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P2 . PART1

Advantages : It is very convenient . You can make a call whenever and wherever you want to.

It is especially helpful in an emergency . It saves time .You don't have to search for or await the turn for the public phone.

You can always be reached when you are needed by others.

In an information age ,it can help you to get the information you want in the quickest way.

It may help you to grasp any chance to succeed.

You can play games and surf the net through the phone.


Disadvantages : It is quite expensive

Its radiation is harmful to health

Answering calls in public places such as on a bus is embarrassing

Making or answering calls while driving is dangerous

You can always be reached by your parents or your boss

It may ring at the moment when you least want it to

You may receive calls from strangers or advertising companies and have to pay for them .



have become increasingly violent

is more and more important for young people

is the kindest neighbour I have ever known

has a profound effect on our health

P4. specific

British English is different from American English in spelling

is not a sentence, but a fragment

Different countries have different customs

general,too emotional

The local food is tasteless and greasy

P7. Approach 1: For one thing, they should balance science and non-science courses so that they do not have too many time-consuming labs.

Approach 2:They should also try to get a mixture between subjects they find fairly easy and those that are difficult for them.

Example 1: For instance,the student who dose well in history but expects to have a terrible time with calculus might plan on taking both in the same semester to balance the work load.

Example 2: The student who dose not plan carefully and takes five tough courses the first term may wind up on scholastic probation.

P11. 4 . Paragraph 1:All invention are either basic inventions or improvement on earlier inventions.

Paragraph 2:There was a serious accident in the chemistry lab yesterday.

Paragraph 3: Nutritional deficiency is a major problem of the elderly.

5. Paragraph 1 : Topic sentence: 第一句无关句:

Many people .....to each other. 和And nowadays,....more convenience.

Paragraph 2: T S : 第一句无关句:I didn't ...last night 和 I heard that .... own children.

排序: 2

(1)First of all . (2) secondly (3)By and by (4) In addition (5)In short

P18 Paragraph B : Jack should not have taken the gymnastics course.

he fell off the uneven bars and got a concussion.

he sprained his ankle,after a bad landing off the balance beam.

he broken the support beam in the basement of his parent's home,showing them his skills. he broke his thumb when he caught it on the bar the pommel horse.

he fails the final exam in his gymnastics course.

he failed to graduate due to the lack of two hours of physical education credit

P19 T S: Some historians mark the course of the American Revolutionary War in three major periods.

1. During the first phase of the conflict ,New English was the battleground,

1)The Minutemen and the Redcoats fired the opening shots of the war at Lexington at dawn of April 19,1775 2) Shortly afterwards ,the New England colonists laid siege to Boston .the location of the British headquarters.

the second phase of the war ,which began after the signing of the Declaration ,both the British and the American made important military gains.

1)The British soldiers captured New York in the fall of 1776,and a year later they occupied Philadelphia.

2)Meanwhile the Americans were able to seize New Jersey and Saratoga.

fighting moved to the west and south during the last


1) In 1778 and 1779 several battles occurred in Kentucky and Tennessee.

2)Then two years later ,the final battle of the war was fought at Yorktown ,Virginia.

P22 . 4: 排序:4 10 5 12 3 7 15 9 14 2 11 8 13 6 1

T S: My family spent two fun-filled days at Disney World last year.

P23. 5.(1)Then (2) morning (3)afternoon (4)Then (5)After that (6)when (7)already (8)after

P33. 3. 排序: 3614752 Relationship : Primarily, the organization of the paragraph represents movement in geographical space.

P34 5. (1)into (2) crosses (3) In the center of (4) Outside (5)inside (6) On the front (7)over (8)down (9)lined with (10) At the rear

P46 4. (1)with (2)while (3)slowly (4)Gradually (5)with (6)By this time (7)Suddenly (8)final (9) ending (10) applause

5. Prepare and lay out food;make the special lanterns

Keep dancing and singing overnight

Throw the food and lanterns into a river or sea Watch the lanterns drifting way

P52 . T S : Working as a cook at the Venture Inn is the best job i have ever had.

Reasons: 1. I have a steady fort-hour workweek ,along with a chance for overtime if i want it.

can eat whatever i like ,and i get a chance to take steak and sometimes lobster home to my wife. don't have any big hassle with my boss;if i have to report late or skip a day now and then,all she asks is that i call her in advance

4. They pay is very good ,averaging close to $200 the weeks that i work overtime

5. The job is seasonal.

P57. 3. T S : Working in an apple plant was the worst job i ever had.

Examples :1: First of all,the work was physically hard

Specific details:

1)For ten hours a night ,i took cartons that rolled down a metal track and stacked them onto wooden skids in a tractor trailer.

2)Each carton contained twelve 32-ounce cans or bottles of apple juice,and they were heavy

2: The second bad feature of the job was the pay

Specific details:

I was getting the minimum wage at that time ,$ hour,plus a minimum of a nickel extra for working the night shift.

3: The worst feature of the apple plant job

was the working conditions.

Specific details:

1) During work we were limited to two 10-minute breaks and an unpaid half-hour for lunch

2)The steel floors of the trucks were like ice ;the quickly penetrating cold made my feet feel like stone.

Concluding S : I felt humiliated by the poverty that forced me to do such a bitter job.

P58 4. 排序:

Pattern : It follows Pattern 1 and uses many examples to illustrate the controlling idea.

5. (1) For example (2)Furthermore (3)In still another instance (4)Even (5)his (6)these (7)contemporary

P59 7. 1) I've never seen a girl as lazy as Arena 2) English teachers are applying different

means to teach the English language

3)Americans have been decreasing their working hours since early 1900s

4)My father has been a generous man to his children

P70 5. 排序: 213546

explain a Spanish word which has no exact English equivalent

courageous behaviour earthy sexuality

P76 Cause: 1. Over a million cars are abandoned on the streets

city governments or governmental agencies have financial headaches

Effect: lack of parking in cities

P78 Cause: the terrorist strikes

Effects: 1. The Americans feel very anxious and


3. The public would wind up ignoring the one warning that really matters.

P82 2) Cause : (1) got drunk at the party

(2)had taken the drug of Accutane

(3)adolescent depression

Effect : Bart Jr.'s suicide

4. 排序:241365 Pattern of cause and effect: single effect and multiple causes

P88 sample 1 subject: the time most students spend studying for a test

Topic sentence: The time most students spend studying for a test can be divided into three distinct phases.

Division;1)Phase One runs from the day the test is announced to approximately forty-eight hours before the exam is passed out.

2)Phase two is entered two days prior to the test.

3)Phase three ,the final phase ,is entered twelve hours before “Zero Hour.”

Sample 2 : subject: students in our school

Topic sentence: students in our school fall into three groups according to their different intentions of taking part in sports.

Division :1) students who go to the playground when they feel tired after study.

2) real sports lovers who even put aside their studies for a game.

P93 3. 1) T S: University students' entertainment can be divided into three categories according to where it takes place

Division: a) entertainment at home

b) entertainment on campus

c) entertainment elsewhere

2)T S: The average young married woman in today's society has her life divided into three different roles.

Division: a)the role of wife

b)the role of mother

c)the role of self

3) T S : Neighbours fall into three categories according to their different attitudes towards you Division:a)those who are friendly

b)those who are indifferent

c)those who hate you

P94 5: 排序:7 3 10 9 1 5 8 4 2 11 6

Subject: Christmas gifts

T S : Christmas gifts can be divided into three groups ,according to their after-Christmas fate

Division: a)those that are welcomed and put into use very soon

b)those that are halfway between being hated and loved

c)those that you banish as soon as possible

Concluding S : By New Year's Day, you have either used ,stored or disposed of each of your Christmas gifts

6. (1)types (2)Though (3) Finally (4)however(5)Even though (6)Before (7)third (8)If(9)Then (10)these

P106 4.排序:

Pattern of comparison and contrast: subject by subject

P107 5. (1)similar (2)although (3)difference (4)identical (5)again (6)while (7)But (8)difference (9)consistency (10)completely

P114 paragraph B: First statement :The invention of movable type made the mass media possible.

Supporting details: Large numbers of people could have access to learning.

Second statement :Television brought a second revolution by means of the media .

Supporting details: Television made experiences available to massive numbers of people.

Millions could watch a president being sworn in or buried ,a spaceship launched .

An Olympic race run ,comedies or talk shows at the same time .

Third statement :You ,through the medium of television ,will be a member of a “global villages”. Supporting details ;In the future , this revolution in both information and experiences will spread to the far reaches of the world and even to outer space. Ultimately, you will be able to see and talk instantly to anyone else in the world.

General statement : Technology will take a leading role in the media future as it always has in the past.

P118 3. The enormous importance of television news had started the process of change in the printed press

P119 5 .A : Programs on TV tend to have a high level of maturity

(1) fostering maturity at early age or hindering maturity

(2)misleading children to imitating scenes on TV

B: TV serials or dramas may oversimplify complex social and psychological problems.

(1)enjoying simple-minded soap operas and stereotyped characters

(2)giving a false picture of reality C:Informative and cultural programs are frequently interrupted by vulgar advertising.

(1)too many commercials

(2)an insult even to the intelligence of

a moron

P120 6.(1)Thus (2)When (3)also (4)however (5)Moreover (6)indeed (7)also (8)Yet (9) and (10)Thus P139 sample 2

写作教程2 课后答案

写作教程2 课后答案

写作教程2 课后答案

写作教程2 课后答案

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