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Zachariah Fike has an unusual hobby.He finds old military(军队的)medals for sale in antique stores and on the Internet.But unlike most collectors, Zac tracks down the medals, rightful owners, and returns them.

His effort to reunite families with lost medals began with a Christmas gift from his mother, a Purple Heart with the name Corrado A. GPiccoli, found in an antique shop.Zac knows the meaning of a Purple Heart —he earned one himself in a war as a soldier.So when his mother gave him the medal, he knew right away what he had to do. Where did Zac get a Purple Heart medal for himself?

A.In the army.

B.In an antique shop.

C. From his mother.

D. From Adeline Rockko.

答案A [直接信息理解题。根据题干知道关键词Zac和a Purple Heart medal 可直接定位于第二段第二句Zac knows the meaning of a Purple Heart —he earned one himself in a war as a soldier.可知,Zac知道紫心勋章的意义------ 他当兵时获得的。故选A项。]


(2018-全国卷 I -D)

To figure out how much power these devices are using, Callie Babbitt and her colleagues at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York tracked the environmental costs for each product throughout its life —from when its minerals are mined to when we stop using the device . This method provided a readout for how home energy use has evolved since the early 1990s.Devices were grouped by generation.Desktop computers, basic mobile phones, and box 一set TVs defined 1992.Digital cameras arrived on the scene in 1997.And MP3 players, smart phones, and LCD TVs entered homes in 2002 , before tablets and e -readers showed up in 2007.

Why did Babbitt/s team conduct the research?

A.To reduce the cost of minerals.

B.To test the life cycle of a product.

C.To update consumers on new technology.

D.To find out electricity consumption of the devices.

答案 D [间接信息理解题。根据本段的第一句话“To figure out how much power these devices are using”可知,“Callie Babbitt and her colleagues”研究的目的是了解这些设备会消耗掉多少度的电。A项表示To reduce the cost of minerals. “减少矿物质的成本“;B项To test the life cycle of a product ”验证产品的寿命周期”;C 项To update consumers on new technology ”使顾客们技术升级换代”,这些与"To figure out how much power these devices are using”不符。]》技法2 3步“断章取义”


Visitor Information

How to Get to. Holker

By Car: Follow brown signs on A590 from J36, M6.Approximate travel times:Windermere—20 minutes, Kendal—25 minutes, Lancaster-45 minutes, Manchester—1 hour 30 minutes.

By Rail: The nearest station is Cark —in -Cartmel with trains to Carnforth, Lancaster and Preston for connections to major cities & airports.

Opening Times

Sunday—Friday (closed on Saturday ) 11:00 am—^4:00 pm, 30th March—2nd November.

Admission Charges

Hall & Gardens Gardens

Adults:£ 12.00 £8.00

Groups :£ 9.00 £ 5.50

How long does it probably take a tourist to drive to Holker from Manchester? A. 20 minutes. B. 25 minutes.

C.45 minutes.

D. 90 minutes.

答案 D [数字计算题。根据题干关键信息how long和drive to Holker from Manchester 定位到原文By Car 部分中的Manchester—1 hour 30 minutes 可知,开车时间大概是60+30 = 90分钟,故D项正确。]

»技法3 “加减乘除”法


Food festivals around the world

Fiery Foods Festival~The Hottest Festival on Earth

Every year more than 10, 000 people head for the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.They come from as far away as Australia, the Caribbean and China, but they all share a common addiction —food that is not just spicy(辛辣),but hot enough to make your mouth burn , your head spin and your eyes water.Their destination is the Fiery Food and BBQ Festival which is held over a period of three days every March.You might like to try a chocolate - covered habanera pepper-officially the hottest pepper in the world—or any one of the thousands of products that are on show.But one thing,s for sure—if you don,t like the feeling of a burning tongue, this festival isn,t for you!

La Tomatina—The World,s Biggest Food Fight

On the last Wednesday of every August, the Spanish town of Bun〜ol hosts La

Tomatina_the world,s largest food fight.A week -long celebration leads up to an exciting tomato battle as the highlight of the week,s events.The early morning sees the arrival of large trucks with tomatoes 一official fight - starters get things going by casting tomatoes at the crowd.

Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. The chief prize for the Stilton cheese rolling competition is beer or port wine.

B. More than 10, 000 Chinese take part in the Fiery Food and BBQ Festival.

C. Thousands of spicy foods are on show in the Fiery Food and BBQ Festival.

D. An exciting tomato battle takes place at the beginning of La Tomatina.

答案 C [正误判断题。由第二段第一、二句可知,这10 000多人中只有一部 分是中国人,故排除B 项;由第三段第二、三句可知,西红柿大战是该食物节 的highlight(最有意思或最精彩的部分),而不是在一开始,故排除D 项;由第二 段倒数第二句可知C 项正确。]

»技法4 “对号入座”法



②扩缩范围:改变或去掉限制性词语(如all , every , many , only a few 等),将信 息中的范围、程度等加以改变,使选项看似正确。


(四川卷・C ) 考法5

A schoolgirl saved her father,s life by kicking him in the chest after he suffered a serious allergic(过敏的) reaction which stopped his heart.

Izzy, nine, restarted father Colm,s heart by stamping(踩)on his chest after he fell down at home and stopped breathing.

Izzy,s mother, Debbie, immediately called 999 but Izzy knew doctors would never arrive in time to save her father, so decided to use CPR.

However, she quickly discovered her arms weren,t strong enough, so she stamped on her father,s chest instead.

Debbie then took over with some more conventional chest compressions(按压)until the ambulance arrived.

Izzy, who has been given a bravery award by her school, said:“I just kicked him really hard.My mum taught me CPR but I knew I wasn't strong enough to use hands.I was quite scared.The doctor said I might as well be a doctor or a nurse.My mum said that Dad was going to hospital with a big footprint on his chest. ”

What’s the right order of the events?

① Izzy kicked Colm. ② Debbie called 999.

③ Izzy learned CPR. ④ Colm,s heart stopped.





答案 C [细节排序题。根据第六段中的“My mum taught me CPR”可知,Izzy能实施急救是因为她母亲以前教过她急救措施,故③的动作是最早的,首先排除B、

D两项;再根据第二段中的“stopped breathing”第三段中的“called 999…so decided to use CPR ”和第四段中的“ she stamped on her father ,s chest ”可知,接下来的顺




2020年高考英语阅读理解细节理解题专练(附答案) 1.阅读理解 Geneva(日内瓦)Tourist Guide * Universal compact app for iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 5 / iPhone / iPod / iPad GENEVA TOURIST GUIDE with attractions, museums, restaurants, bars, hotels, theatres and shops with traveler reviews and ratings, pictures, rich travel information, prices and opening hours. Discover what's on and places to visit in Geneva with our new cool app. It will guide you to top attractions and shopping malls, and tell you directions to hotels, bars, and restaurants. This is an all-in-one app for all the local attractions. Our travel guide to Geneva features up-to-date information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, travel tips and more. Highlights : ◆ Geneva Information — Overview, climate, geography, history and travel ◆ Attractions — Ancient sites, beaches, botanical gardens, coffee farms, museums, scenic drives, towns, waterfalls, religious and historical sites, etc. ◆ Hotels —From luxury hotels to budget accommodations, including reviews, price comparison, address and more. ◆ Map — It is an interactive map and get turn-by-turn driving directions. Find traffic details, road conditions, street maps, multi map, satellite photos, and aerial maps. Allow you to easily search and find local businesses with directions. ◆ Gallery — Picture galleries of Geneva's most beautiful sights, interesting events, unusual occasions and more. ◆ POI Search — Search everything at Geneva. Enter any keyword or name to search. Find Name, address, distance, route map, call, and directions to every business location. ◆ Translator — Supports 52 languages, Large text Translation. ◆ World Clock — All major cities of the world (1000 Cities). (1)What is Geneva Tourist Guide? A. An app B. A book C. A map D. An advertisement (2)Which of the following Geneva Tourist Guide can't help tourists? A. To discover what's on and places to visit in Geneva B. To guide tourists to top attractions and shopping malls C. To offer latest information on attractions in Geneva D. To help tourists make friends with Geneva locals (3)Which of the following is not among highlights of Geneva Tourist Guide? A. Information about both expensive and cheap hotels in Geneva B. Chances to visit Geneva galleries without paying any money C. A search system that can find everything at Geneva D. Being able to be used by tourists from all over the world


阅读理解-细节理解四 1、 A new commodity brings about a highly profitable,fast-growing industry,urging antitrust(反垄断)regulators to step in to check those who control its flow. A century ago ,the resource in question was oil. Now similar concerns ares being raised by the giants(巨头)that deal in data, the oil of the digital age. The most valuable firms are Google,Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft. All look unstoppable. Such situations have led to calls for the tech giants to be broken up. But size alone is not a crime,The giants' success has benefited consumers. Few want to live without search engines or a quick delivery, Far from charging consumers high prices, many of these services are free (users pay, in effect, by handing over yet more data). And the appearance of new-born giants suggests that newcomers can make waves, too. But there is cause for concern. The internet has made data abundant, all-present and far more valuable, changing the nature of data and competition. Google initially used the data collected from users to target advertising better. But recently it has discovered that data can be turned into new services: translation and visual recognition, to be sold to other companies. Internet companies’ control of data gives them enormous power. So they have a “God’s eye view” of activities in their own markets and beyond. This nature of data makes the antitrust measures of the past less useful. Breaking up firms like Google into five small ones would not stop remaking themselves: in time, one of them would become great again. A rethink is required—and as a new approach starts to become apparent, two ideas stand out. The first is that antitrust authorities need to move form the industrial age into the 21st century. When considering a merger(兼并),for example, they have traditionally used size to determine when to step in. They now need to take into account the extent of firms' data assets(资产) when assessing the impact of deals. The purchase price could also be a signal that an established company is buying a new-borm threat. When


、攻克 第一讲细节理解题 Zachariah Fike has an unusual hobby.He finds old military(军队的)medals for sale in antique stores and on the Internet.But unlike most collectors, Zac tracks down the medals, rightful owners, and returns them. His effort to reunite families with lost medals began with a Christmas gift from his mother, a Purple Heart with the name Corrado A. GPiccoli, found in an antique shop.Zac knows the meaning of a Purple Heart —he earned one himself in a war as a soldier.So when his mother gave him the medal, he knew right away what he had to do. Where did Zac get a Purple Heart medal for himself? A.In the army. B.In an antique shop. C. From his mother. D. From Adeline Rockko. 答案A [直接信息理解题。根据题干知道关键词Zac和a Purple Heart medal 可直接定位于第二段第二句Zac knows the meaning of a Purple Heart —he earned one himself in a war as a soldier.可知,Zac知道紫心勋章的意义------ 他当兵时获得的。故选A项。] »技法1题干定位法

专题 01 细节理解题之直接细节理解-2021年高考英语阅读理解精讲精练 (解析版)

专题01 细节理解题之直接细节理解 展、过程、结果等方面的理解。这类描写信息往往较直接,一般不太需要考生对它们进行较深入的理解,只需要从阅读材料中直接获取信息(有时需要跨段落查找细节信息)。对此类题型,考生可以根据题干中的关键词,然后以此为线索,运用略读及查阅的技巧在文中迅速寻找这一细节、在准确理解细节的前提下确定最佳答案。 两步解题法 第一步:通过题干和选项定位信息源 A Train Information All customers travelling on TransLink services must be in possession of a valid ticket before boarding. For ticket information, please ask at your local station or call 13-12-30. While Queensland Rail makes every effort to ensure trains run as scheduled, there can be no guarantee of connections between trains or between train services and bus services. Lost property (失物招领) Call Lost Property on 13 16 17 during business hours for items lost on Queensland Rail services. The lost property office is open Monday to Friday 7:30am to 5:00pm and is located (位于) at Roma Street station. Public holidays On public holidays, generally a Sunday timetable operates. On certain major event days, i.e. Australia Day, Anzac Day, sporting and cultural days, special additional services may operate. Christmas Day services operate to a Christmas Day timetable. Before travel please visit https://www.sodocs.net/doc/4319178644.html,.au or call TransLink on 13-12-30 anytime. Customers using mobility devices Many stations have wheelchair access from the car park or entrance to the station platforms. For assistance, please call Queensland Rail on 13-16-17. Guardian trains (outbound)


阅读知道之细节知道题(Ⅰ) A (202X·广东高三六校第三次联考)How cool can libraries be in an era of iPods and Kindles?More than you think.Only if you know where to go. Central Library:Seattle,Washington,United States The Central Library in Seattle is modern and fashionable and has tourists from around the world paying visits and taking tours.It was designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and American designer Joshua Ramus.Tours began in 2006,two years after its opening. The library holds various art exhibitions,book signings and other events,while visitors can stop by the Chocolate cart for a coffee and scan through the gift shop anytime. Trinity College Library:Dublin,Ireland The Trinity College Library in Dublin is in Ireland,founded at the end of the 16th century by Queen Elizabeth Ⅰ.It is the largest single library in the world,also known as the Long Room,which contains more than 200,000 of the library's oldest books.The Long Room houses one of the oldest harps(竖琴)in Ireland.Dating to the 15th century,the old harp is the model for the symbol foreland. Geisel Library,University of California:San Diego,United States At first glance,it looks like a spaceship.Architect William Pereira,who helped design actual space launch facilities at Cape Canaveral in Houston,Texas,designed the library in 1970.It has been featured in sci­fi films,short stories and novels.The library hosts“Dinner in the Library”,which invites readers for cocktails,and also special speeches from distinguished authors. TU Delft Library:The Netherlands The library at the Delft University of Technology was constructed in 1997 and has more than 862,000 books,16,000 magazine subscriptions and its own museum.The building itself exists beneath the ground,so you can't really see the actual library.What makes it interesting is the roof,which is a grassy hill.The roof covers 5,500 square metres.And it has become one of the most striking and greenest structures in the area. 1.Which of the four libraries has the longest history? A.Central Library. B.Trinity College Library C.Geisel Library. D.TU Delft Library. 2.What makes Geisel Library different from the others is that ________. A.a spaceship designer founded the library B.it has a roof of grassy hill C.famous writers often deliver speeches there D.it is the largest single library in the world 3.In Central Library,you can ________. A.drink cocktails B.buy souvenirs C.create paintings D.book events 【语篇解读】本文是一篇运用文。文章主要介绍了四个设计特殊的图书馆。 1.解析:细节知道题。根据Central Library:Seattle,Washington,United States部分中的“Tours began in 2006,two years after its opening.”,Trinity College Library:Dublin,Ireland部分中的“The


阅读理解在高考英语中所占分值最大,可以说“得阅读者得高考”。因此,在考前复习中,阅读理解能力的培养和训练依然是重中之重。本部分从高考阅读理解命题入手,剖析高考阅读理解的命题特点,并结合高考真题对高考常考题型进行解题指导,从而有效地提高解题的速度和准度。 表一:高考阅读的题材与体裁(以近三年全国卷Ⅰ为例) 表二:高考阅读理解的题型分布

第一讲理解主旨要义 ——攻克4类主旨大意题

主旨大意题是高考阅读理解中常考的题型之一,主要考查考生把握全文主题和理解中心思想的能力。通常以概括文章大意、概括段落大意、选择标题以及判断作者写作目的等形式出现。 一、文章大意题——突破文章主旨3法 1.主题句法 解答主旨大意题,找准文章的主题句是关键。下面介绍两种快速找出主题句的方法。 (1)根据不同文体的写作方法来定位主题句 ①议论文主要是论述作者的某个观点,往往采用“总—分”或“总—分—总”的模式,所以主题句常在第一段或最后一段。 ②说明文则是说明一个事物的用途或制作过程,主题句一般在首段。 ③记叙文一般没有明显的主题句,需要根据文中叙述的内容和线索来概括文章大意,但是如果文章末段出现说理性的句子,则这个句子为主题句。 (2)根据行文标志来定位主题句 ①在文中尤其是在首段出现表示转折的词,如but,however,in fact,actually等时,其后的内容往往是作者真正想要表达的观点。 ②在文中出现表示总结的词,如therefore,thus,in short,conclude 等,其后的内容往往是文章的主题。 ③若首段出现疑问句时,对该问题的回答可能是文章的主题。 [示例](2018·全国卷Ⅰ阅读C) Languages have been coming and going for thousands of years,but in recent times there has been less coming and a lot more going.When the world was still populated by hunter—gatherers,small,tightly knit (联系) groups developed their own patterns of speech independent of each other.Some language experts believe that 10,000 years ago,when the world had just five to ten million people,they spoke perhaps 12,000 languages between them. ... 31.What is the main idea of the text? A.New languages will be created.


江苏2020高考英语阅读理解--细节理解题讲解及训练(含答案) 阅读理解解题指导 阅读理解历来都是高考英语试卷中难度最大、区分度最高的题型,它要求考生理解文章的主旨和要义;理解文中的具体信息;根据上下文推断生词的词义;理解文章的基本结构;理解作者的意图、观点和态度等。下面我们来探讨一下高考阅读理解的解题思路。 阅读理解----【细节理解题】 细节理解题主要考查考生对阅读材料中某一特定细节或文章的主要事实的理解能力。它的设题方式主要有以下两种: 1. 以what, who, which, when, where, why, how等特殊疑问句的方式来提问,针对文章中的具体事物、人物、时间、地点、原因(目的)、方式等来设问考查。解这类题时,大家可以带着问题去阅读文章,最后采用“对号入座”的办法,把原文信息跟后面的题目对照,最后确定出正确答案。如: 真题摘选【1】(2020江苏卷D篇) I say clever because anti-slavery fiction had been the important part of the literature in the years before the C ivil War. H. B. Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin is only the most famous example. These early stories dealt directly with slavery. With minor exceptions, Twain planted his attacks on slavery and prejudice into tales that were on the surface about something else entirely. He drew his readers into the argument by drawing them into the story. 65. How do Twain’s novels on slavery differ from Stowe’s? A. Twain was more willing to deal with racism. B. Twain’s attack on racism was much less open. C. Twain’s themes se emed to agree with plots. D. Twain was openly concerned with racism. 解析:根据文中信息,Stowe的小说正面抨击奴隶制问题,而马克?吐温则通过故事来抨击奴隶制和种族歧视,可见马克?吐温对种族歧视的抨击不那么公开。 【实战演练】阅读理解 Part of a research study,by scientists at McMaster university,which is ongoing into the influence of drinking milk after heavy weightlifting,has observed that milk helps exercisers burn more fat.


(1)文章细节对于理解全文内容至关重要,同时也是归纳和概括文章中心思想的基础。 (2)命题人员会要求考生根据不同的要求,阅读文章以获得某些特定的信息或准确地寻求所需的细节。 (3)这类试题有时比较直接,理解字面意思即可答题;有时则较为间接,需要归纳、概括和推理才能答题。细节理解题占阅读理解总题量的60%左右。 1.直接信息题 【典例】(2020·某某卷A篇节选) 50 Honorable Mentions:Judges will choose up to 50 honorable mention winners, who will each receive a T-shirt in memory of Earhart’s final flight. What will each of the honorable mention winners get? A. A plane ticket. B. A book by Corinne Szabo. C. A special T-shirt. D. A photo of Amelia Earhart.

【答案】C 【解析】细节理解题。根据50 Honorable Mentions这一段“Judges will choose up to 50 honorable mention winners, who will each receive a T-shirt in memory of Earhart's final flight”,由此可知,纪念奖是送的T恤,故选C。 【点拨】第一步:依据题干信息,选择定位关键词 细节理解题直接信息题一般是对文章局部内容的考查,且题目相对简单,所以,不必通篇细读全文,可先通过题干信息来选择定位关键词。关键词主要是题干中的名词,动词和数词,即问题的核心信息。 第二步:依据关键词,回原文定位信息进行比对 确定了定位关键词后,运用略读及寻读的技巧快速在文章中寻找与题干有关的关键词,回到原文进行信息定位,然后将选项内容与原文信息比对,得出正确答案。 2.间接信息题 【典例】(2020·某某卷B篇节选) Through it all, she remained in good academic standing and graduated with honors.Jennifer sacrificed (牺牲) to achieve her goal, giving up many nights with her kids andmissing important events to study.“Some nights my heart was breaking to have to pick between my kids and studying for exams or papers,”she says.However, her children have learned an important lesson witnessing their mother earn her

高考英语 复习精编优选练(13)阅读理解提升练_细节理解题

精编优选练(十三)阅读理解——细节理解题1 (限时:25分钟) A Festival of Light, Longleat Safari Park, Wiltshire Longleat is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Giant lanterns take the shapes of some of the park's animals, and there are also lots of characters in Beatrix Potter's books, such as Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck, Squirrel Nutkin, to mark the 150th anniversary of the author's birth. There is also a 20-metre-high birthday cake. ·£27.85, adult / £20.65, child/ under-threes, free. ·15 Dec. to 2 Ja n. Festival of Light, Enchanted Park, Gateshead Enchanted Park is an interactive walk through Saltwell Park, just south of the town centre, along a trail(小径) of light with performances and sculptures. The story being told is a Midwinter Night's Tale, inspired by the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death. Visitors can join stories and songs with Santa, and attend decorating workshops. ·£8, adult/£2, child/ under-fours, free. ·11-27 Dec. Christmas Glow, RHS Garden Wisley, Surrey The garden is glowing with giant lighted flowers. Some of the trees are brilliant, too. The glasshouse is decorated like a gingerbread house, and displays(陈列) seasonal plants. There are lanterns around the lake. The cafe serves hot chocolate and apple juice. ·£9.90, adult/£ 3.60, child. ·20 Dec. to 2 Jan. Christmas at Kew Gardens, London Kew is a special place to visit at any time of the day or year, but the festive light show gives it a magical twist, as the mile-long trail through the garden is decorated with 60, 000 lights. Some of the garden's oldest and tallest trees are also beautifully lit along the way. ·£16, adult/£10, child/ £48, family/ under-fours, free. ·24 Dec. to 2 Jan.

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2020年暑假新高三英语增分专项突破+题型特训01 语篇理解类:阅读理解之细节理解题 考试大纲 要求考纲解读 要求考生阅读4篇短 文,从每题所给的4个选项中选出最佳选项。题材广泛,包括科普、社会、文化、政治、经济等多方面内容。体裁多样,以记叙文、议论文、说明文为主.考查主旨大意、 细节理解、推理 判断、词义猜测、 篇章结构等题 型. 主旨大意题包括精确归纳标题、概 括文章大意和总结段落大意,主要 考查考生能否分辨主题和细节,是 否具备提纲挈领的能力,也就是能 否在理解全文的基础上运用概括、 判断、归纳、推理等逻辑方法对文 章进行高度概括和总结,做这类题 目时要高瞻远瞩,不可以以偏概 全。 【构建知识体系】 细节理解题考点1 事实细节题 考点2 细节转换与是非判断题考点3 数字计算题 考点4 细节排序题 规律方法1:如何解决事实细节题?

做事实细节题最基本也最常用的方法是题干定位法。一般在原文中找到相关的句子,然后进行比较和分析,便可确定答案。此类题通常用一些疑问词来提问,或是判断正误.规律方法2:如何解决细节转换题? 细节理解题也叫间接理解题,包括语意转换题、图文转换题和是非判断题. 1。语意转换题,需要将题目信息与原文相关信息进行语意上的转换,两者存在表述上的差异。解答这类题目时可带着问题,有针对性地扫读全文,迅速锁定相关语句,再对相关部分进行分析对比,找出答案。 2。图文转换题,在阅读理解题中,有的图表、图画出现在阅读理解题的正文中。在解答这类题时,可采用"文字锁定法",找出描述图形中的句段,采用按图寻找答案的方法,按图索骥,图文互相参照、互相验证,便可确定正确答案。 规律方法3:如何解决数字计算题? 先理解文章的大意,然后经过对比、分析、计算等就能够得出正确的答案。 1. 仔细阅读文字说明部分,准确把握图表信息。 2。仔细分析题干,抓牢关键词。 3。运用数学公式计算,注意巧算。 规律方法4:如何解决细节排序题? 做此类题目可采用"首尾定位法",即先找出第一个事件和最后一个事件,这样可以迅速缩小选择范围,从而迅速找到答案。阅读理解的文章如果是记叙文,排序题通常以事件发生的时间为线索;如果是说明文,排序题通常以说明的先后顺序为线索;如果是议论文,排序题通常以逻辑顺序为线索。从近几年高考试题来看,这类试题主要出现在记叙文和说明文中。


2023届阅读理阅读技巧专练:细节理解 (共5题) 一、阅读理解题(共5题) 1.By now, we are all aware that social media has had a tremendous influence on our culture, in business, on the world-at-large. Social media websites revolutionized the way people communicate and socialize on the Web. However, aside from seeing your friend's new baby on Facebook, or reading about Justin Bieber's latest conflict with the law on Twitter, what are some of the real influences? Social networks offer the opportunity for people to re-connect with their old friends and acquaintances, make new friends, share ideas and pictures, and many other activities. Users can keep pace with the latest global and local developments, and participate in campaigns and activities of their choices. Professionals use social media sites like LinkedIn to enhance their career and business development. Students can work together with their peers to improve their academic and communication skills. Unfortunately, there are a few downsides too to social networking. If you are not careful, immoral people can target you for cyber bullying and disturbance on social sites. School children, young girls, and women can fall victim to online attacks which can create tension and suffering. If you are a victim of cyber bullying, do not take it lying down, but try to take appropriate legal action against the attacker. Many companies have blocked social networks as addicted employees can distract themselves on such sites, instead of focusing on work. In fact, studies show that British companies have lost billions of dollars per year in productivity because of social media addiction among employees. Also, what you carelessly post on the Net can come back to trouble you. Revealing (泄露) personal information on social sites can make users vulnerable (易受伤害的) to crimes like identity theft, stalking, etc. Many companies perform a background check on the Net before hiring an employee. If a potential employee has posted something embarrassing on social media, it can greatly affect their chances of getting the job. The same holds true for our relationships too, as our loved ones and friends may get to know if we post something undesirable on social networks. Social media has its advantages and drawbacks as each coin has two sides. It is up to each user to use social sites wisely to enhance their professional and social life, and exercise caution to ensure they do not fall victim to online dangers. (1) Paragraph 2 mainly shows that social networks _____. A.help students finish their homework B.offer professionals good chances C.benefit users in various ways