the near future.

Part 3 Electrical Appliances

1.What kinds of electrical appliances are most used in the home besides the telephone and computer?

I would have to say washing machine, vacuum cleaner, rice cooker, coffee maker, electric kettle, air conditioner, etc.Those would be the ones I couldn't live without or I mean wouldn't want to do without.

2.What are some advantages and disadvantages of using electrical equipment?

Firstly, it saves our time but, one the other hand, people will become totally dependent on equipment and not to do things they could do themselves.Lastly, people could get electrocuted if using them carelessly, which happens every year.

3.Do you think we can now live without electrical appliances?

Well, it's hard to say.Electricity has truly become the lifeblood of our society.Right now we can't live without electrical devices because we rely on them to make our life easier.Many of us have become addicted to what can be done with indoor plumbing, the Internet and cell phones.Actually, It is difficult but not impossible.

Modern Technology & Human Progress

1.What changes have taken place in society as a result of the use of modern technology such as the television and the computer?

No doubt to say that modern technology has made our life easier and convenient.Invention of the tools like stapler, Hoover and ATM is the milestone of technology as well as human being's progress.Take the Internet for instance; people can communicate with friends all over the world now.Only by clicking, you will gain what you expect.

2.Do you think people rely too much on machines and modern technology nowadays?

Yes most people do.Most people like looking for the easy way to get certain things done like: cooking with microwave, weeding with lawn mower and so on.I think maybe we rely on conveniences too much that we should actually get away from it all and back to nature.

3.How do you think modern technology will change the way people work in the future?

It has already changed the way people work in every field and it will continue.For instance, my mom studied to be a graphic designer when she was in college.She did everything by hand 20 years ago.Now, her field grew with the use of Internet and new technology as she's drawing by computer, bidding work online, and submitting work online.In the future, more work can be done automatically, and all we need to do is just to press the button or to check the jobs if they are ready for collection.

Describe a library that you often go to.

You should say:

what library it is

where it is /what the library looks like

what you do there

and explain why you like this library.

点题There is a library near to my home where I like to go. It is called the Peoples' Library.

地点It is located on First Avenue near Main Street. It is a very new building and has some beautiful urban sculpture standing on the grounds around it. The library has many floors. Each floor has different


介绍The firs time I went there I had to have a lot of help to find things but now I feel like it is my second home. When I go to the library I feel like I am leaving a lot of my worries and cares behind me, even if I have to go there to do some research or to study. I think that is because I know I can always find a quiet, private place where I can read or do my work. And sometimes if I want to travel to a different place or a different time, I can do that in the library by finding a book or something on the computer that will take me into another world.

活动I am particularly interested in this library because it has a lot to offer. Besides having a good stock of books, it also provides office facilities such as a good copy machine, a book binder, many computers and printers, and much more. And it has very good service too. If you need a book in another library it will obtain that book for you by either shipping it from the other library or purchasing the book.

Part 3


1. Do people in China often go to libraries?

I think people of all ages use the library. However I think students use the libraries more often than older people. I often see young children in the library but I think university students use the library the most frequently. In my opinion, the older generation use libraries the least. Some are too busy and others have no interest in books.

2. Even though it might cost a lot to maintain a library, do you think the government should open more public libraries?

On the one hand I think that it is very worthwhile to have plenty of libraries. On the other hand with the way technology is improving practically each day, it may be wiser to invest in making computers more accessible to more people. It is possible to go to a internet café and go online, but much of this time is spent on worthless computer games and watching movies. Establishing computer libraries and educating people how to use them beneficially might be s good idea.

3.Do you think public libraries should be free of charge?

It would be nice if libraries were free, but usually you have to pay a fee as well put down some kind of deposit. I don't think this is too unreasonable as people often do not appreciate things they get totally for free. If people know they can get their deposits back if they do not damage any books, then it makes them more careful. Of course the government should subsidize libraries so that the costs that people do have to pay are not exorbitant.

4.How do you think libraries will change in the future?

I can picture a future where computer technology will enable us to have easy access to all the resources a library provides. People may not even have to read. They can have the equipment needed to just listen to words being read to them. It may sound like fantasy, but with all the progress in technology I think it is very possible.


5.What kind of skills do you think library staff should have?

I think library staff should always be very well informed as to where things are located in the library. This will enable them to help people to save time in finding what they need, which is a very big help in our busy times. I think they should be very courteous also as people who are using the library can often be under a lot of pressure and often need a lot of help. They may be under pressure because of an assignment they are working on or because they are unfamiliar with how the library works. Library staff should also be efficient and have organizational skills. They may have to take care of a lot of details and it would make things very difficult for those using the library if items were lost or difficult to find. Last but not least library staff should be patient. They may be faced with a myriad of requests each day and they will be unhappy and those using the library will be unhappy if the staff is frustrated, impolite or upset.

6. What can be done to make libraries more attractive?

I am interested in interior decorating and one thing I would recommend for libraries is to incorporate more neutral colors into the décor. I believe that nowadays libraries are decorated to use maximum space and reflect maximum light. Browns and other muted colors can create a warm atmosphere. Comfortable and attractive seats can also make the environment more inviting. Also I am in favor of having works of art in libraries. Not necessarily originals but good quality copies of famous artist's work are both attractive as well as educational.

7.How has internet affected and reduced the popularity of library that it used to possess?

Certainly the internet provides easy access to sources of information, although their validity should be suspect. However, there is nothing on the internet that replaces picking up an actual book and reading it. From my perspective, reading a book is a tactile experience which is perceptible to the sense of touch. Also books can be carried every where and read whenever you stop moving. Although I use the internet for a number of things, I have in my personal library about 3,000 reference books and I find things in them that I do not find on the internet. I augment this library with books from the library.


I have been so fortunate that I am able to read. In my spare time I like reading magazines to get information inst ead of surfingthe net, and my favorite one must always be the “Fortune Life”. You

know I am very fascinated by people’s story, namely the biography. And this magazine “Fortune life” covers a lot of stories of celebrities, sport stars , singers, critics, an d teachers, etc, who was from humble to noble by struggling and striving in society.

It's published bilingually by the Chinese government authorities, Chinese and English. It owns millions of readers around the country. The magazine presents in-depth reports and objective articles.The photographyof the celebrity is breathtaking, and the stories are very inspiring, which drive me to study and work harder to become one of those people one day, make my front-page.

When I began to read this magazine, I never miss a single issue, for it really enlargesbroadens my horizon and gives me inspiration to lead a better life from the stories in it. You will never know how comfortable and relaxed it is with the feeling of touching this magazine, for it brings me serenity in mind.


Describe a small business that you would like to own.

You should say:

what this business would be

how you would start/open this business

how you would run this business

and explain why you would like to run this kind of business.


What this business would be?

I want to open a small business. It will be a place for kids to go after school, a kind of childcare centre in the neighborhood. My town desperatelyneeds a place like this.

How you would start/open this business?

Honestly, I have no idea how to go about it. But common sense tells me that the key to starting a successful business is to develop a business plan and then get financial support. But unlike other businesses, this caregiving business does not have to be a profitableorganization.

However, helping kids is the crucial thing that we should do. So I would contact some local non-profit organizations and talk with them to see if they can help me in any way.

How you would run this business?

There will be food, video games, pinball, and a dance floor. I will also hire co-ordinators there to help kids with homework and other kinds of stuff. The business would operate on a menbership scheme, I mean those who want to join have to register and pay annual fee first. There will be individual membership fee and family membership fee which is quite a bargain.Then the members will be entitled to enjoy the refreshments in the memeber's lounge.

and explain why you would like to run this kind of business.

I would lik e to start this business because first of all, there’s great demand around my neighborhood. The typicalprimary schools or secondary schools in China normally end at 4p.m. But the working hours for most parents is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The centre will be a good place for the child to stay until their parents come to pick them up after work. Also I could set up a

nursery or a kindergartencatering for kids who are in tender ages. One of my friends works as a kindergarten teacher. She said that it was so much fun to work with children.They are cute, and very trusting....it is trulely a very promising and worthwhile career--very rewarding as well....


1. What kinds of small business are most popular in China?

One of the most popular small businesses here in China is to set up an online business. You can sell anything from clothes to [wv]antiques[/wv to second-hand furniture. The investment cost is much lower than normal companies and you could work anytime and anywhere as long as you have the Internet access. The process could also be fully automated as the technology is ever-improving.

2. Why do some people open their own business?

The benefits are pretty obvious, such as 'being you own boss' and not having to follow the daily routines. Your time is you own, though you will probably find having your own business takes far more of your time than what you expected.

3. What challenges and difficulties do people face when they try to have a successful small business?

Although little initial startupcost is required, the biggest challenge is getting the public to believe in you and the quality of your service. Another challenge is getting full use of your time in which way you can exert your potential into full play.

4. What do you think is the most important factor when choosing a job or career?

It depends on individual circumstances. Although salary plays an important role in choosing a career, for newly graduates the opportunity to learn weighs more than salary.

5. Do you think it is good to change your job frequently?

I suppose changing job frequently has both benefits and drawbacks. As an employer, some maintain that a person who changes jobs frequentlyis unstable and not good for the team. I think a person who stays at the same job forever is fearful or unmotivated. I like to see people who change to find a better fit or for career advancement

Teengers are the future of our country , and I happen to meet one who left me the most unforgetblememory.

He is my mate when I was at school, named J. I can not say he is that kind of person who can attracts me at the very first sight by the appearance, but his optimistic attitude towards life and the common ground we share do matter. Actually he is the one who very patient and considerate to his friends and studying.We share a lot in common. We both like playing basketball, for YaoMing and Shark are our favorite idol. Every game they play must be our cup of tea. Sometimes we like going to concert to listen to the music. How comfortable and relaxed the life would be if I am with him.

Jis not only a good friend of mine but also a hardworking person. He makes everything done well ,such as planting flowers, launderingclothes, and cleaning in order to let us live in a most wonderful, cozy place on earth. What impresses me most is that he likes encouraging people like me who feel discouraged when facing troubles. His word “tomorrow is another day” always lingering in my mind and burying in my heart.

In my mind ,he is the perfect teenager that I have ever seen in my life.We spend a lot of happy moment together . Even though now we are apart for the time being , our hearts and soul are still tightlyconnectly.

Describe an educational visit that you made when you were in school.

You should say:

where you went

who you went with

what you did there

and explain what you learned on this trip.


When we visited Hong Kong during a winter holiday, my school teachers took us to the world famous Hong Kong Ocean Park. That was my first time to see so many live sea animals and got plenty of life experiencenot available on any of my textbooks.

The Ocean Park was very large indeed, and there was much to see inside. Nearly 3,000 fish of 280 breeds, in different colors and shapes were exhibitedthere. On the first floor, I was amazed by seeing such a big fish jar. As I took a closer look, I discovered really colorful fish inside, like a group of lovely little fairies. The fish were of all breeds, majorityof them I could not name.

I told my teacher that I wanted to see dolphins and sea lions, as I heard sea lions and dolphins in the Ocean Park were very lovely. We were led to the Dolphin Study where dolphins show how they learn from human beings. Dolphinsare lively creatures fond of making friends with people. They are the most intelligent undersea mammal. I really learned a lot that day. For example I learned that dolphins are good divers. They don't have gill, so they store much oxygen in their

blood and muscle. The dolphins we saw were from one family; they stayed together all day long and would not separate, and accompanied each other all the time. I found that animals and human beings had so much in common.

That trip was fun and educational. From my personal experience, I believe field trips are essential in educating students in an all-around way.












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