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Unit 1 The Way to Success

Section A

1 Understanding the text.

1 He achieved fame for his wit, wisdom, civic duty, and abundant courage.

2 They were thought to be slow learners in childhood, but they overcame their childhood difficulties and made magnificent discoveries that benefit the entire world today.

3 His strong will.

4 It means to keep their focus on achieving a positive end result, instead of letting small problems get in the way of good results.

5 Because they have the will to overcome profound obstacles and to work diligently in the pursuit of their goals, and have the passion for success.

6 Because firms preferred to hire less qualified men rather than risk hiring a female lawyer, which was unprecedented.

7 We should never give up on our dream, and one day we can change the world and make it a better place.

8 The secret of success is built upon a burning inward desire---a robust, fierce will and focus---that fuels the determination to act, to keep preparing, to keep going even when we are tired and fail.

2 Critical thinking

1 You may have tried and failed many times before you finally get success. But it does not

matter. What matters is whether you can summon up(鼓起)all your courage again and again to face the hardships standing in the way of success.

2 Luck, talent, good relationships with your colleagues, etc.

3 When I have realized that I am pursuing something that is hard to achieve, I would try to stick to the goal. But l will begin to think of what I can do to improve the situation. When it still doesn't work, I would try to analyze what the problem is and then make some changes and probably reset my goal. Yes, sometimes we are pursuing the wrong goal which can never be achieved, only to find ourselves in deep frustration and profound fatigue. In this situation, I may give up the wrong goal and set up another goal that is achievable.

4 Following the guidance of senior people.

●Getting sound advice from our parents.

●Setting a correct goal.

●Achieving success step by step.

●Developing good interpersonal relationships.

Language focus

3 Words in use

l whereby 2 pursuit 3 inhibit 4 maintain 5 patriotic 6 transcended 7 endeavors 8 dedication 9 prestige 10 nominate

4 Word building

Words learned New words formed


inhabitant inhabit

participate participant

attend attendant

pollute pollutant

descend descendant

contest contestant

tolerate tolerant

result resultant


neglect neglectful

resource resourceful

boast boastful

respect respectful


l resultant 2 tolerant 3 pollutants 4 inhabited 5 contestants 6 descendants 7 attendants 8 respectful 9 participants 10 neglectful

11 resourceful 12 boastful

6 Banked cloze

1 F

2 G

3 H

4 J

5 E

6 A

7 N

8 I

9 K l0 M

7 Expressions in use

l removed from 2 failed in 3 in the pursuit of 4 deviated from 5 precludes; from 6

triumph over 7 work their way into 8 written off

9 Translation


Nowadays, many young people no longer choose "stable" jobs. Instead, they prefer to start their own businesses and realize their self-value through their own wisdom and efforts. Young entrepreneurship is the source of national economic vitality in the future. The success of entrepreneurs not only creates fortune, increases job opportunities, improves people's life, but it is also good for the country in the long term. Entrepreneurs are a driving force in upgrading China's economy. Especially for the time being, our country is encouraging people to start their own businesses and make innovations and giving policy support for medium and small businesses. This further arouses young people's enthusiasm to start their own businesses.

Section B


2 Denotation: a large project, especially one that is difficult

Connotation: Les Brown took his dream as an enterprise, a lifelong career, to which he attached great importance. At the same time, to become a DJ was by no

means an easy job.

3 Denotation: take in or absorb liquid

Connotation: Soak up implies that Les Brown was eager to seize every chance to learn something new in order to be better prepared to become a DJ in the future.

4 Denotation: take or hold sb./sth. with your hand suddenly

Connotation: Grab in this context means to pick up the phone in a very quick movement, implying a sense of anxiety.

5 Denotation: turn over into a different position with a sudden quick movement Connotation: Flip shows that Les Brown had become quite familiar with the machine because he practiced a lot in his free time.

6 Denotation: move, drive or push forward or in a particular direction

Connotation: Propel here suggests that Les Brown was driven to go forward by his strong determination and adequate preparation.


1 C

2 B

3 A

4 D

5 D

6 B

7 C

8 D

3 (OPEN)


1 indulge

2 propelling

3 aggravated

4 dazzled

5 alleviating

6 renowned

7 eloquent

8 destined

9 scorned 10 applause


1 up

2 in

3 on

4 up

5 to/for

6 on

7 as

8 out


1 He always prefers to start early rather than leave everything to the last minute.

2 She prefers to be the boss, to be in charge and to organize others rather than be

organized by someone

whom she may not even rate very highly

3 My brother preferred to take the whole blame himself rather than allow it to fall on the innocent.


1 Try as he would

2 Search as they would

3 Try as we might



1 1) repeated 2) overwhelming 3) immense

2 1) heroic 2) sound 3) substantial

3 1) attained 2) fueled 3) achieve


1 sudden opportunity

2 immense obstacles

3 amazing determination

4 profound difficulties

5 overwhelming failures

6 poverty-stricken

7 substantial hardships

8 repeated misfortunes

9 sheer persistence 10 dazzle…audience 11 achieve fame 12 strong will

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