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US Vice President's Speech at Fudan University


Thank you very much, Mr. Mayor. I appreciate your kind words of introduction. And we're delighted to be here today. My wife and I are privileged to have the opportunity once again to travel in China. We thank you for the honor, and we bring you good wishes from President George W. Bush and the people of the United States.I am told the standards are extremely demanding here, and a degree from Fudan University signifies years of hard work and discipline. I congratulate each one of you on your achievement, and I commend your teachers for upholding the tradition of excellence that marks the 99-year history of Fudan University.



Speech by Ambassador Wang Guangya at Princeton University


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Good evening.


I am honored to be invited to your seminar tonight. For me, for my colleagues and many other Chinese, Princeton has long been a familiar name. With a history longer than the country, it has produced many outstanding people, Woodrow Wilson, the 28th US President, Albert Einstein, the great scientist, and T. S. Eliot, the famous poet, to name but a few. As the former President Bill Clinton said in 1996 in celebration of the 250 anniversary of Princeton: "At every pivotal moment in American history, Princeton, its leadership, its students have played a crucial role."


I am more pleased to learn that all of you have a keen interest in China. Though our two countries are geographically far apart, we have lots in common. While many Chinese enjoy Hollywood movies and McDonald's fast food, many Americans find that their clothes and daily necessities are made in China. I hope that today's seminar will help you gain a better understanding of China and its foreign policy, thus further deepening our friendship and cooperation.

Speech at inauguartion of new facility


Distinguished guests,Ladies and gentlemen,


Good afternoon and welcome to the opening ceremony of our first factory in China. We appreciate your taking the time to share this wonderful occasion with us today.This facility is a symbol of the focus and commitment that we have made to China. /


To our dealers, we plan to continue to supply you with state-of-the-art, hig

h quality products that will allow you to support your customers and improve

the lives of many people here in China and Southeast Asia. Thank you all on

ce again for taking the time to share this wonderful occasion with us. The EU

is a union of twenty-five independent states based on the European Communit

ies and founded to enhance political, economic and social co-operation, formerl

y known as the European Community (EC) or the European Economic Commu

nity (EEC).

Now the 25 member states are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France,

Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain,

Sweden, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Cyprus

(Greek part), the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, P

oland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The EU covers an area of 4,000,000 sq km, nearly half the size of China.

Its total population is 454,400,000, the world’s third largest after China a nd I

ndia, and accounts for some 7% of the total world population.

The euro is the name of the single European currency that was put into ci

rculation on 1 January 2002. The euro has replaced the old national currencies

in 12 European Union countries so far. Having a single currency makes it ea

sier to travel and to compare prices, and it provides a stable environment for European business, stimulating growth and competitiveness.

Until recently, the GDP of the EU was more than USD 10 trillion, as a whole similar to that of its main competitor, the United States. The total volu me of the economy and the total volume of trade accounts for 25% and 35% of the world total.

The EU has a very good relationship with China. May this year will see t he 30th anniversary of the establishment of EU-China diplomatic relations. The total volume of imports and exports between the EU and China reached 200 billion euros last year. Germany is the largest trade partner with China, while the UK and the Netherland rank 2nd and 3rd.

The European Union is grasping a truly historic opportunity --uniting a on ce divided continent and creating a peaceful and democratic Europe. This enlar gement will also create a single market of nearly half a billion consumers, wit h excellent potential for economic growth and increasing prosperity.

Thank you.








到目前为止,欧盟的国内生产总值超过10万亿美元。作为一个整体,这个规模与它的主要竞争对手美国差不多。经济总量和贸易总额分别占全球25%和3 5%。









Recently ,statistics released by General Administration of Customs show that in January of this year, based on China's foreign trade growth last year, hiting a total value of imports and exports billion . dollars, % over same period last year, of which exports billion . dollars, an increase of %; imports billion . dollars, an increase of 24%, a trade surplus of billion . dollars.

According to customs statistics, in January rapid growth of China's general trade exports and imports slowed down obviously . Processing export-trade is very well, continuing a maintain momentum. Import and export of foreign-funded enterprises continued maintaining rapid growth,with the export growth %, while imports increased 30%. Collective, private and other enterprises continued to maintain strong export growth, export growth of %, while imports increased %. State-owned enterprises export growth rate was significantly lower than the above two categories of enterprises, of which exports grew %, while imports increased by %.

In January this year, China's bilateral trade with the three major trading partners to achieve a rapid growth. EU-China bilateral trade amounted to billion . dollars, with an increase of %. Sino-US trade amounted to billion . dollars, an increase of %. Sino-Japanese trade totaled billion . dollars, an increase of %.

【视频】China’s aging population

Report predicts China to have 480 mln elderly by 2050


China's national committee on ageing has issued its first blue paper, which says that the country is in the initial stage of becoming an aged society.


The paper says China currently has over 200 million elderly.


It predicts that number will grow to a staggering 480 million by 2050.


That will represent a fourth of the world's estimated 2 billion senior citizens for that period in time.


Within that Chinese group of elderly, there will be 30 million more women than men. 在中国的老年人群中,女性的数量将比男性多3000万。

The number of seniors aged above 80 is growing by one million every year.


By 2020, there will be an estimated 46 million disabled elders in China.


The peak will hit in 2053, when the disabled elders will number over 100 million.

而2053 年将迎来最高峰,届时无法自理的老人数量将超过一亿。

【视频】First Lady GoogleArtFLOTUS

Hello everyone, and welcome to the White House. For more than 200 years, this building has served as the Presidential residenceand office, a setting for so much of our history and a symbol of America to the rest of the world.


But the White House isn't simply a home to the First Families or meeting space for world leaders. It's also known as "The People's House", a place that should be open to everyone. And that's why we've made it a priority to invite young people, military families, and Americans of all ages to join us here at the White House.


Thousands of people have walked these halls and gazed at the artwork. They've examined the protraits of Washington, Lincon and Kennedy. They've imagined the history that's unfolded here. And now you can do all of that without leaving your home. So go ahead, look around, enjoy the history and beauty of these rooms. Because after all, this is your house, too.


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Unit 02圣诞晚会致谢




,Ladies and gentlemen, Merry Christmas to you all! On behalf of all the members of my group. Id like to thank you ,Mr. Chairman,for your gracious invitation for us to attend such an enjoyable Christmas party


Christmas is a very happy and joyous occasion. It is really a wonderful time of the is something in this holiday which appeals to everyone. That is ,warmth, care, union, harmony and dedication of humanity.


It has been a great year for all of us in terms of our harmonious business relationship. Our joint venture has had a remarkable sales growth. I hope we will be able to maintain this pragmatic cooperative relationship and make the new year a more fruitful year.


I would like to toast with you to this happy occasion at the end of the year. Please join me once again in wishing every one of you a merry Christmas