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Unit 1

①我还要感谢那些在我处境艰难时支持我的人。(stick by; fall on hard days )

My thanks also go to those who still stuck by me when I fell on hard days.

②他出版了一本通俗小说, 赚了很多钱, 所以有能力买新房和轿车. (now that)

Now that he has published a popular novel which earns him a large amount of money, he is able to buy a new house and a car.

③警察说, 他们产生怀疑是因为姑娘的尸体上还有其他印记。(suspicion)

The police said that their suspicions were aroused because there still were other marks on the girl’s body.

④你怎么能这样对她说话?是她把你养大, 帮你完成学业.(like that)

How can you talk to her like that? It is she who brought you up and helped you finish school.

⑤尽管这些学生毕业后道路会很艰难,但他们的前途却是光明的. (as)

Difficult as the road for these students after graduation will be, their futures are bright.

⑥为了有足够的钱来经营这个商行, 他拍卖了新买的房子, 损失了一大笔钱.(at auction)

In order to get enough money to conduct the business, he sold his newly-bought house at auction even at a substantial loss.


He is perfectly justified in criticizing the police commissioner for poorly supervising his department.


In order to attract foreigners, these ancient buildings which are under protection have been restored beautifully.

Unit 2


Most people with low iron reserves don’t know they are lack of iron.


It’s not enough only to check levels of the blood protein that transports oxygen.

③男性也不安全, 尤其是那些吃肉少, 运动量却很大的男性.

Men are not safe, especially those who eat little meat and have a high level of exercise.

④属于这些类型的人, 最好每年做一次血液检查, 看看体内铁质储量如何.

It’s recommended that people in these groups have a yearly blood test to measure blood iron reserves.

⑤铁质补剂会让人有一种想吐的感觉, 有些情况下它们还可能有毒.

Iron supplements may cause a feeling of wanting to throw up, and may be poisonous in some cases.

⑥最好的铁质来源是肉, 鸡, 鱼, 枣, 豆类以及一些带叶子的绿色蔬菜.

The best sources of iron are meat, chicken, fish, dates, beansand some leafy green vegetables.


The reason why people sometimes take iron supplements is that the supply supplement the little amount that naturally occurs in grains.

⑧把番茄酱在铁锅内熬上三小时, 其铁的含量会明显增加.

Cook tomato sauce in an iron pot for three hours, and its iron content will increase evidently.

Unit 3


Our school sticks to the principle that moral values and academic achievements are equally important.

②新教学大纲上学期被终止了, 因为系里的老师抗议大纲的要求以及高强度工作所带来的压力.

The new teaching program was suspended last term as the teachers in the department protested its demands and strain associated with more intense work.

③我们把自己看作是在帮助学生培养一种生活方式, 办法是倡导一整套能影响所有学生的原则.

We see ourselves as preparing our students for a way of life by cultivating a comprehensive set of principles that influence all of them.

④“品德第一”这一思想的基础是,每一个人都有自己的独特潜能, 而这种潜能的基础是品德, 而不是智力或财富.

The basis of the Character First idea is that every one has a unique potential that is based on character, not intelligence or wealth.

⑤第一堂课老师就告诫我们, 学生的得分不仅包括学习成绩, 还包括出勤率和努力程度. We were warned by the teacher in the first lesson that students got a grade not only for academic achievement but also for attendance and best effort.

⑥家长一旦书面同意接受并实践学校的思想和观点, 孩子就可以被录取入校.

Once parents agree in writing to accept and demonstrate the school’s philosophies and outlook, the students can gain admission.

⑦在海德中学, 更加注重的是和每个学生建立卓有成效的关系.而在传统的中学里, 重点却在教师和教材.

In the Hyde School more attention is paid to the establishment of a fruitful relationship with each student while in the traditional high school setting the focus is on the teacher and the material.


The school stresses the idea that it is worthwhile for parents to take part in school activities together with their children.

Unit 4

①他父母不赞成他和一个他们没见过面的姑娘到国外学习的计划, 可他还是去了,和她一起去了纽约.

His parents did not agree to his plan to go and study abroad with a girl they had never met, but he went ahead and arrived at New York with her.

②据说, 画家以他的婶婶作他画中的模特, 她的面容饱经沧桑却不失坚定.

It’s said that the painter used his aunt as the model in the p ainting who had a face representing suffering yet strength.

③真正的肯不喜欢三维芭比娃娃, 这种娃娃被描绘成具有”出卖肉体之女人“的模样.

The real Ken did not like the three-dimensional Barbie dolls, being described as having the appearance of “a woman who sold sex”.

④这位小说家于1950年因出版《再见, 亲爱的》一举成名, 小说的灵感来自于他和一位姑娘在他哥哥农场的经历.

The novelist quickly rose to fame in 1950 with the publication of Good-bye, My Dear, a novel inspired by his experience with a girl in his elder brother’s farm.

⑤战后政治漫画里开始出现了一个名叫山姆大叔的人物, 很快, 山姆大叔就成了受美国人欢


After the war, a character whose name was Uncle Sam began to appear in political cartoons, and soon became American’s most popular symbol.

⑥这漫画展示了一个神色严肃的男子, 旁边站了一位女子, 身后是所农舍, 他们的原型分别是画家的牙科医生和姐姐.

The painting shows a serious-looking man and a woman standing alongside him in front of a farmhouse, whose models are the painter’s dentist and sister respectively.

⑦他为了镍币另一面上的野牛, 只好到中央公园的动物园里素描一只老野牛, 这只老野牛后来被宰杀用于墙上的装饰.

In order to have the buffalo on the other side of the nickel, he went to the Central Park Zoo to sketch an old buffalo, later killed for a wall decoration.

⑧有个故事说, “US”是“山姆大叔”的缩写,“山姆大叔”原名叫山姆·威尔逊, 他曾和一名男子一道工作过, 这名男子和美国政府签定了一份合同, 给军队提供肉食.

One story says that “US” was short for “Uncle Sam” whose real name was Sam Wilson, one working with a man signing a contract with the government to provide meat to the US Army. scientists.

Unit 5

①克拉克夫人躺在床上一动不动, 一时间我都纳闷他是否还活着.

Mrs.Clark lies in bed motionless, and I wonder briefly whether she is still alive.

②在旅程的最后阶段, 这位沙漠旅行者靠嚼(chew)树叶解渴.

In the final phase of his journey, the traveler in the desert depended on chewing tree leaves to ease his thirst.

③这些士兵接受了严格的训练, 并且对完成这项新任务有充分的准备.

These soldiers have been trained strictly and been well prepared to fulfill the new task.

④我小心翼翼地替她擦身, 尽量避免弄疼她, 因为她瘦得皮包骨头.

To avoid injuring her, I clean her body carefully, as she is only skin and bones.

⑤时间好像静止了, 克拉克夫人和我都意识到她就要去了, 要离开这个世界了.

Time seems to stand still.Mrs.Clark and I both become aware that she is dying , leaving this world.


When decorating the room, you should see to it that the carpets are suitable for the curtains.

⑦这个小男孩好像读懂我的心思, 他默默的递给我一些当日的报纸.

It seemed that the little boy could read my mind, and he quietly gave some newspapers of that day to me.

⑧直到看见弥留之际躺在床上的母亲, 他才意识到他是多么地爱她.

Not until he saw his mother lying in bed, dying , did he realize how much he loved her.

Unit 6

①世界从中国人那里学到了一些有关地震预测的东西, 中国人注意到在地震来临之前, 一些动物会改变它们通常的行为.

The world has learned something about prediction of earthquake from the Chinese, who have noted that some animals would change their normal behavior before an earthquake.

②由于在地震中遇难的大部分人都是被正在倒塌的建筑物砸死的, 所以一定要改进建筑结构,使他们能够抵御地震的力量.

As most of the people who die in earthquakes are killed by falling buildings, we need to improve the building structures so that they can withstand the power of earthquakes.

③除了努力改进建筑结构之外, 地震多发地区的人们还应该在其他几个方面为可能发生的大地震做好准备.

Besides improving building structures, people in areas where earthquakes are common should also prepare for the possibility of a great earthquake in several other aspects.

④要将英英词典放在手边,当你不能准确地理解一个字时, 你就能够随时查阅它.

Keep an English-English dictionary handy, and when you can’t interpret a word with accuracy, you may refer to it any time.

⑤明智的做法是每个家庭都制定地震救急计划, 而且所有的家庭成员都应该知道在地震过后的混乱中如何离开那个地区.

It’s sensi ble for every family to make emergency plans for earthquake and all the family members should know how to get out of the area during the chaos following an earthquake.

⑥由于剩下的几条可用的电话线路将会很忙, 所有的家人都应该往住在远离地震区域的某个朋友或亲戚家中打电话报平安.

As the few remaining working telephone lines will be very busy, all of the family members should call to check in with a friend or relative who lives far away from the earthquake-stricken area.


People who live in the areas where earthquakes are common should build houses that are resistant to ground movement.

⑧.一个农民注意到有很多鱼在水面上游动, 他说这预示着可能有地震发生.

A farmer noticed large schools of fish swimming near the surface of the water, which he said, indicated that an earthquake might occur.

Unit 7

①情人节是这个国家玫瑰花行业生意最红火的一天, 因为在这一天, 玫瑰花零售商们要卖掉100多万枝玫瑰.

Valentine’s Day is the biggest day for the nation’s rose industry, because on this day the rose retailers will sell more than one million roses.

②对于传统的花店来说, 销售玫瑰花已不再像以前那样是一种美好的体验, 因为激烈的市场竞争已使他们几乎濒临破产的边缘.

As for traditional flower shops, selling roses is no more such a cheerful experience as before, because intense market competition has driven them almost out of business.

③正当折价玫瑰花零售商看着他们的生意蒸蒸日上时, 美国的玫瑰种植商却因为大量的外国玫瑰进入美国市场而正遭受破产的厄运.

While discount rose retailers watch their business bloom, US rose growers are going bankrupt because large amounts of foreign roses get into American markets.

④由于进口玫瑰花占了美国全部市场的57%, 国内玫瑰种植商的利润率已大大地下降.

As the imported roses account for 57% of the total American markets, the porfit margin of the domestic rose growers has dropped substantially.

⑤一些精明的国内玫瑰种植商已经开始于海外竞争者合作, 而不是与他们对抗.

Some smart domestic rose growers have started to work with the overseas rivals.instead of fighting them.


They are going to widen their business range through providing various kinds of service and becoming a representative for overseas flower producers.

⑦那个年轻人手里捧着一束玫瑰花走进办公室, 将它放在了他心仪已久的女孩莉莉的办公桌上.

With a bundle of roses in his hand, the young man walked into the office and put it on the desk of Lily, the girl he had long been in love with.

⑧办公室所有的人都伸长脖子来看这位帅小伙, 并且急切地想知道他们之间的爱情故事.

All the people in the office craned their necks to see this handsome young man and expected to know the love story between the boy and the girl .

Unit 8

①在一些西方国家, 有些父母准备克隆孩子, 目的是进行一些非致命器官的移植.

In some western countries some parents are ready to clone children with nonfatal transplants in mind.

②她要的那本关于克隆的书不在我手上, 于是我让她到学校图书馆去借.

The book on cloning she wanted wasn’t in my hand , so I referred her to the sch ool library.

③看在玛丽的份上, 我可以把车借给你, 以解决你的交通工具问题.

For Mary’s sake, I can lend you my car to resolve your transport problem.

④首先, 这对夫妇不想克隆孩子,其次,他们也没钱去克隆.

First the couple didn’t want to clone a child, and second they couldn’t afford to.

⑤理论上说, 克隆一个孩子以获取器官是可行的,但实际上这么做却可能对孩子的心理有害. In theory it’s possible to clone a child to get organs, but in practice it would be psychologically harmful to the child.

⑥他以Braver的笔名发表了一篇文章, 强调这么一种思想, 即克隆动物的过程也同样适用于克隆人类.

He published a paper with the name of “Braver” which stres ses the idea that the process of cloning animals would apply to humans as well.

⑦正如这篇文章的作者所警告的, 克隆人类可能是一件使人更加悲伤而非更加高兴的事情. As what the author of this article warns us, human cloning might be something that makes people sadder rather than happier.

⑧对某些人来说, 克隆不克隆的问题在某种意义上可以比作是生还是死的问题.

To some people , the question to clone or not, in a certain sense could be comparable to the question to be live or not.

Unit 9

①总统夫人威胁要公开揭发丈夫, 这件事成了头条新闻.

It has made the headlines that the president’s wife threatened her h usband that she would expose her husband in public.

②那位富有的女士再三要求签订婚前协议, 令其未婚夫自尊心大大受损, 结果以拒婚告终. That wealthy lady who demanded again and again on a premarital agreement greatly strung her future husband ‘s pride and ended in refusing to get married.

③他在支票上伪造他哥哥的签名, 以不正当的手段得到了这笔钱, 但是却被媒体曝了光.

He got the money illegally, by forging his brother’s signature on a check, which was exposed by the media

④他举了个典型的例子来说明警官朝那人开枪是正当的, 因为那人先朝他开枪.

He cited a typical example to show that the police officer shot the man with justification, because the man had shot at him first.

⑤毫无疑问, 有些妇女坚持要有离婚的权利, 如果她们丈夫干的工作和积攒的钱不如她们多


It’s undoubted that some women would insist on the right to get a divorce if their husbands didn’t work or save money as much as they did.


The casual discovery of the fingerprint helped to find out the murder he had been sent to look into .

⑦玛利不愿向陌生人吐露心声, 只是朝他尴尬的笑了笑.

Unwilling to talk about her private thoughts to a stranger, Mary only smiled at him awkwardly.

⑧重要的不是订婚双方对对方有没有信心, 而是客观地看待婚姻本身, 它与浪漫的爱情无关.

The importance is not whether the engaged couple have faith in each other, but to view the marriage as it is, which has no bearing on romantic love

Unit 10

①五月二十六号早上, 天气很好.一架海军飞机从军事基地起飞, 去执行搜索敌航空母舰(aircraft carrier)的任务.

It’s fine on the morning of May 26, and a Navy aircraft took off from a military base to finish a mission of searching for the enemy aircraft carrier.

②这次有史以来最广泛的搜索努力动用了150架飞机和几十只船, 可是却没有发现任何失踪飞机的痕迹,

The most extensive s earch effort in history involved 150planes and dozens of ships , but it didn’t find any sign of the missing aircraft at all.

③我不会像作者在书中那样, 甚至说它是唯一能涵盖一切事实的解释.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say, as the author does in the book, that it’s the only explanation t hat covers all the facts.

④无论你做什么, 在你知道公司正在经受困难时别指望增加工资.

Whatever you do, don’t rely on the company to increase your pay when you know it is going through some difficulty.

⑤我将在本书中进一步阐述的理论是, 文字不能代表事物, 因而不能反映现实.

The theory that I intend to expand on in this book is that words do not stand for things and therefore cannot reflect the reality.

⑥百幕大三角被士兵看作“大西洋的墓地”, 但美国海军并不认为它是一个危险区域.

The Bermuda Triangle is called “the Graveyard of the Atlantic” by soldiers, but the US Navy doesn’t recognize it as a dangero us zone.

⑦至今, 所以出版的书都未能令人信服地解答百幕大三角之谜.

None of the books which have been published has given convincing answers to the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle so far.

⑧认为外星人在三角区内人类尚未探索的大西洋海底建立了高度发达的文明的说法, 在科学家中引发了一场争论.

The argument that beings from outer space have founded a highly advanced civilization in the unexplored area of the Atlantic inside the triangle arouses a controversy among