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1.制药有限公司pharmaceutical CO. Ltd

2.副总经理deputy managing director

3.研究成果research findings/achievements

4.旅馆住宿费hotel accommodation fee

5.舒适如归make sb. comfortable

6.排忧解难help sb. out

7.建交the establishment of diplomatic relations

8.积贫积弱enduring impoverishment/long-standing debility

9.任人宰割at the mercy of other countries

10.落后要挨打lagging behind leaves one vulnerable to attacks

11.发展是硬道理development is of overriding importance

12.与时俱进keep pace with the times

13.全面建设小康社会to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects

14.科学发展观the scientific outlook on development

15.自主创新independent innovation

16.包容性增长inclusive growth

17.改善民生improve people’s well-being

18.生态文明建设ecological development


20.双边关系bilateral relations

21.销售部经理sales manager

22.调整价格adjust the price

23.合同格式format of contract

24.古迹名胜places of historic interest and scenic beauty

25.石刻碑文stone inscription

26.经典佳作great classics of ancient writers, scholars and calligraphers

27.华夏祖先Chinese ancestors

28.世界自然与文化遗产World Natural and Cultural Heritage

29.汇率大幅波动currencies fluctuate drastically

30.同舟共济、合作共赢的精神in a spirit of staying united in times of trouble

and collaborating with each other for a win-win situation

31.有机统一体an integral concept

32.首要任务the top priority

33.实体经济the real economy

34.由温饱到小康的历史性跨越 a historic breakthrough from a period of

having only basic needs met to a comfortable life

35.发展诉求development aspiration

36.任重道远an arduous and uphill task

37.减免债务debt reduction and annihilation

38.优惠贷款concessional loan

39.常住居民permanent residents

40.龙头作用play a leading role

41.支柱产业pillar industry

42.海纳百川、有容乃大the sea admits hundreds of rivers for its capacity to hold

43.磁悬浮列车the maglev train

44.大宗商品bulk commodity

45.底子薄weak economic basis


1.in an atmosphere of learning 在学术气氛中

2.reduce inventory 缩短开发周期

https://www.sodocs.net/doc/4914573985.html,pound rate 复利率

4.service-oriented 服务型

5.win-win thinking 双赢思维模式

6.predominant 主导的

https://www.sodocs.net/doc/4914573985.html,mute 外来工作者

8.temperate climate zone 温带地区

9.gross domestic product 国内生产总值

10.international cuisine 国际烹饪水准

11.scope of business 经营范围

12.make an inquiry 询价

13.free sample 免费样品

14.floor offer 底盘

15.business transaction 生意顺利成交

16.gracious hospitality 友好款待

17.bosom friend 知己

18.thriving and robust 蓬勃向上

19.business community 商业界

20.manufacturing industry 制造业

21.intellectual property rights 知识产权

22.transnational corporation 跨国公司

23.cosmopolitan city 国际大都市

24.head office 总部

25.at one’s earliest convenience在某人方便的时候




All this shows that the deeper impact of the international financial crisis is yet to be overcome and systemic and structural risks in the world economy remain outstanding.



The Framework for Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth launched at

the Pittsburgh Summit is of great importance to the long-term healthy growth of the world economy.



We should take the initiative in sustaining growth, which includes sustaining the environment as well as sustaining our fiscal, monetary, trade and industrial policies, while reducing macroeconomic fluctuations and risks.



We should strive for balanced growth, including balanced growth both among different parts and industries of a country and among different countries and regions.



We are also soberly aware that China remains the biggest developing country in the world with a huge population, weak economic basis, uneven development, and strong pressure on resources and the environment and that people’s living standards are still not so high.



To achieve genuine long-term and sustainable growth of the world economy, it is imperative to help the great number of developing countries achieve full development and narrow the gap in development between the North and the South.



We must take more credible actions to address the issue of development.

In particular, we must secure development resources, improve development institutions and promote development cooperation to ensure that the UN MDGs be met as scheduled.



The World Bank, the IMF and other international financial institutions should make their resources available, on a priority basis, to developing countries, favoring the least developed countries in particular.


Since the outbreak of the international financial crisis, China has provided assistance to developing countries through multiple means and channels.



We contributed $50 billion to IMF’s resource increase with an explicit request that the resources be used, first and foremost, to help the least developed countries.



We signed bilateral currency swap agreements worth 650 billion yuan with relevant countries and regions in a joint response to the impact of the financial crisis.



On behalf of the Chinese Government, I would like to make the solemn commitment that China will continue to offer assistance to other developing countries as its ability permits within the framework of South-South cooperation, and do its utmost to help other developing countries realize development.



Shanghai is one of the world’s largest seaports and among China’s biggest industrial, commercial, financial and shipping centers.



Shanghai has attracts millions of Chinese and overseas tourists with its unique charm. As an international metropolis, Shanghai provides direct flights to more than 60 cities in the world.



Rejuvenating the city by relaying on science and education, invigorating the city by relaying on talents and striving to build a cluster of modern, world-class service industries-----these have not only become the consensus of the Shanghai people, but also turned from rhetoric to action.



Shanghai’s great tolerance originates from its history of sufficient opening-up. The rapid rise of Shanghai owes so much to China’s reform and opening to the outside world.



The boundless expanse of the Chinese territory is dotted with innumerable sights of gorgeous and varied natural scenery. Five thousand years of splendid Chinese civilization have contributed to the extraordinary enchanting beauty of this poetic and picturesque land.



These five great mountains are known for different characteristics. People visit Mount Tai for its majesty, Mount Heng in South China for its elegance, Mount Hua for its precipitousness, Mount Heng in North China for its seclusion, and Mount Song for its Chinese martial arts, of course.


This mountain impresses visitors with its majesties and precipitous appeal, its summit Yuhuangding overlooking the surrounding valleys and perilous peaks.


To reach Mount Tai’s summit, we will follow the zigzag and tortuous paths, along which we will feast our eyes on the charming scenery and appreciate the ancient architecture works of various styles.



I’m very glad that you’re interested in our products. Actually the brochure shows just a fraction of our machine tools.



Here’s my C.I.F. US Pacific Coastal City price list. We may adjust the prices according to the quantity you want.



We would like to import auto parts from your company on a regular basis, provided your prices compare favorably with those of others.


I believe this initial cooperation will lead to many more in the future.



A remark in The Analects of Confucius can best express what I feel now, “It

is such a delight to have friends coming from afar!”



Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese people, through self-reliance, have carried out the national program of reform and opening up and, by keeping pace with the times, have made great achievements in building socialism that have caught the attention of the world.



We must be fully aware of the fact that China is still a developing country with a low level of productivity on the whole, and it is still at the primary stage of building socialism and will remain so for many years to come.



It is in the spirit of safeguarding world peace and ensuring common development and prosperity that we have made our current foreign policies, as well as our economic and trade policies, and wish to promote our friendly relations with any other countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.



It gives me such a great pleasure to meet you and your family here in Shanghai and I’m very glad that you will be working with us for the next six months.



If you should encounter any inconveniences in your life and work, do not hesitate to let me know and I’ll be very glad to help you out.

31.In the 19th century London was the largest and most influential city in the

world, the center of a large and prosperous overseas empire.


32.Although it no longer ranks among the world’s most populous cities, London

is still one of the world’s major financial and cultural capitals.


33.Much of the outer portion of this huge conglomeration of people and

activities is made up of low-rise residential development.


34.The East End of London, in strong contrast to the prosperous West End, has

frequently been characterized by slums, poverty, and crime.


35.What Londoners do for a living has changed considerably since the city was a

commercial and industrial center in the 19th century.


36.Scattered throughout the Soho and Convent Garden sections are foreign

restaurants and entertainment attractions, including the Royal Opera House and most of London’s maj or theaters and movies houses.


37.The agenda you’ve set forth here for the next two-and –a –half days in one

that goes to the heart of what is exciting and important to business and industry today.


38.Even we have more yet to do, we have been reaping exciting rewards by

effectively using work teams to reengineer processes to gain improvements in costs, quality and response times.


39.We have reduced working capital investments by about 56 percent, increased

inventory turnover by nearly 43percent, reduced outstanding receivable by over 15 percent, and save $ 150 million in purchasing costs via a corporate-wide strategic sourcing initiative.


40.The truth is that while we at Wilson think we are doing unusually well with

what we are doing, how we are doing it is not usual in the business and manufacturing industries today.


41.There’s plenty of research that proves that emotional intelligence skill can be

learned, honed, and enjoyed at any stage life.


42.Teamwork really builds. If there’s no trust and honesty among employees and

everyone is maneuvering based on what it might do for their careers, you’re not going to accomplish much.



43.All these years I’ve been looking forward to visiting this great and legendary

country, and I feel very honored and pleased that I’ll be working with my Chinese colleagues in the head office of your automobile group.


44.Back in my college days, a professor of Oriental civilization introduced me to

the wealth of Confucianism and Taoism, and by doing that he planted in the depths of my mind the inexplicable “China dream”.


45.I’ll maximize this opportunity to learn as much as I can and make as many

friends as I can. I promise I’ll become a real expert on C hina in no time.


46.A series of geological and historical accidents have made Australia one of the

world’s most attractive countries from the tourist’s viewpoint.


47.Here you witness an astonishing variety of environments, from desert to rain

forest, from tropical beach to white snowfield, from big, sophisticated cities to vast uninhabited areas.



48.Tourism is a major industry in Australia, representing about six percent of the

gross domestic product and providing, directly or indirectly, around 440, 000 jobs.


49.Tipping is neither encouraged nor routine, although visitors may reward

special services if they wish, in which case 10 percent of the bill is adequate.


50.Official tourist offices are in all Australian capitals and some regional centers,

providing a range of services for visitors. Many smaller towns have their own offices.


51.My demand is bulk, but of course I’ll have to reduce the quantity of my

intended purchase substantially with your offer.


52.China is such an enormous market that nobody can afford to neglect. My

company is willing to establish business relations with all interested Chinese parties.



53.If you don’t mind, I’d like to make an inquiry. Here’s the list of our interested

machine tools. I’d like to hear your lowest quotations C.I.F. Seattle.


54.I have read your brochure and am very impressed by your scope of business,

especially the variety of machine tools you manufacture.


55.As usual, we’d like to quote our new customers the most reasonable price to

start our business relationship for the future, even at the cost of a substantial loss on our part.


56.Although we live with a distance of thousands of miles between us, “Long

distance separated no bosom friends,” as one of your Tang poets said.


57.The whole world is watching with great interest the remarkable changes that

are taking place in China, particularly in Shanghai, a thriving and robust megalopolis.


58.I am also seeking possibilities of establishing, through partnership with our

Chinese colleagues, a joint consultancy firm that will provide services for transnational corporation in Shanghai.


59.We would like His Honor to visit our city at his earliest convenience, so as to

give us an opportunity to return the warm reception and hospitality we enjoy here.


60.In spite of the worldwide economic recession in recent years, there has been

steady growth in our economic cooperation and trade volume.



Unit1 1.欢迎希尔博士和夫人来访上海。 Welcome to Shanghai, Dr. and Mrs. Hill. 2.请允许我做自我介绍。 Please allow me to introduce myself. 3.我叫洪建信,是中美医药公司的副总经理。 My name is Jianxin Hong. I am deputy managing director of t he Sino-American Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd. 4. 我们很荣幸能请到您,我也特别高兴能认识您。 It is a great honor to have you here with us .And I am so delighted to make your acquaintance . 5. 我们去取行李吧。 We wil go there and pick up the luggage . 4.久闻先生大名, 我在研究生学习时期所写的两篇论文曾参考了您的研究成果。 I have long heard of you,and as a matter of fact, I referred to your research findings in a couple of my papers during my graduate studies. 6.我为能在上海接待您和您的家人深感愉快,我很高兴我们能在今后的半年里合作共事。 It gives me such a great pleasure to meet you and your family here in Shanghai and I am very glad that you will be working with us for the next six months.


1.3 US Vice President's Speech at Fudan University 美国副总统在复旦大学的演讲开场白 Thank you very much, Mr. Mayor. I appreciate your kind words of introduction. And we're delighted to be here today. My wife and I are privileged to have the opportunity once again to travel in China. // We are grateful for the welcome we have received, especially for the kind of reception here at Fudan University. We thank you for the honor, and we bring you good wishes from President George W. Bush and the people of the United States.// 非常感谢您,市长先生。谢谢您做介绍时的友好言辞。今天我们很高兴来到这里。我夫人与我为有这次机会再次来到中国访问感到荣幸。感谢贵国对我们的欢迎,特别感谢复旦大学的热情接待。我们为此感到不胜荣幸,谢谢你们。我们此行带来了布什总统和美国人民的良好祝愿。 I know that many of you will soon graduate from this great university. I am told the standards are extremely demanding here, and a degree from Fudan University signifies years of hard work and discipline. I congratulate each one of you on your achievement, and I commend your teachers for upholding the tradition of excellence that marks the 99-year history of Fudan University.


2020年翻译资格考试英语高级口译指导 译事三难:信、达、雅。求其信,已大难矣!故信矣,不达,虽译,犹不译也,则达上焉。...易曰:“修辞立诚。”子曰:“辞达而已!”又曰:“言而无文,行之不远。”三者乃文章正轨,亦即为译事楷模。故信、达而外,求其尔雅...——严复《天演论.译立言》 1. 原文:All around was open loneliness and black solitude,over which a stiff breeze blew。(Thomas Hardy:Tess of the d'Urbervilles) 译文:周围一切,仅仅一片空旷的荒寒,一团漆黑的僻静,一股 劲风,在上面吹动。(张谷若译) 赏析:“一片”、“一团”、“一股”,量词的准确使用增强了 疑问的表现力。 2. 原文:She denied it,denied everything,bone and stone. 译文:她矢口否认,死不认账。 赏析:原文中的"bone and stone"形象生动,但将其直译成“语 气硬得像骨头和石头”,去不一定能为我国读者所接受,改译成“死 不认账”,就自然、生动的多。翻译本来就是一个有得有失的过程, 完全传达原文的意义、精神、意韵、形象实不可能,好的译者总是善 于抓住原文的精髓,在译文中尽力将其传达出来,而将原文那些相对 来说不甚重要的且又无法传达的割舍开去,借用依据哲学的术语,就 是“抓住要矛盾或矛盾的主要方面”,至于哪些是“主要矛盾或矛盾 的主要方面”,哪些是“次要矛盾或矛盾的次要方面”,取决于翻译 的目的、翻译语境以及译者的理解水平。

3. 原文:The reverberation of fighting between the forces of India and Pakistan are reaching us in increasing volume. 译文:印度和巴基斯坦两国部队的杀伐声一阵紧似一阵传到我们这里来。(黄邦杰:《译艺谭》) 赏析:黄邦杰先生说:“对一个译者来说,译一个词,不但要准确的把词义译出,而且要把这词所具有的特色、词义的细微差别以及作者褒贬的态度和正反的说法,不温不火、不多很多地加以体现。”"The reverberation of fighting"译为“杀伐声”,"in increasing volume"译为“一阵紧似一阵”,绘声绘色,活灵活现,让人不能不佩服。 4. 原文:The ignorant old woman who ruled for the entire last half of the nineteenth century did more than any other single person to hold back China's progress.(Lin Yutang:Moment in Peking) 译文:那个愚蠢无知的老太婆统治了十九世纪后五十年,使中国不能进步,她可算功劳第一。(张振玉译) 赏析:“她可算是功劳第一”,反语的使用,辛辣无比。 本期练习:翻译下列句子 His discourse,says Speidel,"become lost in fantastic digressions." 答案: 译文:斯派达尔后来说,他的的谈话“越说越远,越说越离奇,最后不知说到哪里去了。”


Lesson 3 3.3 Steve Forbes on Forbes 我祖父二十世纪初来到美国,他离开苏格兰时身上没有什么钱。连他在内有兄弟姐妹10人,不过他自小受到很好的教育。像许多人一样,他也是满怀憧憬和理想来到美国的。** 他创办了《福布斯》杂志,报道那些实干家,那些给商业社会带来变革的人。 我祖父常说,做生意不是为了堆积百万财富,而是为了带来幸福快乐。如今我们讲到公司和经营,文章中会用到许多数字,但是焦点一直放在人上面。**对公司而言,最重要的是人,而不是资产负债表。以前我祖父是这样看的,我们现在也这样看。 ** 当前世界信息泛滥,足以将人淹么其中,人们迫切需要一本刊物来解读这些信息,告诉读者哪些重要哪些可以不必理会。这就是《福布斯》的价值所在。我们提供额外的视角和判断。我们从不停留于表面,总想看看公司到底如何经营的,正是当今芜杂繁多的信息使得《福布斯》日益重要。 3.4 Introduction to an arts and crafts company Distinguished guests, dear friends: I feel honored to have this opportunity to introduce our company to you through the platform provided by this conference. Founded 15 years ago, we are a company specializing in the design, manufacture and sales of handicrafts. Fifteen years ago our staff numbered 50; now the figure is 1,700. Fifteen years ago we rented a facility covering a floor space of4,500 square meters; now our own facility covers a floor space of 24,000 square meters. **These figures speak loudly and clearly of our success. Our leading products are various architectural models, including exotic European cathedrals, the


0903高口英译汉 1.In-state tuition. 州民学费 背景补充:美国的州立大学的学费往往有两种:In-state tuition,州民学费,针对本州居民的学费,条件是学生自己必须是本州的居民,至少是美国公民,其学费相对是较低的。这种低廉的学费非常有助于州立大学吸引成绩优异但家境不够富裕的学生。Out-of-state tuition,非州民学费,针对本州居民以外,往往是in-state tuition的三至四倍。 2.Ivy League:长春藤盟校 背景补充:Ivy League:通常译为“长春藤盟校”,除了著名的Harvard哈佛和Yale耶鲁外,还包括Princeton University普林斯顿大学、University of Pennsylvania 宾西法尼亚大学、Dartmouth College 达特茅斯学院、Columbia University 哥伦比亚大学、Cornell University 康乃尔大学和Brown University布朗大学。这些大学都是私立的名校,以高质量的教学和高昂的学费而著称。 0903高口汉译英 好听的话=奉承的话:flattery 赞美/恭维话:compliment 拂耳之言:offensive words/criticism 不悦:unhappy; displeased 愠怒:be angry; be irritated 身居要职: occupy an important position; hold an important post 心悦诚服: be gladly/completely convinced 雅量:(宽宏的气度)magnanimity; generosity;(大的酒量)great capacity to drink 心性:disposition; temperament 修养:self-cultivation 缺陷:flaw; defect 花言巧语:blandishments; fine rhetoric; deceiving words 投其所好:hit on what one likes; cater to another’s pleasure 可乘之机:Loophole: (法律上的)漏洞、空子 忠诚:loyal; faith 直言不讳:speak out frankly without reserve 在理智上:in reason 伟大哲学家老子:Laozi, the great philosopher 兼听则明,偏信则暗:listen to both sides and you will be enlightened; heed only one side and you will be benighted; benighted (being misled) by one-sided opinion, enlightened by difference voices. 忠言逆耳利于行: Honest advice, though unpleasant to the ear, benefits your conduct./ Truth hurts, but helps. 美言不信,信言不美: Beautiful words are truthful; truthful words are not nice to hear./ Embellished words are not true while true words are not embellished. 背离:go against; betray 古训:old teaching


Lesson 10 10.3 中与欧盟的关系 女士们、先生们、朋友们: 今天,我很荣幸给大家介绍欧盟的一些情况以及欧盟与中国的关系。 欧盟全称为欧洲联盟,是在欧洲共同体基础上由25个(27)独立的国家组成的,目的是为了加强政治、经济和社会合作。原来称“欧共体”或“欧洲经济共同体”。 目前的25个成员国是奥地利、比利时、丹麦、芬兰、法国、希腊、爱尔兰、意大利、卢森堡、荷兰、葡萄牙、西班牙、瑞典、英国、塞浦路斯(希腊部分)、捷克共和国、爱沙尼亚、匈牙利、拉脱维亚、立陶宛、马耳他、欧兰、斯洛伐克、斯洛文尼亚。 欧盟25国总面积400万平方公里,接近半个中国的面积。总人口数为4.544亿,排行第三,仅次于中国和印度,约占世界总人口的7%。 欧盟统一货币为欧元,2002年1月1日正式启用。到目前为止,已经有12个欧盟成员国用欧元取代其本国货币。统一货币使人们出门旅行、对比价格更为容易,它还为欧洲的商业往来、刺激增长与竞争创造了一个稳定的环境。 到目前为止,欧盟的国内生产总值逾10万亿美元。作为一个整体,这个规模与它的主要竞争对手美国差不多。经济总量和贸易总额分别占全球25%和35%。 欧盟与中国关系十分友好。今年5月欧盟与中国就建交30周年了。去年,欧盟与中国的进出口贸易总额达到2,000亿欧元。德国是中国最大的贸易伙伴,英国、荷兰名列第二和第三。 欧盟正抓住当前大好的历史机遇——团结曾经分裂的欧洲大陆,创造一个和平、稳定、民主的欧洲。*** 这次欧盟的扩大还将创造一个几乎拥有5亿消费者的统一市场,这个市场饱含经济增长和不断繁荣的极大潜力。 我的话讲完了,谢谢大家!

10.4 中国与东盟的关系 A: Excuse me, could you tell me when ASEAN was established? And how many member countries does it have now? B: 东盟于1967年8月8日成立,目前有10个成员国,它们是:文莱、柬埔寨、印度尼西亚、老挝、马来西亚、缅甸、菲律宾、泰国、新加坡和越南。 A: Besides these 10 member countries, ASEAN also always holds the 10+1, 10+3 meetings. Does it mean that ASEAN has some dialogue partners? B: 是的。东盟有10个对话伙伴,它们是澳大利亚、加拿大、中国、欧盟、印度、日本、俄罗斯、新西兰、韩国和美国。 A:What is the area that ASEAN covers? How man languages are spoken in this region? What is the total population? B: 东盟地区面积大约有450万平方公里,有14中官方语言和7种宗教。人口总数在2000年有5.12亿。 A: 4.5 million square kilometers is about half of China’s territory, such a big regional organization neighboring China. How is the relationship between ASEAN and China now? B:东盟不仅在区域上面积广大,在经济、政治、科技上也是一个举足轻重的地区。所有的东盟成员国都是中国的友好近邻。自从上世纪90年代以来,中国与东盟的关系一直很好,政治联系日益密切。 A:Can you give some data? B: 在中国与东盟的关系中,经贸、科技方面的合作是基本的组成部分。1994年的贸易总额从120亿增加到235亿美元,其中中国出口额109.2亿美元,进口123.6亿美元。双方的相互投资过去几年也不断增加。东盟在劳务合作和项目建设方面已经成为中国的重要市场。中国和东盟已经同意用8年的时间创建世界人口最密集的自由贸易区。 A:The relationship is very good economically, but how about


On China’s Entry into the WTO 论中国入世 艰苦努力painstaking efforts 世贸组织新成员new member of the WTO 具有历史意义的一件大事a major event of historic significance 现代化建设modernization drive 产生重要而深远的影响exert important and far-reaching influence on 经济发展economic development 社会进步social progress. 加入世贸组织joining the WTO // accession to the WTO // entry into the WTO // WTO entry 重大战略决策a major strategic decision 改革开放reform, opening up 中国深入参与China's in-depth participation in 经济全球化economic globalization. 最大的发展中国家the largest developing country 不完整的incomplete 普遍性和公正性universality and fairness 多边贸易体制multilateral trading system. 利弊advantages and disadvantages 许多方面many aspects 发展机遇opportunities for development 扩大就业总量expand total employment volume 提高人民生活水平raise people's living standards 更好地利用外资make better use of foreign capital 有利于conducive to 实施“走出去”战略implementing the strategy of "going globe-wide" 参加国际竞争与合作participating in international competition and cooperation 在更广阔的天地in a broader world 利于我国分享……好处advantageous to China's share of the benefits 严峻的挑战grim challenges 从观念上、体制上做必要的调整make necessary conceptual and structural adjustments 经济的管理economic management, 相应的转变corresponding changes 企业的管理方法enterprises' management method 经营机制operational mechanisms 随着……的进入along with the inflow 服务业service trades 中国产业Chinese industries 成本高、技术水平低和管理落后的企业enterprises with high cost, low technical level and backward management 遭受一定的冲击和压力be subjected to certain impact and pressure 迎接这些挑战meet these grim challenges 不失时机lose no time


繁衍生息live and multiply/reproduce 改朝换代changes of dynasties 穷兵黩武wantonly engage in military aggression; use all one’s armed might to indulge in wars of aggression 雅俗共赏appeal to both refined and popular tastes 与日俱增increase with each passing day, be steadily on the increase 极目远眺look as far as the eye can see 按资排辈to assign priority according to seniority 求同存异seeking common ground while putting aside differences 流连忘返linger on; be too delighted to leave 乐不思蜀too delighted to be homesick 不屈节操unyielding moral principle 赴汤蹈火go through fire and water 殊死奋战fight desperately; fight to death 可歌可泣moved one to songs and tears 英勇卓绝heroic and splendid 插科打诨comic parts 精微深奥profound and abstruse 博大精深extensive and profound 源远流长run a long history 天下为公The world belongs to all the people. 天下兴亡匹夫有责Every man has a duty to his country. 预防为主prevention first 综合治理comprehensive control/management 全面推进entire/all-round push-on 重点突破breakthrough at key points 亲仁善邻cordiality, benevolence and good neighborliness 和睦相处living in harmony with others 强不凌弱The strong should not oppress the weak and the rich should not bully the poor. 协和万邦All nations live side by side in perfect harmony. 海纳百川有容乃大One should be as inclusive as the ocean, which is vast because it admits hundreds of rivers. 兼收并蓄embrace everything that is useful 光阴似箭Time flies like an arrow. /How time files! 吃苦耐劳hard work and enduring hardship 勤俭持家run the household industriously and frugally 尊师重教respect teachers and attach importance to education 当务之急urgent; imminent 不谋而合coincide with 莘莘学子students 青春洋溢young 书香浓郁academic/cultural atmosphere 朝气蓬勃 充满活力dynamic; vigorous


【最新整理,下载后即可编辑】 口译文本(二) 2.4 CNN采访李连杰 CNN:Congratulations on “Hero”. I mean,is the part very similar to what you normally play? 译文:祝贺《英雄》。我想问的是,这个角色是否和你通常演的角色很相似? 李连杰:不,这是一部不同寻常的电影中的一个非常独特的角色,和我以往演过的角色都不一样。可以说这是我最重要的动作片之一。 译文:No, this is a very unique role in a very unusual movie, different from all the other roles I have played before. It can be said to be one of my most important action movies. CNN:Why do you say that? You have made about 30 movies. How is this one different from the rest? 译文:为什么这么说?你演了大约30部电影。为什么这一部那么与众不同? 李连杰:通常的动作片都有这么一个模式:一个孩子的父母亲被杀,这个孩子从小习武,立志报仇血恨。长大后他果然功夫超群,除掉坏蛋,为父母报仇。但《英雄》的题材则广博得多。 译文:Normally, action movies follow such a formula: a child’s parents got killed, and this child started playing Kongfu at a very young age, determined to take his revenge. And when he grows up, he will have become an outstanding Kongfu master, he will kill the bad guy and take the revenge for his parents. But Hero has a much broader theme. CNN:Is it very similar to “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” for example? 译文:那它是否和《卧虎藏龙》类似? 李连杰:完全不同。我认为李安是个非常有才华的导演,他用武术来描写爱情。而张艺谋则尝试用武术来描述中国文化,中国人的思想,以及他们期望的世界是什么样的。 译文:Absolutely different. Ang Lee is a very talented director; he uses martial arts to depict love. While Zhang Yimou uses martial arts to describe Chinese culture, the thoughts of Chinese people as well as the world in their eyes. CNN:That’s very deep. We know your first-ever movie was “Shaolin Temple” made in 1979 when you were still just a teenager. The movie was a huge hit in Asia and was followed by two sequels. Let me ask you, how did you move from being a martial arts champion to becoming a Hollywood action star? 译文:这可真够深奥的。我们知道你的银幕处女作是1979年拍摄的《少林寺》,


1. leave sb the choice of … or …要么…,要么… ★(选择类经典句)Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us the choice of brave resistance or the most abject submission.敌人冷酷无情/铁石心肠,我们要么顽强抵抗,要么屈膝投降。2 The age of 30s leaves you the choice of marriage or remaining a bachelor.年过三十,要么成婚,要么单身。 2. be the instrument of sth 引来某事物的人或事 ★(使动类经典句)The eyes of all our countrymen are now upon us, and we shall have the blessings and praises, if happily we are the instruments of saving them from the tyranny meditated against them.全国同胞都在关注我们,如果我们有幸能够拯救他们脱离强加于身的暴政/把他们从强加于身的暴政中解救出来,那将得到他们的祝福和赞颂。2 他所建立的组织最终使他垮了台。The organization he had built up eventually became the instrument of his downfall. 2 能够让你幸福,我愿意付出我的一切。If I can be the instrument of your happiness, I will sacrifice all my belongings. 3. it was the memories of 追溯到… ★(回忆类经典句)Perhaps it was the memories of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and the 1988 Seoul Olympics, which were considered turning points in their nations? development.追溯到1964年东京及1988年汉城举办的奥运会,可能分别被视为日韩两国发展的转折点。 4. on the premise/ground/prerequisite/proposition/hypothesis/presupposition that 基于一个前提… ★(假设类经典句)中国政府在宣布实行和平统一的方针时,是基于一个前提,即当时的台湾当局坚持世界上只有一个中国,台湾是中国的一部分。The Chinese proclaimed/declared to adopt/implement the policy of peaceful reunification on the premise that the then Taiwan authorities maintained that there is only one China in the world and Taiwan is only one part of China. 2 Advice to investors was based on the premise that interest rates would continue to fall.对投资者的建议是以利率会继续下跌为根据的。 5.be bound to 必定…;一定… ★(意愿类经典句)西部大开发一定能成为沟通世界各国和中国的一座桥梁,促进中国和世界经济共同发展,共同繁荣。The Great Western Development is bound to be a bridge between China and the rest


1、“…化” 现代化→modernize 市场化→marketize 地区化→regionalize 多极化→polypolarize 干部队伍的革命化、年轻化、知识化、专业化。 The ranks of the cadres become more revolutionary, younger in average age, better -educated and more professionally competent. Cadres are more revolutionary, younger, better-educated and more professional. 国际关系民主化 Democracy should be practiced in international relations. We should practice democracy in international relations. 企业化→turn …into business institutions make…function as an enterprise 集团化→incorporate…into an enterprise 公开化→to be brought into the open 股份化→transfer…into share holding 如果两岸客运包机实现“节日化”,还可以向常态化发展。 节日化→on all festivals and holidays 常态化→ develop toward normalization develop into a regular practice develop and normalize/regularize this practice 2、“在…的…下” 在改革开放的推动下→Thanks to the further push by the opening-up and reform 在中国共产党的领导下→Under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party 在盟友的帮助下→With its allies’ help 在改革开放政策的带动下→Driven by the reform and opening-up policy 3、“是” constitute/represent/form/prove/系表结构以外的形式


1.欢迎希尔博士和夫人来访上海。 Welcome to Shanghai, Dr. and Mrs. Hill. 2.请允许我做自我介绍。 Please allow me to introduce myself. 3.我叫洪建信,是中美医药公司的副总经理。 My name is Jianxin Hong. I am deputy managing director of t he Sino-American Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd. 4. 我们很荣幸能请到您,我也特别高兴能认识您。 It is a great honor to have you here with us .And I am so delighted to make your acquaintance . 5. 我们去取行李吧。 We wil go there and pick up the luggage . 4.久闻先生大名, 我在研究生学习时期所写的两篇论文曾参考了您的研究成果。 I have long heard of you,and as a matter of fact, I referred to your research findings in a couple of my papers during my graduate studies. 6.我为能在上海接待您和您的家人深感愉快,我很高兴我们能在今后的半年里合作共事。 It gives me such a great pleasure to meet you and your family here in Shanghai and I am very glad that you will be working with us for the next six months. 7.我们将给您配备两名实验助手。必要时我们还想邀请您的一名同事一起参加我们的一项研究工作。


2011年3月高级口译翻译真题及答案(汉译英) 合营企业设董事会,其人数组成由合营各方协商,在合同、章程中确定,并由合营各方委派。董事会是合营企业的最高权力机构,决定合营企业的一切重大问题。董事长由合营各方协商确定或由董事会选举产生。董事长是合营企业法定代表人。董事长不能履行职责时,应授权其他董事代表合营企业。 An equity joint venture shall have a board of directors; the number of the directors thereof from each party and the composition of the board shall be stipulated in the contract and articles of association after consultation among the parties to the venture; such directors shall be appointed by the relevant parties. The highest authority of the joint venture shall be its board of directors, which shall decide all major issues concerning the joint venture. The chairman shall be determined through consultation by the parties to the venture or elected by the board of directors. The chairman of the board is the legal representative of the joint venture. Should the chairman be unable to perform his duties, he shall authorize another director to represent the joint venture. 董事会会议由董事长负责召集并主持。董事会会议应当有2/3以上董事出席方能举行。董事不能出席的,可以出具委托书委托他人代表其出席和表决。董事会会议应用中文和英文作详细记录,并在会议结束后14日内送交每位董事,由出席董事会会议的各位董事签字确认。 The board meeting shall be called and presided over by the chairman of the board. A board meeting requires a quorum of over two-thirds of the directors. Should a director be unable to attend, he may make a proxy authorizing someone else to represent him and vote in his stead. Detailed minutes of the board meeting shall be prepared in Chinese and English and shall be delivered to each director within fourteen days of the conclusion of the meeting to be signed and confirmed by each of the directors who attended the board meeting. 2011年3月高级口译翻译真题及答案(英译汉) When President Obama took the stage here Wednesday to address a community —and a nation —traumatized by Saturday’s shootings rampage in Tucson, Arizona, it invited comparisons to President George W. Bush’s speech to the nation af ter the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and the memorial service President Bill Clinton led after the bombing of a federal office building killed 168 people in Oklahoma City in 1995. 本周三,奥巴马总统登台演讲,就上周六亚利桑那州图森市所发生的枪击惨案向饱受心灵创伤的公众及全国发表演讲,人们不禁联想到,布什总统在2001年911袭击之后的演讲、以及1995年克林顿总统为俄克拉荷马州联邦政府大楼爆炸中的168名遇害者举行的追悼会。 But Osama’s appearance presented a deeper challenge, reflecting the tenor of his