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1 Shyness can vary from feeling mild discomfort to high levels of anxiety (从感觉轻微的不适高度的焦虑) that impact us in almost everything we do.

2 Despite his stubbornness, he knew in his heart that he should avoid arousing any suspicions(避免引起任何怀疑).

3 It will be interpreted as criticism no matter what you say.(成批评,无论你说什么).

4 Let’s not allow ourselves to be upset by trifles (让我们不要为小事情烦心) (which) we should ignore and forget.

5 Too much time spent dwelling on the past (花太多的时间老是想着过去) can get in the way of enjoying life as it happens.

6 People who believe they can accomplish goals and solve problems (相信自己能够完成目标并解决问题的人) are more likely to do well in school.


1.She wore a dress with pattern of roses (有玫瑰图案)on it.

2.Helen had prepared a wonderful meal for us.(为我们准备了一顿丰盛的饭菜)

3.Ann promised faithfully (信誓旦旦地保证)that she would never tell.

4.Could you deliver this letter(把这封信送到)to the accounts department?

5.We well offered a selection of milk and plain chocolate.(精选的牛奶巧克力和纯巧克力)

6.Tell the children to keep out of mischief themselves.(别胡闹)

7.We could hear the sound of distant thunder.(远处打雷的声音)

8.The project has now received approval form the government .(得到政府的批准)

9.Kelly loved her husband in spite of the fact that he drank too much.(虽然他喝酒太多)

10.Experts seem unable to agree whether the drug is safe or not .(就这个药是否安全取得一致意见)

Unit 3


Because of an emergency, the doctor will not be available for several hours.


How will taxes affect people with low incomes?


My mother always told m e that in the long run I would be glad I didn’t give up practicing the piano.


These book range in price from $10 to $20.


6.It seems to me that you don’t have much choice.


Given their inexperience, they have done quite a good job.

7. 对这么一幢大房子来说这价格相当便宜,但你得考虑维修费用

For such a big house the price is fairly low/cheap, but you’ve got to take into consideration the money you will spend on repairs.


Can we begin with discussing questions arising from the last meeting?

Unit 4

1. I used to enjoy photography,(我过去喜欢摄影)but I now have no time to pursue any hobbies.

2. There is no sure way to predict (没有一种可确信的方式来预测)who will develop asthma and who won’t.

3. Today neurobiologists no longer argue about whether or not the brain can grow new cells.(大脑是否能生成新细胞)

4. I don’t love acting as much as I once did(像以前那样), said Angelina Jolie.

5.If you don’t define your goal ,you don’t know in which direction you should be heading.(你应该向哪个方向前进)

6.While you should not dwell on your past ,spending some time reviewing and thinking about the path you have taken.(花些时间回顾和思考你走过的路)

7.You may love someone but not necessarily have to marry him.(不一定得和他结婚)

8.These examples demonstrate how poorly some students write their resumes.(有些学生的简历写得多么差)

Unit 5

1.Seeing all the people walking to and fro outside the office ,(看到所有的人在办公室外面走来走去)I became more worried.

2.In time he well see who is his true friend to be relied on in difficulty。(谁是他真正的朋友,在困难时可依靠)

3.That scientist’s experiment gave birth to a new drug,(那位科学家的实验使一种新药问世)a better cure for high blood pressure.

4.He got used to being in this room during the winter, shut in by the four walls and a sloping ceiling.(被四堵墙和一个倾斜的天花板困在里面)

5.I realized I would need to convince them at the first opportunity(我一有机会就要让他们相信) that I was a policeman not a politician.

6.When you sweep away an old society, (当你清除一个旧的社会时)you can’t overnight change the institutions of thought that have been built up over centuries.

7.By the close of this century,(在本世纪临近结束时)another two billion people will be born, the great majority in developing countries.

8.If you long for a better future for yourself , your family and your country, (如果你渴望自己,自己的家,自己的国家有更好的未来)stay and continue your studies here.

Uint 6


If I had to select one plan, I would not hesitate to support the latter.


He seemed not guilty, but the evidence suggested otherwise.


I warned him off going to the east coast because it was full of tourists.


The fact that something is cheap doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of low quality.


Without anyone to turn to for help, making an appropriate choice can be difficult./it would be difficult to make an appropriate chice.

6. 他用音乐表现了他失去妻子的悲痛。

His sadness at the death of his wife found expression in his music.


Only when people overcome their shyness, can they live more confidently.


I’m not buying the children anything else today, as it is I’ve spent for too much money.

Uint 7


I didn’t realize putting on/staging a play involved so much work.

2.最重要的不是你说的,而是你做的。( …not that… but that…)

The most important thing is not what you say but what you do.

3.在这样的情况下,这个结果是所能期待的最好的。(in such circumstances)

This is the best result that can be expected in such circumstances.

4.你不是第一次处于这种情形。(find oneself…)

It isn’t the first time that you’ve fo und yourself in such a situation.


This difficulty challenges my mind to find an answer.

6.将要出现的新的威胁是失业。(on the horizon, unemployment)

The new threat on the horizon is unemployment.


We have alternative/different ways of expressing the same idea.

8.他喝酒的老毛病又犯了。(slip into)

He slipped into the old habit of drinking.

Unit 8

1. They are nearly 24 reported sets of twins in the town, of which nearly 12 are identical twins.(其中差不多12对是同卵双胞胎)

2. “We are well aware of his danger and won’t blindly accept what people say.”(不会盲目采纳人们说的话)stated Mr. Malcom.

3. I still remember when I first met you on the lake side.(我初次在湖边遇见你的时候)

4. when she came to writing her college project, she found other material; this world enable her to enjoy more fully the work.(使他更充分的享受该工作的乐趣)

5. As soon as the 15 minutes rest is over,(一旦15分钟的休息结束)you must start the next exercise to make the exercise programme more effective.

6. without their working as volunteers,(没有他们作为志愿者来工作)we could never be able to provide any service for those who need it.

7.Pears are treated in much the same way as some other kinds of fruit (与其他一些和水果几乎相同的方法)but are never wrapped.

8. A similar meeting held at the beginning of the year, attended by 60 people including teachers、nurses and doctors,(有包括教师、护士、和医生60人参加的)was very successful according to the report.