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Unit 1 p23-25 第2,3题

1.Rules and regulations should be strictly followed;no one is supposed to compromise on safety standards.

2.She can’t blame others.She must pay for her self-induced blindness.

3.He steered the boat carefully between the rocks.

4.An examiner must have some knowledge in testing;otherwise he cannot frame his questions clearly.

5.His last remark demonstrated his lack of knowledge on this subject.

6.Finally the police had to employ force to break up the crowd.

7.He claims that the new teaching approach helps to promote students’ creative ability.

8.The teachers were most impressed by your performance in the exam.Your scored 98 marks whereas most of your classmates failed.

9.Among all the workers interviewed every one agreed that Martin had made an important contribution to the company’s success.

10.I know you did it deliberately ,just to annoy me.

11.We should try our best to help those who are in financial difficulty and cannot pay their tuition fees on time.

12.The fast economic growth of our country has attracted the attention of many economists,who all think that is a miracle.

1. Being a mother of two young kids,Sarah always makes a point of spending as much times as she can with them.

2. I looked up the word in the dictionary to refresh my memory of its exact meaning.

3. The chairman warned yesterday that a pay rise for teachers would lead to job cuts.

4. Realizing that his retirement(退休)was near at hand ,he looked for some additional income.

5. The famous actor keeps fit by working out for an hour every morning.

6. She is constantly under pressure and it is affecting her health.

7. Last but not least,I would like to thank all the people who have given us unselfish assistance throughout these years.

8. We’ve been trying to get back to you,Tom,but we think we took your number down incorrectly.

9. In addition to giving a general introduction to computer science,the course also provides practical experience.

10. All the students were involved in making costumes and scenery for the show.

11. It was a perfectly ordinary day;in other words,I went to work and came home as usual.

12. Critics pointed out that the prince,on his income,should be paying tax.

13. Don’t say it is profitless to do this.The effort will pay off in the long run.

P31 翻译


The judge asked the reporters not to disclose the name of the victim .

2) The teacher took pains to make sure that we all understood what he said.

3) Recently the school conducted a survey among those students w ho have attained academic excellence.

4) He said he would accept the job, so we have asked him to confir m his acceptance by writing us a letter.

5) George studies very hard. He wants to make the most of his chan ce to learn. 6) We can’t go. To begin with, it’s too cold. Besides, we’re busy.

7) It’s about time that someone spoke up for these basic truths / facts.

8) You should be working instead of lying there in bed at this time of the day. 9) I’ll jot down some notes while he’s speaking.

10) I can’t carry the suitcase on my own; it’s too heavy.

Unit 2 p54-56

1)I like that singer a lot, but I haven’t been able to obtain his latest CD anywhere.

2) Jim said he was very confident that the project(项目)would be successful.

3) Nowadays people prefer to communicate with one another by e-mail.

4) Being tall gave him a(n) advantage over the other players.

5) He based his article on the relevant information he had gathered.

6) Role-play(角色扮演)is helpful in developing communication skills.

7) Sometimes she eats a lot and sometimes nothing at all; she just g oes from one extreme to the other.

8) My trip to Australia proved to be a most enjoyable experience.

9) It is assumed that the Internet is an efficient means of communic ation.

10) I’m afraid that getting things changed is a slow process.

11) Traffic is terribly bad nowadays, particularly in the city center.

12) There are too many characters in this novel; could you spare a f ew minutes and help me clear up my confusion?

13) Her behaviour of smoking in public really astonished us.

14) All the students are interested in his lectures; apparently he is a qualified teacher.

1) It is not that I don’t like this singer. The fact is that I’m not very fo nd of country music.

2) The cost is directly related to the amount of time spent on the pr oject.

3) The story is so interesting that I cannot help reading the next cha pter to find out what’s going to happen.

4) To a certain extent, it was my fault that we lost the match.

5) Girls may bring their boy friends to the party and vice versa.

6) He is always ready to help others; no doubt he’ll be willing to hel p you, too.

7) The new vaccine(疫苗)may rid the world of one of its most terrifying diseases.

8) I assume that the misunderstanding between the two sides will b

e cleared up soon.

9) You must pay $2,000; or else, you will have to go to prison.

10) We must fight pollution and protect our environment(环境) at all costs.

11) I said he would forget, and sure enough he did.

12) He cannot ride a bicycle, let alone a motorbike.

13) In his hurry to leave the room he left his gold watch on the desk .

14) It’s no use worrying about Jim; he is now with his aunt who love s him and will no doubt take good care of him.

15) He wants to improve his English by reading dictionaries, but in my view it is not an effective method of learning.

16) I called Linda last night and asked her if the exhibition of Chines

e paintings in her university was worth seeing.

P59 翻译

1) 这个婴儿还不会爬(crawl),更不要说走了。(let alone)

The baby can’t even crawl yet, let alone walk!

2) 威尔声称谋杀案发生时他正和一群朋友吃饭,但是我认为他在说谎。(claim, in one’s opinion)

Will claimed he was dining with a group of friends at the time of the murder, but in my opinion he told a lie.

3) 一定程度上阅读速度与阅读技巧密切相关;有了阅读技巧,你就可以更好地应对课外阅读了。(to a certain extent, relate … to …, cope with)

To a certain extent the speed of reading is closely related to reading skills; and with reading skills you can cope with outside class reading better.

4) 你检查一下引擎(engine)看看出了什么问题好吗?(take a look)

Can you take a look at the engine to see what’s wrong?

5) 有些人想当然地认为日语(Japanese)中的每一个词在汉语中都有对应的词语。(assume, equivalent)

Some people assume that there is a Chinese equivalent for every Ja panese word.

6) 我们已将所有的相关信息告知了警方。(relevant)

We have passed all relevant information on to the police.

7) 关于那件事你问我再多的问题也没用,因为我是不会回答你的。(it’s no use)

There is no use asking me any more questions about that matter be cause I won’t answer.

8) 事先没有仔细阅读合同(contract)就签了名是吉姆的错误。(on one’s part)

It was a mistake on Jim’s part to sign the contract without reading it carefully.

9) 他们拒绝向我们提供所需要的全部信息。(provide … with) They refused to provide us with all the information we need. 10) 这起事故与三年前发生的一起事故极为相似。(similar to) This accident is very similar to the one that happened three years ag o.

11) 这部影片是根据莎士比亚的戏剧改编的。(base on)

The film is based on a play by Shakespeare.

12) 如果你的英语和电脑技能都掌握得好,那么你在谋职时就一定比别人更有优势。(have an advantage over)

If you have a good command of English and computer skills, you will surely have an advantage over others in finding a job.

Unit 3 p83-84

1) There was a(n) awkward moment when she didn’t know whether to shake his hand or kiss his cheek.

2) She breathed a sigh of relief when she found out she had passed her exam.

3) Parents should really take extra care of their babies as many accid ents actually occur at home.

4) The government has two options; to reduce spending or to increa se tax.

5) The following program contains scenes that may be disturbing to some viewers.

6) When the doctor told her that it was only a minor case, she relea sed her husband’s arm.

7) The woman felt panicky and she spoke almost without pausing fo r breath.

8) The policeman blew his whistle and the protesters scattered in all directions.

9) He put a grape into his mouth and swallowed it whole.

10) Don’t wipe your nose on your sleeve, kid —that’s what your ha ndkerch ief’s for!

11) I took my son to the zoo as a birthday treat.

12) As I recall, it was you who suggested this idea in the first place.

1) In just a few days he became well acquainted with all his new cla ssmates.

2) Jane has locked herself up in her room for the whole day. She to ok us by surprise when she came out with her hair dyed red.

3) Let’s sit down quietly and gather our thoughts first before the dis cussion.

4) To my surprise, the stranger turned out to be an old friend of my mother’s.

5) Seeing Jim wearing a funny hat, Maggie tried hard to fight back a desire to laugh.

6) Don’t hang up on me --I need to talk to you.

7) After quarrelling with his step-father, Colin ran away and hasn’t b een heard of ever since.

8) They’ve hired someone to take care of the children for a week.

9) When I asked him how he was doing, he hemmed and hawed bef ore telling me that he had just lost his job.

10) Once a very shy boy from a small mountainous village, he turne

d into a competent engineer in a matter of six years.

11) The newspaper refused to keep the facts from the public.

12) As we sat on the beach soaking up the sunshine, she started to t ell me her childhood stories.

P89 翻译

1) 我们是好朋友,可他居然将这么大的一件事瞒着我,实在令我吃惊。(keepsth. from, take sb. by surprise)

We are good friends; however, he kept such an important matter fro m me, whichtook me by surprise.

2) 在毕业典礼(commencement)上,她感到喉头哽咽,但她仍然忍住了泪水。(a lump in one’s throat, fight back)

At the commencement, she felt a lump in her throat but fought bac k her tears.

3) 汤姆昨晚和我聊天,他告诉我他的病已经得到控制,不需做外科手术。(chatwith, under control)

Tom chatted with me last night. He told me that his disease had bee n broughtunder control, and there was no need for surgery.

4) 听说她的车驶离了公路,她的父母担心得要命。(run off, be worried sick)

Her parents were worried sick when they knew that she had run off the highway.

5) 她满面愁容,不知有何心事。(on one’s mind)

She looks very worried; I wonder what’s on her mind.

6) 他是个害羞和安静的男孩,在走上讲台叙述自己的经历之前,他悄悄地坐在礼堂(auditorium)的一角整理着思绪。(gather one’s thoughts)

He is a shy and silent boy. Before he went onto the stage to share hi s experiences,he sat quietly in a corner of the auditorium, gathering his thoughts.

7) 在乐队干了几年后,他又做回了独立音乐人(solo musician),于是他的事业又回到了原点。(come full circle, career)

After several years of working in a band, he has now gone back to b eing a solomusician, so his career has come full circle.

8) 自己的儿子长成了一个能干的生意人,他总算放心了。(turn into, to one’s relief)

To his relief his son has turned into a capable businessman.

Unit 4 p114-116

1) She finds herself in conflict with her parents over her future care er.

2) The two parties finally overcame their differences on the matter of interest rate (利率).

3) Some strange customs have survived from earlier times.

4) Please let us know if you can attend the meeting scheduled (事先安排) for the coming Thursday.

5) She frowned with displeasure as she was reading her son’s school report.

6) Students are likely to let their minds wander if the teacher’s lectu res are dull and boring.

7) I always feel so guilty about not visiting my parents more often, b ut I do have lots of things to cope with every day.

8) The local farmers sustained heavy losses during the flood season.

9) The next morning we all went out to survey the damage caused b y the fire.

10) The sudden appearance of a tiger from the woods terrified us al l.

11) International students are required to carry medical insurance a s a condition of enrollment (注册).

12) Adapting to a new culture is no easy task because there are lots of cultural differences to overcome.

1) The old man was sick of having arguments all the time with his wife.

2) “You really can’t imagine what I have gone through,”Mary said,choking back her tears.

3) Compared with growing up in primitive societies, growing up in

today’s world is in some ways harder.

4) When I first settled into teaching in this small town, I felt very awkward, for my neighbors wanted to know everything about me.

5) The boys would give anything / the world to meet that football star.

6) Tom rushed into the room when Jane and I were in the midst of a conversation.

7) It’s true that his father is a world-famous movie star, but Jack became famous in his own right.

8) We didn’t plan it like that but it worked out very well.

9) At first he found it extremely hard to fit in with his colleagues at t he new company.

10) When I was in my teens, I gradually grew apart from my parents , only to realize how wrong I was in my later years.

11) I’m sorry to hear that you’re suffering from a severe cold. No wonder you did not turn up at th

e party yesterday.

12) It is not a healthy habit staying up too late.

13) I was annoyed with my mother’s tight control over me and ended up shouting at her one day. 14) The boy was scared of his mother because she would always sco ld(责怪) him if he did anything wrong.

15) Because of my carelessness, I soon found myself in trouble agai n and then I realized that what my mother had said was right. 16) He is not a very responsible person. For instance , he promised to come to our meeting, but never even responded when we invited him.

P121 翻译

1) 很多老师不赞同这种做法。(frown on)

Many teachers frowned on this practice.

2) 当我想从草地上穿过去的时候,有位老人在旁边怒视着我。(glare at)

An old man glared at me when I was trying to cut across the lawn.

3) 当我提到我的父亲时,她的脸上露出了认出我的笑容。(recognition)

When I mentioned my father, she showed a smile of recognition on her face.

4) 我的大孩子比较听话, 而小的那个非常倔。我现在还常回想起小的孩子在中学毕业后是如何执意要出国读书的。(whereas, stubborn, recall)

My firstborn was quite obedient, whereas my younger child was ver y stubborn. I can still recall now how the younger child insisted on g oing abroad to study after he finished his secondary school.

5) 当海啸(tsunami)袭来时,许多东南亚国家遭受了巨大的损失。


Countries in South East Asia sustained great losses when the tsunam

i struck the area.

6) 每当做母亲的拿弟弟跟哥哥作比较,弟弟就要抗议。(compare with, protest)

Every time the mother tries to compare the younger brother with hi s elder brother, the younger one will protest.

7) 当他初到这个新学校的时候,发现自己与其他同学格格不入。(fit in with)

He found himself unable to fit in with his classmates when he first c ame to this school.

8) 她脸上气急败坏的表情实在把我吓坏了。我再也不敢说个不字。(terrify)

The fury on her face terrified me. I dared not say no to her again. 9) 怪不得你最后闯出祸来,原来你从来不听你父母的管教。(no wonder, end up in trouble)

No wonder you ended up in trouble. You never followed your parent s’ advice.

10) 他花了整整两年的时间才慢慢适应了这个新环境。(adapt to) It took him two years to adapt to the new environment.

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