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英语 综合教程1(第二版)课后翻译答案

Unit 1

1.He has prepared answers to the questions that he expected

to confront during the interview.

2.His sad story touched us so deeply that we nearly cried.

3.They walk along the river bank hand in hand, chatting and


4.When he heard the exciting news, tears of joy welled up in

his eyes.

5.People from Shanghai can understand Suzhou dialect w ith

ease, for Shanghai dialect and Suzhou have much in common.

6.Henry and his w ife are looking into the possibility of buying

a new house w ithin 3 years.

7.He finally gave in to his daughter’s repeated requests to

further her education abroad.

8.We locked all our valuables away before we went on


9.Although we have parted, I hope we w ill remain good

friends and that care for and help each other just as we did in the past.

10.At eh critical moment, the army commander summon all the

officers to work out new strategies and tactics w hich would

make it possible to conquer the enemy.

Unit 2

1.Yesterday a government delegation headed by the minister

of Foreign Affairs arrived in South Africa and began a three-day friendly visit to the country.

2.It’s aw fully funny to observe these caricatures w hich

satirize the social ills.

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4.Zhang Li’s mother suddenly fell ill the day before yesterday;

he sent for a doctor immediately,

5.He failed in the college entrance examination last year, but

he didn’t feel disappointed. Instead, he continued to study hard, passed the examination successfully and became a student in a famous university this year.

6.There are many English words that this middle student can’t

pronounce correctly.

7.In this era marked by information explosion, we must have

to make constant efforts to renew our know ledge. Only thus, can we become adjusted to the requirement of our work. 8.With his shirt tucked into the top of his trousers and a

leather bag tucked under his arm, the boy looked just like a boss.

9.The little girl is good at calculating fractions though she is 8

years old. No wonder her parents are proud of her.

10.All the neighborhood has heard about the news, but you

haven’t. Don’t you think it’s strange?

Unit 3

1.Sorry, I’m late, I w as at a meeting and couldn’t get aw ay.

2.At the concert, w henever a singer finished singing a

beautiful song, the audience would burst into loud cheers to show their appreciation.

3.She is alw ays wearing stylish clothes, but seldom cares

about w hat she eats or drinks.

4.The nurse tells me that the doctors have done wonders for

your heart disease.

5.When awarding the prize, the chairman complimented the

w inner on his great contribution to mankind.

6.This problem has bothered the experts for many years.

7.After (When) the police arrived, the crowd of demonstrators

melt away.

8.Since (Now that) punctuality is a good habit, we should pay

much attention to it and make great efforts to cultivate this

good habit.

9.The old man cherishes that girl, as if she were his own


10.It is just a routine physical checkup, and there is nothing to

get worried about.

Unit 4

1.This is an attempt to strengthen our competitive ability.

2.The police in this district (area) know whter the thieves

hang out.

3.The agreements signed w ill break dow n all the barriers to

free trade.

4.That was a very difficult situation, but he handled it quite


5.He is my best friend. Now that he needs my help, I just can’t

turn my back on him.

6.So (As) long as you work hard, you are bound to succeed

and realize your ambition sooner or later.

7.Although he hates the job, yet he is determined to stick it

out because (for) he needs the money to support his family.

8.That cancer patient kept an optimistic attitude towards his

disease, persisted in combating (fighting against/struggling w ith) it, and conquered it in the end.

9.This university has a staff of more than 2,000, including

about 150 professors and over 500 associate professors. 10.The concert w as hold to mark the 75th anniversary of the

composer’s death.

Unit 5

1.The psychiatrist, w ho had talked about his patients, w as

charged w ith violating professional ethics.

2.There are some famous sayings hanging on the walls of the

classroom to summon up all one’s courage and energy.

3. A w ide variety of commodities are available, and nothing is

in short supply.

4.We all give credit to our chairman of the board, w ho is a

man of absolute integrity.

5.Before we vote for him, we are eager to know w hat he

stands for,

6.The defendant couldn’t account for that the money w as

found in his house.

7.When I saw he was right, I had to back down (on my

previous claim).

8.She has been appointed sales director, for she is clever and


9.One of the greatest challenges faced by the present

government is that of creating more jobs.

10.The enemy succumbed soon after our soldiers stormed its


Unit 6

1.The dilemma she is facing is w hether to tell her husband the

truth of his fatal (incurable) disease.

2.Don’t you think it a sort of sigma that you, already in your

thirties, still have to depend on your old parents?

3.Almost all the governments in the world are very much

concerned about this financial crisis.

4.With regard to the English teaching seminar, I suggest that

it (should) be held on the coming w eekend.

5.Whether to go abroad for further education/further your

education abroad or not is entirely up to you.

6.Just a single spark can lead to an explosion in a room filled

w ith gas.

7.No matter w hat efforts the government has made, the price

for housing has barely declined/has nearly not decline.

8.In order to pass TOEFL, he devoted almost every minute of

his spare time to English studies/studying English.

9.With his acting potential, the young man is likely to be a

superstar in the field of entertainment.

10.It is generally believed that sibling jealousy exists more in a

rich family than in a poor one.

Unit 7

1.I scrambled up/onto the cliff for a better view of the sea.

2.He lunged at the burglar and w restled w ith him for the


3.I figure that our national economy w ill continue to develop


4.The chairman made an effort/tried hard to reassure the

shareholders that the company’s bad results would not be repeated.

5.Stopping acting like a baby! Pull yourself together!

6.Being very much a private man, he does not confide in


7.We all hate the terrorists’indiscriminate violence against

ordinary people.

8.Many people in this country are alarmed by the dramatic

increase in violent crimes.

9.We anticipated that the enemy would try to cross the river,

so we have destroyed the bridge.

10.I’m indebted to all the people w ho worked so hard to make

the party a great success.

Unit 9

1.Towering above all the others, this mountain peak,

commands a fine view.

2.I have asked my friends to recommend a doctor w ho is

good at treating children.

3.The children were sw inging on a rope hung from a tree.

4.The government is determined to avoid at all costs sharp

rise in food price.

5.He tried his best to save the drowning boy but in vain.

6.The old woman is alw ays interfering in others’ affairs.

7.After having published several influential papers, he

became quite distinguished in the academic field/world/circle.

8.The district is polluted so seriously that the villagers can

hardly find any water w hich is fit for drinking.

9.I packed my suitcase w ith all the things that might be


10.We Chinese usually associate the Spring Festival w ith

family reunion.

Unit 12

1.I marvel at the poet’s ability to express nuances of different


2.Although you have good teachers and a favorable

environment, it is your personal effort that comes into play in the success of your English studies.

3.As English majors, we need to have a keen/acute aw areness

of the subtle differences between different words meanings.

4.Some new policy in the educational system w ill be

implemented next year.

5.It is unfair to identify the popular culture w ith vulgar


6.He believes that a person should be noble-minded, but not

money-oriented all the time.

7.The Middle East is generously/abundantly endowed w ith


8.The school authorities are holding a meeting in reference to

the construction of a new gymnasium.

9.But for his personal visits to the third-world countries, he

wouldn’t have believed such disparity in the living standards between the rich and the poor.

10.No one came to claim the welfare lottery bonus of 5 million

yuan not even to the last day.

Unit 14

1.He possesses some fine traits; he has refined and gentle

manners; he is kind and generous to others; he is alw ays modest and prudent and he constantly perfects his work. 2.A high crime rate that doesn’t seem to drop is a reflection of

an unstable society.

3.Beyond doubt/It is beyond doubt that Shanghai is fast

becoming another international financial centre.

4.Such a small gym can hardly meet the needs of such a large

student body amounting to about 3,000.

5.A rational person/A person w ith reason instinctively knows

what should be done and w hat should not be done.

6.Despite hardships, she persisted in her efforts to complete

her university education.

7.As long as you study hard and make progress constantly,

your chances of successes/to succeed sill multiply.

8.Wang Li works very efficiently because he possesses

strong professional competence and, moreover, he pays particular attention to methods.

9.The so-called problem teens are not born to be problems.

Very likely, it is because they lack parentle and school discipline.

10.The president of the university possesses/is in possession

of/displays professional competence and excellent

leadership, so that he is very popular among teachers and other staff members.

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