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Unit 3

1. 这所大学是世界上历史悠久的高等学府之一。(venerable)

The university is one of the most venerable institutions of higher education in the world.

2. 如果一个人缺乏实践经验,任凭课堂里学的东西是难以成功的。(deficient)

If one is deficient in practical experience, he can hardly make himself a success with only what he has acquired in class.

3. 我火冒三丈,这篇专题文章本周内必须写完,但老是被打断。(exasperate )

I felt exasperated by constant interruptions, for I had to finish writing the monograph by the end of this week

4. 他认为用旧文体来写一个当代主题是滑稽可笑的。(ludicrous)

He feels that it is ludicrous to write on a contemporary theme in an ancient style.

5. 上海的外滩在上世纪七八十年代是青年情侣喜欢来谈情说爱之地。(coo)

The bund in shanghai was a place where young couples liked to come to coo in the 70s and the 80s of the last century.

6. 作为十来岁的孩子,他女儿算是非常恬静的,因为她喜欢读书胜于嬉戏。(sedate)

His daughter is very sedate for a girl of about ten, for she likes reading more than playing .

7. 当地一抹阳光洒向大地的时候,这对情人手拉手,在乡村道路上散步。(stroll)

The couple strolled hand-in-hand along the country road when the sun in its first splendor steeped the earth.

8. 这个诗人在世的时候被普遍认为是个怪癖的浪漫天才。(eccentric)

The poet was commonly considered as an eccentric romantic genius when alive.

Unit 5


Hamlet feigned madness when he was hesitating what to do.


Prevarication is one of the techniques this businessman likes to employ.


Sometimes the light of the truth is just too dazzling, so white lies are ubiquitous.


Many women in America profess that they are unhappy with their status as second-class citizens.

5、一时冲动之下,他失言抖出了秘密(blurt out)

On the impulse of the moment, he blurted out the secret.


You should get rid of any prejudice, resist temptations and let nothing warp your judgment. 7、他是一个过于敏感和富于想象的人,经常在头脑里编织一张复杂的网络(a tangled web)

Being over-sensitive and imaginative, he often weaves a tangled web in his mind.


He is very popular among his peers as he always tries to spare others any trouble.

Unit 9

1、你应该提前告诉我你将去美国深造的事(in advance)

You should have told me in advance that you would further your studies in America.


He lavished too much care on his grandchildren.

3、各种新技术产业已经兴起(spring up)

Various new technology industries have sprung up.

4、许多英语单词源于拉丁语、希腊语和法语词汇(derive from)

Many English words derive from Latin, Greek and French words.


A philosopher holds that contradictory oppositions are ubiquitous.

6、仁慈善良是他本性中不可缺少的一部分(part and parcel)

Kindness is part and parcel of his nature.


He possessed phenomenal memory and intelligence.


He is fastidious about what he eats and wears.

Unit 14

1、她翻了五个抽屉之后才找到结婚戒指。(rummage )

She rummaged five draws before she found her wedding ring.

2、我怎么觉得他正在逐渐偏离他原来颇为激进的立场。(edge away )

Somehow I feel he is edging away from his former position, a rather radical one.

3、他们新成立的公司运作很不顺,问题的关键在于缺乏资金和业内知识。(crux )

Their newly established company is not running smoothly; the crux of the matter lies in lack of funds and expert knowledge.

4、十多年来,每当遇到新的情况,我习惯于三思而后行。(customary )

Over a decade, it has been customary for me to think before I leap whenever I come across something new.

5、他感到纳闷:为什么捐赠者一直隐姓埋名。(anonymous )

He wondered why the donor remained anonymous.

6、盎格-撒克逊民族的伟大史诗《贝奥武甫》讲述的是远古时期人们战天斗地的英雄业绩。( the Anglo-Saxons, Beowulf, the elements )

Beowulf, the national epic of the Anglo-Saxons, describes how the primitive people waged heroic struggles against the hostile forces of the elements .


He thinks he will be a second Bill Gates, which, to me, is noting but a mere fantasy.

8、他什么事都做得很好,因为他十分重视细节,不粗枝大叶。(the broad strokes)

He does everything well, as he pays sufficient attention to details instead of just relying on the broad strokes.

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