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Unit 1

1. 多尔蒂先生和他的家人目前正在农场忙于秋收:

Mr. Doherty and his family are currently engaged in getting the autumn harvest in on the farm.

2. 我们不能低估敌人,他们装备了最先进的武器:

We must not underestimate the enemy. They are equipped with the most sophisticated weapons.

3. 菲尔已三个月没有找到工作了,正变得越来越绝望:

Having been cut of a job/Not having had a job for 3months, Phil is getting increasingly desperate.

4. 作为项目经理,山姆办事果断,工作效率高,且判断准确:

Sam, as the project manager, is decisive, efficient, and accurate in his judgment.

5. 既然已证实这家化工厂是污染源,村委会决定将其关闭,为此损失了一百个工作岗位:Since the chemical plant was identified as the source of solution, the village neighborhood committee decided to close it down at the cost of 100 jobs.

Unit 2

1. 空气中有一种不寻常的寂静,只有远处响着大炮的声音:

There was an unusual quietness in the air, except for the sound of artillery in the distance.

2. 在某些非洲国家城市的扩展已引起生活水平相当大的下降和社会问题的增多:

The expansion of urban areas in some African countries has been causing a significant fall in living standards and an increase in social problem.

3. 研究表明大气中的二氧化碳的含量与全球温度密切相关:

.The research shows that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are closely correlated with global temperatures.

4. 最近公共汽车的车辆行驶频率已有改善,从15分钟缩短到12分钟一班:

The frequency of the bus service has been improved from 15 to 12 minutes recently.

5. 那位跳水运动员立在跳水板边沿,只等教练发出信号便会立刻跳下:

The diver stood on the edge of the diving board, poised to jump at the signal from the coach.

Unit 3


Despite the inadequate length of the airstrip in this emergency landing, the veteran pilot managed to stop the plane after taxiing for only a short while.


Grilled by the reporters, the movie star eventually blurted (out) that she had undergone two plastic surgeries.


: We have the technology and our partner has the capital. Working together, we

’ll have the future in our hands.


If I had known beforehand that you would bring so many friends home, I would have made better preparations. You see, I have barely enough food and drinks for a snack. 5. 当人们得知地震灾区将要建造结构更牢固的新校舍时,纷纷慷慨解囊:

People gave generously upon learning that new school rooms with stronger structures were to be built in the earthquake-stricken area.


Well begun is half done,as the saying goes.It is extremely important for a job applicant to do his homework while seeking employment.From my standpoint,whether or not one has done his homework clearly makes a difference in his chance of success.

Unit 4


Due to his pessimistic outlook on the European economy, John has moved his assets from Europe to elsewhere.


I like hiring young people. They are earnest learners and committed to work.

3. 玛丽和她那些以自己孩子为中心的女友们不同,更在意个人成长:

Unlike her girl friends who center their lives on their children, Mary cares more about her personal growth.


Why is it that a considerable number of colleagues are at odds with you?


The Chinese government has introduced a variety of policies to strengthen cooperation with developing countries.

Unit 5

1. 我的直觉是亨利会设法参加这次探险,因为他有一点冒险家的气质:

I have an instinct that Henry will seek to join the expedition, because he is something of an adventurer.


He is capable of sticking to the task at hand, even if he is exposed to noises.


The trademark was registered in accordance with the laws hitherto in force.


Oddly enough, many people volunteered to help organize the meeting, but only a few turned up.


The teacher’s affectionate words, along with his candid comments, changed the way Mike perceived the society and himself.


我相信,要是我们把上述想法付诸实践,那我们就有可能创造出一种新的文明。Professor Huntington's paper greatly inspired me.According to him,in a plural/pluralistic society,there will inevitably be different opinions.The key is to deal with them in such a way that they can play a constructive rather than destructive role. He argues that in a plural society we must attach importance to interpersonal relationships,cooperation,and looking at issues from the perspective of other people.If some groups regard themselves as superior and treat other ethnic groups or religions with disrespect,the whole society may be paralysed.


For my own part,I should certainly hesitate to hire a clerk on his face/appearance alone.Appearances are all too often deceptive.For instance,you might well commit an error in judgement if you went by appearance only with people like Edward Hyde Burton,the character created by Maugham.As far as appearance and manners were concerned,Burton seemed a man all of a piece.He was a tiny little fellow with white hair and mild blue eyes.Kind,gentle and candid,he was described by many as one of the most respectable people on earth.Nevertheless,he turned out to be cruel to a friend in need of his help.He insulted and fooled Turner who was down and out and made him commit himself to an insane venture.What was still more surprising was that he was completely indifferent to Turner's death.Without doubt,Burton was a man with a heart of stone