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大学综合英语教程1___第1到10单元课后题_附带翻译题答案。 - 副本




He has prepared answers to the questions that he expects to confront during the interview.


His sad story touched us so deeply that we nearly cried.


The two of them are walking hand in hand along the river bank, chatting and laughing.


When he heard the exciting news, tears of joy welled up in his eyes.


People from Shanghai can understand Suzhou dialect with ease, for Shanghai dialect and Suzhou dialect have much in common.


Henry and his wife are looking into the possibility of buying a new house within three years.


He finally gave in to his daughter’s repeated requests to further her education abroad.


We locked all our valuables away before we went on holiday.


Although we have parted from each other, I hope that we will remain good friends and that we will care for and help each other just as we did in the past.


At that critical moment, the army commander summoned all the officers to work out new strategies and tactics which would make it possible to conquer the enemy.

Unit 2


key:Yesterday a government delegation headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs

arrived in South Africa and began a three-day friendly visit to the country.

2.看看这些讽刺社会弊端的漫画真是有意思,令人捧腹大笑。(awful funny)

key:It is awfully funny and splits your sides with laughter to observe these caricatures which satirize social ills.

3. 计算机是最有用的教学工具之一,所有的功课以及所有的问题和答案都可在屏幕上显示出来。(show on a sceen) key:Computers are one of the most useful teaching aids,for all your lessons as well as all

the questions asked and all the answers provided can be shown on a screen.

4.小张的母亲前天突然病倒,他赶紧派人请来医生给他母亲治疗。(send for)

key:As soon as his mother fell ill suddenly the day before yesterday,Xiao Zhang sent for a doctor,who came and diagnosed and treated his mother.


key:He failed in the college examination last year,but he did

not feel disappointed.Instead,he continued to study hard,passed the examinationsuccessfully and became a student in a famous university this year.


key:There are many English words that this middle school student cannot pronounce correctly;therefore,he has to make great effort to learn the phonetic symbols well and acquire standadEnglish pronunciation.

7.在这个知识爆炸,信息爆炸的时代,我们必须不断学习,注意知识更新,才能适应专业工作的需要。(become adjusted

key:In this new era marked by knowledge explosion and information explosion,we

have to pursue constant study and take particular care to renew our knowledge.

Only thus,can we become adjusted to the requirements of our specialized work.


key:With his shirt tucked into the top of his trousers and a leather bag tuckedunder his arm,he boy looked just like a boss.


key:Although she is only eight years old,the little girl is already very good at calculating fractions.No wonder her parents feel very proud of her.


key:All the neighborhood have heard about the news,but you haven't.Don't you think it is very strange?

Unit 3


I am sorry I am late, but I was at a meeting and couldn’t get away.


At the concert, whenever a singer finished singing a beautiful song, the audience would burst into loud cheers to show their appreciation.


She is always wearing stylish clothes, but she seldom cares about what she eats or drinks.


The nurse told me that the doctors had done wonders for your heart disease.


When awarding the prize, the chairman complimented the winner on his great contribution to mankind.


This problem has bothered the experts for many years.


The crowd of demonstrators melted away when the police arrived


Since punctuality is such a good habit, we should pay close attention to it and make every effort to cultivate it.


The old man cherishes this girl, as if she were his own daughter.


It’s just a routine physical checkup, nothing to get worried about.

Unit 4


It is an attempt made to strengthen our competitive ability.


The police in this district know where the thieves hang out.


The agreements signed will break down all the barriers to free trade.


It was a very difficult situation, but he handled it very successfully.


He is my best friend. I just can’t turn my back on him now that he needs my help.


So long as you work hard, you are bound to succeed and realize your ambition sooner or later.


Although he hates the job, yet he is determined to stick it out because he needs the money to support his family.


That cancer patient kept an optimistic attitude towards his disease, persisted in combating it, and conquered it in the end. 9,这所大学拥有教职工2000多人,其中包括150名左右教授和500余名副教授。

This university has a staff of more than 2000, including about 150 professors and over 500 associate professors.


The concert was held to mark the 75th anniversary of the composer’s death.

Unit 5


That psychiatrist, who had talked about his patients, was charged with violating professional ethics.


Hanging on the walls of the classroom are some famous sayings, which inspire and urge people to exert themselves. 3,各种各样的商品应有尽有,什么都不短缺。

All kinds of commodities are available. Nothing is in short supply.


We all trust the president of the board of directors, who is a man of absolute integrity.


Before we vote for him, we want to know what he stands for.


The defendant couldn’t account for the fact that the money was found in his house.


When I saw that he was right, I had to back down.


She has been appointed sales director, for she is both clever and diligent.


One of the biggest challenges faced by the present government is that of creating more jobs.


The enemy succumbed soon after our soldiers stormed its stronghold.

Unit 6


The dilemma she is facing is whether to tell her husband the truth about his fatal disease.


Don’t you think it a sort of stigma that you, already in your thirties, still have to depend on your old parents?

3. 全世界几乎所有的政府都十分关注这个金融问题。(be concerned about)

Almost all the governments in the world are very much concerned about the financial issue.

4. 至于英语教学研讨会,我建议本周末召开。(with regard to至于/关于某方面)

With regard to the seminar on English teaching, I suggest that it be held on the coming weekend.

5.要不要出国进修就完全由你自己决定吧。(whether or not)

Whether to go abroad for further education or not is entirely up to you.

6.只要有一颗火星就能再充满煤气的房间里引起爆炸。(引起/导致: lead to/ result in/cause)

Just a single spark can lead to an explosion in a room filled with gas.


No matter what efforts the government has made, the price for housing has barely declined.

8.为了通过托福考试,他把业余时间的每分每秒几乎全花在学习英语上了。(devote.. to)

In order to pass TOEFL, he has devoted almost every minute of his spare time to English studies.

9. 凭借他的表演潜力,这个小伙子有可能成为娱乐界的超级明星。(potential)

With his acting potential, the young man is likely to be a superstar in the field of entertainment.

10.人们相信,兄弟姐妹之间的妒忌多见于有钱人家,而不是贫困人家。(Sibling jealousy) It is believed that sibling jealousy exists more in a rich family than in a poor one.

Unit 7


I scrambled up the cliff for a good view of the sea.


He lunged at the burglar and wrestled with him for the weapon.


I figure that our national economy will continue to develop rapidly.


The chairman made an effort to reassure the shareholders that the company’s bad results wouldn’t be repeated.


Stop acting like a baby! Pull yourself together!


Being very much a private man, he does not confide in anyone.


We all hate the terrorists’indiscriminate violence against ordinary people.


Many people in this country are alarmed by the dramatic increase in violent crimes.


We anticipated that the enemy would try to cross the river. That was why we destroyed the bridge.


I am indebted to all the people who worked so hard to make the party a great success.

10.人们相信,兄弟姐妹之间的妒忌多见于有钱人家,而不是贫困人家。(Sibling jealousy) It is believed that sibling jealousy exists more in a rich family than in a poor one.



At Christmas people enjoy themselves very much; they visit one another and present each other with Christmas cards and pres ents.


The walls of her bedroom and living room are all decorated with pictures of pop stars and film stars.

索菲亚委婉地取笑汤姆的新帽子,而汤姆不顾情面地就她的卷发戏弄了她一番。( tease)

Sophia teased Tom about his new hat mildly, but Tom teased her curly hair unmercifully.


He was overjoyed because he had attained remarkable achievements which surpassed the goal he had set for himself.

5. 他痛哭不止,我设法劝他不要过度悲伤。( give way to)

He kept crying bitterly, and I tried to persuade him not to give way to grief.

我想当然地认为你想要看这出戏,所以给你买了一张票。(take for granted)

I took it for granted that you would like to see the play, so I bought you a ticket.


They have relegated these problems somewhere down on the priority list.

8.我通过唐娜的律师把这封信寄给她。 address

I am going to address the letter to Donna in care of her lawyer.

9. 我告诉她那个消息时,不知自己为什么喉咙哽咽起来。(a lump in one’s throat)

I don’t know why telling her the news brought a lump in my throat.


Sailors signal with flags by day and with lights at night.



Towering above all others, this mountain peak commands a fine view.


I have asked my friends to recommend a doctor who is good at treating children.


The children were swinging on a rope hanging from a tree.


The government is determined to avoid at all costs a sharp rise in food prices.


He tried his best to save the drowning boy, but in vain.


That old woman is always interfering in other people’s affairs.


After having several influential papers published, he became quite distinguished in the academic world.


Pollution is so serious in this area that the villagers can hardly find any water that is fit for drinking.


I packed a suitcase with all the things that might be needed.


We Chinese usually associate the Spring Festival with family reunion.

Unit 10

1 有些学生渴望学自己想要学的,而不是被要求学的东西。(long v.).

Some students long to study what they want, not what they are asked to.

许多志愿者为北京2008奥运会提供了有价值的服务。(render a service to)

Many volunteers rendered a valuable service to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.


The world economy is in a desperate situation, so all the governments must take desperate measures to cope with it.

剪刀、刀具、火柴及药物都必须置于孩子们拿不到的地方。(beyond the reach of)

Scissors, knives, matches, and medicine must be kept beyond the reach of children.

5.我身边总放着一笔钱,至少一千元,以备急用。(on hand)

I always keep a sum of at least 1,000 yuan on hand, in case of an emergency.


Honest people despise lies and liars.

我花了很长的时间才开始感觉到能自如运用英语。(feel at home)

It was a long time before I began to feel at home in English.

8. 由于经济衰退,有些中小企业家可以说是债台高筑。(so to speak)

Because of the financial recession, some of those running small and middle-sized businesses are, so to speak, up to their necks in debt.

9. 他就是这样的人,总是人前甜言蜜语,背后恶语相向。(mouth v.)

He is a man that always mouths fine words about people to their faces and speaks ill of them behind their backs.


I was greatly scared by the zest demonstrated by those radicals.

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