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unit 1

(be)free of摆脱,免于

draw the line(at)划清最后界限

get away from it all远离这一切;have a point和情理;是明智的

live with容忍

off the grid 没有联网

save for除……之外

serve up sth.提供

sniff at对……嗤之以鼻

unit 2

a host of一大群;许多

buck the tread抵制某种趋势;反潮流by definition依据定义;当然地

center on以……为中心

check off清点

get out of the way使某人或某物不碍事in terms of根据,就……而言

kick in开始生效

unit 3

act out把……付诸行动

be on one's way to 正要成为;正要做

connect the dots 理清头绪

for fear of 以防;生怕

have no awareness of 不知道

in service 在使用中;可运用

keep perspective 适当处理;摆正位置

play out 把戏演完;让戏上演

seek out 追寻到;找到

throw balance 使某人心神不安

to that end 为了实现这个目标

unit 4

at the height of 在......的顶峰或鼎盛时期

brim with 充满

bring to mind 使想起

conjure up 使呈现于脑际;使想起

contrast with 与......形成对照;和......相对照draw attention to 吸引人注意...

in great demand 需求量大的;受欢迎的

refer to 提及

unit 5

after the manner of 仿效

in company with 和...一起

in miniature 小规模地

jump about 跳来跳去

make love to 向...示爱

plunge into 纵身投入;一头进去

unit 6

be concerned of 担心;忧虑

be stuck in困于;陷于

have...to do with与......有关

make an appointment预约

participate in参与

plan ...out为......计划;策划

take a toll (on)对......造成损失

up to直到,多达,高达


come into contact with与......打交道deter...from阻止

in part在一定程度上

in the/one's way碍人的,碍事的none the less尽管如此

on the offensive处于攻势

resonate with与......产生共鸣

step in干预


ahead of 在…………前面

at risk 处于危险中/处境危险

cling to 坚持/墨守

excel in 擅长/善于

give off 发出/放出/释放

lose out to 输给………/被……取代

put up with 忍受/容忍

reside in 存在于

rub off 传播/感染


Landuage in use

change in economic environment gives him an (urge) toward a more ambitious goal,which makes him in (urgent) need of big investment.经济环境的变化使他渴望实现更远大的目标,这使他迫切需要大的投资。

over the online social network's new privacy policy have led some faithful users to (delete) their ,the account (deletions) are claimed to be not numerous enough to affect the sites' overall size.对在线社交网络新隐私政策的关注导致一些忠实用户(删除)他们的帐户。但是,帐号(删除)被认为不足以影响站点的整体大小。

police in Cambodia have not (enforced) traffic laws for four months due to the election and have been strongly appealed

to resume conducting(enforcement) for traffic violations.由于选举,柬埔寨交警没有强制执行四个月的交通法规,并强烈呼吁恢复对交通违法行为的执


tons of imitation,synthetic diamonds pouring into the market,it has become necessary to establish a diamond (identified) method by which fake and synthesized diamonds can be clearly (identified).随着大量的仿制品、人造钻石涌入市场,建立一种钻石(识别)的方法,使假钻石和人造钻石得以清晰地识别是十分必要的。

doctor couldn't explain the (persistence) of his high 's worse,the (persistent) cough and headache has led to his continual insomnia.医生无法解释他持续高温的原因,更糟糕的是,持续的咳嗽和头痛导致了他持续的失眠。

essence of (civilization) is the attempt to control the animal instincts of humans to build a better we understand that,all our efforts to (civilize) ourselves are doomed to failure. (文明)的本质是试图控制人类的动物本能,以创造更好的生活。在我们理解这一点之前,我们所有(文明)的努力都注定要失败。

in folklore and stunning scenery,such a vast is sparsely (populate) by about 1000 retains a relaxing,friendly atmosphere towards outsiders,especially those from (populous) regions.丰富的民俗和令人惊叹的风景,如此广大的人口稀疏(人口)约1000人。它对外界,尤其是来自人口稠密地区的人,保持着一种放松和友好的气氛。

salmon hatch in freshwater rivers but (migrate) out to the turns out these fish may have a magnetic “map”in their heads

that enables them to make their oceanic (migration) to strange locations.奇努克鲑鱼在淡水河中孵化,但(迁移)到海洋。事实证明,这些鱼的头部可能有一个磁性的“地图”,使它们能够将自己的海洋(迁徙)带到陌生的地方。

翻译:Bhutan did not introduce TV until 1999, and is the last country that is open to TV and the Internet. Its mobile phone and Internet penetrations are as low as 30% and 5% respectively, almost out of tune with the modernized world. Now that the majority of its people have no mobile phones and no access to the Internet, they have little odds of being phubbers or night persons. While the other countries are striving desperately to develop economy and boost GDP at all costs, what Bhutan pursues is GNH (Gross National Happiness). They are willing to take advantage of modern technology, but would do it at their own pace, according to their own needs and at their own proper time. Although likewise thirsting for economic prosperity, Bhutan refuses to realize it at the price of their cherished tradition and culture.不丹直到1999年才开始引进电视,并且是最后一个对电视和互联网开放的国家。它的移动电话和互联网普及率分别低至30%和5%,几乎与现代化的世界不合拍。现在大多数人都没有手机,也没有上网的机会,所以他们很少有机会成为“低头族”或“夜人”。尽管其他国家都在拼命地发展经济,不惜一切代价提振国内生产总值,但不丹所追求的却是国民幸福总值(GNH)。他们愿意利用现代技术,但根据自己的需要和自己固有的时间,会按照自己的步伐去做。尽管同样渴望经济繁荣,不丹却拒绝以他们珍视的传统和文化的代价来实现它。


Landuage in use

extraordinary university tends to appeal to students by offering a challenging and (stimulating) environment. However, different universities may come up with different (stimuli) according to their various features.非凡的大学往往通过提供富有挑


failure to reply to our letter seems to (implicate) a lack of interest in our proposal; however, our determination to carry out the project is not weakened by the (implication).他们没有


Gogh's works of old man were done with (compassion) and understanding; and his (compassionate) feeling about the old is prominently embodied in his "Sorrowing Old Man".梵高的《老人的作品》是用(同情)和理解完成的;他对老人的(同情)的感觉在他的“悲伤的老人”中明显地体现出来。

increase in knowledge is forcing people to (specialize) in different areas. Hence people are likely to develop their respective expertise contribution to the professional (specialization).知识的增长迫使人们(专攻)在不同的领域。因此,人们很可能会发展他们各自的专业知识(专业化)。

's a chance that your body may (reject) the transplant, and the (rejection) is likely to lead to life-threatening complication.你的身体有可能(拒绝)移植,而(排斥)可能会导致危及生命的并发症。

boundaries between countries are not clearly (defined), there are usually diplomatic disputes. What's ridiculous is that even (definite) boundaries can't spare countries from conflict.当



say that (utilize) such technology is feasible in the foreseeable future, but some people question its (utilizing).分析人士说,这种技术在可预见的将来是可行的,但有些人质疑它的使用。

test could be (influential) in determining NASA's

next-generation space vehicle; what's more, its (influence) on space exploration should never be underestimated.这项测试可能



翻译:The imperial examination system in China began to be put into practice in the Sui Dynasty and lasted more than 1,300 years. In ancient China, class consciousness was distinct and people from lower classes had little chance to gain a position in the official court. But once the imperial examination system was introduced, scholars from poor families had opportunities to take the government exams, which enabled them to bring honor to their families. Such a talent-selection system had great impact not only on the politics, economy, education, cultural concepts and social customs in Chinese feudal society, but also on the education systems of such neighboring countries as Japan,

Korea and Vietnam. To some extent, China’s current education system has selectively inherited some advantages from the imperial examination system.中国的科举制度在隋朝开始实行,持续了1300


Unit 3

Language in use

1. Eager to (maximize)output today, we are borrowing from tomorrow, not realizing the debt has reached its(maximum).急于今天(最大限度地)产出,我们是从明天借款,而不是意识到债务已达到其最大值。

2. Now that he spared no efforts in (fulfilling)his promise to rescue the dying company, his sense of(fulfillment)was quite understandable.既然他不遗余力地兑现了拯救濒临死亡的公司的诺言,他对成就感的理解是可以理解的

3. High-quality(illustrations)may aid kids to get a better comprehension of the story, which(illustrates)why pictures have been widely used for storytelling.高质量(插图)可以帮助孩子更好地理解故事,这说明了为什么图片被广泛用于讲故事。

4. The summit(reinforing)international dialogues and communications is believed to contribute to the(reinforcement)of peace and prosperity throughout the world.峰会(增强)的国际对话和沟通,被认为有助于(加固)和平和繁荣的世界。

5. The designers decided to preserve their (distinct)identities, with the hope of being well accepted and even awarded because of their(distinctness)设计师决定保留他们的(不同的)的身份,与希望被接受甚至授予了因为他们的(不同)

6. How you(perceive)these challenges will determine your stress and anxiety levels throughout this process. The more insightful(preception)you have, the less stressful and anxious you would feel.你如何看待这些挑战将决定你整个过程的压力和焦虑程度。更深刻的(感觉)你有了更少的压力和焦虑,你会觉得。

7. Is a friendly(denial)better than an unwilling compliance? Some people(deny)this perspective, while others assert this belief.友好(否认)比不情愿的顺从要好吗?有些人否认这一观点,而另一些人则坚持这种观点。

8. Obesity drastically(emerge)among the wealthy and newly-born middle class, and the(emerged)problem has aroused growing concernes as well as various research.肥胖大大(出现)的富裕和新兴的中产阶级,和(出现的)问题引起了人们越来越多的关注以及各种研究。

翻译:as a manager/an administrative officer, I have worked in four enterprises well known for their great passion and creativity. Rarely do I assign tasks for my employees in a top-down manner. I prefer to place myself on an equal footing with my employees, regarding myself as one to motivate, coordinate or communicate with them, rather than one to lead, monitor or command. The 21st century has set up a higher and

more comprehensive standard for managers. Turning from the traditional role of the manager to a successful leader, we need to create an environment filled with passion and innovation for all employees. In this sense, rather than a method or technique, leadership is actually a unique art.作为一名经理/一名行政人员,我曾


Unit 4

Langue in use

1. Small shopkeepers carried on an accumulated(agitation)against the big department stores, which accounted for their (agitated)emtions and activities.小店主们对大百货公司进行了累积(骚动),这是他们的(激动)行为和活动的原因。

2. It is believed that diamond stands for (eternal)love. However, (eternity)can never be guaranteed by material things, no matter how expensive they might be.人们相信钻石代表着(永恒的)爱情。然而,(永恒)决不能用物质的东西来保证,无论它们多么昂贵。

3. Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL have announced an alliance in online advertising to (rival)Facebook and Google, and the (rivalry)is increasingly intense and fierce.微软、雅虎和美国在线宣布了网络广告联盟(对手)脸谱网和谷歌,而(竞争)越来越激烈。

4. The image of an incomplete apple in the mirror might (symbolize) the imperfect self-concept, while that of a full

one is likely to be (smbolic) of perfection.镜子里的一个不完

整的苹果图像可能(象征)不完善的自我概念,而一个完整的可能(象征性)的完美。5. The (characteristic)of Italian lifestyle is beyond description, that is, no word could accurately (characterize)its essence.意大利生活方式的特征是无法描述的,也就是说,没有哪个词能准确地描述它的本质。

6. The size of your sunglasses should be proportional to your face size. For diamond shaped faces, you could(opt)for frames that widen the rest of the face; while for lucky oval-shaped faces, different shapes, styles and colors could be your satisfactory(option)你的太阳镜的大小应该与你的脸型大小成比例。对于菱形


7. Outdoors, a few faint gleams of sunshine lit up the (gloomy)afternoon; indoors, the cute giggles of the innocent kids blew the (gloom)away from the trouble parents.在户外,一点微弱的阳光照亮了(沮丧)下午;室内,无辜的孩子可爱的笑声吹(忧郁)远离麻烦父母。

8. The(interpretation)of happiness has long been a controversial issue since people(interpret)it in a variety of ways due to different cultures, backgrounds, roles, etc.人


翻译:Traditional Chinese painting constitutes a unique school of fine art, a school that is distinctly different from any other fine art schools in the world, either in style or in

techniques. Traditional Japanese fine art may be the only exception, but there is no doubt that it is heavily influenced by Chinese culture. No other traditional Chinese painting is better known than ink and wash painting. The Chinese do paintings with brushes, dipping their brushes in ink or paint and then skillfully wielding them on the paper. Painters produce pictures with lines and dots —some heavy, some light, some deep, and some pale. In the hands of an outstanding painter, brushes and ink can be highly expressive. Because of this, they are not only treated as tools for drawing pictures, but also as a symbol of artistic pursuit.中国传统绘画是一所独特的美术学校,这





Unit 5

Langue in use

1. I’m fond of , who always has a gentle southern accent and

a (radiant) expression.我喜欢约翰逊太太,她总是带着柔和的南方口音和一个(容光焕发)的表情。

2. The scene of suffering is a scene of joy when the suffering is past; and the silent (reminiscence) of hardships departed, is sweeter than the presence of delight.苦难的景象是苦难过去的欢


3. A night walk under the moonlight in the garden flowing with (odor) of trees and grass can be an effective therapy to those who are troubled by high tempo of life.在花园里月光下漫步的夜晚,


4. Many guests at New York and Los Angeles weddings feel that cash is an acceptable present, while some people in the South perceive cash as an (impersonal) and embarrassing gift.许多


5. The smell of garlic (lingered) on his breath ,which made the interviewer frowned slightly.他闻到了大蒜的味道,这使面试官皱起了眉头。

6. If you have to decline an invitation at the last minute, please (notify) te host prior to the event with sincere regrets.如果您必须在最后一分钟拒绝邀请,请事先通知主人,并致以诚挚的歉意。

7. The cautious manager refused to allow his secretary to handle his private and (confidential) letters.谨慎的经理拒绝让秘书处理他的私人信件和机密信件。

8. The new policy is predicted to (tangibly) benefit the well-being of the communities.新政策预计效益(有形)社区的福祉。

9. The artist has captured, with remarkable

(fidelity) ,Ruth’s grace and serenity.这位艺术家以鲁思的优雅和宁静获得了非凡的忠诚。

10. Cher bitterly says that her son, who was born female and underwent surgery to become a man, is being”(viciously) attacked” on blogs and twitters.

翻译:The artistic achievement of A Dream of Red Mansions, so to speak, has attained an unimaginable sublimity. It is outstanding with its rigorous structure, vivid speeches, and above all, the striking images created. The characters in the book number as many as over 400. Not only have Jia Baoyu, Lin Daiyu and a dozen other main characters become household classical literary figures, but a good number of minor roles, some of whom are only mentioned in passing, are also distinctive and lifelike. The artistic achievement of the novel is so extraordinary that it can hardly be rivaled even among world-famous literary works.可以说,《红楼梦》的艺术成就已经达到了难以


Unit 6

Langue in use

reached a position of(prominence)during the World Cup in Italy,where he Played a remarkable part in the semifinals against the quality opponent.他在意大利世界杯期间取得了一个突出的位置,在半决赛中他对高质量的对手发挥了非凡的作用。

time,the whole class are listening attentively to my essay,bursting into laughter occasionally,but not in (contempt)or ridicule.这一次,全班同学都在聚精会神地听着我的文章,不时地爆发出笑声,但不是在(轻蔑)或嘲笑中。

3.The surver(estimates)that approximately 20 percent of teenage internet users become addicted,while the parents judgment of the situation is not so optimistic.调查(估计)大约有20%的青少年网民上瘾,而父母的判断形势不容乐观.

it is not that (depressed)people see things less realistically,but that peopie who see thing realistically have more reasons to feel blue.也许不是(郁闷)的人看到的东西不真实,但那人看东西实际上有更多的理由感到忧伤。

researchers believed that (psychological)pressure could make you more attentive ,improving your memory and ability to learn.一些研究人员认为(心理)压力可以使你更加专心,提高你的记忆力和学习能力。

the ebola virus began to(invade)Central and West

Africa,uncontrolled panic quickly spread to other areas due to its high fatality rate.随着埃博拉病毒开始侵入中非,由于其致死率高,失控的恐慌迅速蔓延到其他地区。

OCD(obsessive-compulsive disorder)is one of the most disabling of psychiatric conditions ,it is also one of the most(treatable)虽然强迫症(强迫症)是最致残的精神疾病之一,但它也是最能治疗的疾病之一。

,common sense and a sense of humor made laura an ideal traveling(companion)智慧、常识和幽默感使劳拉成为理想的旅行伙伴。

viewed as acceptable or not ,overweight and obesity (肥胖)are gradually becoming a(norm)in America ,with obesity rate of adults higher than 30%.无论是否被接受,超重和肥胖在美国逐渐成为常态,成人肥胖率超过30%。

complexity of this case may even(daunt)the most sophisticated lawyer.本案的复杂性,甚至可能难倒最老练的律师。

翻译:College students are in the critical period of their personal development. They are rational, enthusiastic, creative and challenging. But they are likely to lose their head when faced with the constantly changing society, increasingly intense competition as well as problems resulting from study, employment, finances and emotions. Consequently, a considerable number of college students are suffering, to some extent, from mental health problems. Mental health is a complex and systemic problem. Therefore, to implement mental health education as a vital measure, school education should be closely integrated with families and society and stick to a people-oriented principle so as to build up students’ mental health and increase their adaptiveness to society.大学生正处于


Unit 7

Language in use

have not been offered any financial incentive,but they have willingly and happily(donated) their time and expertise,which makes their charitable contributions remarkable and



the captain,he knew that (preserving)the honor of the ship was the

priority,and also knew he would lose forever the ship by taking those necessary actions.作为船长,他知道(维护)船的荣誉是优先权,也知道他将采取必要行动永远失去船。

people experience shyness as a(barrier)to communication,but this can be broken down gradually.有些人认为害羞是沟通的障碍,但这可以逐渐被打破。

will be asked to monitor their own performance and(undertake) an analysis and evaluation of the learning they have gained.学生将被要求监督他们自己的表现,并对他们获得的学习进行分析和评价。

grew chiefly upon me was the(conviction)that only those who are trustworthy know how to trust others.我的主要信念是:只有值得信赖的人才懂得如何信任他人。

welfare lawn are strictly enforced in these countries and the media also(publicise)animal abuses very widely.泛。动物福利的草


such a mysterious and profound topic,our language is inadequate and seems (laughable),as if someone were trying to plow with a feather. 对于这样一个神秘而深刻的话题,我们的语言是不够的,似乎(可笑),好像有人试图用鸡毛犁。

initiative demonstrates once more our commitment


just and lasting peace.这一倡议再次表明我们致力于(确保)


thorough research and(comprehensive)cope should prove invaluable for anyone seriously interested in the subject.彻


is not much of a good project leader because he lacks the ability to make(informed)decisions.他不是一个好的项目领导者,因为他缺乏做出(明智的)决定的能力。

翻译:At the heart of volunteerism is a lofty belief that together we can make t he world better. The volunteers’ motivation can be summed up in one word: dedication —dedicating their time, energy, skills and talents. They know that the true measure of success in life is not what we gain from the world but what we give back to it. They teach children to read, and act as mentors for young people. They help women start businesses and be better adapted to society. They assist to maintain peace and preserve the environment. They have the courage to believe that what they do will make a real difference.


Unit 8

Language in use

1)A growing number of studies show a strong association between exercise and improvements in bone mineral a living

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