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新视野大学英语读写教程4-SA 课文翻译

Here we are, all by ourselves, all 22 million of us by recent count, alone in our rooms, some of us liking it that way and some of us not. Some of us divorced, some widowed, some never yet committed.事实如此,我们孤独无依地生活着。据最近的统计,共有2,200万人独自生活在自己的住所里。其中有些人喜欢这种生活,有些却不喜欢。有些离了婚,有些鳏寡无伴,也有些从未结过婚。Loneliness may be a sort of national disease here, and it's more embarrassing for us to admit than any other sin. On the other hand, to be alone on purpose, having rejected company rather than been cast out by it, is one characteristic of an American hero. The solitary hunter or explorer needs no one as they venture out among the deer and wolves to tame the gre at wild areas. Thoreau, alone in his cabin on the pond, his back deliberately turned to the town. Now, that's character for you.孤独或许是这里的一种民族弊病,我们羞于承认它,甚于其他任何罪恶。而另一方面,故意选择独处,拒绝别人的陪伴而非为同伴所弃,却是美国式英雄的一个特点。孤独的猎人或探险者去鹿群和狼群中冒险,征服广袤的荒野时,并不需要有人陪伴。梭罗独居在湖畔的小屋,有意疏离了城市生活。现在,这成了你的个性。

Inspiration in solitude is a major commodity for poets and

philosophers. They're all for it. They all speak highly of themselves for seeking it out, at least for an hour or even two before they hurry home for tea.独处的灵感是诗人和哲学家最有用的东西。他们都赞成独处,都因能够独处而自视甚高,至少在他们匆忙赶回家喝茶之前的一两个小时之内是这样。

Consider Dorothy Wordsworth, for instance, helping her brother William put on his coat, finding his notebook and pencil for him, and waving as he sets forth into the early spring sunlight to look at flowers all by himself. “How graceful, how benign, is solitude,”he wrote.就拿多萝西·华兹华斯来说吧,她帮哥哥威廉穿上外衣,为他找到笔记本和铅笔,向他挥手告别,目送他走进早春的阳光去独自对花沉思。他写道:“独处多么优雅,惬意。”No doubt about it, solitude is improved by being voluntary.毫无疑问,如果自愿独处,感觉要好得多。Look at Milton's daughters arranging his cushions and blankets before they silently creep away, so he can create poetry. Then, rather than trouble to put it in his own handwriting, he calls the girls to come back and write it down while he dictates.看看弥尔顿的女儿们:她们为他准备好垫子和毯子,然后蹑手蹑脚地走开,以便他能创作诗歌。然而他并不自己费神将诗歌写下来,而是唤回女儿们,向她们口述,由她们记下来。You may have noticed that most of these artistic types went outdoors to

be alone. The indoors was full of loved ones keeping the kettle warm till they came home.也许你已经注意到,这些艺术家类型的人,大多是到户外独处,而家里则自有亲人备好了热茶,等着他们回家。The American high priest of solitude was Thoreau. We admire him, not for his self-reliance, but bec ause he was all by himself out there at Walden Pond, and he wanted to be. All alone in the woods.美国的独处代表人物是梭罗。我们钦佩他,并非因为他能自力更生,而是因为他孤身一人在瓦尔登湖畔生活,他喜欢这样──独居在湖畔的树林中。Actually, he lived a mile, or 20 minutes' walk, from his nearest neighbor; half a mile from the railroad; three hundred yards from a busy road. He had company in and out of the hut all day, asking him how he could possibly be so noble. Apparently the main point of his nobility was that he had neither wife nor servants, used his own axe to chop his own wood, and washed his own cups and saucers. I don't know who did his laundry; he doesn't say, but he certainly doesn't mention doing his own, either. Listen to him: “I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.”实际上,他最近的邻居离他只有一英里,走路也就20分钟;铁路离他半英里;交通繁忙的大路距他300码。整天都有人进出他的小屋,请教他何以能够如此高洁。显然,他的高洁之处主要在

于:他既没有妻子也没有仆人,自己动手用斧头砍柴,自己洗杯洗碟。我不知道谁为他洗衣服,他没说,但他也肯定没提是他自己洗。听听他是怎么说的:“我从未发现比独处更好的伙伴。”Thoreau had his own self-importance for company. Perhaps there's a message here. The larger the ego, the less the need for other egos around. The more modest and humble we feel, the more we suffer from solitude, feeling ourselves inadequate company.梭罗以自尊自重为伴。也许这里的启示是:自我意识越强,就越不需要其他的人在周围。我们越是感觉谦卑,就越受孤独的折磨,感到仅与自己相处远远不够。

If you live with other people, their temporary absence can be refreshing. Solitude will end on Thursday. If today I use a singular personal pronoun to refer to myself, next week I will use the plural form. While the others are absent you can stretch out your soul until it fills up the whole room, and use your freedom, coming and going as you please without apology, staying up late to read, soaking in the bath, eating a whole pint of ice cream at one sitting, moving at your own pace. Those absent will be back. Their waterproof winter coats are in the closet and the dog keeps watching for them at the window. But when you live alone, the temporary

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