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Unit 1 Ways of Learning Vocabulary




2)on occasion


4)In retrospect

5)initial 6)phenomena


8)make up for

9)is awaiting

10)not; in the





1) a striking contrast between the standards of living in the

north of the country and the south.

2)is said to be superior to synthetic fiber.

3)as a financial center has evolved slowly.

4)is not relevant to whether he is a good lawyer.

5)by a little-known sixteen-century Italian poet have found their

way into some English magazines.


1)be picked up; can’t accomplish; am exaggerating

2)somewhat; the performance; have neglected; they apply to

3)assist; On the other hand; are valid; a superior




2)continuous 3)continual





3)principle 4)principles





3.herself/by herself/on her own



6.yourself/by yourself/on your


Comprehensive Exercises I.cloze





(4)on the other

hand (5)promoting

(6)pick up









(1)end (2)perform (3)facing



(6)designed (7)approach






(1)It takes an enormous amount of courage to make a departure

from the tradition.

(2)Tom used to be very shy, but this time he was bold enough to

give a performance in front of a large audience.

(3)Many educators think it desirable to foster the creative spirit

in the child at an early age.

(4)Assuming this painting really is a masterpiece, do you think

it’s worthwhile to buy it?

(5)If the data is statistically valid, it will throw light on the

problem we are investigating.


To improve our English, it is critical to do more reading, writing, listening and speaking. Besides, learning by heart as many well-written essays as possible is also very important. Without an enormous store of good English writing in your head you cannot express yourself freely in English. It is also helpful to summarize our experience as we go along, for in so doing, we can figure out which

way of learning is more effective and will produce the most desirable result. As long as we keep working hard on it, we will in due course accomplish the task of mastering English.

Unit 2 Values







4)wear and

tear 5)dated



8)in contrast to






1)confronted with more than one problem, try to solve the easiest one first.

2)vital to the existence of all forms of life.

3)some confusion among the students about what to do after class to follow

up on the subject.

4)nothing more than a job and an apartment to be happy.

5)tickled him to think that she’d come to ask his advice


1) a lingering; fabricating; sentiments

2)fill out; every item; vital; consequences

3)be denied; tangible; cherish; attain


1.It is a long trip and will take us five hours by bus.

2.She arrived early and took a front row seat.

3.Don’t take me for a fool.

4.It takes a lot of imagination to fabricate such a story.

5.My uncle will take me (along on his trip) to the Arctic this summer.

6.He took the dinner plate I passed to him.

7.Kevin took second prize in the weight-lifting competition.

8.If you don’t take my advice, you will regret it.



2.to give

3.to return

4.being praised

5.not having


6.to say

7.to open

8.being helped

Comprehensive Exercises I.cloze





(3)falling into

(4)bracket (5)deny




(9)out of place








(4)plain (5)physically






III. Translation


1)The company denied that its donations had a commercial


2)Whenever he was angry, he would begin to stammer slightly.

3)Education is the most cherished tradition in our family. That’s

why my parents never took me to dinner at expensive

restaurants, but sent me to the best private school.

4)Shortly after he recovered from the surgery, he lost his job

and thus had to go through another difficult phase of his life.

5)In contrast to our affluent neighbors, my parents are rather

poor, but they have always tried to meet our minimal needs. 2.

With more and more donations coming in, our university will be much better off financially next year. We will thus be able to focus on the most important task that we, educators, must take on: to encourage students to attain their scholarly/academic goals, to train

them to be dependable and responsible individuals, to prepare them for the life ahead, and to guide them in their pursuit of spiritual as well as material satisfaction.

Unit 3 The Generation Gap








5)welfare 6)came over







12)at any rate


1)consists of five generals and four police officers.

2)will be in a location overlooking the lake.

3)was humiliated by her comments about my family

background in front of so many people.

4)have any proof that it was Henry who stole the computer?

5)was exhausted after the long cycle ride.


1)hysterical; was handed down by; should have known better


2)twisted; over and over; talented son

3)patience; not to keep him in suspense; assured; repeatedly II.Collocation









III.U sage

1.be admitted


3.be postponed


5.be banned


Comprehensive Exercises I.cloze







(6)dumb (7)know better than that








(2)really (3)same





(8)tend (9)different




(1)Have scientists found proof of water on Mars?

(2)The planning committee has narrowed down the possible

locations for the nuclear power plant to two coastal towns.

(3)Sam not only lost his job but also both legs; he had to live on

welfare for the rest of his life.

(4)A jury consisting of 12 members voted in unison that Mary

was guilty.

(5)Sean felt humiliated to hear his talent being questioned.


George, the son of Mr. Johnson, liked listening to heavy metal music in the evenings, which made it hard for other residents in the community to fall asleep. Eventually the exhausted neighbors lost their patience and decided on direct interference. They called Mr. Johnson to tell him in a frank manner what they were thinking. Mr. Johnson assured them that he would certainly settle the issue. As soon as he put down the phone he scolded his son, “What has come over you? You should know better than to disturb others for your own amusement.”In the end George traded his CD’s for computer

games software from his classmates.

Unit 4 The Virtual World Vocabulary




2)but then



5)abusing 6)tone

7)took; in




10)in sight




1)smoking cigarettes jars on me.

2)find themselves getting sucked in.

3)has arranged for a technician from the computer store to

check and repair it.

4)fled their country to avoid military service/fled to other

countries to avoid military service.

5)restore people’s confidence in it.


1)the virtual; on line; via

2)nightmare; routine; any appointment; arrange for

3)cue; remarks; his tune


1.We came here all the way on foot.

2.Private cars are not allowed on campus.

3.They are on vacation in Florida.

4.Mary has been talking to her friend on the phone for an hour.

5.Don’t worry, Lucy is always on time.

6.Industrial demand on fuel is on the rise.

III.U sage







Comprehensive Exercises






(4)routines (5)arrange





(10)take in




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Unit 1 Part Ⅱ Reading Task Vocabulary Ⅰ1. 1)respectable 2)agony 3)put down 4)sequence 5)hold back 6)distribute 7)off and on 8)vivid 9)associate 10)finally 11)turn in 12)tackle 2. 1)has been assigned to the newspaper’s Paris office. 2)was so extraordinary that I didn’t know whether to believe him or not. 3)a clear image of how she would look in twenty years’time. 4)gave the command the soldiers opened fire. 5)buying bikes we’ll keep turning them out. 3. 1)reputation; rigid; to inspire 2)and tedious; What’s more; out of date ideas 3)compose; career; avoid showing; hardly hold back Ⅱviolating Ⅲ;in upon Comprehensive Exercises ⅠCloze back; tedious; scanned; recall; vivid; off and on; turn out/in; career ; surprise; pulled; blowing; dressed; scene; extraordinary; image; turn; excitement ⅡTranslation As it was a formal dinner party, I wore formal dress, as Mother told me to. 2)His girlfriend advised him to get out of /get rid of his bad habits of smoking before it took hold. 3)Anticipating that the demand for electricity will be high during the next few months, they have decided to increase its production. 4)It is said that Bill has been fired for continually violating the company’s safety rules. /Bill is said to have been fired for continually violating the company’s safety rules. 5)It is reported that the government has taken proper measures to avoid the possibility of a severe water shortage. /The local government is reported to have taken proper measures to avoid the possibility of a severe water shortage. 2.Susan lost her legs because of/in a car accident. For a time, she didn’t know how to face up to the fact she would never (be able to) walk again. One day, while scanning (through) some magazines, a true story caught her eye/she was attracted by a true story. It gave a vivid description of how a disabled girl became a writer. Greatly inspired, Susan began to feel that she, too, would finally be able to lead a useful life. Unit 2 Part ⅡReading Task Vocabulary Ⅰ1. 1)absolutely 2)available 3)every now and then 4)are urging/urged 5)destination 6)mostly 7)hangs out 8)right away 9)reunion 10)or something 11)estimate 12)going ahead 2. 1)in the examination was still on his mind. 2)was completely choked up by the sight of his team losing in the final minutes of the game. 3)was so lost in study that she forgot to have dinner. 4)has come up and I am afraid I won’t be able to accomplish the project on time. 5)of equipping the new hospital was estimated at﹩2 million. 3. 1)were postponed; the awful; is estimated 2)reference; not available; am kind of 3)not much of a teacher; skips; go ahead Ⅱ;on Ⅲor less of/sort of 4. kind of/sort of 5. more or less 6. or something Comprehensive Exercises ⅠCloze up; awful; practically; neighborhood; correspondence; available; destination; reunion; Mostly; postponing; absolutely ; savings; embarrassment; phone; interrupted; touch; envelope; signed; message; needed ⅡHalf an hour had gone by, but the last bus hadn’t come yet. We had to walk home. 2)Mary looks as if she is very worried about the Chinese exam because she hasn’t learned the texts by


3.Many products for sale seem to scream at us, "Buy me! Buy me!" Advertising is a big busin ess in our world with many products competing for our attention. Think of the last time you boug ht clothes. You probably noticed the variety of colors, patterns, fabrics and brands you could choo se from. Which kind of soft drink would you like to have today or what kind of computer do you want? Advertisers are skilled in the art of making their products look the best to appeal to our se nses. But products aren't always what they seem. Sometimes advertising is deceptive and as cons umers ,we must be careful about what we choose to buy. It is important to learn to compare prod ucts and identify our purpose in purchasing the things we need. But the good thing about advertising is that it helps people to make decisions and refine thei r choices. In the United States, the Ad Council creates timely public service messages to the nation. Th eir purpose is to raise awareness of public problems that citizens can respond to. Inspiring ads ca use individuals to take action and even save lives. Pollution in America, for example has been red uced over the years because of the creative Public Service advertisements that the council provid es" Please, please don't be a litter bug, 'cause every 'litter bit' hurts." Many families have taught t heir children to place litter in the trash can in response to this catchy phrase, which has affected g enerations as each succeeding generation has taught their children not to litter. 4.Nature imposes difficult conditions upon the earth from time to time . The tornado and fo rest fire destroy natural resources ,homes and other structures ,and very often harm or kill peopl e . Technological tragedies happen with little or no warning as we see trains crash and airplanes f all from the sky shortly after take-off. As tragic as calamities are , they seem to bring out the best in human nature . people trained in em ergency care arrive at the scene and begin assisting the inj ured .Others come with equipment to remove debris. Men , women ,and young people willingly c ome to the scene of an accident , hoping to be of help in some way . These selfless acts of kindne ss make our world a better place . compassion eases the wounds of calamities. American Airlines flight number 587 crashed less than three minutes after taking off from JF K Airport in New York in November,2001. Witnesses s aw an engine fire develop on the plane’s nu mber one engine located under the left wing of the aircraft .seconds later ,the airliner crashed int o eight homes ,completely destroying four of them .All 260 people aboard the airplane were kille d along with six people at the crash site ,leaving many people to mourn the loss of their loved on es .the residents (people who live in the area of the crash ) rallied together to comfort those griev ing, while others removed bodies from the wreckage and did the necessary clean-up. 工程实施困难的条件下在地上的时候。龙卷风和森林火灾破坏自然资源,房屋和其他建筑物,和经常伤害或杀死人。技术的悲剧发生在很少或没有预警,因为我们看到火车事故,飞机起飞后不久就从天空坠落。一样悲惨的灾难,他们似乎显示出人性中最好的。在急诊受训的人到达现场并开始帮助受伤的人则跟设备清除残骸。男人,女人,和年轻人自愿来到事故现场,希望能有帮助。这些无私的善举让我们的世界变得更美好。同情减轻灾害的伤口。 美国航空公司587号航班坠毁不到三分钟后从纽约肯尼迪机场起飞,11月2001。目击者看到一个引擎火灾发展在飞机上的1号引擎位于下飞机的左翼,接着后,客机坠毁八家,完全摧毁了四个260名乘客的飞机遇难连同6人在事故现场,造成许多人悼念失去的亲人,居民(住在崩溃的面积)聚集在一起,安慰那些悲伤,而另一些人则从残骸,并把尸体移走必要的清理。 5.Success can be reached in different ways by people in different careers. Bill Gates began at age to program computers,His vision for personal computing has been central to the success of M icrosoft Corporation, the company he founded with his childhood friend in 1975 . The former CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch, is a business legend. A famous quote by Mr. Welch is,” Chang before you have to. ”He believes in leading by example and encourages his empl oyees to do their best every day. Michael Jordan s aid,”I accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying.” He is one of the best athl etes to ever play team sports. His great smile, athletic achievements, and pleasant personality ha ve made him one of the most famous athletes in the world. Michael Jordan spent a lot of time pla ying basketball as a child but in senior middle school he was taken off the team . Instead of giving up , he worked through adversity and became the greatest basketball player yet .


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大学物理实验教材课后思考题答案 一、转动惯量: 1.由于采用了气垫装置,这使得气垫摆摆轮在摆动过程中受到的空气粘滞阻尼力矩降低至最小程度,可以忽略不计。但如果考虑这种阻尼的存在,试问它对气垫摆的摆动(如频率等)有无影响?在摆轮摆动中,阻尼力矩是否保持不变? 答:如果考虑空气粘滞阻尼力矩的存在,气垫摆摆动时频率减小,振幅会变小。(或者说对频率有影响, 对振幅有影响) 在摆轮摆动中,阻尼力矩会越变越小。 2.为什么圆环的内、外径只需单次测量?实验中对转动惯量的测量精度影响最大的是哪些因素? 答:圆环的内、外径相对圆柱的直径大很多,使用相同的测量工具测量时,相对误差较小,故只需单次测 量即可。(对测量结果影响大小) 实验中对转动惯量测量影响最大的因素是周期的测量。(或者阻尼力矩的影响、摆轮是否正常、平稳的摆动、物体摆放位置是否合适、摆轮摆动的角度是否合适等) 3.试总结用气垫摆测量物体转动惯量的方法有什么基本特点? 答:原理清晰、结论简单、设计巧妙、测量方便、最大限度的减小了阻尼力矩。 三、混沌思考题 1. 精品文档

有程序(各种语言皆可)、K值的取值范围、图 +5分 有程序没有K值范围和图 +2分 只有K值范围 +1分 有图和K值范围 +2分 2.(1).混沌具有内在的随机性:从确定性非线性系统的演化过程看,它们在混沌区的行为都表现出随机不确定性。然而这种不确定性不是来源于外部环境的随机因素对系统运动的影响,而是系统自发 精品文档

精品文档 产生的 (2).混沌具有分形的性质(3).混沌具有标度不变性(4).混沌现象还具有对初始条件的敏感依赖性:对具有内在随机性的混沌系统而言,从两个非常接近的初值出发的两个轨线在 经过长时间演化之后,可能变得相距“足够”远,表现出对初值的极端敏感,即所谓“失之毫厘,谬之千里”。 答对2条以上+1分,否则不给分,只举例的不给分。 四、半导体PN 结 (1)用集成运算放大器组成电流一电压变换器测量11610~10--A 电流,有哪些优点? 答:具有输入阻抗低、电流灵敏度高、温漂小、线性好、设计制作简单、结构牢靠等优点。 (2)本实验在测量PN 结温度时,应该注意哪些问题? 答:在记录数据开始和结束时,同时都要记录下干井中温度θ,取温度平均值θ。 (3)在用基本函数进行曲线拟合求经验公式时,如何检验哪一种函数式拟合得最好,或者拟合的经验公式最符合实验规律? 答:运用最小二乘法,将实验数据分别代入线性回归、指数回归、乘幂回归这三种常用的基本函数,然后求出衡量各回归方程好坏的拟合度R 2。拟合度最接近于1的函数,拟合得最好。 五、地磁场 (1)磁阻传感器和霍耳传感器在工作原理有什么区别? 答:前者是磁场变化引起材料阻值变化,最终使得电桥外接电压转变为对应的输出电压;后者是磁场变化引起流经材料内部的载流子发生偏转而产生电压。 (2)为何坡莫合金磁阻传感器遇到较强磁场时,其灵敏度会降低?用什么方法来恢复其原来的灵敏度? 答:传感器遇到强磁场感应时,对应的磁阻材料将产生磁畴饱和现象,外加磁场很难改变磁阻材料的


Key to Exercises Opener Mary is thinking of getting a tattoo tomorrow afternoon. She asks Mel to join her, but Mel cannot because she has to work tomorrow. And then Mary invites Mel to go to a party tomorrow night. Mel hesitates at first, but finally decides to go with Mary. They will meet at eight o’clock. Abbreviation Meaning 1. TGIF Thank God it’s Friday 2. AMA Ask me anything 3. OMG Oh my God! 4. YOLO You only live once 5. FOMO Fear of missing out 6. FYI For your information 7. LOL Laugh out loud 8. TBH To be honest 9. PPL People 10. ETA Estimated time of arrival Transcript: A: Hey, Mary. B: Hey, Mel. A: TGIF.

B: TGIF. A: Mel, I need some advice on something. B: AMA A: Yeah, thanks. I’m thinking of getting a tattoo. B: OMG! Really Are you serious A: Well, YOLO. B: That’s true. A: Well. B: When are you going to do it A: I’m thinking tomorrow afternoon. Do you want to come B: Oh, I’d love to come, but I’ve got to work tomorrow. Oh, major FOMO. A: What a shame! B: Yeah, A: Well, FYI, there’s a party tomorrow night. And if you are not busy, you can come to that instead. B: I’m not busy, but TBH I really need to take it easy this weekend. A: What That’s so not like you. B: LOL, that’s true. A: Party is in Hackney Wick. It’s gonna be good, good music, good PPL. B: Oh, major FOMO again. Oh, what the hell Yes, why not I’ll go.


第 1 章Linux 概况 一、选择题 1、下列哪个选项不是Linux 支持的? A. 多用户 B. 超进程 C. 可移植 D. 多进程 2、Linux 是所谓的“Free Software”,这个“Free”的含义是什么? A. Linux 不需要付费 B. Linux 发行商不能向用户收费 C. Linux 可自由修改和发布 D.只有Linux 的作者才能向用户收费 3、以下关于Linux 内核版本的说法,错误的是? A. 依次表示为主版本号.次版本号.修正次数的形式 B. 1.2.2 表示稳定的发行版 C. 2.2.6 表示对内核2.2 的第6 次修正 D. 1.3.2 表示稳定的发行版 4、以下哪个软件不是Linux 发行版本? A. 红旗 Server 4 B. Solaris 10 C. RedHat 9 D. Fedora 8 5、与Windows 相比Linux 在哪个方面相对应用得较少? A. 桌面 B. 嵌入式系统 C. 服务器 D. 集群 A6、Linux 系统各组成部分中哪一项是基础? A.内核 B. X Window C. Shell D. Gnome B7、Linux 内核管理不包括的子系统是哪个? A. 进程管理系统 B. 内存管理系统 C. 文件管理系统 D. 硬件管理系统 A8、下面关于Shell 的说法,不正确的是哪个? A. 操作系统的外壳 B. 用户与Linux 内核之间的接口 C. 一种和C 类似的高级程序设计语言 D. 一个命令语言解释器 B9、以下哪种Shell 类型在Linux 环境下不能使用? A.B Shell B.K Shel C.R Shell D.Bash 10、在Linux 中把声卡当作何种设备? A. 字符设备 B. 输出设备 C. 块设备 D. 网络设备 二、填空题 1、Linux 采用 LRU 算法(最近最少使用)算法,淘汰最近没有访问的


Unit 1 Living in Harmony Enhance Your Language Awareness 1. Text A amaze bunch bundle capacity commerce conquer display drop roast rob style symbol vague figure Text B appreciate participate shift slip 1)My neighbours are a friendly bunch of people. 2)Dave amazed his friends by leaving a well-paid job to travel around the world. 3)The employees in this company work an eight-hour shift . 4)The professor came to the classroom with a bundle of newspapers under his arm. 5)A passenger asked the driver: “Could you drop me off near the post office? I'd like to post a letter.” 6)The little girl's capacity for learning languages astonished me. 7)How many countries will be participating in the Olympic Games? 8)I like the typically French style of living. It is so romantic. 9)They have made their fortunes from industry and commerce . 10)They threatened to shoot him and rob him of all his possessions.


Teaching Planning College English Integrated Course Book Three Unit Two The Freedom Givers Zhong wen 1.Background Information Teacher: zhong wen Students: 56 sophomores Content of the textbook: unit-2 text A the Freedom Givers Textbook: foreign language teaching and research press Time duration:10 minutes 2.Textbook Analysis The author tells three stories about the Underground Railroad and early Black civil rights movement. The three stories are chosen because they are representative of all participants in this movement: John Parke r is a freed slave who later turned into a courageous “conductor”; Levi Coffin is a brave white “conductor”; Josiah Henson is a slave who struggled his way to freedom with the help of the Underground Railroad. We learn about the name of Josiah Henson at the beginning of the text, yet his full story is not told until the last part. In this way the author achieves coherence of text. 3.Students Analysis The class is made up of 56 students, with 30 girls and 26 boys ,who have a good knowledge of Basic English, but know very little about the American culture behind the language. So in this introduction part, It is necessary to introduce some background information to the students before reading 4.Teaching Objectives Students will be able to: 1.understand the main idea(early civil-rights struggles in the US, esp. the underground Railroad) 2.grasp the key language points and grammatical structures in the text, 3.conduct a series of reading, listening, speaking and writing activities related to the theme of the unit 4.Appreciate the various techniques employed by the writer (comparison and contrast, topic sentence followed by detail sentences, use of transitional devices,etc.); 5.Teaching Procedures: Greetings Step 1 Lead-in T: Today we are going to talk about the ethic heroes in American history, before the class, I’d like to introduce the slavery to all of you. T: Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States, during his term of office; he led the civil war and abolished the slavery. T: In the battle against slavery, not only did the president try his best to abolish this system, but also the people, especially the black people living in the South America try hard to fight for their own feat. Today, we will introduce some freedom givers in the American history. Before


习题1 1.1选择题 (1) 一运动质点在某瞬时位于矢径),(y x r 的端点处,其速度大小为 (A)dt dr (B)dt r d (C)dt r d | | (D) 22)()(dt dy dt dx [答案:D] (2) 一质点作直线运动,某时刻的瞬时速度s m v /2 ,瞬时加速度2 /2s m a ,则一秒钟后质点的速度 (A)等于零 (B)等于-2m/s (C)等于2m/s (D)不能确定。 [答案:D] (3) 一质点沿半径为R 的圆周作匀速率运动,每t 秒转一圈,在2t 时间间隔中,其平均速度大小和平均速率大小分别为 (A) t R t R 2, 2 (B) t R 2,0 (C) 0,0 (D) 0,2t R [答案:B] 1.2填空题 (1) 一质点,以1 s m 的匀速率作半径为5m 的圆周运动,则该质点在5s 内,位移的大小 是 ;经过的路程是 。 [答案: 10m ; 5πm] (2) 一质点沿x 方向运动,其加速度随时间的变化关系为a=3+2t (SI),如果初始时刻质点的速度v 0为5m·s -1,则当t 为3s 时,质点的速度v= 。 [答案: 23m·s -1 ] (3) 轮船在水上以相对于水的速度1V 航行,水流速度为2V ,一人相对于甲板以速度3V 行走。如人相对于岸静止,则1V 、2V 和3V 的关系是 。 [答案: 0321 V V V ]

1.3 一个物体能否被看作质点,你认为主要由以下三个因素中哪个因素决定: (1) 物体的大小和形状; (2) 物体的内部结构; (3) 所研究问题的性质。 解:只有当物体的尺寸远小于其运动范围时才可忽略其大小的影响,因此主要由所研究问题的性质决定。 1.4 下面几个质点运动学方程,哪个是匀变速直线运动? (1)x=4t-3;(2)x=-4t 3+3t 2+6;(3)x=-2t 2+8t+4;(4)x=2/t 2-4/t 。 给出这个匀变速直线运动在t=3s 时的速度和加速度,并说明该时刻运动是加速的还是减速的。(x 单位为m ,t 单位为s ) 解:匀变速直线运动即加速度为不等于零的常数时的运动。加速度又是位移对时间的两阶导数。于是可得(3)为匀变速直线运动。 其速度和加速度表达式分别为 2 2484 dx v t dt d x a dt t=3s 时的速度和加速度分别为v =20m/s ,a =4m/s 2。因加速度为正所以是加速的。 1.5 在以下几种运动中,质点的切向加速度、法向加速度以及加速度哪些为零哪些不为零? (1) 匀速直线运动;(2) 匀速曲线运动;(3) 变速直线运动;(4) 变速曲线运动。 解:(1) 质点作匀速直线运动时,其切向加速度、法向加速度及加速度均为零; (2) 质点作匀速曲线运动时,其切向加速度为零,法向加速度和加速度均不为零; (3) 质点作变速直线运动时,其法向加速度为零,切向加速度和加速度均不为零; (4) 质点作变速曲线运动时,其切向加速度、法向加速度及加速度均不为零。 1.6 |r |与r 有无不同?t d d r 和d d r t 有无不同? t d d v 和t d d v 有无不同?其不同在哪里?试举例说明. 解:(1)r 是位移的模, r 是位矢的模的增量,即r 12r r ,12r r r ; (2) t d d r 是速度的模,即t d d r v t s d d . t r d d 只是速度在径向上的分量. ∵有r r ?r (式中r ?叫做单位矢),则 t ?r ?t r t d d d d d d r r r 式中 t r d d 就是速度在径向上的分量,


大学英语综合教程一 Unit 1 Growing Up Part II Language Focus Vocabulary Ⅰ. 1.respectable 2.agony 3.put…down 4.sequence 5.hold back 6.distribute 7.off and on 8.vivid 9.associate 10.finally 11.turn in 12.tackle 2. 1.has been assigned to the newspaper’s Paris office. 2.was so extraordinary that I didn’t know whether to believe him or not.

3.a clear image of how she would look in twenty years’ time. 4.gave the command the soldiers opened fire. 5.buying bikes we’ll keep turning them out. 3. 1.reputation, rigid, to inspire 2.and tedious, What’s more, out of date ideas https://www.sodocs.net/doc/4512305091.html,pose, career, avoid showing, hardly hold back Ⅱ. https://www.sodocs.net/doc/4512305091.html,posed 2.severe 3.agony 4.extraordinary 5.recall https://www.sodocs.net/doc/4512305091.html,mand 7.was violating 8.anticipate Ⅲ. 1.at 2.for 3.of 4.with