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1. 我安排他们在小酒吧见面,但那个小伙子一直都没有来。(turn up) I had arranged for them to meet each other at the pub, but the young man never turned up.

2. 你无法仅凭表象判断形势是否会变得对我们不利。(tell from appearance) You cannot tell merely from appearances whether things will turn out unfavourable to us or not.

3. 那个士兵每次打仗都冲锋在前,从而赢得了国家的最高荣誉。(stand in the gap) The soldier, who stood in the gap in every battle, gained the highest honors of the country.

4. 主席讲话很有说服力,委员会其他成员都听从他的意见。(yield to) The chairman spoke so forcefully that the rest of the committee yielded to his opinion.

5. 他们现在生活富裕了,但也曾经历坎坷。(ups and downs) They are well-to-do now, but along the way they had their ups and downs.

6. 这次演讲我将说明两个问题。(address oneself to) There are two questions to which I will address myself in this lecture.

7. 我们正筹划为你举办一次盛大的圣诞聚会。(in sb.’s honour) We are planning a big Christmas party in your honour.

8. 听到那个曲子,我回想起了儿童时代。(throw one’s mind back) Hearing that tune threw my mind back to my childhood.


1.那只鸽子被卡在树杈里,不多一会儿就跌落下来。(wedge) The pigeon was wedged in the fork of a branch and it fell after a while.

2. 驾车人该付多少钱需要根据他对别人车子造成损坏的程度而定。(be proportional to) The payment that the motorist will have to make is proportional to the amount of damage he has done to the other person’s car.

3. 你只有伏在地上慢慢爬过一条狭长的地道才能进入山洞。(inch) You can only enter the cave by inching through a narrow tunnel on your stomach.

4. 她一面结结巴巴地为没有敲门就进入我的办公室而道歉,一面羞怯地朝门口走去。(sidle) She stammered some apology for entering my office without knocking as she sidled towards the door.

5. 他尽力向我解释说不是因为我工作不好而解雇我,而是因为公司面临着财政困境。(take pains to) He took pains to explain to me that I was not being dismissed because I didn’t do my work well 2 but because the company was confronted by financial troubles.

6. 年轻士兵的入伍给军队带来了新的希望并鼓舞了士气。(infuse ... into ...) The enlistment of young soldiers infused new hope and morale into the army.

7. 一旦大一些的男孩子们声称草坪属于他们,小一些的孩子就只好退避三舍。(stake a claim to) Once the older boys stake a claim to the lawn, the younger ones had to give way to them to avoid conflict.

8. 跟在她身后的人让她心神不安,她不由得加快了脚步。(make sb. uneasy) The man following her made her uneasy and she couldn’t help quickening her steps.


1.无可否认,香烟会使人上瘾。而一旦你上了瘾,就很难戒除这个习惯。( addict ) There’s no

denying that smoking is addictive. And once you are addicted, it’s very difficult to get rid of the habit. 2. 在日本人生产的一种电子游戏中,玩游戏的人可以模拟艾滋病患者从染上艾滋病毒直到死亡的经历。(simulate) 3 In a Japanese-made video game, players can simulate the experience of AIDS from HIV infection until death. 3. 我肯定,他说你可以用这笔钱继续学习音乐是认真的。(in earnest) I’m sure he was in earnest when he said tha t you could use this money to continue your study of music. 4. 我们只能以牺牲质量为代价来提高产量,但这可能会损害公司的声誉。(at the expense of) We can only increase production at the expense of quality, which could ruin the company’s reputation. 5. 她难得生气,不过这次她可真的是发脾气了。(be given to) She is not often given to anger, but this time she really lost her temper. 6. 一名外语教师如果要在中学任教,他最起码要持有正规教育院校颁发的学位证书。(at the very least) A teacher of foreign language should possess at the

very least a graduate degree from a certified education school or institute if he is to teach high school. 7. 我很快觉察到我无法使他改变想法。(perceive) I soon perceived that I couldn’t make him change his mind.


1. 大厅里回响着小号独奏的乐曲声。(resonate with) The hall resonated with the notes of the trumpet solo.

2. 我想象得出母亲在听到儿子的死讯时那张苍白的脸。(in one’s mind’s eye) I saw, in my mind’s eye, the pale face of the mother when she heard the news of her son’s death.

3. 他走路的样子使我想起他父亲也是这样走路的。(remind of) The way he walks reminds me of the way his father used to walk.

4. 我把日期搞错了,所以到达的日期不对了。(mix up) I mixed the dates up and arrived on the wrong day.

5. 听到女儿被牛津大学录取,她心中充满了自豪。(swell) Her heart swelled with pride when she learned that her daughter had been admitted by Oxford University.

6. 理论上来说,全体公民都有权直接获取信息,而不必等候政府或媒体的过滤。(have access to) Theoretically speaking, the whole population should have direct access to information without waiting for its being filtered by the government or the media.

7. 在此次总统选举中,民主党发动了一场拉拢女性选民的宣传活动。(launch) Democrats have launched a campaign to win women voters over in this presidential election.

8. 他继承父亲的产业后,便沉溺于声色犬马之中。(be immersed in) After he inherited his father’s estate, he was immersed in all kinds of sensuous pleasures. Unit5

1. 探照灯的光柱掠过漆黑的水面。(finger across) Searchlights fingered across the black water.

2. 自从这座大厦发生了一起抢劫案之后,守夜人就更加小心了,他每小时都要巡视一次。(make one’s rounds) Since a robbery happened in this building, the night watchman has become more careful and makes his rounds once every hour.

3. 虽然已经没有任何力量支持他了,他依然坚持自己的计划。(prop up) He stuck to his plan, though there was nothing left to prop him up.

4. 他被警方雇佣刺探恐怖分子的活动。(spy on) He is paid by the police to spy on the activities of the terrorists.

5. 总有一天他们会接受这个残酷的现实的。(in time) In time they will come to accept the harsh reality.

6. 那个人的行为非常可疑。他假装睡觉,却不时窥视过往的行人。(furtive) That man’s behaviour looks very suspicious. He is pretending to sleep, but now and then he steals a furtive glance at the passers-by.

7. 这个国家近几年发生的社会、经济变化如此彻底,使所有邻国相形见绌。(dwarf) The social and economic changes that have taken place in this country are so sweeping that it has dwarfed all its neighbours.

8. 在拂晓前昏暗的光线中,我看到一个黑影挡在门口。(athwart) 6 In the dim light of the daybreak, I saw a dark shape looming athwart the door.


1. 尼日利亚的石油工业饱受腐败困扰。其结果是油价上涨,人权遭到践踏。(be beset with) Nigeria’s oil industry is beset with corruption, which leads to high er oil prices and human rights abuses.

2. 我们非常清楚所面临的挑战有多严重、多巨大。(under no illusions) We’re under no illusions about the seriousness and the greatness of the challenge.

3. 即使你拒绝我们的建议,我也想对你的无知谈谈看法。(in regard to) Even if you reject our suggestion, I still want to say something in regard to your ignorance.

4. 我们注意到他的诗句如何打动了她的心。(go home to sb’s heart) 7 We have noticed how his poem went home to her heart.

5. 如果这个世界上都是坦白正直的人,我们就能避免许多无休止的争论!(refrain from) If the world were populated with all upright men, we would be able to refrain

from many ceaseless arguments. 6. 不要奢望迅速完事,因为想要快点完成任务,就不可能把事情做得很彻底。(be desirous of) Do not be desirous of having things done quickly. Desire to have things done quickly prevents their being done thoroughly. 7. 守在大钟附近的士兵是不会被诱离他的哨位的。(decoy) The guard near the big clock cannot be decoyed away from his post. 8. 每天按时散步也许是延长老年人生命的最可行的运动方式之一。(prolong) Taking a regular walk every day is probably one of the most feasible forms of exercise to prolong life for the elderly.

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